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[Panel] Open Source in the Enterprise: Predictions for 2020

What will be the biggest challenges around Enterprise Open Source adoption in 2020?
What do they experts predict for licensing? Security vulnerabilities? Code quality?
How will enterprise usage of open source across the software team evolve in 2020? Beyond?

FOSSA has assembled a panel of experts to share their forecast for Open Source changes throughout the coming year. Panelists include:

* Chris Aniszczyk — founder of the TODO Group and CTO of the Linux Foundation

* Gil Yehuda — Senior Director of Open Source, Verizon Media

* Kevin Wang — founder and CEO of FOSSA and TLDRLegal

Chris, Gil and Kevin will discuss their predictions around open source usage in the enterprise, and then open up the floor to Q & A.
Recorded Jan 23 2020 58 mins
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Presented by
Chris Aniszczyk; Gil Yehuda; Kevin Wang; Taylor Udell
Presentation preview: [Panel] Open Source in the Enterprise: Predictions for 2020

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  • Forrester on the Changing Role of SCA in your Open Source Security Strategy Dec 15 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sandy Carielli, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Gauthami Polasani, Senior Product Marketing
    With over 90% of your code now comprised of open source components, all application security strategies must aggressively address the risk from open source vulnerabilities. Open source is a key driver of innovation, but it also greatly expands the attack surface for malicious actors.

    Modern security teams face the dual challenge of addressing risks and minimizing the burden on engineering of time-consuming processes that slow down product velocity. While software composition analysis (SCA) offers enterprises a solution to monitoring, analyzing, and mitigating risk in their open source code, there is an increasing need for more consistent policy standards and much deeper integration into existing software development workflows to improve both engineering efficiency and code quality.

    Join Forrester and FOSSA as we discuss:
    - The role of automation and SCA in open source security
    - Managing vulnerabilities across security and engineering
    - The evolution of SCA from scanning to policy
    - How to evaluate and choose an SCA solution
  • How to Efficiently Manage OSS Security and Compliance Across Teams Recorded: Nov 19 2020 52 mins
    Valentina Ditoiu, Compliance Legal Lead, UiPath; Valentin Lupu, Sec Program Mgr, UiPath; Ryan Goldman, VP Marketing, FOSSA
    For modern product teams, trading off between productivity and efficiency is an absolute non-starter, especially when it comes to collaboration across different parts of the org. Working with open source software only complicates cross-functional workflows, since third-party code introduces so many variables and so much surface area for risk.

    In this webinar, leaders from UiPath will discuss the stream of interactions between Security, Engineering, and Legal in monitoring, investigating, and remediating open source vulnerability and license issues. We’ll cover how to promote joint SLAs and use automation tools like FOSSA, CI/CD pipelines, and tracking tools like Jira to reduce technical overhead and enable better results right in existing development processes. You’ll learn more about:
    - Why Security should build pipelines for automated code SCA scans
    - What info Legal needs to understand how OSS is used (e.g., repository structure)
    - How to convey data to Engineering to resolve compliance and security issues earlier
  • Maximizing the Value of Open Source Recorded: Nov 12 2020 50 mins
    Marko Bocevski, Founder of Keitaro & Ryan Sheldrake, SE at FOSSA
    Over 90% of enterprise companies have adopted open source saving them time and money. But there’s so much more to open source. Join Keitaro founder Marko Bocevski and FOSSA open source expert, Ryan Sheldrake, as they discuss the history and future of open source and how to maximize its value. In this webinar, we will cover:
    - Why Open Source is so Challenging to Manage
    - Why synchronous compliance is important
    - How does the landscape change....new attack techniques
    - How to save money and increase accuracy when auditing free and open source

    About our speakers:
    Marko is the CTO and founder of Keitaro. Prior to Keitaro, he has held various technology and IT services leadership roles in global organizations with a strong go-to-market and customer focus. With vast experience in open-source software, cloud solutions, application lifecycle management, and service management, he has been leading Keitaro’s successful growth since the start back in 2012.

    Ryan is a technology evangelist and industry thought leader. Having worked in a multitude of roles in a career spanning 20+ years so far, from Operator to Principal Architect and across the financial, retail, and defense verticals, he brings a wealth of knowledge about IT design and delivery.

    In recent years, Ryan has specialized in Software Composition Analysis. He'll tell you he's done it longer than the name exists, too! Still hands-on, creating prototypes, building hundreds of CI/CD pipelines per year, Ryan is a leading expert in the Open Source Management world.
  • Automating developer-centric application security in CI/CD Recorded: Nov 10 2020 67 mins
    CircleCI, FOSSA, SecretHub, StackHawk
    DevSecOps is the philosophy of developing applications and infrastructure securely from ideation to deployment. It requires consideration of security risks at all stages of the development lifecycle. Developer-centric application security tooling makes it simple to automate the process of ensuring security as applications are pushed to production.

    Join CircleCI, SecretHub, FOSSA, and StackHawk to learn how to integrate AppSec throughout your entire CI/CD pipeline. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how developers can easily take ownership of security and automate secrets management, software composition analysis (SCA), and dynamic application security testing (DAST). We will work through a CircleCI pipeline with AppSec tools built into it.
  • Heather Meeker on OSS Compliance: Demystifying License Notices with Automation Recorded: Oct 29 2020 63 mins
    Heather Meeker, Partner - O’Melveny & Myers
    In this webinar, Heather Meeker, a partner in the Silicon Valley office of O’Melveny & Myers specializing in copyright and open source, will demystify the growing questions about license notices and provide best practices for using software to improve open source software compliance. You’ll learn more about:
    - Differences between license notices and copyright notices
    - Notices in source and binary deliveries
    - Template licenses and notice duplication
    - Automation’s role in meeting notice creation challenges
    - Challenges for notice delivery in embedded software and IoT
    - SPDX standard for bill of materials deliveries

    As a bonus, all attendees will receive a copy of Heather’s most recent book, Open Source for Business A Practical Guide to Open Source Software Licensing (Third Edition, 2020).
  • M&A and Open Source During Uncertain Times Recorded: Sep 24 2020 56 mins
    Alessandra Simmons, (Goodwin Law), Steven Argentieri (Goodwin Law), Brad Goldring (GTC Law),Carlos Cheung,(FOSSA)
    We live in unprecedented times but many companies are using the uncertainty as an opportunity to grow by either merging or being acquired. But what was once an already a complex process, modifications to the M&A open source process is mandatory.

    Join our panel discussion with legal counsel and M&A experts Steven Argentieri from Goodwin Law and Brad Goldring from GTC Law as they discuss:
    - M&A due diligence: trends before and during a pandemic
    - Due diligence limitations during the pandemic
    - Risk factors in M&A due diligence
    - Differentiating between open source consumer versus contributor
    - Best practices on navigating through uncertain times
  • Being a Product Counsel Even If You're Not Technical Recorded: Sep 3 2020 63 mins
    Kate Downing, Veteran In-House Product Counsel; John Tsai, Stripe; Oliver Louie, HelloSign
    The emerging role of Product Counsel is increasingly crucial for technology companies in bringing new products to market. The Product Counsel serves to bridge the gap between the companies’ business, technological, and legal stakeholders. However, the role is not limited to those with deep technical expertise; attorneys with a wide range of backgrounds and experience provide value to their organizations in the Product Counsel role.

    Watch this on-demand panel webinar hosted by Above the Law, as experts discuss:

    - Defining the role of product counsel
    - Critical knowledge pillars for the role
    - Measuring success: what are the relevant KPIs?
    - Transitioning from commercial to product counsel
  • Open Source Security Vulnerabilities in Enterprise Environments Recorded: Jun 25 2020 36 mins
    Xin Ding, Product Manager at FOSSA
    As more organizations realize the benefits of Open source, its adoption keeps growing with remarkable momentum. But it also comes with its own set of security challenges. As our dependency on open source keeps growing it becomes more urgent to understand and manage the vulnerabilities that it brings.

    Listen to Xin Ding, Product Manager at FOSSA as he shares his thoughts on the state of Open source vulnerability management and how today’s enterprises can address their security needs without disrupting their development cycle.

    Join FOSSA as we discuss:
    - Open source in Enterprise IT environments
    - Open source vulnerabilities and examples of high profile vulnerabilities
    - How Open source vulnerabilities affect your business
    - Best practices to secure your Open source libraries.
    - Things to consider when evaluating a Vulnerability tool
  • Enterprise Software Architecture and Open Source Compliance Recorded: May 12 2020 34 mins
    Carlos Cheung — Head of Open Source, FOSSA
    Learn how the best software companies in the world are using Enterprise architecture to scale their Open Source usage & Open Source compliance. Join us as we discuss the importance of Open Source Management within Enterprise technology initiatives, and focus on how to best apply this management within the software development life cycle — no matter what methodologies you may be using.

    This webinar will cover:

    * Emerging trends in Open Source usage in the Enterprise
    * 3 major software architecture areas affecting compliance governance
    * Best practices for managing compliance governance in the Enterprise

    Presenter Carlos Cheung is the Head of Open Source at FOSSA, and also serves on the Business Advisory Council at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business. He has held product management and software engineering roles at Optimizely, VoiceLabs and other San Francisco Bay Area SaaS companies.
  • Advocating for Open Source in the Enterprise Recorded: Apr 15 2020 36 mins
    Solomon Rubin, Sr. Security Engineer at FOSSA
    Are you looking to increase open source adoption at your company or struggling to get traction for your open source initiatives? Join us and we'll address some of the concerns around using open source in enterprise environments — including Fortune 1000 companies, heavily regulated industries and government. We will breakdown ways to mitigate those concerns and risks as well as how to present the benefits of using open source technologies to your company.

    This webinar will cover:

    * Legal concerns when using open source
    * Security concerns when using open source
    * Establishment/necessity of Open Source policies
    * Factors limiting developer ability to use open source

    Presenter Solomon Rubin is a Sr. Security Engineer at FOSSA. He has worked at several premier research facilities, including MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the MITRE corporation over the last seven years. Over the course of his career, he has worked on a variety of cyber defense projects and has promoted the use of Open Source and InnerSource within both the United States government and Fortune 100 companies.
  • [Panel] Open Source in the Enterprise: Predictions for 2020 Recorded: Jan 23 2020 58 mins
    Chris Aniszczyk; Gil Yehuda; Kevin Wang; Taylor Udell
    What will be the biggest challenges around Enterprise Open Source adoption in 2020?
    What do they experts predict for licensing? Security vulnerabilities? Code quality?
    How will enterprise usage of open source across the software team evolve in 2020? Beyond?

    FOSSA has assembled a panel of experts to share their forecast for Open Source changes throughout the coming year. Panelists include:

    * Chris Aniszczyk — founder of the TODO Group and CTO of the Linux Foundation

    * Gil Yehuda — Senior Director of Open Source, Verizon Media

    * Kevin Wang — founder and CEO of FOSSA and TLDRLegal

    Chris, Gil and Kevin will discuss their predictions around open source usage in the enterprise, and then open up the floor to Q & A.
  • What is an OSPO? The Rise of the Open Source Program Office Recorded: Oct 24 2019 35 mins
    Taylor Udell, Director of Product Marketing at FOSSA
    Managing your open source program is all about improving efficiency and decreasing risk. Determining what packages to leverage, when developers should contribute, and what internal projects you may want to publish are all strategic business decisions. An Open Source Program Office (OSPO) helps to define your open source management strategy while considering the implications of open source components on product viability, competitiveness, resources, security and the risk profile of your company.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    ●Things to know when evaluating your need for an OSPO
    ●Areas managed by an OSPO
    ●Roles key to an OSPO's success
    ●The key pillars of a successful OSPO
    ●A list of resources to read if you want to build an OSPO

    FOSSA Director of Product Marketing Taylor Udell will share how getting the most from open source is not about how much code is deployed, but rather how about how developing the right open source management strategy can impact business goals, revenue, risk, recruiting and reputation. Move away from tactical, manual OSS management and into a strategic, holistic OSPO program that serves the needs of the company, your customers and your developers.
Be Continuous. Automate the Risk out of Your Open Source.
Up to 90% of any piece of software is from open source, creating countless dependencies and areas of risk to manage. FOSSA is the most reliable automated policy engine for vulnerability management, license compliance, and code quality across the open source stack. With FOSSA, engineering, security, and legal teams all get complete and continuous risk mitigation for the entire software supply chain, integrated into each of their existing workflows.

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  • Title: [Panel] Open Source in the Enterprise: Predictions for 2020
  • Live at: Jan 23 2020 8:00 pm
  • Presented by: Chris Aniszczyk; Gil Yehuda; Kevin Wang; Taylor Udell
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