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Appian RPA: Automate Manual Tasks and Legacy Integrations

Because the Appian platform combines RPA, workflow, AI, business rules, and case management, you have the flexibility to use the right automation technology for the right use case! Drive process automation across the enterprise by letting Appian RPA handle those high volume, mundane tasks and connecting systems that don’t have modern APIs.

Watch this final installment in the Appian Guided Tour: Intro to Automation webinar series to learn more about seamlessly adding RPA bots into your workflows! This exclusive webinar series is powered by the Appian Trial and walks users through the core aspects of automation using the Appian platform.

In this webinar we:

Explore the Appian RPA feature and how it fits into Full Stack Automation
Create and execute Appian RPA bots during a live demo using the Appian Trial
Recorded May 18 2020 31 mins
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Presented by
Ben Dudley, Product Manager Appian
Presentation preview: Appian RPA: Automate Manual Tasks and Legacy Integrations

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  • 2020 Trends and Disruptors in Supply Chain Orchestration Recorded: Aug 13 2020 31 mins
    George Lawrie VP and Principal Analyst Forrester, Wael Yehia Sr. Director, Supply Chain Systems Loblaw Companies Limited
    Advanced technology, evolving customer demands, and the COVID-19 pandemic have greatly impacted supply chains across all industries this year. Hear guest speakers, Forrester Research, and Sr. Director of Supply Chain Systems at Loblaw, for a discussion around current trends and disruptors in supply chain orchestration, and examples of what organizations like Loblaw are doing to meet their changing supply chain needs.
  • Los CIOs ante el reto de trabajar a corto plazo Recorded: Jul 21 2020 81 mins
    CIOs de Vocento, Grupo Indukern, JCDecaux, Merck y Appian (sponsor)
    Tras la declaración del Estado de Emergencia los CIOs y responsables TIC de las organizaciones tuvieron que desdoblarse para adaptarse a una nueva realidad que se impuso de la noche a la mañana. Después de haber puesto a la práctica totalidad de los empleados a teletrabajar tuvieron que darles a todos ellos las herramientas necesarias para hacer que las empresas continuarán siendo productivas.

    Ahora afrontan un nuevo reto como es el de la incorporación paulatina de esos empleados a sus puestos de trabajo físicos y sobre todo, adaptarse a unas circunstancias que son cambiantes diariamente. Todo ello supone un nuevo reto para los departamentos que dirigen. Para comprobar de primera mano cómo están trabajando y cuáles son las medidas y herramientas que están implementando para afrontar estas nuevas dificultades, Byte TI y Appian han organizado un encuentro con CIOs de diferentes sectores que hablan de su experiencia. Entre otros aspectos se tratan los siguientes apartados.

    ¿Cómo van a afrontar el retorno de los trabajadores? ¿Qué tienen pensado poner en marcha?

    ¿Cómo va a cambiar la situación de trabajar/operar de cara a sus clientes?

    ¿Cómo han cambiado las prioridades en su organización debido al COVID-19?

    ¿Pueden seguir trabajando los empleados de forma remota?

    ¿Sus sistemas se están adaptando a esta forma de trabajo?


    Jorge Oteo García, CIO de Vocento
    Albert Almajano, CIO de Grupo Indukern
    Luis Grandes Fernández, CIO de JCDecaux
    Alejandro Expósito, Head of IT de Merck
    Jose Luís García Martínez, Account Executive Broad Markets de Appian Iberia
  • Creating Your Next Normal: Low-Code Automation, Lessons for the Post-Covid World Recorded: Jun 25 2020 38 mins
    Guest Speaker John Rymer, Vice President, Principal Analyst Forrester, Malcolm Ross VP Product Strategy / Deputy CTO Appian
    IT fires mostly under control, the next essential task is crafting your enterprise's next normal and determining how you'll operate in the post-Covid world. The key lesson learned during this Covid crisis? Businesses function poorly or not at all without automation.

    The top priority from the board to the CIO must be automating business functions, starting with processes that rely on manual labor, paper, and/or spreadsheets. The foundation for this work is a digital platform. The key technologies are those behind the quickest and best crisis responses: cloud, low-code, and digital process automation platforms.

    Join us for this interactive webinar, to hear guest speaker John Rymer, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester and Malcolm Ross, Vice President of Product Strategy / Deputy CTO at Appian, as they deep dive into how you can start preparing for your enterprise’s recovery following this Covid crisis and how to be equipped to deal with unexpected emergencies in the future.
  • Unterstützung der Darlehensprogramme „Schnellkredit im Mittelstand“ Recorded: Jun 23 2020 20 mins
    Herbert Schild Financial Services Industry Lead
    Herbert Schild, Financial Services Industry Lead bei Appian, und Thomas Lorenz, Director Solutions Consulting bei Appian, geben einen Überblick und zeigen, wie Appian Schnellkreditanträge für deutsche Banken und potenziell akkreditierte Kreditgeber unterstützen kann:

    Digitaler Einstiegspunkt für Antragsteller von Geschäftskrediten
    Intelligente Regeln zur Prüfung von Anträgen auf Grundlage länderspezifischer
    Betrugsmanagement zur Erkennung von Mehrfachanträgen desselben Kreditnehmers oder
    eines nicht existierenden Unternehmens
    Integration in bestehende Bankdatensysteme und mit anderer in der Industrie gebräuchlicher
    Anwendungen wie DocuSign, OCR usw.
    Bereitstellung vor Ort oder in der sicheren Managed Cloud von Appian, je nach den
    Anforderungen der Bank
  • Automatización en la era post COVID-19: Llevando el RPA al siguiente nivel Recorded: Jun 16 2020 71 mins
    Mónica Valle Periodista Especializada en TI, Silicon.es Miguel A. González Vicepresidente regional Iberia, Appian
    Los robots de software realizan exactamente lo que los usuarios corporativos hacen en su día a día, pero de forma mucho más ágil y exacta. Mientras tanto, las personas pueden dedicar su tiempo a tareas que aporten mayor valor a las organizaciones y aumentar su productividad. Eso es precisamente lo que permite RPA. Pero, ¿cómo implementar estos procesos y extraer el verdadero valor de la automatización?, ¿qué esperar de las plataformas RPA en tiempos post COVID-19?, ¿cómo diseñar una estrategia que abarque la automatización robótica de procesos junto con los workflows y las últimas tecnologías basadas en inteligencia artificial?
    Durante este webinar damos respuesta a estas y otras muchas preguntas, además de conocer cómo Deloitte Robotics está implementando e integrando en la práctica las últimas tecnologías RPA desarrolladas por Appian. Estos son los principales temas a tratar:

    Automatización en la era Post-COVID
    Impacto en distintos sectores: Finanzas, Seguros, Telco, Energía…
    El valor del RPA nativo en el Cloud
    Cómo facilitar el desarrollo de procesos automatizados a los programadores de software
    Conexión de datos
    Integración con otras plataformas
    El binomio RPA y Low-Code al servicio de la automatización.
    Implementación de Inteligencia Artificial y Machine Learning en RPA
  • Manage Workforce Safety and Readiness: Dealing with Returning to the Workplace Recorded: May 28 2020 31 mins
    Josh Seeman, Senior Director of Solutions Sasha Cassidy, Solutions Success Manager
    Human Resources and Crisis Management teams, already strained by the COVID-19 pandemic, must now start planning how to return the workforce to the workplace. These transitions will be complex. HR pros will need to establish their own internal policies and procedures, while navigating a variety of potential national and regional government regulations.

    Based on our Low-code automation platform, Appian offers a Workforce Safety and Readiness application that can be implemented quickly to support this need; including:

    A unified command center to safeguard the health and safety of employees. Employers can see and manage the health and work status of all workers, by geography and department, in real time.
    Fast, easy workforce screening with employees using a simple web or mobile interface to submit and update personal health and risk data required by local law and by corporate policy.
    Support for phased return-to work that allows organizations to implement a safe, phased approach for return to a physical workspace.
    Fast issue resolution for exceptions or appeals, that can be quickly managed by HR using built-in case management capabilities.
    Privacy and security with an application that runs on the Appian HIPAA-compliant cloud and helps protect sensitive employee health data.
    Watch this webinar for an overview and demonstration of how Appian can support organizations’ return to the workplace.
  • Webinar - Hyperautomation oltre l'RPA Recorded: May 26 2020 67 mins
    Ezio Viola The Innovation Group, Constanino Croce Appian, Fabrizio Custro Amadori, Alexia Zeri Prysmian Group
    ho il piacere di invitarla al Webinar “Hyperautomation – oltre l’RPA” organizzato da Appian, in collaborazione con The Innovation Group, sul tema dell’automazione dei processi aziendali.
    In particolare di parlerà di automazione end-to-end dei processi e di come le applicazioni di Robotic Process Automation (RPA) oggi si stiano espandendo verso contesti di automazione più ampi.

    Nella sessione interverrano, oltre ad un esperto di automazione di Appian, un analista di mercato di The Innovation Group ed alcune aziende italiane che hanno già fatto esperienza ini questo percorso di automazione più ampio. Verranno trattati:

    Esempi applicativi per vari ambiti dell’impresa
    Automazione dei processi nell’area amministrativa
    Benefici raggiungibili con i sistemi RPA e limiti dei robot software
    Come unificare e orchestrare la collaborazione tra umani, bot e algoritmi IA
    Il valore di una piattaforma che unisce RPA, BPM e sviluppo Low Code
  • Appian RPA: Automate Manual Tasks and Legacy Integrations Recorded: May 18 2020 31 mins
    Ben Dudley, Product Manager Appian
    Because the Appian platform combines RPA, workflow, AI, business rules, and case management, you have the flexibility to use the right automation technology for the right use case! Drive process automation across the enterprise by letting Appian RPA handle those high volume, mundane tasks and connecting systems that don’t have modern APIs.

    Watch this final installment in the Appian Guided Tour: Intro to Automation webinar series to learn more about seamlessly adding RPA bots into your workflows! This exclusive webinar series is powered by the Appian Trial and walks users through the core aspects of automation using the Appian platform.

    In this webinar we:

    Explore the Appian RPA feature and how it fits into Full Stack Automation
    Create and execute Appian RPA bots during a live demo using the Appian Trial
  • Fast Integration: Leverage Cutting Edge AI Services and your Existing Systems Recorded: May 14 2020 32 mins
    Ben Dudley, Product Manager Appian
    Automation can be defined as: “workflow with new workers”. These new workers now include business rules, AI, RPA bots and other new technologies — in addition to your most important asset…people! Appian’s low-code integration capabilities make it easy to both integrate with cutting edge machine learning services and leverage your existing systems seamlessly and quickly, while keeping your data in place.

    This is the fourth installment in the Appian Guided Tour: Intro to Automation webinar series. This exclusive webinar series is powered by the Appian Trial and will walk users through the core aspects of automation using the Appian platform.

    In this webinar we:

    Explore Appian Integrations and No-Code Connectors
    Show how Appian AI and Machine Learning Services can be woven seamlessly into an intelligent automation workflow
  • Ensuring Readiness to Support CBILS: Rapidly Deploy a CBILS Application Recorded: May 7 2020 29 mins
    Michael Heffner Vice President, Global Industry Leads Appian; Laura Paul Industry Leader, Financial Services Appian
    Find out how Appian is launching a CBILS application with one of the top four leading UK banks in a matter of days, to help automate the lending process for SMEs in need.

    This webinar will provide you with an overview and demonstration of how an Appian CBILS deployment can support UK banks and accredited lenders with:

    - A digital entry point for business loan applicants
    - Intelligent rules to check applications based on British Business Bank (BBB) requirements
    - Fraud management designed to detect multiple applications from the same borrower or nonexistent business
    - Integration with existing bank systems of record and with industry standard tools like DocuSign, OCR, etc.
    - Deployment on-prem or in Appian’s secure managed cloud depending on bank’s needs.

    Presenters include:
    Michael Heffner, Vice President, Global Industry Leads Appian
    Laura Paul, Industry Leader, Financial Services Appian
    Guy Mettrick, Financial Services Industry Lead for EMEA & APAC
    Jennifer Durina, Solutions Consultant Appian
  • Solutions for Supply Chain Resilience in the New Normal Recorded: May 6 2020 29 mins
    Global Industry Leaders Evi Cohen and Jenna Harvey, Appian
    COVID-19 has challenged businesses around the globe. Perhaps no area has proven more critical than our supply chains.

    Join us at 10 a.m. EDT / 3 p.m BST on Wednesday May 6, as Global Industry Leaders Evi Cohen and Jenna Harvey discuss the challenges of maintaining an effective supply chain during this difficult time. A demo of how Appian can help with supply chain resiliency will also be provided by Senior Solutions Consultant, Robert Vignerot.

    Attend this webinar to learn:
    Where organizations are struggling with their supply chain operations
    The benefits of a platform approach to supply chain orchestration
    Solutions for increasing supply chain agility
  • COVID-19 Response Management with Appian: Safeguarding Your Workforce Recorded: Apr 30 2020 23 mins
    Josh Seeman, Senior Director, Financial Services Solutions, and Charlotte Sawyer, Program Manager
    As we manage through our current global crisis, it is crucial to ensure the health and safety of all employees. Appian’s COVID-19 Response Management application was created for large organizations to use as the central command center during this unprecedented time. Run on Appian’s HIPAA compliant-cloud, employers can gain visibility into the status of their employees and facilities, along with mitigating risk and promoting peer-to-peer employee assistance.

    Josh Seeman, Senior Director, Financial Services Solutions, and Charlotte Sawyer, Program Manager, introduces the COVID-19 Response Management application and demonstrates how organizations are using it to accelerate their response during the pandemic.

    The app is available at no-cost to deploy and with no future commitment to all Appian customers and any organization over 1000 employees.

    Watch this webinar to learn:

    Key elements of the response management application
    How your peers are using the application
    Where to access the application
  • Full-Stack Automation: Utilizing the Right Technology for the Right Use Case Recorded: Apr 28 2020 27 mins
    Guest speaker: Rob Koplowitz VP, Principal Analyst Forrester, Malcolm Ross VP, Product Strategy / Deputy CTO Appian
    Automation is one of the hottest topics within the enterprise software
    space today and is vital for any digital transformation strategy. It can
    drive significant business outcomes and customer experience improvements while saving costs. The problem: there are many ways to automate a business process. Though robotic process automation (RPA) currently dominates the conversation and is a critical element of an intelligent automation strategy, it is just one of many technologies needed to enable straight-through automation.

    Join us for an interactive webinar as guest speaker, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, Rob Koplowitz,
    outlines the technology components (AI, RPA, and Workflow) of an enterprise automation strategy and clarifies how each complements the others to drive success. Appian's VP of Product Strategy / Deputy CTO, Malcolm Ross will also share how organizations are already successfully automating business processes to improve customer experience and drive operational efficiencies.
  • Demo: Appian's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Lending Application Recorded: Apr 13 2020 14 mins
    The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act’s $350B Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is designed to maintain payroll and employ workers through the COVID pandemic. Small businesses need rapid approval and access to these funds. Banks are contending with a massive influx of loan applications, all of which require rapid lending decisions. They must respond with fast, efficient processes – especially challenging in the present environment where workers are remote.

    Appian’s PPP application allows banks to accept and manage loan applications from small businesses, support their unique servicing requirements, and ensure compliance under the new CARES Act. The application can be live in just days, and can be quickly extended with advanced automation features including RPA and AI-powered intelligent document processing.
  • Accelerating the Digital Supply Chain Journey with Appian Recorded: Feb 4 2020 38 mins
    Learn how to accelerate your digital supply chain journey when you build on Appian.
  • Low-Code Case Study: US Air Force deploys 40 Low-Code Enterprise Apps Recorded: Nov 15 2019 36 mins
    James Hanson, NextGOV
    The Air Force has embraced market-leading low-code development tools and industry best practices to quickly and cost-effectively design, develop, and deploy applications to accomplish their mission. Application development projects that formerly took years are now deployed in weeks or months.

    Robins Air Force Base has been a digital transformation leader with their rapid adoption of low-code development, DevOps, and Agile technologies. The Appian platform, available as a Managed Service in an Impact Level IV (IL4) cloud, has allowed the Air Force to deliver new capabilities quickly.

    Bryant Stevens from the 402nd Software Maintenance Group (SMXG) and Derek Kissos from Appian discusses how Robins AFB selected an enterprise low-code platform to rapidly modernize their operations and highlight some of the applications developed. View this webinar and discover:

    How Robins AFB developed more than 40 low-code applications
    Best practices in supporting 25,000 users on a modern digital platform
    Lessons learned in deploying applications in the secure Air Force infrastructure
    Why an enterprise low-code platform is essential for DevOps and Agile projects
  • Exploring Intelligent Automation (IA) with a guided, hands-on tour Recorded: Nov 13 2019 26 mins
    Benjamin Dudley. Product Manager, Trials at Appian Corporation
    Doing automation intelligently is about real business change and solving complex business problems…faster.

    Today’s automation technologies by themselves are restricted in their potential. True intelligent automation utilizes the speed and agility of low-code development to combine the power of BPM, RPA, AI and seamless integration, to quickly deliver meaningful business impact.

    Watch Ben Dudley, Product Manager – Free Trials at Appian, as he explores a real-world Intelligent Automation use case during this live demonstration. In addition, get a complimentary free-trial access code to start building powerful business apps in your own secure cloud environment.
  • Low-Code and DevOps Recorded: Nov 6 2019 31 mins
    Malcolm Ross, Vice President, Product at Appian Corporation (VA)
    Low-code and DevOps are rapidly being adopted across a wide variety of enterprises. Large enterprises are being continually challenged to transform themselves into digital businesses…faster. As a result, organizations with the highest enterprise requirements are turning to low-code development to improve existing IT capabilities, innovate products and services, and become more agile — all of which power greater speed-to-market.

    Watch this webinar to see:
    - How to enterprises today are unifying low-code and DevOps
    - Ways to build rich, complex apps more efficiently with low-code and intelligent automation
    - A live Appian demo showcasing the speed and power of low-code development
  • Speed up the power of Intelligent Automation (IA) with Low-Code Recorded: Oct 30 2019 27 mins
    Malcolm Ross, Vice President, Product at Appian Corporation (VA)
    Learn how enterprises are harnessing the power of low-code development platforms, such as Appian, to speed up Intelligent Automation.
The Leader in Low-Code Automation
Learn how Appian natively unites all the capabilities required to deliver impactful, end-to-end processes across your organization, no matter the industry. Located in the Washington DC area, Appian builds enterprise applications that is unified, flexible, fast, and impactful. It's guaranteed.

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  • Live at: May 18 2020 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ben Dudley, Product Manager Appian
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