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Why It's Time to Rethink Your PKI

Growth in connectivity between users, devices, and applications has driven enterprises to become more reliant than ever on public key infrastructure (PKI) to guarantee trust. No longer viewed as a niche tool, PKI has emerged as a core technology to secure leading initiatives like Cloud, DevOps and IoT, yet most enterprises are unprepared to adapt. We’ll discuss the new risks and challenges involved in PKI and why it’s time for a change.
Recorded Dec 6 2019 19 mins
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Presented by
Ted Shorter, Co-Founder & CTO, Keyfactor
Presentation preview: Why It's Time to Rethink Your PKI

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  • Certificate Management and Automation with Istio Service Mesh Aug 20 2020 6:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Shian Sung, DevSecOps Solutions Engineer and Ryan Yackel, VP of Product Marketing
    Making the move to Istio service mesh? There's a lot to consider, security being number one. Istio leverages certificate-based authentication to secure connections across multiple services. But how do you ensure that all of those certificates are trusted, compliant, and up-to-date?

    Keyfactor’s integration to Istio allows issuance of mutual TLS (mTLS) certificates so that microservices can communicate securely within a zero-trust environment (e.g. Kubernetes cluster).

    Join Shian Sung, DevSecOps Solutions Engineer, and Ryan Yackel, VP of Product Marketing, for a quick 30-minute discussion and live demo of the Keyfactor certificate automation for Istio service mesh.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

    - Secure the Istio service mesh with a powerful & trusted PKI backend
    - Connect Istio mTLS certificates with your internal and publicly trusted CAs
    - Enable high-volume mTLS certificate issuance at massive scale
    - Get full visibility of mTLS certificates across Istio deployments
  • Assess Your Certificate Management Maturity: A Workshop with PKI Experts Aug 12 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sami Van Vliet, Principal Product Manager and Ryan Yackel, VP Product Marketing
    As SSL/TLS certificate usage continues to reach extreme levels, other factors like the shorter certificate lifespans, expanding use cases, and the rise of quantum have put pressure on certificate management practices.

    However, the broad scope of certificate management makes it hard to know how mature your current practices are today and where they need to be for the future. The transition from manual spreadsheet-based tracking to full certificate lifecycle automation often comes with significant bumps in the road, but in our experience, it is well worth the effort.

    That’s where this model comes in to help.

    Join Sami Van Vliet, Principal Product Manager, and Ryan Yackel, VP Product Marketing as they walk through each level of a practical guide on how to scale and automate certificate management.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    -How to self-assess your team’s progress against five maturity levels
    -Common scenarios experienced at each level
    -Tips for implementing required process changes that will get you to your next level in certificate management maturity
  • How to Take Control of Your SSL/TLS Certificate Inventory Recorded: Jul 16 2020 32 mins
    Sami Van Vliet, Principal Product Manager and Ryan Sanders, Product Marketing Manager
    It’s not the SSL/TLS certificates you track that cause issues – it’s the certificates hiding in your network, beyond your visibility. The problem is that most organizations don’t know where all of their certificates live, who uses them, and most importantly, when they expire.

    All it takes is one unexpected expiration to create a costly network or application outage. So how do you keep track of every certificate in your inventory? The path to success starts with discovery.

    Join Sami Van Vliet, Principal Product Manager, and Ryan Sanders, Product Marketing Manager for a 30-minute discussion and live demo of the 3 simple ways that Keyfactor gives you complete visibility of all certificates in your inventory, regardless of where they were issued from or where they live.
  • Securing PKI Operations Through Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures Recorded: Jul 14 2020 71 mins
    Chris Hickman, Chief Security Officer at Keyfactor and Andrew Riddell, Client Solutions Architect at Optiv
    Public key infrastructure (PKI) plays a critical role in digital security for modern enterprises. But what happens when your business experiences significant changes? Corporate mergers and acquisitions can be a stressful time for security and identity teams. In most cases, merging organizations have different approaches to digital security, particularly when it comes to PKI and the processes around it.

    Join Keyfactor and Optiv as we discuss best practices for PKI during mergers and acquisitions and the considerations around security, from strategy to technology, as your business evolves. We'll also dive into a real-world scenario of how Keyfactor and Optiv helped a large convenience store and gas station chain shift their PKI strategy as they experienced changes to their business.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

    -The importance of PKI and digital identities during M&As
    -Using disruption as an opportunity to update and standardize digital security
    -Best practices and steps to successful PKI migration
    -How automated PKI and certificate management accelerates migration

    After the presentation, we’ll play a round of "Battle of the Brains" trivia via the Kahoot app on your smartphone or tablet. Our top 3 participants will receive a prize:

    -1st Place: Yeti Cooler
    -2nd Place: Go Pro 7 with Adventure Bundle
    -3rd Place: $50 Starbucks Gift card
  • Protecting IoT Deployments with a Secure Root of Trust Recorded: Jul 9 2020 60 mins
    Ellen Boehm, Senior Director IoT Product Management, Mark B. Cooper, President, & Sander Temme, Senior Product Manager
    For IoT products to be successful, product leaders and engineers must establish a chain of trust between development, manufacturing and operating environments. Today, that means anything from embedded sensors in mining trucks and commercial aircraft to connected insulin pumps and smartlocks.

    How do you establish trust in these complex, untrusted and often high-risk environments? Embedding security at design is one thing, but ensuring your team can update device security and maintain trust throughout its lifecycle is mission-critical.

    Join PKI & IoT experts from Keyfactor, PKI Solution and NCipher for an interactive session on how to effectively build unique identity into connected devices at scale, and securely update firmware and cryptography throughout the product lifecycle using a secure root of trust.
  • Shifting to a Next-Generation PKI: Your Questions Answered by PKI Experts Recorded: Jul 8 2020 46 mins
    Chris Hickman, CSO and Ellen Boehm, Senior Director of IoT Product Management
    IT and security leaders recognize public key infrastructure (PKI) as a proven and time-tested security tool in the enterprise. At the same time the digital landscape has changed, and along with it the need for PKI to adapt.

    PKI deployments have evolved and expanded to protect more business-critical infrastructure and applications than ever before, emerging as a secure and cost-effective technology to enable new initiatives like cloud, service mesh, and IoT.

    Join us for a live Q&A with Keyfactor’s CSO Chris Hickman, and Senior Director of IoT Product Management, Ellen Boehm, as we take your questions and provide practical advice for evaluating in-house PKI vs. PKI as-a-Service.
  • Modernizing Your PKI Infrastructure and Security Recorded: Jun 18 2020 50 mins
    Gary Marsden, Senior Director for Data Protection and Chris Hickman, CSO at Keyfactor
    In this Tech Talk, you will hear about the importance of building a modern PKI infrastructure and how to scale the security to support the growing uses of PKI in healthcare, retail and automotive industries.
  • Maximizing F5 BIG-IP Uptime & Security with Keyfactor Certificate Automation Recorded: Jun 4 2020 30 mins
    Jack Palivoda, Senior Solutions Engineer and Ryan Sanders, Product Marketing Manager
    If you’ve deployed multiple F5 BIG-IP appliances to run your business applications, you know how important – yet complex – it is to manage keys and digital certificates. Keyfactor enables enterprises to automate requests, provisioning, and renewal of certificates across F5 appliances to avoid certificate-related outages and improve security.

    Join Jack Palivoda, Sr. Solutions Engineer, and Ryan Sanders, Product Marketing Manager, for a 30-minute discussion and live demo of the Keyfactor + F5 BIG-IP integration.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:
    -The importance of keys and certificates in F5 deployments
    -How to avoid costly downtime and automate distribution of certificates
    -How Keyfactor integrates with F5 appliances at scale
  • Live Q&A: Scaling Public Key Infrastructure Remotely Recorded: Jun 2 2020 31 mins
    Shian Sung, Sr. Solutions Engineer, Tina Parmer, Director of Sales - TOLA, & John Grimm, Sr. Director of Strategy & Bus. Dev.
    Order some pizza (or dinner from your favorite local restaurant) for the family on Keyfactor and join us and our partner, nCipher, in an insightful discussion about the change in security needs organizations have been facing for the past few months, and how to best address those needs within their enterprises and IoT devices.

    Every organization has responded differently, but the need to secure their remote workforce is a top priority. When it comes to public key infrastructure (PKI), InfoSec teams must have visibility and control over their digital certificates to prevent outages and ensure business continuity.

    Keyfactor and nCipher are pleased to host a relaxed discussion and Q&A about the changes we've seen in the world of security, upcoming trends and how to properly utilize cryptography/digital identities.

    Topics to be covered include:

    - A before and after look at how security has changed with a predominantly remote work environment
    - How and why enterprises are effectively utilizing PKI to secure their business landscape
    - Expected trends in the cryptography and PKI landscape
    - What toppings you got on your Pizza/what local restaurant you supported!
  • The State of PKI & IoT Security: Your Questions Answered by PKI Experts Recorded: May 28 2020 33 mins
    Ted Shorter, CTO, Gorav Arora, Office of CTO, and Keao Caindec, Principal Analyst
    As product innovators bring connected devices to market, the risk of device hacks and data theft continues to rise. Faster product development and feature delivery often take priority, leading to increased security risks. Modern public key infrastructure (PKI) has emerged as an efficient and cost-effective way to secure embedded devices at scale, but only when it’s done right.

    Join Keyfactor, Thales, and Farallon Technology Group for a LIVE Q&A with CTO, Ted Shorter, Director of Technology, Gorav Arora, and Keao Caindec, Principal Analyst, as we take your questions and provide practical advice on the state of IoT security today and best practices for securing the entire IoT ecosystem and product lifecycle using modern PKI.
  • Evolving Security for an IoT World Recorded: May 21 2020 48 mins
    Gorav Arora, Office of CTO at Thales and Ted Shorter, CTO, Keyfactor
    The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed our lives, providing convenience, enabling personalization, and changing our expectations of how devices behave. Products have become smarter with an extended usable life, allowing companies to deepen customer engagement through bi-directional touchpoints and enhanced usage analytics.

    With Internet connectivity opening these formerly isolated devices, they are digitally transformed into data hubs – sending and receiving critical information to the end-user and the enterprise. While this flow of data offers enhanced product features and new revenue opportunities, it can introduce security risks to the user and enterprise.

    Join Thales and Keyfactor to learn:
    • The state of IoT security today;
    • Best practices for securing the entire IoT ecosystem and product lifecycle – from development, manufacturing, updates, decommissioning; and
    • How a robust, secure PKI process can protect device identities, sign application artifacts in all environments, secure communication channels to and from the device, and ensure authorized access to the device, software and data.
  • Re-Think Your PKI: Build, Buy or Bring in Reinforcements Recorded: May 12 2020 61 mins
    Ted Shorter, Co-Founder & CTO, Keyfactor and Mark Cooper, President, PKI Solutions
    Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a fundamental security tool used by most organizations today. Whether it’s securing your network, sensitive data, or connected devices, IT and security leaders turn to PKI as a proven solution to establish trust in their business.

    But PKI isn’t like any other technology in your IT stack – it’s a complex ecosystem of roles, policies and procedures, hardware and software. Just keeping it up and running can be challenging enough, not to mention enabling new use cases such as DevOps, multi-cloud, and remote workforce access.

    The good news is, you have options. Join “The PKI Guy” Mark Cooper and Ted Shorter, CTO and Co-founder at Keyfactor for a live talk, as they discuss how PKI has evolved and why it may be time to re-think the way it’s deployed and managed in your enterprise.
    In this live talk, we’ll discuss:

    - New use cases and standards for Enterprise PKI
    - Common PKI deployment and maintenance challenges
    - Finding the right fit: In-House, Managed, or Hosted PKI
    - Practical recommendations and PKI best practices
  • How Cryptography Revolutionizes Secure IoT Design and Zero-Trust Manufacturing Recorded: May 7 2020 60 mins
    Senior Director of IoT Product Management, Ellen Boehm and Senior Vice President of Product Management, Mark Thompson
    Tight budgets and product development lifecycles make it nearly impossible to consider all the necessary factors for embedding strong security throughout a device’s lifecycle. But when customer privacy and safety are at stake, it has to happen.

    Cryptography has emerged as a flexible and highly scalable solution to enable critical authentication, encryption and signing capabilities for lightweight IoT devices. However, most product developers and manufacturers don’t know where to start.

    Join Keyfactor’s Senior Director of IoT Product Management, Ellen Boehm, and Senior Vice President of Product Management, Mark Thompson, to discuss effective strategies to cryptographically bind identity to devices at scale and establish integrity throughout the device lifecycle.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

    -The risks of poor IoT security implementation
    -The advantages of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography for IoT
    -How to embed and manage cryptography throughout the device lifecycle
    -Real-world use cases for secure design and remote manufacturing
    -How Solutions like Thales, wolfSSL & Keyfactor Can Help
  • Using the Keyfactor Secrets Engine for HashiCorp Vault Recorded: May 6 2020 30 mins
    JD Kilgallin, Senior Integration Engineer, and Ryan Sanders, Product Marketing Manager, Keyfactor
    Using HashiCorp Vault? Instead of using the Vault-native PKI, Keyfactor allows you to plug Vault into your existing enterprise PKI. That means DevOps can deploy fast, while security teams retain complete visibility and control over backend PKI operations.

    Join JD Kilgallin, Senior Integration Engineer, and Ryan Sanders, Product Marketing Manager, for a quick 30-minute discussion and live demo of the Keyfactor Secrets Engine for Vault.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

    -Connect Vault with your internal and publicly-trusted CAs
    -Enable high-volume certificate issuance at massive scale
    -Get full visibility of certificates across all Vault instances and more
    -Enforce tight policy controls and auditability to ensure compliance
  • Crypto for IoT Developers: Your Questions Answered by Crypto Experts Recorded: Apr 29 2020 32 mins
    Director of IoT Products, Ellen Boehm, Business Director, Rich Kelm, and Engineering Manager, Chris Conlon
    When it comes to IoT security, the industry has been chasing its tail for years. Every week brings a new headline about the latest device exploit or security vulnerability. Meanwhile, device manufacturers and developers are hard-pressed to deliver products to market – often at the expense of security.
    If you’re building IoT devices or applications, cryptography is a security must-have, yet most product managers and developers don’t know where to start. Hardware constraints, diverse standards, and complex supply chains make it all that much harder to find a path to success.
    Join Keyfactor and wolfSSL for a LIVE Q&A with Sr. Director of IoT Products, Ellen Boehm, Business Director, Rich Kelm, and Engineering Manager, Chris Conlon, as we take your questions and provide practical advice for embedding strong cryptography into IoT devices at scale.
  • Managing Cryptography in a Multi-Cloud Reality Recorded: Apr 20 2020 30 mins
    Ted Shorter, Co-Founder & CTO, Keyfactor
    Today, the Internet is the new enterprise network. The shift to cloud services, containers, mobile and IoT platforms has created a bigger world beyond the Layer-3 Firewall – making it harder to define who and what can be trusted, without a clear perimeter.

    In this new reality, enterprises increasingly rely on keys and X.509 certificates – known as digital identities – to protect critical data and applications. However, as the number of identities multiplies, so too does the complexity of managing and protecting them at scale.
  • How to Build Secure IoT Devices at Scale Recorded: Apr 10 2020 31 mins
    Ellen Boehm, Director of Product Management, Keyfactor
    IoT adoption continues to grow – often at the expense of good security practices. Ethical hackers and malicious adversaries routinely exploit vulnerabilities, such as hard-coded credentials and weak encryption, costing manufacturers millions in lost revenue and damage control.

    Customers and industry regulators are catching on quick, introducing new laws and purchasing requirements for strong security in IoT devices. Manufacturers that can provide strong security at scale will no doubt differentiate their products and stay ahead of stricter regulations on the horizon.

    Join Ellen Boehm, IoT Product Manager at Keyfactor to discuss how public key infrastructure (PKI) plays a key role in delivering reliable identity, encryption, and integrity for millions of IoT devices.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn about:
    -Current IoT security risks and challenges
    -Why PKI is the right fit for the IoT
    -Using embedded crypto-libraries and PKI to secure IoT devices
    -How to enable trusted identity, encryption, and code integrity
    -Real world use cases of PKI for IoT
  • How to Securely Automate PKI with Privileged Access Management Recorded: Apr 8 2020 14 mins
    Jake Adkins, Senior Software Engineer, Keyfactor
    To perform routine certificate renewal, replacement, and key rotation operations, IT and application teams need privileged access to credentials for application servers, ADC/load balancers, machines and containers.

    The problem is that many enterprises now require tight controls over these credentials to protect them against misuse or compromise, which creates challenges for key and certificate automation.

    Join Keyfactor Senior Software Engineer, Jake Adkins for a discussion and live demo of how Keyfactor enables full visibility and automation for keys and certificates by unlocking access to privileged account credentials held by PAM providers like CyberArk and Thycotic.
  • Securing Your New Remote Workforce: Your Questions Answered from PKI Experts Recorded: Mar 27 2020 32 mins
    Chris Hickman, CSO, Keyfactor | Ted Shorter, CTO, Keyfactor | Mark Cooper, PKI Solutions
    The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed the way we work, seemingly overnight. The pandemic has not only forced IT and security professionals to work remotely, but also deploy remote access for their now at-home employees, without compromising security.

    In this new reality, without appropriate measures in place to scale remote-working capabilities, businesses face an unparalleled challenge to secure critical systems and digital identities.

    Join us for a LIVE Q&A with Keyfactor’s CSO Chris Hickman, CTO Ted Shorter, and PKI Solutions' Mark Cooper (aka "The PKI Guy") as we take your questions and give practical advice for managing your PKI during this uncertain, and highly remote environment.
  • The Impact of Unsecured Digital Identities- 2020 Ponemon Institute Report Recorded: Mar 5 2020 58 mins
    Larry Ponemon, Ponemon Institute & Chris Hickman, Chief Security Officer, Keyfactor
    Enterprises increasingly rely on cryptographic keys and digital certificates – known as digital identities – to protect critical data and connections across their business. But as the number of digital identities multiplies, from hundreds to tens or even hundreds of thousands, so does the complexity of managing and securing them at massive scale.

    The 2020 Keyfactor-Ponemon Institute Report on the Impact of Unsecured Digital Identities reveals what happens when PKI and cryptography practices aren’t at their best – when mismanaged keys and certificates disrupt operations and undermine trust in the business.
    Join industry expert Larry Ponemon and Keyfactor Chief Security Officer (CSO) Chris Hickman to learn more about what they’ve uncovered, the real impact of mismanaged keys and certificates, and how to build a business case for investment in your PKI strategy.
    Get in-depth insights to understand why:

    -73% of organizations still experience unplanned downtime and outages due to mismanaged digital certificates
    -74% of respondents say they do not know how many keys and certificates they have across their business
    -Only 38% of respondents say they have sufficient IT security staff dedicated to their PKI
Secure Every Digital Identity
Keyfactor, formerly Certified Security Solutions (CSS), is a leading provider of secure digital identity management solutions that enables organizations to confirm authenticity, and ensure the right things are interacting in the right ways in our connected world.

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