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Snapshot: AIOps for Modern IT Operations Management

Hear more on how OpsRamp built its Service-Centric AIOps platform, and what OpsQ can do for faster alert management, quicker incident remediation, and relief from the floods of alerts your teams deal with, daily.

Learn more at https://www.opsramp.com/solutions/service-centric-aiops/
Recorded Dec 3 2018 3 mins
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Presentation preview: Snapshot: AIOps for Modern IT Operations Management

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  • Roundtable: The 6 Steps to Becoming a Top-Performing IT Operations Organization Recorded: Nov 26 2019 61 mins
    Bojan Simic, Founder & Chief Analyst, DEJ, Darren Cunningham, VP Marketing, and Michael Fisher, Product Management, OpsRamp
    Join OpsRamp and Bojan Simic, Founder and Chief Analyst at The Digital Enterprise Journal, for an insightful discussion on how top-performing IT organizations have successfully redefined the role of IT operations, including:

    - Deploying platforms for greater operational intelligence
    - Modernizing IT incident management strategies
    - Incorporating automation into everything ITOps
    - Taking a customer-centric approach to managing IT
  • 4 Insights on the Future of Modern IT Operations Recorded: Nov 7 2019 49 mins
    Jordan Sher, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing & Luke Smith, Solution Architect, OpsRamp
    Join the OpsRamp team for an insightful discussion and review of our latest survey: Adapt or Perish: The OpsRamp Report on Modern IT Operations in the Digital Age. We’ll review:

    - The new expectations of IT operations from modern business
    - Methods for addressing the modern skills gap
    - The metrics for evaluating IT operations effectiveness
    - How to take a DevOps approach to ITOps

    Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to see the results of this research. Claim your seat today.
  • OpsRamp Fall Release Recorded: Oct 9 2019 37 mins
    Darren Cunningham, VP Marketing, Michael Fisher, Product Manager, & Curt Thorin, Solution Strategist, OpsRamp
    More control. More flexibility. Less chaos.

    The OpsRamp Fall Release includes enhancements to OpsQ, the OpsRamp artificial intelligence inference engine, that improves event management capabilities and intelligent correlation machine learning models, along with improved multi-cloud monitoring and much more. 

    Watch this on-demand webinar and get to know all the platform enhancements including:

    - OpsQ Inference Models: OpsRamp Fall 2019 release includes new ensemble learning capabilities that incorporate alert similarity to discover related alerts for faster troubleshooting and reduced downtime.
    - Fine-Grained Observed Mode Widgets: OpsRamp Fall 2019 introduces widget enhancements that showcase potential alert reduction results for inferences created in Observed Mode.
    - Improved Context Ingestion: OpsQ can ingest resource context via alerts from other IT operations management tools. 
    - Cloud Monitoring: Today OpsRamp delivers 100+ integrations for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The OpsRamp Fall 2019 Release includes new integrations with AWS services and GCP events for enhanced multi-cloud monitoring support.
    - Synthetic Monitoring: Synthetics now lets customers pinpoint website outages to specific network routes.
    - Custom Integration Framework: OpsRamp now makes it easy to build custom integrations using webhook authentication.
  • Modernizing Infrastructure Monitoring and Management with AIOps Recorded: Aug 23 2019 41 mins
    Darren Cunningham, VP Marketing & Curt Thorin, Solution Strategist, OpsRamp
    Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), with its promises of smarter automation, data ingestion, and actionable insights, is all the rage in the world of IT infrastructure monitoring and management. But how do you fundamentally implement it in an organization that is simultaneously balancing the demands of legacy, cloud, and hyperconverged digital infrastructure?

    Join the OpsRamp team to see a simplified roadmap to bring AIOps to hybrid infrastructure monitoring and management, and watch a demo of the OpsRamp platform in action.

    You will learn:

    - How AIOps can drive faster alert correlation, deduplication, and suppression
    - How you can observe AIOps in action before you actually push a solution to production
    - How you can bring AIOps to both your IT operations and IT service management practices simultaneously
  • Demo: An AIOps Platform for Hybrid Infrastructure Management Recorded: Aug 19 2019 35 mins
    Jordan Sher, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing & Curt Thorin, Solution Strategist, OpsRamp
    In this demo, we see firsthand how OpsRamp was created to serve as an AIOps platform to monitor and analyze what the company describes as complex and often disparate hybrid infrastructures. These infrastructures might typically span across several data cloud environments or data centers on container or monolithic platforms — which OpsRamp condenses into a single console interface.

    Taking us on this demo tour are Jordan Sher, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at OpsRamp, and Curt Thorin, an OpsRamp Solution Strategist.

    This demo was set up to emulate the volume of incidents generated at a typical organization, totaling 43,000 alerts per week. “This [amount of data] is incredible for an IT team to manage. When you bring it up [with OpsRamp], it dramatically reduces the number of raw alerts that they need to deal with, which dramatically decreases the number of incidents that they need to escalate,” Sher said. “And it simplifies their life by creating these inferences, which correlate alerts, so that the business doesn’t have to do that manually anymore.”
  • Bringing AIOps to Hybrid Cloud Monitoring and Management Recorded: Jul 12 2019 53 mins
    Jordan Sher, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing & Jeff Kollman, Solution Strategist, OpsRamp
    Artificial intelligence for IT Operations is purpose-built to ingest large sources of data from infrastructure and point tools, and produce actionable insights on root-cause analysis and incident remediation. How do you bring these innovations to an enterprise ecosystem that’s also in the middle of cloud migration and overall digital transformation?

    You will learn:

    - How artificial intelligence can transform your hybrid monitoring practice, making it more proactive and business-service-centric than ever before
    - How to build towards a unified and coordinated approach to IT operations management and IT service management
    - Key insights and tangible ideas for getting buy-in on your eventual adoption of AIOps, making for a smooth transition to the future
  • Tech Talk: Context is Critical - How Richer Data Yields Richer Results Recorded: Jul 1 2019 40 mins
    Bhanu Singh, Senior VP of Engineering & DevOps, OpsRamp
    Hear Bhanu Singh's presentation at Cloud Expo Santa Clara on how to build a data-driven organization for better operational agility in the face of overwhelming data.
  • ITSM & ITOM Coming Together Recorded: Jun 21 2019 46 mins
    David Roth, Dir. Product Marketing & Daniel Cooper, Dir. Solutions Consulting, OpsRamp
    Historically, IT operations management (ITOM) teams have been focused on system health and uptime, while separately, IT service management (ITSM) teams manage and remediate end-user issues. The silos between these two functions have spurned challenges that can be overcome with improved integration, collaboration, and transparency across practices. ITSM and ITOM teams are working toward the same goal of uptime, accessibility, and improved customer experience. So why can’t they integrate better for delivering on these objectives?

    In this webinar, we’ll explore:

    - The cause and business impact of silo'ed ITSM and ITOM practices

    - The benefits of improving integration, collaboration, and transparency across practices

    - Ways for you to exploit the inefficiencies and key metrics you can present the business in advocating for a better solution

    - And, we’ll introduce the solution of platform thinking, where silos are broken down between IT practices, and technology is operated and managed as a unified front with an open framework of adaptability.
  • Introducing OpsQ Observed Mode: OpsRamp Summer Release 2019 Recorded: Jun 4 2019 46 mins
    Darren Cunningham - VP Marketing, Mahesh Ramachandran - VP Product Management, & Curt Thorin, Solution Strategist, OpsRamp
    The Summer 2019 Release introduces OpsQ Observed Mode to build confidence in machine learning models for IT event and performance analysis. It also includes automated alert suppression to reduce human time spent on first-response to alerts, continuous learning-based alert escalation using live event data, and new infrastructure monitoring capabilities for cloud native environments.

    Watch our on-demand webinar to see all the new enhancements to the platform, including:

    OpsQ Observed Mode: OpsQ Observed Mode helps incident management teams assess the accuracy of the OpsRamp machine learning algorithms in a live production environment before they take effect.

    Learning-Based Auto-Alert Suppression: OpsQ looks for recurring alert patterns in production environments and suppresses those alerts that occur at a predictable cadence. OpsQ uses seasonality-based and attribute-based auto-alert suppression techniques as a first-response mechanism.

    Service and Topology Maps: The Summer 2019 Release introduces new impact visibility and service context features that deliver dynamic relationship data for public cloud services and actionable insights for understanding cross-site interconnections.

    Cloud Native Discovery and Monitoring: DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams can now monitor popular open source applications used in cloud native environments and access relevant performance insights for Mesosphere and Azure Stack in the OpsRamp platform.
  • The State of AIOps For Incident Management & Beyond Recorded: May 16 2019 48 mins
    Jordan Sher, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing & Curt Thorin, Solution Strategist, OpsRamp
    Get the real story on AIOps implementations from IT professionals that have actually done it. Read the OpsRamp State of AIOps report and benchmark your AIOps tool evaluation criteria and implementation practices with fresh insights from your peers.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    - Which technical features rank highest for modern incident management
    - How to identify the most high-impact use cases for quick AIOps success
    - Why IT leaders are looking to both hire new team members and retrain existing employees to meet the demands of AIOps deployments

    Read the 20-page report 'The State of AIOps' at https://info.opsramp.com/state-of-aiops to learn more.
  • Making AIOps Work For You Recorded: Apr 26 2019 46 mins
    Jordan Sher, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing & Luke Smith, Solution Architect, OpsRamp
    By 2022, Gartner predicts that 40% of large enterprises will adopt AIOps solutions to cope with never-ending alert floods and ensure faster recovery from disruptive IT outages. The AIOps market is experiencing rapid growth with explosive enterprise adoption, accelerated revenue growth and continued investments from IT operations players. But how can you apply AIOps technologies to your organization?

    This webinar from Flycast and OpsRamp will discuss the use cases for AIOps including:

    - Noise reduction
    - Probabilistic root cause identification
    - Multi-level escalations and notifications
    - Faster incident remediation
  • Stop Swivel-Chair IT Operations with OpsRamp and ServiceNow ITSM Recorded: Mar 28 2019 42 mins
    Jordan Sher, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing & Curt Thorin, Solution Strategist, OpsRamp
    OpsRamp and ServiceNow together help you conquer the chaos of multi-cloud management, with a single digital operations command center where you can proactively discover, monitor, manage, and remediate incidents without toggling between multiple consoles or struggling with disparate data sources.

    Learn how to stop swapping screens and start solving issues with:
    - ServiceNow Integration. Manage your incident lifecycle with actionable insights so that you can prevent IT outages and reduce downtime.
    - Proactive Monitoring. Drive system health, availability, and performance with policy-based monitoring for IT services hosted on data centers and public clouds.
    - Improved Service Maps. Drive better context for IT outages and restore services faster with a real-time picture of your applications and supporting infrastructure.
    - AIOps-Powered Alert Inferencing. Use machine learning for faster incident identification and better situational awareness with contextual and enriched alerts.
  • Performance Monitoring and Management Trends & Insights Recorded: Feb 23 2019 55 mins
    Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst, 451 Research & Darren Cunningham, VP of Marketing, OpsRamp
    Join 451 Research's Senior Analyst Nancy Gohring and OpsRamp's Vice President of Marketing Darren Cunningham as they discuss the latest trends in IT monitoring and management.

    This interactive webinar will review the latest research and feature a live Q&A on what's hot, what's new, and what's next in this dynamic and distributed market. Sponsored by OpsRamp, this webinar will also provide an overview of OpsRamp's service-centric AIOps platform and how OpsRamp customers are controlling the chaos with a new approach to IT operations as a service.

    Learn more at https://www.opsramp.com/solutions/service-centric-aiops/
  • Snapshot: OpsRamp Service and Topology Maps Recorded: Feb 7 2019 5 mins
    The January 2019 OpsRamp Winter Release provides greater service-centricity and context for hybrid infrastructure monitoring and management allowing enterprise IT teams to embrace more intelligent incident management and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

    OpsRamp’s topology maps enable infrastructure and operations teams to understand the impact that IT resources have on each other and on end-user facing IT services. OpsRamp’s topology discovery now includes:

    - Application Topology. OpsRamp discovers more than forty popular enterprise applications and establishes topological relationships between application components and infrastructure.
    - Hypervisor Topology. OpsRamp discovers virtual machines, hypervisor servers and clusters in VMware vSphere and KVM environments and their relationships.
    - Enhanced Service Maps. Representing logical IT services, OpsRamp service maps now have a new user interface that makes it easy to identify underlying resources behind an IT service outage so that operations teams can hone in on the right course of action to restore services.
  • Snapshot: OpsRamp Kubernetes and Container Monitoring Recorded: Feb 7 2019 2 mins
    The January 2019 OpsRamp Winter Release provides greater service-centricity and context for hybrid infrastructure monitoring and management allowing enterprise IT teams to embrace more intelligent incident management and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

    The OpsRamp platform provides comprehensive capabilities for multi-cloud event monitoring as well as features to discover and monitor container infrastructure supporting modern microservices architectures.

    Cloud Native Monitoring: OpsRamp now discovers and monitors Kubernetes environments across on-prem and cloud services like Azure Kubernetes Services, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes. DevOps teams can understand the total services (nodes and containers for each cluster, a breakdown of pods by namespace) and resource trends (CPU and memory utilization) for each Kubernetes cluster.

    Learn more at https://www.opsramp.com/whatsnew
  • Is ITOSM the Future of Digital Infrastructure Management? Recorded: Feb 2 2019 46 mins
    Bobby McCullough, Solutions Consultant, Flycast, Jordan Sher, Dir. Marketing & Jeff Kollman, Solutions Consultant, OpsRamp
    Smarter, faster incident remediation with artificial intelligence. That's ITOSM.

    Flycast Partners and OpsRamp discuss the value of combining your ITOM + ITSM practice into ITOSM for better system health and faster mean-time-to-resolution.

    - Discover how AIOps can help determine root cause faster and escalate business-critical alerts
    - See how combining infrastructure monitoring with ITSM can help reduce your headaches and keep your infrastructure always available
    - Hear from industry experts on best-practices
    - See a demo of the OpsRamp service-centric AIOps platform
  • Introducing the OpsRamp Winter Release - January 2019 Recorded: Jan 30 2019 46 mins
    Darren Cunningham - VP Marketing, Mahesh Ramachandran - VP Product Management, & Curt Thorin, Solution Strategist, OpsRamp
    OpsRamp helps digital operations teams drive resilient and responsive IT services by discovering topological relationships between resources at multiple levels in the increasingly hybrid and multi-cloud IT stack.

    In this webinar, you’ll get an overview of the Winter Release, including demonstrations of features to drive greater efficiency within modern IT operational environments:

    - Application Topology
    - Hypervisor Topology
    - Enhanced Service Maps
    - Auto-Incident Creation and Routing
    - Augmented Training for Inference Models
    - Frequency-Driven Alert Escalation
    - Cloud Native Monitoring

    Take action faster with context and insights.
    Learn more at https://www.opsramp.com/the-opsramp-platform/
  • Preparing Your Organization For a Cloud World Recorded: Dec 20 2018 45 mins
    Jordan Sher, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing & Jeff Kollman, Solution Strategist, OpsRamp
    OpsRamp recently released a report on how IT organizations are handling the massive gap in skills for moving to cloud-native technologies.

    Watch this webinar to review the key findings and insights from the Cloud Native Skills Crisis report and see a quick demo of the OpsRamp platform.

    Read the report at https://info.opsramp.com/cloud-skills, or view the attachments area of this webinar.
  • Snapshot: Intelligent Incident Management Recorded: Dec 14 2018 3 mins
    Learn how our bi-directional ServiceNow integration helps you identify problems rapidly, accelerate service response, and alert proactively across the entire incident lifecycle.
  • Tech Talk: ServiceNow + OpsRamp Integration Recorded: Dec 12 2018 18 mins
    Jordan Sher, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing & Curt Thorin, Solution Strategist, OpsRamp
    On this month’s Tech Talk, we’ll discuss how our bi-directional ServiceNow integration unifies enterprise IT operations and service delivery management in a single platform.
Control the Chaos of Your Hybrid IT Infrastructure
Gain more visibility and control of your entire hybrid IT ecosystem with OpsRamp. Built for enterprise IT and service providers, OpsRamp delivers the “killer app” for end-to-end IT management. Our cloud platform creates a central hub that all IT teams - from operations to service management and everyone in between - use to manage today’s complex hybrid computing environment. Hundreds of organizations like Dolby, Epsilon, KAR Auction Services and Bio-Rad rely on OpsRamp to manage more workloads with less work. We're backed by Sapphire Ventures.

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