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People, Processes and Picking Poison | Barriers to innovative IT - London Market

Join us on Wednesday, 23 September at 10:00am (BST) to hear from an expert panel on how to ensure you hear the lastest of the London Market as it relates to technology, innovation and IT.

Disucssion points will include:

Is innovation possible without regularly reviewed operating models? What are the challenges in evaluating operating models?
Are practitioners in the London Market (and Insurance market in general) too focussed on achieving ‘in year’ returns on investment?
Is it the role of IT companies to demonstrate the longer term benefits of adoption and / or more operational changes?
Why do you think the market has been slow to respond to data standards?

Is the way forward collectively pursuing and enabling digitisation in a standardised manner?
Recorded Sep 23 2020 63 mins
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Presentation preview: People, Processes and Picking Poison | Barriers to innovative IT - London Market

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  • Strategic Innovation in the Large Commercial Property Insurance Business Recorded: Oct 13 2021 59 mins
    Insider Engage
    Business Digital innovations, from AI to InsurTech platforms, are gathering momentum across the global P&C industry. However, most initiatives, whether driven by incumbents or new start-up ventures, are focused on high volume, simpler, lines of business. Yet, one of the most significant and strategic segments for the market is commercial insurance provided to larger corporate customers. In this exclusive session, Meg Green of the Insider Engage will discuss the challenges and opportunities for strategic innovation in the large commercial property insurance business with industry leaders Michele J. Sansone, Property & CUO Americas Property for Axa XL; Mike McGavick, former CEO of XL Capital; and Hemant Shah, CEO of Archipelago and former co-Founder and CEO of RMS. The panel will explore how evolving end-customer expectations, data and technology, and market dynamics are creating a call to action across the segment.

    Hemant Shah, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Archipelago
    Mike McGavick, Former CEO - XL Group
    Michele J. Sansone, Property & CUO Americas Property - Axa XL

    Meg Green, Managing Editor - Insider Engage
  • Man vs. Machine: The Big Problem With Big Data Recorded: Sep 30 2021 61 mins
    Insider Engage
    Insurers have access to incredible amounts of information, but how to harness it to best serve their needs? How to take data analytics to the next level?
    In this exclusive webinar with Insider Engage, a select panel of experts will offer insight into how to best transform data-driven insights into real-world impacts. Join Guidewire Chief Innovation Officer Paul Mang, Bob Frady, the co-founder and CEO of newly acquired insurtech Hazard Hub, and Marek Shafer, Managing Director at Vave, as they share how to curate, analyze and distill vast amounts of information to produce better underwriting results. Meg Green, managing editor of Insider Engage, will host this dynamic discussion.

    Key Points:
    How to curate data into actionable items.
    How are insurers’ demands for data shifting?
    What do insurers need to do to take data to the next level?
    How Canopius launched an algorithm-based MGU?
    What is the next step in developing analytics?
    Paul Mang, Chief Innovation Officer - Guidewire
    Bob Frady, CEO - Hazard Hub
    Marek Shafer, Managing Director - Vave

    Meg Green, Managing Editor - Insider Engage
  • Points of Interest Just Got More Interesting Recorded: Sep 22 2021 57 mins
    Insider Engage
    Insurers are no strangers to data science. As one of the most data mature industries, insurance has relied on location data for assessing risk to both property and people for decades. But while points of interest (POIs) are widely used in risk analytics, recent advances in both their collection and processing have opened up new use cases ranging from usage-based insurance to general liability. Foot traffic associated to POIs is now changing the way insurers write policies and respond to claims.

    Given that customer injury and slip, trip, and fall risk is directly related to the number of customers who walk into a location, leveraging up-to-date and accurate geospatial data is the most effective and accurate way to assess risk. POI data can provide the necessary context for a particular place, but foot traffic data delivers a new level of detail around how consumers interact with that place.

    Key Takeaways:
    - Location-based data has long been a fundamental requirement for many insurance businesses, but new data streams are now empowering underwriters to make more detailed pricing decisions
    - Footfall data can help underwriters better assess liability risks, and understand the risk profile of their assets in more details
    - Increasingly, predictive analytics can help insurers understand trends in footfall and risk profiles, allowing better and more targeted risk selection

    Join experts from SafeGraph, Esri, and Celent on September 22 as they discuss how the latest POI and mobility data are advancing geospatial analytics in insurance.

    ➤ Jay Gentry, Head of Insurance - SafeGraph
    ➤ Marty Ellingsworth, Senior Analyst - Celent
    ➤ Jay Mullen, Insurance Team Leader - Esri

    ➤ Matt Scott, Contributing Editor - Insider Engage
  • Reinsurers Adapting to Increasing Natural Catastrophes Recorded: Sep 21 2021 56 mins
    Insider Engage
    The frequency and severity of natural catastrophe claims continues to rise, impacting every area of insurance: claims, underwriting, rates and exposures. Aon estimated insured losses for the first half of 2021 were $42 billion, 39% higher than the 21st century first half average.
    How are insurers responding?
    Join us for an in-depth discussion with Insider Engage and Liberty Mutual Re on how the insurance industry is responding to the increased frequency and severity of natural catastrophe claims.

    Key Discussion Points
    Natural Catastrophe Surprises
    -European flooding in 2021: The unfolding of a 1,000-year event
    -U.S. wildfires
    -Drivers: population shifts to more cat-exposed areas

    Market Conditions
    -Rates, terms and conditions
    -the rise of uninsurable risks?

    --Revamping cat models
    --Parametric cover for commercial and retail risks
    --Shift to quota-share reinsurance
    --Public/private partnerships to cover otherwise “uninsurable” risks

    Miguel Martinez-Alvarez, head of business development - Liberty Mutual Re
    Cameron Roe, CEO - Guy Carpenter
    Juan England, Partner - TigerRisk Partners (UK) Ltd
  • Gender equality post-Covid – championing female talent in insurance Recorded: Sep 16 2021 61 mins
    Catrin Shi, Editor in Chief, Insurance Insider
    The lack of women in senior positions across the insurance industry has been a much-discussed issue for some time, but the pandemic has shifted the playing field once again. Data from UN Women has suggested the coronavirus pandemic could wipe out 25 years of increasing gender equality. How should the (re)insurance industry rethink how it attracts, hires and retains female employees in the new working environment to level the playing field and ultimately benefit from a wider pool of talent?

    This session will focus on practical ways in which companies can help mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the careers of women and examine whether there are elements of post-pandemic working life we can leverage to generate better opportunities for women at work. It will also feature case studies from women who have successfully returned to work and are enjoying a new career and opportunities in insurance.

    How has the pandemic affected women’s advancement in the workforce and progress toward closing the gender pay gap? What has the reality of life been for working women during Covid-19?
    The actions employers can take to accommodate for different working environments and family structures in a new hybrid work environment - prioritising flexibility, inclusivity and equity
    The focus on talent and the return to work - progressive workplace policies, the language around job adverts and prioritising career progression
    The male champion – the role male colleagues can play in supporting women at work
    Closing the gap between the proportion of women in junior management and senior management

    AIG, TigerRisk Partners

    Karen Graves, Chief Operating Officer, Inigo Insurance
    Stephanie Dillon, Partner and Founder, Inclusivity Partners
    Sheila Cameron, Chief Executive, Lloyd's Market Association
    Clare Le Becq, Chief Operating Officer, Specialist Risk Group
  • The Future of Social Inflation: Will the claims environment ever improve? Recorded: Sep 16 2021 61 mins
    Insider Engage
    Social inflation has long been an issue for insurers, particularly in the highly litigious US market where the increasing sophistication of the plaintiff’s bar, the rise of the millennial and Gen-Z juror, and ever-increasing jury awards are all driving up claims costs. In this exclusive webinar in partnership with Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA), Insider Engage brings together key stakeholders to analyze and discuss what the future holds for social inflation and litigation risk, as well as what the insurance industry can do to help mitigate these rising costs.

    Proposed points for discussion:
    • What are some of the main trends affecting litigation costs and social inflation?
    • What is the driving force behind increased jury awards?
    • How has the rise of for-profit litigation funders affected the claims environment?
    • And how are jury psychologists affecting the size of payments being awarded?
    • Rising rebuilding costs have also been a factor behind rising social inflation, what has been the cause of this?
    • What does this mean for reserving practices, given that social inflation is inherently difficult to model and predict?
    • Are insurers needing to hold more capital now to account for this inflation?
    • Can we expect to see prices increase as a result of this?
    • Is there anything the insurance industry can do to mitigate these increased costs?

    ➤ Carol Pierce - Senior Director, Insurance - KBRA
    ➤ Melisa Thompson, Director & Senior Counsel, Complex Claims - Markel
    ➤ Bob Petrilli, President, Underwriting Division - Amwins

    ➤ Matt Scott - Contributing Editor - Insider Engage
  • The Future of Self-Funded Healthcare Recorded: Sep 15 2021 62 mins
    Insider Engage
    The COVID-19 pandemic has added extra challenges for employers steering their healthcare plans through an already changing risk landscape. QBE’s inaugural Accident & Health Market Report 2021 revealed a number of market and health sector trends that employers should consider when evaluating their self-funded healthcare plans.
    In this webinar with Insider Engage, QBE’s select panel of experienced professionals will expand on the report’s findings and discuss how plan sponsors can optimize their self-funded healthcare programs.
    Key points:
    • The growing role of stop loss insurance in self-funded plans and increased captive
    • Claims frequency and severity trends by primary diagnosis and deductible amounts
    Covid-19 legacy
    • Direct COVID-19 claims effects from respiratory conditions to stress, substance abuse and mental health
    • Potential long-term impact of delayed preventative screening and treatment during the height of the pandemic
    • Employee assistance is coming to the fore; the rise of virtual tech and telehealth; child and elder care
    • Captives are in focus for controlling plan costs in the face of high-dollar claims resurgence
    • Unbundling and optimizing stop loss arrangements through a captive is growing in popularity
    • Leveraging the use of an established single parent captive by adding MSL or participating in a group captive to establish a greater spread of risk
    Pharmacy costs
    • Why fast-growing speciality pharmacy spend is a serious issue that all healthcare stakeholders should be discussing
    • Cell and gene therapies are disrupting a fee-for-service model that is rooted in volume-based discount contracting
    • How to create clinical programs that are primarily outcome based for better all-around value
    • Going beyond the rate; time to rethink partner and program choices to balance retaining talent with continued affordability
    • Sustainability, more than rates and terms, ESG, business continuity, Premiums4Good, etc.
  • D&O: What’s driving claims, and how can the insurance industry respond? Recorded: Sep 15 2021 64 mins
    Insider Engage
    The D&O insurance market is facing a number of headwinds, with political, economic and societal changes acting as a driving force behind rising claims across the industry. In this exclusive webinar in partnership with Markel, Insider Engage brings together key stakeholders to analyze and discuss what the future holds for D&O claims, as well as how the insurance industry can respond to the challenges it faces.

    Proposed points for discussion:
    • How will the current Biden Administration’s approach to regulation affect the D&O market?
    • What impact will societal changes, such as the rise in the importance of ESG and DEI and the likes of the #MeToo movement, have on D&O claims?
    • Are policy wordings becoming too broad?
    • What does the future hold for SPAC and De-SPAC investments, and how will this affect D&O claims?
    • How is the challenging economic landscape affecting businesses? And what does this mean for potential D&O claims?
    • What impact will the recent Delaware case law have on the market?

    ➤ Michael R. Delhagen, Partner - Tressler LLP
    ➤ Rachael Owens, Senior Vice President, LFS Strategic Lead – FI and Real Estate - Lockton Companies
    ➤ Eric Shapiro, President Southeast Region - Socius Insurance Services, Inc.
    ➤ Sal Pollaro , Managing Director, Management and Professional Liability - Markel

    ➤ Matt Scott - Contributing Editor - Insider Engage
  • Rethinking Credit Insurance: A New Perspective Recorded: Jul 15 2021 62 mins
    Insider Engage
    Credit Risk management is a continuously evolving concept with many complexities. The insurance market is faced with an interesting dynamic – the intersection between operational risk, market risk, and model risks. All of which have rapidly changed amidst the global pandemic and prompted for new perspectives on traditional risk management.

    Savvy insurers are accelerating digital transformation with advanced tools, data and automated analytics to efficiently monitor and act upon their risk exposures. With the emergence of new approaches to credit risk management not only siloed to underwriting practices – insurers are also cognizant of the added value to insureds and loss mitigation.

    Topics for discussion:
    ➤ Global outlook for credit insurance and lessons learnt
    ➤ How insurers are weighing in on emerging risks such as climate change
    ➤ Data North Star – how are insurers navigating through information darkness
    ➤ The value in digitally transforming credit risk management
    ➤ Evolution vs revolution: the credit risk market

    ➤ Phil Amlot, Senior Underwriter, Head of Portfolio – Global – Trade Credit at Markel International
    ➤ James Burgess, Head of Commercial at Atradius UK
    ➤ Taos Fudji, Director, Senior Insurance Analyst at S&P Global Ratings
    ➤ Ben Heaney, CEO/Founder at Dialogue
    ➤ Raphael Zindi, Product Manager at S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • ESG: Where the Rubber Meets the Road Recorded: Jun 9 2021 61 mins
    Insider Engage
    ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) considerations are the hot topic in the P&C insurance industry at the moment, with potentially game-changing effects at stake for re/insurers, brokers, insureds and ratings agencies alike. In this exclusive webinar in partnership with Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA), Insider Engage brings together these key stakeholders to analyze and discuss exactly what these considerations mean for each other’s business – including both the risks and opportunities.

    Topics for discussion:
    ➤ Review of underwriter, broker and rating agency perspectives on ESG impacts across three dimensions: Exposures in current insurance industry portfolios of assets and liabilities — how are industry players analyzing, measuring and managing ESG considerations? Impact on future new insurance writings, both in terms of changing climate, as well as in consideration of key stakeholder preferences; and changes in the way management runs their organization
    ➤ The broker perspective: what are customers demanding when it comes to environmental, social and corporate governance considerations, when securing coverage?
    ➤ How much weight do ESG factors carry when high premiums are at stake?
    ➤ Why Lloyd’s is asking all of its syndicates to forego providing new insurance coverage after Jan. 1 to thermal coal-fired power plants, thermal coal mines, oil sands or new Arctic energy exploration activities: what’s behind this strategy, and what effects will it have on the London market?

    ➤ Hank Watkins, President, Lloyd’s America
    ➤ Meredith Jones, Global Head of ESG, AON
    ➤ Peter Giacone, Managing Director Global Head of Insurance, Kroll Bond Rating Agency
    ➤ Shawn Moynihan, U.S. Head of Editorial, Executive Editor, Awards & Events, Insider Engage (Moderator)
  • Insider Progress: Challenging Perceptions: Embracing Disability & Neurodiversity Recorded: Jun 9 2021 60 mins
    Catrin Shi, Managing Editor, Insurance Insider
    This June, Insider Progress invites you to take part in an open conversation about disability and neurodiversity in order to bridge the accessibility gap by raising awareness and global standards.

    In this Insider Progress session, we will discuss how companies can create a supportive environment for disabled and neurodiversity employees so they can build a more inclusive workspace.

    Discussion includes:
    - Discussing the barriers faced by disabled and neurodiverse employees in the workplace – what are the common pitfalls that can be avoided, are there any areas which need more awareness?
    - How companies and individuals can translate awareness around accessibility into action
    - Leveraging technology to create accessible workplaces
    - Recruitment practices – how can we make recruitment more inclusive from an accessibility standpoint?
    - Embracing the skillsets and challenges faced by neurodiverse people

    - Lars Backstrom, ZIP Claims Data and Process Analyst, Zurich
    - Chris Evans, ZIP Head of Claims Performance & Analytics, Zurich
    - Sally Hooper, Get Inclusive Manager, Scope
    - Lauri O’Neill, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - UK and EMEA, AIG

    Sponsors: AIG, HFG Insurance Recruitment Specialists, TigerRisk Partners
  • Preparing for the next cyber catastrophe - Understanding your cyber supply chain Recorded: May 27 2021 56 mins
    Insurance Insider
    - Brittany Baker, Director of Technical Sales, CyberCube
    - Devin Page, Head of Specialty Reinsurance, Hiscox Re & ILS
    - Brent Rieth, U.S. Practice Leader, E&O/Cyber Broking - Cyber Solutions, Aon
    - Rob Jarvis, head of ERM, Tokio Marine Kiln
    - Shawn Moynihan, US Head of Editorial, Insider Engage (Moderator)

    Discussion points:
    * Recent headline cyber risk events (MS Exchange, SolarWinds, cloud service attacks), and how these have pushed these exposures to the front of mind for organisations
    * How the extent of tech dependencies businesses are now reliant on for day-to-day operations can make them vulnerable to cyber attacks
    * For insurers/reinsurers: how/why cyber underwriting risk must be spread in portfolios; how carriers cab avoid becoming over-exposed to a potential “cyber cat” event?
    * How cybersecurity experts identify and mitigate exposures that the “public” doesn’t see
    * How underwriters can better assess cyber exposures; what do they need to know, to effectively de-risk portfolios?
    * How data and analytics can be leveraged to reduce exposure to catastrophic cyber risk losses
  • A hard market requesting higher transparency and more proactiveness Recorded: Apr 28 2021 66 mins
    Insider Engage
    Cyber Insurance 2.0: A hard market requesting higher transparency and more proactiveness

    Take part in an open conversation about current trends in the cyber insurance market, the changing threat landscape and need for an altered approach when underwriting cyber risks.

    In this session, we will discuss drivers behind the changes in rating and loss trends in the cyber insurance market, new approaches to underwriting and risk management, internal alignment around the communication of cyber exposures, the mismatch between cyber threats and some organisations’ defences, and resilience and responsiveness in the face of cyber attacks.

    ➤Jean Bayon de La Tour, Head of Cyber, Continental Europe, Marsh
    ➤Stuart Davis, Director Services, EMEA, CrowdStrike
    ➤Marko Polunic, Director of Business Development, EMEA, CrowdStrike
    ➤Elizabeth Pfeuti, Financial Journalist at Rhotic Media (moderator)
    ➤Brian Warszona, UK Cyber Deputy Practice and Business Development Leader, Marsh

    Key takeaways:
    ➤ Cyber insurance: the current state of the cyber market, drivers behind hardening rates, impact of ransomware, loss trends and claims data
    ➤ Changes in the cyber underwriting process, including the need for greater transparency and a more proactive approach to cyber security on the part of insureds
    ➤ The communications gap: raising awareness with organisations on cyber risks, through discussions between the CISO & CFO, the head of legal and the wider risk management function
    ➤ The changing threat landscape, including new techniques used by actors to carry out cyber attacks
    ➤ Prevention strategies around MFA, RDP, EDR, zero trust and backups
    ➤ Effective response to cyber attacks and ways to reduce the frequency and severity of claims
    ➤ Support that can be provided to make companies more proactive in their cyber resilience
    ➤ Effect on cyber rating and coverage of improved preparedness
  • Insider Progress - Time to Talk: Breaking Down Workplace Stigmas Recorded: Feb 9 2021 74 mins
    Catrin Shi, Managing Editor, Insurance Insider
    This February, Insider Progress invites you to take part in an open conversation about topics that carry stigma in the workplace and beyond.

    In this session, we will discuss how companies can create a supportive environment for employees who may be dealing with pressures not visible on the surface, so they can be open about their challenges and fulfil their potential at work.

    We will be focusing on mental wellbeing, particularly drawing on men's mental health, the stresses experienced by those with caring responsibilities and the impacts of menopause.

    At Insider Progress we have provided a safe space to encourage an open and frank conversations to take place, so please do join us on Tuesday, 9th February 2021 as we discuss important topics such as:

    - The stigma of men's mental health and the damaging impact this has
    - Who counts as a 'carer'? What impact do caring responsibilities have on carers?
    - Navigating the change in working environments and personal lives since the start of Covid
    - How menopause impacts the everyday and working lives of women, and challenging the preconceptions around menopausal women
    - Taking the time to reach out to people virtually and ways to do this effectively

    Speakers include:
    - Valerie Badcock, Director of Operations, Guy Carpenter
    - Joanna Bedford, Carers Service Coordinator, St Joseph's Hospice
    - Mary Bowie, Senior Legal Counsel, Miller
    - Kathryn Colas, Founder, SimplyHormones
    - Lauriel O’Neill, AIG Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for UK and EMEA
    - Andrew Ross, Global Markets Vice President, ​Acrisure
    - Catrin Shi, Managing Editor, Insurance Insider (moderator)

    Sponsors: American International Group (AIG), Guy Carpenter, HFG

    Date & time: Feb 09 2021 15:00 GMT
  • Cyber Security: Is this the coming-of-age moment? Recorded: Dec 9 2020 63 mins
    Insurance Insider
    With the ever-evolving digital state of our world and work, cyber-attacks and data breaches are growing at an exponential rate. Conversations surrounding cyber security rarely ever get to the heart of the issue meaning that practical solutions are often not addressed in an effective way.

    We will be joined by industry-leading experts who lead the charge in managing and reducing cyber security breaches by incorporating cyber security into the fibres of their business strategy.

    Our panellists include:

    - Charlie Thomas, Content Director, Insurance Insider (moderator)
    - Roger Francis, Cyber Claims Director, CFC Underwriting
    - Sharif Gardner, Head of Training and Advisory Services, AXIS Global -Cyber and Technology
    - Alex Jomaa, Cyber Underwriter, Tokio Marine Kiln
    - Richard Lush, Vice President Cyber Operational Security, CGI UK
    - Fabian Willi, Senior Cyber Solutions Manager at Swiss Re
    - Paul Wishman, Vice President - UK Financial Services at CGI

    Up for discussion:

    - What new technologies are emerging which could have an impact on cyber security (good or bad?)
    - Is there a standardised procedure for assessing cyber risk? Should there be?
    - What are insurers looking for cyber security-wise when pricing a cyber risk?
    - Ransomware is a growing threat – how is the risk evolving and can cyber security/insurance keep up with the hackers?
    - How can insurance and cyber security vendors work together for a better client outcome?

    Date: Wednesday 9 December 2020
    Time: 3:00 - 4:00pm (GMT)
    In association with: CGI
  • U.S. Wholesale: Opportunities in E&S​ Recorded: Dec 3 2020 63 mins
    Inside P&C
    In 2019, we successfully launched Inside P&C to provide unparralled market intelligence on the entire US P&C insurance market - covering everything from big-ticket commercial insurance to personal lines.

    With the help of rapid-fire news alerts, our readers have been able to keep their finger on the pulse of the sector. Fast forward to the end of 2020, we're taking things to the next level.

    Introducing the first Inside P&C webinar, U.S. Wholesale: Opportunities in E&S​. Register free today.

    Date: Thursday 3 December 2020
    Time: 10:00am - 11:00am (EST)

    - James C. Drinkwater, President, AmWINS Group, Inc and AmWINS Brokerage
    - Dawn D'Onofrio, CEO & President, WKFC & CorRisk
    - Jane Peterson, Chief Underwriting Officer, Markel Specialty
    - James Thaler, News Editor, Inside P&C (moderator)
    - Tim Turner, Chairman and CEO, RT Specialty

    Up for discussion
    - Is the E&S market well equipped to capitalise on the significant uptick in submissions?
    - What the key factors driving growth in the wholesale and E&S market? (New and emerging risks, capacity crunch, hardening rates, Covid-19, social inflation etc)
    - Is this a short-term trend or will we see a more permanent shift in market participants using the wholesale E&S market to place risk?
    - How are brokers navigating the current capacity crunch?
    - How many newcomers will remain enthusiastic about writing E&S business through inevitable market fluctuations?
    - Where do the big opportunities in wholesale and E&S lie in 2021?
  • Modernising finance functions for the digital age: London Market Recorded: Nov 4 2020 61 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Following the success of our previous webinar with WNS, we have come together again for a discussion on 'Modernising finance functions for the digital age: London Market'.

    Date: 4 November 2020

    Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm (GMT)

    Up for discussion:

    - What are the hurdles preventing companies from moving from a part manual/part virtual finance operation

    - Has the Covid-19 situation accelerated the digitisation of finance operations? Have there been any frustrations i.e. a focus on cashflow limiting investment capabilities?

    - API is often described as a silver bullet – but what are some of the complications when companies are trying to move from a legacy system to a more advanced system?

    - How CFOs are influencing organization-wide change to deliver performance faster, cheaper and better with “one version of truth” to its clients, investors and regulators?

    - Are there any concerns over company security as move to a more mobile environment, with finance operatives able to work from a variety of devices remotely?

    - How do you ensure you are future-proofing your finance operations against the challenges of tomorrow?


    - Kevin Hayes, Head Of Finance, Pool Re

    - Deepti Janak, Group Finance Director, Volante Global

    - Benjamin Meuli, Group Chief Financial Officer, Convex

    - Beadle Navaraj, Senior Director – Insurance F&A Practice – UK & EU, WNS

    - Fiona Robertson, Contributing Editor, Insurance Insider (moderator)

    - Serge Thieriet, Chief Financial Officer, Howden Broking
  • Digital transformation and the global speciality market Recorded: Oct 21 2020 48 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Webinar: Digital transformation and the global speciality market - creating the global market, by Insurance Insider in partnership with DXC Technology. DXC is building and delivering digital products and services that are breaking down the operational barriers that currently exist both at organisational but also geographical levels. In this webinar, DXC will discuss their view of how global specialty organisations can leverage digital capabilities to improve operational efficiencies and deliver improved customer experience by levering the new technologies that are available today.

  • Ransomware and BI: From prevention to loss mitigation Recorded: Sep 30 2020 62 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Register free for our upcoming webinar in association with CrowdStrike.

    While ransomware is not a ‘new’ cyber threat, a steady increase in the severity and frequency of attacks is now starting to pose a persistant threat to the profitability of the cyber insurance market.

    Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and – if managed poorly – the disruption to the affected business can be drawn out and destructive, amplifying the cost to both the victim and insurers.

    With ransomware attacks such as Garmin and Blackbaud becoming both increasingly high profile and frequent, how can the insurance industry and cyber security vendors work together to mitigate the losses for both the client and insurers?

    Up for discussion:

    - How are ransomware attacks evolving and how prevalent is this threat now?
    - How significant is the BI element of a ransomware insurance claim and how is this trending?
    - How can the insurance industry work with cyber security vendors more closely to manage/minimise the BI element of the claim?
    - Does working with chosen cyber security vendors significantly amplify the cost of cyber insurance? Is the perceived expensiveness of cyber cover still a deterrent to prospective buyers?
    - How are the insurance industry and cyber security vendors working with insureds to encourage best practice and loss prevention with ransomware? Is enough attention given to the idea of prevention in insurer-client discussions?
  • People, Processes and Picking Poison | Barriers to innovative IT - London Market Recorded: Sep 23 2020 63 mins
    Insurance Insider
    Join us on Wednesday, 23 September at 10:00am (BST) to hear from an expert panel on how to ensure you hear the lastest of the London Market as it relates to technology, innovation and IT.

    Disucssion points will include:

    Is innovation possible without regularly reviewed operating models? What are the challenges in evaluating operating models?
    Are practitioners in the London Market (and Insurance market in general) too focussed on achieving ‘in year’ returns on investment?
    Is it the role of IT companies to demonstrate the longer term benefits of adoption and / or more operational changes?
    Why do you think the market has been slow to respond to data standards?

    Is the way forward collectively pursuing and enabling digitisation in a standardised manner?
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Interactive panel discussions with experts in the (re)insurance space, moderated by the Insurance Insider Team. Ask questions and take part in polling.

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