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WWT, F5 and Red Hat® Ansible Tower Automation Webinar

Join World Wide Technology, F5 and Red Hat for a webinar around Red Hat® Ansible® Tower automation with our industry experts and the value it brings to your organization! In order to keep up with the speed of business, there is a pressing need to make programmability and automation an inherent part of operational IT processes.

During this webinar, we will review:
How to automate F5 Virtual Server, IP reservation and DNS configurations
How to automate F5 application security configurations
How to create self-service offerings through Ansible Tower and ServiceNow
How to get started learning and get on-demand access to hands-on labs
Recorded Jul 16 2020 89 mins
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Presented by
Tyler Hatton, WWT; Brian Kane, WWT; Bob Smith, F5; Daud "DQ" Qazen, Red Hat

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  • TEC37 A&O: AIOps and the Current State of Today's Technology Sep 2 2021 6:00 pm UTC 40 mins
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  • TEC37 Carrier Networking: Fueling the Next Generation of Enterprise Innovation Aug 19 2021 6:00 pm UTC 41 mins
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  • TEC37 Data Center: Why Vendor Lock-in is the Best Strategy for SDDC Aug 12 2021 6:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    Robb Boyd; Sean Hicks; Jason Lamb (Intel); Pat Dooley (Dell EMC); James Harless
    In this TEC37 encore, we explore why many organizations hesitate to take a single-vendor approach when implementing a software-defined data center (SDDC) due to fear of vendor lock-in. Vendor lock-in can occur when an organization exclusively depends on one vendor for products or services, making them unable to use another vendor without significant switching costs. While the concern around vendor lock-in is valid and should generally be avoided, SDDC is an exception to this rule because of its focus on the software layer and the importance of choosing infrastructure components that best support the software platform. Join host Robb Boyd as he speaks with WWT’s Sean Hicks and James Harless — Technical Solutions Architects, Intel’s Jason Lamb — Cloud Solutions Strategist, and Dell’s Pat Dooley — HCI Specialist. They’ll discuss why a single-vendor approach might be your best move for an optimal SDDC environment.
  • TEC37 Security: How Cybersecurity Becomes a Business Enabler Aug 5 2021 6:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    " Robb Boyd; Todd Neilson; Gregory Schoeny"
    In this TEC37 recast, we explore the relationship between cybersecurity and the business. For years, cybersecurity has been viewed by C-level leadership as cost center. But as cyber attacks grow in sophistication and scale, organizations need to start viewing security threats as business threats and security strategy an integral part of business success. Join host Robb Boyd as he speaks with WWT's Todd Neilson, Global Director of Security Services, and Gregory Schoeny, VP of Services and Strategic Solutions for Global Service Providers. They’ll discuss how cybersecurity can become a business enabler.
  • TEC37 Data Center: Data Protection Strategies for Cyber Resiliency Jul 29 2021 6:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    Robb Boyd; Chris Konrad; Stephen Gregory; Scott Webb
    As threats to organizations’ data environments become more sophisticated and persistent, the need to prevent and rapidly recover from adverse cyber events has become critical. The right data protection and backup solution can help keep an organization’s data secure, and critical infrastructure up and running. In this episode, you’ll hear about how the right data protection and backup solution can help keep an organization’s data secure, and critical infrastructure up and running.
  • TEC37 A&O: Leveraging Cisco Products to Build an AIOps Ecosystem Jul 22 2021 6:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    Robb Boyd; Tanner Bechtel; Chris Weis; Neil Anderson
    In this TEC37 encore, join host Robb Boyd and WWT’s Tanner Bechtel, Chris Weis and Neil Anderson as they discuss how WWT has developed a true AIOps reference architecture, and a strategy that leverages a multi-product and product agnostic approach to an AIOps Ecosystem. You will walk away with a better understanding of how WWT has built a real architecture around AIOps and how to take the next step in your AIOps journey. This team will help answer the question, “How do we make these silos work better together?” and give insight into what has been built in WWT’s Advanced Technology center.
  • TEC37 Digital & Analytics: Securing AI Models Jul 15 2021 6:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    Robb Boyd; Jamie Milne; Gene Geddes; Melvin Greer (Intel)
    Businesses moving forward with an AI strategy need to ensure the security of those AI models is part of that strategy. In this TEC37 episode, we revisit issues in AI model security for the organization and suggest approaches for identifying and closing gaps in defending AI models. We will also touch on the importance of building a robust, mature, and repeatable program for assessing AI model vulnerabilities.
  • TEC37 Multicloud: What the Covid Spike in Cloud Adoption Means for Your Business Jul 8 2021 6:00 pm UTC 39 mins
    Robb Boyd; Darren Roback; Michael Johnson
    COVID took most organizations by surprise. Companies that had previously ignored cloud technology and strategy became increasingly disrupted. Even companies in the process of digital transformation — while better positioned than most — were unprepared for the magnitude of the challenge. As organizations increasingly accept that COVID is a longer-term challenge, they also have a chance to appreciate the pandemic’s silver lining: enabling “work from anywhere” and accelerating technology modernization across all parts of the business — even those areas previously not considered. In this TEC37 episode, we will discuss how many customers had to pause certain initiatives, reappropriate budgets to meet changing demands, and scramble to enable services to maintain even minimum levels of business operations.
  • TEC37 A&O: Ansible vs Terraform? Which is Better and Why? Jul 1 2021 6:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    Robb Boyd; Tyler Hatton; Wasantha Gamage
    Ansible and Terraform are some of the leading tools for automating infrastructure and driving infrastructure as code. In this episode our experts from each side will discuss the foundations for a successful automation strategy and where each tool fits in a larger automation strategy.
  • TEC37 Security: A Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity Jun 24 2021 6:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    Robb Boyd; Geoff Hancock; Warren Perils; Shena Tharnish (Comcast Business)
    In this TEC37 encore, we explore how CISOs can scale cybersecurity across the enterprise as security becomes increasingly tied to business success. Too often, the expense and damage to reputation that occurs after a sophisticated cyber attack can cause businesses irreparable harm. CISOs find themselves stuck between trying to secure new technology that will give their organization a competitive edge and protecting their legacy IT infrastructure and systems. Success requires an approach to cybersecurity that considers the business, architecture and operations. Join host Robb Boyd as he speaks with WWT's Geoff Hancock – Global Director of Cybersecurity Engineering, Warren Perils — Security Practice Manager for Global Service Provider and Comcast’s Shena Tharnish — VP of Cybersecurity Products. They’ll discuss steps organizations can take to implement holistic cybersecurity.
  • TEC37 Data Center: Why SDDC May Be Right for Your Organization Jun 17 2021 6:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    Robb Boyd; James Harless; Sean Hicks; Shanon Berry (Dell Technologies); Robert Looney (Intel)
    Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC) are designed to overcome the drawbacks of traditional IT infrastructure to offer the accelerated delivery of consistent data center services. Despite the performance gains, some organizations have been hesitant to adopt a SDDC environment. Tune into this TEC37 episode to find out more!
  • TEC37 Digital Workspace: Ready for Reopening Jun 10 2021 6:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    Robb Boyd; Joe Berger; Kait Miller; Arnaud Caigniet (Cisco)
    Many companies are actively evaluating and testing technologies that can help them keep employees and visitors safe in workplaces and public spaces when they reopen. There are a lot of possibilities, but what is truly viable and necessary? Join us for a discussion of what we see organizations planning for, and how to prioritize various technologies. We’ll take a look at IoT, office hoteling, shared space management, sensors and occupancy monitoring technologies that are being used to reopen offices and shared spaces.
  • TEC37 Security: Would Zero Trust Have Prevented the SolarWinds Breach? Jun 3 2021 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Robb Boyd; Ricky Boyd; Steve Brodson; Kenneth Dunham
    Zero Trust is a framework that combines Identity and Access Management (IAM), Enterprise Segmentation and other security components to provide “least access” protection to corporate networks and resources. WWT Cybersecurity architects Steve Brodson, Ricky Boyd and Ken Dunham join host Robb Boyd to discuss the key ways in which a Zero Trust Architecture could have protected against the Solar Winds-based attacks that made the news in December.
  • TEC37 Networking: The Future of Network Architecture May 27 2021 6:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    Robb Boyd; Neil Anderson; Bill Thompson
    In this TEC37 encore, we pose the question, "In today's ever-changing world, do you ever think about how your organization’s network must evolve with it?" We will also cover the macro factors to consider when looking at the future of networking and what happens if we think differently about the problem.
  • TEC37 A&O: Breeding Unicorn Employees May 20 2021 6:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    Robb Boyd; Tyler Hatton; Todd Erickson; Nathan Pearce (REDtalks.live)
    In this TEC37 encore, we will discuss how we have noticed a demand in job postings looking for the mythical Unicorn; the person that automates everything, bleeds devops, and judges people by the stickers on their laptop. How do you find these Unicorns? Simple, you breed them.
  • TEC37 Carrier Networking: Private LTE and CBRS Recorded: May 13 2021 44 mins
    Robb Boyd; Syed Jafri; Chandler Heath
    Private LTE networks will help enterprises increase in-building capacity, provide a better end user experience and enhance the capabilities for enterprise level applications of Internet of things, while also providing a platform for the broader adoption of 5G. Enterprises undergoing digital transformation can use Private LTE on the new CBRS band to improve in-building connectivity complementing WiFi6. This high-speed, low-latency local area network allows them to connect all devices and “things” (robots, drones, sensors, machinery, buildings), automate operations, gain insights from customers and innovate new business models that position them to lead the digital economy. Join us in this TEC37 episode as we introduce you to the basics, discuss enterprise use cases that are most optimal for private LTE, how service providers can leverage their experience and assets to deliver seamless end-to-end mobility and how enterprises can leverage private LTE to grow their infrastructure offerings and foster innovation.
  • TEC37 Digital Workspace: Reopening in the "New Normal" Recorded: May 6 2021 34 mins
    Robb Boyd; Joe Berger; Kait Miller; Charlie Lawhorn; Arnel Sinchongco
    In this TEC37 episode, we will cover how many organizations made a sudden shift to remote workforce, and the handful of approaches companies are considering and implementing. Our Cloud, IoT and Collaboration experts will speak to IT considerations as companies move through the hybrid work environment and manage occupancy limitations, rotating work shifts, and workers who remain work-from-home (WFH) even as others return to office campus.
  • TEC37 Networking: SASE - Where the Network and Security Worlds Collide Recorded: Apr 29 2021 45 mins
    Robb Boyd; Mike Schmidt; Jordan Martin; Michael Pfeiffer
    Since Gartner introduced the term Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in 2019, technology leaders have been trying to figure out what this merging of network and security architectures means for their organizations. In this episode of TEC37, we dig into the evolution of SASE, how it works and some considerations when evaluating SASE solutions. Join host Robb Boyd as he speaks with WWT’s Mike Schmidt - Security Architect, Michael Pfeiffer - Cloud Networking Architect and Jordan Martin - Networking Architect. They’ll discuss how the worlds of networking and security have collided to meet the technology needs of today’s large organizations.
  • From Buzzword to Business Value: The Intelligence Behind AIOps Success Recorded: Jul 29 2020 28 mins
    Paul Robinson, WWT; Jas Binning, WWT; Will Cappelli, Moogsoft
    Join WWT & Moogsoft for a discussion around how to maximise your AIOps investment and the key factors that need to be considered to ensure successful implementation and adoption. We’ll also be discussing some of the common challenges we’re seeing organizations face during their AIOps journey and our recommendations for making this journey as smooth as possible.
Webcast topics on the latest in technology solutions.
WWT brings hundreds of technology companies into a physical yet virtualized environment via our Advanced Technology Center (ATC). These companies include Silicon Valley heavyweights and emerging tech players alike. Individually these companies are impressive, but collectively, when integrated by WWT, we produce game-changing solutions.

There are multiple dimensions to the ATC ecosystem, but for many who have experienced it, they simply view it as “Silicon Valley in St. Louis.”

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  • Title: WWT, F5 and Red Hat® Ansible Tower Automation Webinar
  • Live at: Jul 16 2020 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Tyler Hatton, WWT; Brian Kane, WWT; Bob Smith, F5; Daud "DQ" Qazen, Red Hat
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