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Three key family financial planning decisions

Whatever you are planning to achieve with your finances over the long term, we see three key decisions forming the foundation for any discussion – whether it’s helping your children, funding your retirement, or leaving a legacy.
These three decisions focus on:
1) Why do I need a financial plan? We explain why it is important to have a plan, which is reviewed regularly, to help you achieve your financial goals
2) How do I protect my family? We set out the key documents you should have that support good family financial decisions
3) How should I structure my wealth? We flag some of the tax efficient structures and wrappers, using the UK as an example.
Join John Williams, head of wealth planning, in a conversation moderated by Karen Bennet of the marketing team, as he provides examples of how these discussions can be had over a relatively short space of time, given access to the right expertise that’s appropriate for you.
Recorded May 21 2020 32 mins
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Presented by
John Williams, Head of Wealth Planning, and Karen Bennett, Marketing UK
Presentation preview: Three key family financial planning decisions

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  • Q3 Investment Webinar Jul 8 2021 11:30 am UTC 45 mins
    David McFadzean, head of wealth management, and Tom Caddick, chief investment officer.
    What will the second quarter of 2021 have yielded for investors? Has the economic pick-up become stronger? in a 30 minute session, plus time for Q&A, we discuss the trends we are seeing in financial markets and what that means for our clients' portfolios.

    Join David McFadzean, head of wealth management, and Tim Caddick, chief investment officer, for the investment webinar.
  • Divorce, pre-nups and pandemics – recent changes and those coming soon Jun 3 2021 11:30 am UTC 45 mins
    Huw Williams, Private Banker; Richard Hogwood, Partner, Stewarts; and Jenny Duggan, Senior Associate, Stewarts.
    Family law, as with all other aspects of life, has been significantly impacted by recent events, including the COVID-19 pandemic. We discuss what those changes have been and how these are affecting our clients – both at Nedbank Private Wealth and at Stewarts – a legal team we work with and the UK’s leading litigation-only law firm. We also flag what else is on the horizon, not least the upcoming introduction of “no fault” divorce, which is expected to come into effect in Autumn 2021 for England and Wales.

    Huw Williams, Private Banker at Nedbank Private Wealth, is joined by:
    • Richard Hogwood – Partner, Divorce and Family – Stewarts
    • Jenny Duggan – Senior Associate, Divorce and Family – Stewarts

    Please sign up to watch our 30 minute webinar, with additional time set aside to answer any questions you may have on the topics we cover.
  • What is happening with UK property? May 20 2021 11:30 am UTC 45 mins
    Mary Humphreys, senior trust manager, Nedgroup Trust, and Anna Douglass, solicitor and counsel at Ferbrache & Farrell LLP
    The UK property market has remained strong over the past 12 months, albeit for the initial dip when house viewings could not proceed due to the pandemic, with the property tax holiday seen as the main drivers for this growth.

    Focusing in on England, we discuss what options remain available to buyers with regard to the tax breaks, when they end and what else should residential property investors be aware of. The conversation concentrates on buyers who are not UK resident and those considering trust structures.

    Mary Humphreys, senior trust manager, leads a 30 minute discussion, including time for Q&A, on these topics and more. Mary will help viewers understand the structuring options available (or not) to international clients to hold UK property.

    Joining Mary is Anna Douglass, solicitor and counsel at Ferbrache & Farrell LLP. With primary responsibility for UK residential property advice for the Guernsey law firm, Anna will evaluate the future for English residential property as an investment opportunity in the context of current market trends and the government incentives being withdrawn as we are emerging from the pandemic.
  • Divorce: more than financial and legal ramifications May 11 2021 11:30 am UTC 45 mins
    Huw Williams, Nedbank Private Wealth; Sarah Wadham, Aphrodite Angels; Vivienne Goldstein; Ian Smith; Shield Associates
    Even if your divorce is a relatively amicable one, couples (and their families) are often caught in a maelstrom of emotions at a time when they are having to make considerable changes to their lives. But what other aspects of life are often impacted by divorce – beyond those where decisions are forced due to the legal and financial discussions most couples are having?

    Huw Williams, Private Banker at Nedbank Private Wealth, is joined by a panel of advisers who each have considerable experience in supporting one ‘side’, or sometimes both parties, during the divorce process. These are:
    • Sarah Wadham – founder of Aphrodite Angels, a network of professionals providing services to divorcées, among others
    • Vivienne Goldstein – a certified neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) trainer and accredited mediator
    • Ian Smith – founder of Shield Associates, a comprehensive and discreet security consultancy

    Our experts were brought together by Aphrodite Angels, which has a philosophy that sets out it is extremely important for people going through these major life changes to use advisors who treat them with courtesy and respect, and guide them through the major legal and financial challenges, with professionalism and understanding.

    Join us for a 30 minute discussion on 11 May to flag the scope of the conversations people should be having if they are going through, or have recently finalised, a divorce. We have set aside 15 minutes at the end of the webinar for Q&A.
  • Fraud and cybercrime Recorded: May 4 2021 32 mins
    With Gavin Quiggin and Marien Schutte
    Join us for the next in our series of fraud and cybersecurity webinars. During a 30 minute presentation, with additional time for questions, we take a look at the types of scams that fraudsters and cybercriminals are currently running. We will summarise what you should be aware of, what you can do to protect yourself, and provide tips and resources to keep you up-to-date.

    Gavin Quiggan, Head of Operational Resilience and Technology Risk
    Marien Schutte, Financial Crime Governance Risk Manager
  • Managing your finances around a divorce Recorded: Apr 28 2021 32 mins
    John Williams, head of wealth planning and Pippa Vick, paraplanner.
    With the pandemic having pushed couples to spend significant amounts of time together and the law for England and Wales changing in the autumn of 2021 to allow for no-fault divorces, many predict that the percentage of couples separating is set to spike.

    However, the view that divorces tend to be 'messy' is just one of the myths perpetuated. Yes, financial affairs can be very personal and the end of a partnership that may have lasted decades is painful, not least as the person initiating proceedings may already have mourned and moved on. However, there are key matters to consider at each stage of the divorce process, which can be beneficial to both parties.

    Join John Williams, head of wealth planning, and Pippa Vick, paraplanner, as they discuss the impact of divorce on finances and the financial issues people may face before, during and after a divorce.
  • Q2 investment webinar: the opportunities and threats facing investors Recorded: Apr 8 2021 48 mins
    David McFadzean, head of wealth management, and Tom Caddick, chief investment officer.
    Stock markets began 2021 buoyantly given the late 2020 news about vaccines. And, although it’s been known for markets to price in future events up to two years in advance, we remain caught in a transition phase.

    On the one hand, there are sufficient reasons to be optimistic about a sharp vaccine-led recovery. On the other, the third wave of the pandemic in Europe (for now) threatens to derail economic progress. The spectre of inflation has also spooked investors, as we saw in bond yields.

    But what can investors expect in the short to medium term, while keeping their eye on their long-term goals? David McFadzean, head of wealth management, and our new chief investment officer, Tom Caddick, discussed recent trends in financial markets, how these might affect investors in the coming months and how our portfolios are positioned to respond.
  • Update on the 3 March 2021 UK Budget Recorded: Mar 4 2021 44 mins
    John Williams, head of wealth planning at Nedbank Private Wealth and Rachel de Souza, Partner, Private Client Team at RSM UK
    With UK national debt at record peacetime levels, there is significant speculation that the UK's chancellor of the exchequer, Rishi Sunak, will have to raise taxes as he sets out his first budget on 3 March 2021. And the reviews by the Office for Tax Simplification into capital gains tax and inheritance tax have pushed these taxes to the top of the list, not least given the Conservative Party's manifesto pledge in 2019 (albeit before the pandemic hit) not to raise the rate of income tax, VAT or National Insurance.

    Hosted by John Williams, head of wealth planning at Nedbank Private Wealth, he is joined by Rachel de Souza from RSM UK. The firm is a global provider of audit, tax and consulting services and Rachel is a partner within its London private client team. John and Rachel will seek to set out the key changes announced the day before and flag what that means for private clients who file taxes in the UK.
  • Opportunities and pitfalls for non-doms Recorded: Feb 17 2021 45 mins
    John Williams, Nedbank Private Wealth, and Mike Curran, PwC
    While there has been significant press as to whether a wealth tax could help address the UK’s national debt burden, the Chancellor of the Exchequer could again turn his attention to UK residents who are not domiciled in the UK to bolster the coffers. As life has changed and legislation has become more complex, can as many still credibly say that their domicile is not the UK?

    Whether it’s keeping sufficient years of records, conflicting statements that allow HMRC to challenge an individual’s chosen domicile or being able to back up increasingly tenuous ties to their domicile of origin, whatever future UK budgets and/or legislation lay out, the pandemic distorted the pattern of many non-dom lives in 2020 – changes that look set to continue into 2021.

    Join John Williams, head of wealth planning at Nedbank Private Wealth, and Mike Curran, director of PwC’s Private Business and Private Client team, as they discuss both the key opportunities and traps for non-doms.
  • 2021 Q1 London Residential Property Update Recorded: Jan 28 2021 50 mins
    Colin Campbell, Nedbank Private Wealth; Marcus Dixon, LonRes; Rob Cohen, MJ Group International.
    The UK capital's residential property market is currently on somewhat of a rollercoaster ride, with activity driven by the latest headlines, as well as political and economic events.

    Join us for 45 minute discussion where our experts provided an update on market news and views, and their predictions for the year ahead.

    In particular, we covered the impact the latest lockdown has been having on the capital's bricks and mortar market, the most recent trends agents have been reporting, what support the March UK Budget might bring, and how this has all been translating into central London property prices.

    Colin Campbell, private banker and lending specialist at Nedbank Private Wealth was joined by Marcus Dixon, head of research and data analysis at LonRes, and Rob Cohen, managing director of the MJ Group International.
  • Investment Webinar: 2021 Outlook Recorded: Jan 13 2021 41 mins
    David McFadzean, head of wealth management, and Andrew Yeadon, chief investment officer.
    Events in 2020 developed in a way no one could have predicted. With the world seeing the distribution of at least three vaccines, with 11 more undergoing Phase 3 trials, what could happen in 2021?

    David McFadzean, head of wealth management, is joined by Andrew Yeadon, chief investment officer, to talk through the key scenarios for the main financial markets, the risks facing investors and what changes we've made in portfolios to position ourselves for the coming months.

    Please note that we have extended the time for this session to allow additional time for Q&A. We also apologise to the switch in the set-up.
  • An update on one of life's certainties. What is happening to property tax? Recorded: Nov 26 2020 49 mins
    Colin Campbell and John Williams of Nedbank Private Wealth; and Rachel do Souza of RSM
    One of America's founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, famously cited that death and taxes were the only two certainties in life anywhere in the world. What is less well known is that for nearly all of two decade leading up to him signing of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin lived in London at 36 Craven Street, Charing Cross.

    Colin Campbell, private banker and lending specialist, led a discussion on recent changes to UK property taxation and how people could plan to ensure that any of these changes can be included in their plans for managing their wealth. The original 30 minutes was extended to answer our audience's questions.

    On the agenda was the policy changes that have recently come into force (such as the stamp duty holiday due to end on 31 March 2021), and those that have been announced but are yet to take effect (such as the additional 2% stamp duty surcharge for overseas buyers from 1 April 2021). The panel also flagged the options that have been floated by policymakers, but have yet to form UK government policy (such as the potential realignment of capital gains tax levels with income tax bands).

    Joining Colin on the panel were:
    - Rachel do Souza, partner in the London private client team at RSM
    - John Williams, head of wealth planning at Nedbank Private Wealth
  • Our top 10 cyber security tips Recorded: Nov 19 2020 33 mins
    Gavin Quiggin, head of operational resilience and technology risk, and Siobhan Fuller, recruitment executive.
    While the coronavirus pandemic put pay to a lot of business and economic activity, the same cannot be said of cyber criminals. Hackers and scammers have thrived in the uncertainty.

    Gavin Quiggin, head of operational resilience and technology risk, was joined by Siobhan Fuller, recruitment executive, to talk through ten areas in which everyone could be vulnerable. Aiming to provide guidance to help you remain securer online, they also flag some of the measures Nedbank Private Wealth has in place to protect clients' assets.
  • Remember, Remember... – Annual review of the London residential property market Recorded: Nov 5 2020 49 mins
    Colin Campbell of Nedbank Private Wealth; Simon White of London’s Surveyors and Valuers; and Marcus Dixon of LonRes.
    Following on from our 2019 review of the London residential property market – Gunpowder, Treason and Property – we revisit the capital's bricks and mortar market following a year of unprecedented events, and provide insights and research into how the coronavirus, as well as political, economic and social factors, are influencing this highly important asset class.

    Hosted, once again, by Colin Campbell, private banker and lending specialist at Nedbank Private Wealth, we debated the state of London's residential property market in a 45 minute webinar. We explored whether the panel believes that the 12-month outlook gives cause for fireworks or sparklers on a day flagging the demise of Guy Fawkes. We also asked, once the stamp duty suspension ends, if the future might be a damp squib or, indeed, if parts of the market could be hanged, drawn and quartered.

    Joining Colin on the panel were:
    - Simon White, managing director, London’s Surveyors and Valuers
    - Marcus Dixon, head of research and data analysis at LonRes
  • The who, what and how of philanthropy post the pandemic Recorded: Nov 4 2020 29 mins
    Mary Humphreys, senior manager, Nedgroup Trust; and John Williams, head of wealth planning, Nedbank Private Wealth
    Philanthropy is an important opportunity to support a cause or community that you and your family deeply care about. It also forms a fundamental approach to funding vital work to the benefit of our loved ones, our society and our ecosystem.

    Meanwhile, philanthropy also provides a profound sense of purpose and pleasure for donors themselves. As well as allowing a shared focus for your values to be brought to life, many of the decisions made also help shape family governance structures and can be a starting point for future generations to be brought into family financial decisions.

    Mary Humphreys, senior manager at Nedgroup Trust, joined John Williams, head of wealth planning at Nedbank Private Wealth for a 30 minute webinar. They discussed the three key questions families should ask themselves at a time when the profile of philanthropy is changing.
  • Where now for equity markets? Recorded: Oct 22 2020 33 mins
    Rebecca Cretney, Investment Counsellor, and Jamie Lang, Private Banking Officer.
    Following on from a presentation to the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment on 30 September in the Isle of Man, Rebecca Cretney, investment counsellor, was joined by Jamie Lang, one of our private banking officers. They discussed how geopolitical tensions around the world are playing a key role in markets, and the risks and opportunities these create for investors.

    Specifically, the discussion focused on the US elections, the US-China trade war, Brexit and growing unrest over inequality. But would these risks be sufficient to shake markets or are there other forces that could pull markets sideways or cause them to rise higher? Access the webinar to understand our views.
  • The Power of Borrowing in a Wealth Plan Recorded: Oct 15 2020 33 mins
    Colin Campbell, private banker, and John Williams, head of wealth planning.
    Governments, corporations and other institutions often routinely borrow as part of the management of their affairs. However, the potential advantages of borrowing are often overlooked by private clients. Suitable levels of borrowing can be an integral part of the financial and life planning process, but many wealth managers do not have the experience or in-house capabilities to provide the right advice and services.

    In addition, the past five years have seen a raft of changes and innovation in the private client lending space, and it can be difficult to keep abreast of the current opportunities.

    Whether it's a mortgage on a home or investment property, an investment-backed loan to provide liquidity, or for succession planning, having access to the right type and quantum of borrowing, over an appropriate time frame, is crucial to any robust wealth plan. In the right circumstances, it can support your short, medium and longer-term goals and aspirations.

    John Williams, head of wealth planning, joined Colin Campbell, private banker and lending adviser, in a conversation moderated by Karen Bennett of the marketing team, to explore the changing lending landscape, the options available to high net worth borrowers and the considerations and potential pitfalls to keep in mind.
  • Muddled markets continue to confuse. Recorded: Oct 8 2020 34 mins
    David McFadzean, head of wealth management; and Andrew Yeadon, chief investment officer.
    In our Q3 end investment webinar, we flagged that markets continue to oscillate between risk-off and risk-on scenarios. August was a good month for equity markets, but September saw a reversal and a sell-off in growth and technology stocks, reminding us of the ongoing need for vigilance. And while the Federal Reserve has given us an insight into their thinking with regard to inflation management, there is still sufficient uncertainty over who will be sitting in the White House come January to give us pause for thought. So how might news affect markets and how is the team at Nedbank Private Wealth working to position client portfolios and mitigate risk?

    David McFadzean, our head of wealth management, joined Andrew Yeadon, our chief investment officer, as they reviewed key events in Q3 2020, explain why we made changes to portfolios, and provided our view as to how events may unfold in the last three months of 2020.
  • The Art of Property Investing Recorded: Jul 29 2020 31 mins
    John Williams, Head of Wealth Planning; Lucy Willers, Private Banker; and Martin Ibanez, Private Banker.
    With the announcement of the temporary stamp duty holiday by Rishi Sunak in the UK Supplementary Budget on 8 July, UK property enquiries have risen dramatically with both buy-to-let resident investors, as well as overseas investors. It’s an opportunity to invest in a much-loved investment against a legislative backdrop over the last five years that has targeted landlords and overseas buyers.

    However, what should investors consider when buying property, and how should they balance property versus the plethora of other investment options to ensure better long term outcomes for their finances?

    Join Lucy Willers and Martin Ibanez, two of our Isle of Man private bankers, and John Williams, head of wealth planning, for a 30 minute discussion – including Q&A – on the opportunities and pitfalls of property investing.
  • Quarter End Investment Webinar Recorded: Jul 15 2020 32 mins
    David McFadzean, head of wealth management, and Andrew Yeadon, chief investment officer.
    While market volatility is lower than at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, it remains significant. In addition, expectations are declining as to when ‘normal’ economic activity will resume amid a surge in new infections in multiple markets. This could cause the complacency we see in some markets to falter. Meanwhile, the intervention of the major central banks has meant we do not believe that financial markets are operating freely. So how might events play out and how is the team at Nedbank Private Wealth working to position client portfolios?

    Join David McFadzean, our head of wealth management, and Andrew Yeadon, our chief investment officer, as they review key events in Q2 2020, explain what that meant for portfolios, and provide our view as to how things might play out in the second half of 2020.
Wealth Planning | Investment Management | Private Banking
Nedbank Private Wealth is an award-winning boutique private bank, with an established track record of managing investment portfolios on a discretionary basis for discerning families, trustees and high net worth individuals.

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  • Presented by: John Williams, Head of Wealth Planning, and Karen Bennett, Marketing UK
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