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Buguroo´s online banking fraud predictions for 2020

As banks strive to make online banking even easier and payments even faster for their customers, they also face a race against the clock to keep their security up-to-date and compliant. In this webinar, we will analyze the main fraud trends we expect to see move up the banking industry’s agenda in 2020.
Recorded Mar 3 2020 50 mins
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Presented by
Mateusz Chrobok, VP of Behavioral Product at buguroo
Presentation preview: Buguroo´s online banking fraud predictions for 2020
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  • Behavioral Vs Physical Biometrics: the ultimate showdown in digital banking Jul 14 2020 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matheusz Chrobok, VP of Behavioral product
    Biometrics has become a buzzword in the banking industry, as it has the potential to make authentication faster, easier and more secure than traditional passwords. Biometrics are either physical or behavioral human characteristics that can be used to digitally identify a person to grant access to online banking.

    Physical biometrics refers to physiological features on the human body, such as a fingerprint or retina scan, while behavioral biometrics analyzes parameters such as a user’s keystrokes when typing, navigational patterns, screen pressure, typing speed, mouse or mobile movements, gyroscope position and more.

    In this webinar we will see how using behavioral biometrics for authentication makes things easier for users, as it removes the need for any active response. Behavioral traits can be captured in the background, whilst not needing any specific hardware to be installed to guarantee that the users are who they claim to be.

    Don’t miss this webinar and learn how behavioral biometrics joined with deep learning technology is the best solution for the prevention of online banking fraud.
  • Covid-19: Técnicas usadas para cometer fraude bancario y cómo protegerse Recorded: Jun 17 2020 47 mins
    Luisa Esguerra, LatAm VP & Juan David Castañeda LatAm Solution Architect
    Webinar en Español.
    Mientras que naciones de todo el mundo están haciendo todo lo posible para disminuir el impacto de la pandemia de coronavirus, los estafadores, fieles a su forma, lo han identificado como una oportunidad para ganar dinero y están utilizando activamente COVID-19.

    Se ha demostrado que no hay crisis ni tipo de víctima que detenga a los ciberdelincuentes, por lo que esperamos que sigan utilizando múltiples técnicas alrededor de esta epidemia sanitaria en su beneficio.

    Este webinar le dará una idea sobre qué buscar y la forma más efectiva de protegerse.

    • Desafíos de las Entidades Financieras durante el COVID-19
    • Técnicas de Fraude utilizadas por los fraudsters durante la crisis del COVID-19.
    • Forma más efectiva de protección ante estas técnicas.
  • How to defeat online banking fraud techniques during Covid-19? Recorded: May 6 2020 46 mins
    Asaf Jacobi · EMEA Solution Architect Director & Matheusz Chrobok · VP of Behavioral Product
    While nations around the world are doing all that they can to lessen the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, fraudsters – true to form – have identified it as an opportunity to make money and are actively using COVID-19 as a way to cash. Indeed, in February in the UK alone, Coronavirus-themed scams targeting both individuals and companies caused losses of over £800,000 (the equivalent of nearly €1million). There are no depths to which these criminals won’t stop, so we expect them to keep using the virus outbreak to their advantage. This webinar will give you an idea of what to look out for and the most effective way to be protected.
  • Cybersecurity & Fraud Prevention – Two Sides of The Same Coin? Recorded: Apr 15 2020 36 mins
    Tim Ayling EMEA Vicepresident
    The 1930s in America marked an era of violent bank robberies and deadly shootouts. But are legendary characters such as John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson so different from the hackers of today?
    Modern criminals use their technical expertise to accomplish the same outcome as their earlier counterparts, but unlike the lone wolves of the 1930s, cybercrime has become big business. Similarly, those trying to catch criminals have had to evolve with technological and environmental changes. Whilst criminal profiling was first used in the 1880’s with Jack the Ripper, until recent decades, it mostly relied on the intuition of profilers and informal studies. Since behavioural science emerged in the 1970s, technological advancements, such as machine learning and behavioural analysis, have made it much cheaper and faster to counter criminal in the modern age. As we become increasingly digital, connected, and regulated, fraud prevention is rapidly becoming indistinguishable from cyber security.

    Can businesses take advantage of these innovations whilst still deriving real business value?
  • Buguroo´s online banking fraud predictions for 2020 Recorded: Mar 3 2020 50 mins
    Mateusz Chrobok, VP of Behavioral Product at buguroo
    As banks strive to make online banking even easier and payments even faster for their customers, they also face a race against the clock to keep their security up-to-date and compliant. In this webinar, we will analyze the main fraud trends we expect to see move up the banking industry’s agenda in 2020.
  • The rise of New Account Fraud and how to halt it Recorded: Jan 30 2020 42 mins
    Tim Ayling - EMEA Sales VP
    Online banking must ensure that the onboarding process for new customers is as quick and simple as possible. Afterall, if applications are complicated to complete, prospective customers will give up and look elsewhere. However, by making this process easy for customers, banks could also be leaving the door open to fraudsters who are increasingly using stolen or synthetic identities to open multiple accounts and borrow as much money as they can.

    In this webinar, we’ll take a look at the rising challenge of New Account Fraud and explain the role Behavioral Biometrics plays in stopping fraudsters before they can do any real damage.
  • The World's Top 3 Cybercrime and Online Fraud Hotspots Recorded: Dec 3 2019 45 mins
    Pablo de la Riva Ferrezuelo, CEO at buguroo
    When we’re on the subject of cyber attacks, we usually focus our attention on cybercrime as a totally unknown, uniform entity. However, the processes and techniques adopted provide a lot of clues to identify who may be behind the attack. In the online fraud landscape we talk about three Hotspots. Each of them identifieswith a specific technique that generate most of the fraud attacks worldwide. Understanding how each school works and how to be protected from their attacks will help your bank to benefit from both an economic and reputational perspective.

    Language: English
  • Principales 3 paises especializados en cibercrimen y fraude online Recorded: Nov 28 2019 48 mins
    Pablo de la Riva Ferrezuelo, CEO at buguroo
    Cuando hablamos de ciberataques dirigidos a los bancos, solemos centrar nuestra atención en la ciberdelincuencia como una entidad totalmente desconocida y uniforme. Sin embargo, los procesos y técnicas adoptadas proporcionan muchas pistas para identificar quién puede estar detrás del ataque.

    En el panorama del fraude online hablamos del trabajo de tres redes criminales. Cada una de estas redes utiliza técnicas específicas y, en conjunto, generan la mayoría de los ataques de fraude en todo el mundo. Entender cómo funciona cada "escuela" lo colocará en una mejor posición para prevenir estos ataques, beneficiando a su banco tanto desde una perspectiva económica como de reputación.

    Idioma: Español
  • Surviving PSD2 without affecting your customers' users experience Recorded: Sep 18 2019 19 mins
    Gustavo Mora
    On September 14 the first phase of the PSD2 and RTS regulation comes into force, and there are some questions about the possible impact that the regulation may have on customers’ user experience. Regarding this, each company has decided to implement the regulatory standards in different ways.

    Technologies like Behavioral Biometrics and agentless Malware detection can assist easily to the compliance with PSD2 without adding any friction to the customers’ user experience and even having the chance to improve it. A great opportunity for finance companies to increasing competitiveness, value and security at the same time.

    Join this webinar to hear on how buguroo can help banking and finance industry companies to be PSD2 compliance by incorporating invisible fraud prevention and security technology that facilitates the compliance with the following topics of the standard:

    · Implementation of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
    · Detection of malware in the customer’s online session
    · Identification of customer´s risky transactions in real time
  • bugFraud Fraudster Hunter Recorded: Aug 22 2019 1 min
    Every fraudster follows a pattern to commit fraud. Connect the dots with Fraudster Hunter, understand how your fraudsters behave, how they interrelate with your legitimate users and maximize your visibility to always stay one step ahead of fraud.
Deep Learning for online fraud prevention
buguroo has a unique and holistic end-user centric approach to fight online banking fraud, based on Behavioral Biometrics analysis, that detects the greatest number of online fraud use cases on the market. Thanks to our innovative technology, we create an unique biometric profile for each user, using thousands of parameters relating to the customer’s behavioral biometrics and environment information, providing real-time protection even during the onboarding phase (New Account Fraud)

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  • Title: Buguroo´s online banking fraud predictions for 2020
  • Live at: Mar 3 2020 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Mateusz Chrobok, VP of Behavioral Product at buguroo
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