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1-2-2 Interview - Guardicore, Cybertech Tel Aviv 2020

Guardicore, Cybertech Tel Aviv 2020
1-2-2 Interview - Sharon Besser, VP Business Development & Shay Nehmad, Tech Lead and Open Source Software Developer
Recorded Feb 4 2020 10 mins
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Sharon Besser, VP Business Development & Shay Nehmad, Tech Lead and Open Source Software Developer
Presentation preview: 1-2-2 Interview - Guardicore, Cybertech Tel Aviv 2020

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  • The Growing Ransomware Threat and What You Can Do to Fight Back Recorded: Dec 17 2020 58 mins
    Michael Gorelik, Dave Bittner
    With ransomware on a trajectory to inflict more than $20 billion in economic damage in 2021, it’s fast become clear that encrypting and exfiltrating data is now big business. Just like other businesses, ransomware groups now seek to make more money by expanding their attacks to a broader landscape of targets. This often means hospitals, schools, and local governments, who are the most resource-constrained segments of our societal infrastructure and the ones least able to accept downtime. What’s a lean security team to do in this environment?

    Thankfully, not all is lost.

    Morphisec is currently deployed on over 6 million endpoints and prevents more than 15,000 ransomware and fileless attacks per day. This provides us with deep insights into the evolution of ransomware groups, including a first-hand look into how resource-constrained businesses, including those who can’t afford a Security Operations Center, can take immediate actions to protect against Ransomware.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn about how Ransomware methodology, tactics and techniques are evolving, how ransomware actors target various groups, and the overall sophistication of ransomware groups like those behind REvil, WastedLocker and more.

    Attend this webinar to learn:

    - The latest trends in the Ransomware landscape and what to expect in 2021;
    - How understanding the ATT@CK Tactics of the adversary can lead to better prevention;
    - Cost effective actions to take now to combat Ransomware;
    - How reducing the attack surface can greatly reduce risk without adding greater costs.
  • Introducing Morphisec Guard 5.0 Recorded: Dec 9 2020 52 mins
    Netta Schmeidler, VP Product Management, Morphisec
    Join us and be the first to see what new exciting product advancements have been made as we launch Morphisec Guard 5.0. Morphisec Guard was created to contrast the status quo endpoint solutions that have a high cost per endpoint, high cost to operate, bloated agents, a growing number of ineffective modules, and (most importantly) do not protect against the most damaging cyber attacks.

    Morphisec Guard is a lightweight agent that stops both known as well as advanced attacks that often evade the leading NGAV and EDR tools. In summary, we enable any business - not just the ones with the biggest cybersecurity budgets - to prevent the most dangerous cyber attacks.

    In this webinar we will cover:

    - Morphisec Guard’s consolidated dashboard for details on attacks prevented by Microsoft Defender as well as our patented moving target defense technology;
    - How Morphisec Guard brings enterprise-level control and visibility to Windows native security controls such as Microsoft Defender (Antivirus), BitLocker (Drive Encryption), Windows Firewall, and Device Control;
    - Details on other product enhancements such as Automatic protection of network drives/folder, Protection for remotely launched processes, Protecting against new vulnerabilities like ZeroLogon, Improved anti-tampering reporting & more;
    - How Morphisec Guard can offer better breach protection while reducing the cost of your endpoint stack.
    Rick Klotz, CIO, Altra Industrial Motion; Andrew Homer, VP of Business Development and Marketing, Morphisec
    Breach damage caused by hackers evading detection and stealing intellectual property from manufacturing companies has accelerated in 2020, and the stakes are higher than ever. In fact, according MAPI, nearly 40% of the companies they surveyed in 2019 had been breached in the past 12 months.

    The security market has hit a breaking point and has failed the customer with ineffective firefighting post-breach detection and costly remediation. It’s time to turn the tables against the adversary and look at effective proactive prevention approaches that deprive the adversary of their intended targets.

    In This Session You Will Learn:

    How manufacturing companies can effectively protect against zero-days, in-memory exploits, and fileless attacks;
    What proactive prevention measures can be leveraged to do so;
    How to implement these measures in a manner that's lightweight on the endpoint without lacking the power of protection.
  • Intuitive Endpoint Security: A SANS Review of Morphisec Recorded: Aug 18 2020 61 mins
    Matt Bromiley, SANS Institute; Netta Schmeidler, Morphisec
    To address the constant barrage of threats to endpoint security, many organizations put their efforts toward threat detection. But a strategy that focuses on preventing advanced attacks by automatically locking them down without relying on detection can stop hackers in their tracks, saving organizations both time and money.

    In this webcast, SANS Instructor Matt Bromiley reviews Morphisec's moving target defense technology, which is designed to defeat threats such as zero-days, evasive malware, fileless attacks and exploits by morphing process memory.


    Access key elements and data from the dashboard, and how the dashboard integrates with the SOC workflow;
    Work with Microsoft Defender Antivirus and Microsoft Defender ATP to terminate different types of attacks;
    Use enterprise-size features such as Active Directory accounts and organizational unit (OU) configurations;
    Prevent real-world attack scenarios such as ransomware and nation-state/APT level threat actor techniques.
    The review is followed by a demonstration of Morphisec encountering Maze ransomware by Netta Schmeidler, VP of Product, Morphisec. As you'll see described in this demo, our moving target defense technology is capable of stopping threats deterministically, pre-breach. Our platform virtually patches vulnerabilities to keep your critical infrastructure protected when patches are not yet deployed. Watch to see how.
  • The VDI Security Paradox: Reducing Risk, Maintaining Business Continuity & ROI Recorded: Jun 30 2020 62 mins
    Tom Fenton, Andrew Homer, Daniel Petrillo
    With more people working from home than ever before, virtual desktop infrastructures have arisen as a fast and cost-effective method to ensure that remote workers can access the applications they need from wherever they are. However, balancing cost-effectiveness and security can be difficult when most AV and EDR tools consume too many resources and drastically reduce endpoint density.

    In this session, you'll learn:

    - How to reduce risk in your VDI environment despite the fact that instances are already tight on resources and traditional security tools require heavy agents that drastically reduce endpoint density
    - How to monitor your VDI resource usage to ensure that parameters remain within tolerable limits even when security tools are protecting against advanced threats
    - A live demonstration of how various security tools impact CPU, memory, and network usage in real-time
    - A live demonstration of how Moving Target Defense can prevent the most advanced attacks without requiring the network for updates or impacting CPU or memory

    For additional VDI-tailored resources, visit our website: https://www.morphisec.com/products/virtual-desktop-infrastructure
  • The Third Annual Study on the State of Endpoint Security Risk Recorded: May 12 2020 63 mins
    Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder of Ponemon Institute and Andrew Homer VP of Business Development form Morphisec
    Join Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder of Ponemon Institute and Morphisec's VP of Business Development, Andrew Homer in a discussion of the Third Annual Study on the State of Endpoint Security and Risk that includes responses from 671 security professionals. During this webinar you'll learn:

    - What is revealed by the results of this new survey.
    - How these results compare to previous studies.
    - The ramifications of these emerging trends.
    - How to mitigate the risk associated with these trends.
  • How to Ensure Security and Productivity for Employees Working Remotely Recorded: Apr 17 2020 59 mins
    John Pescatore, Daniel Petrillo, Andrew Homer
    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to shift their workforce to remote workstations for the first time. Others must rapidly expand their remote worker count and levels of access. Overall, security teams need to be proactive in improving remote employee security without impacting productivity.

    During this webinar, John Pescatore of SANS discusses the challenges of dealing with the increased attack surface of laptops and other devices that are no longer on corporate networks as well as the remote work being done on employees' home computers. We also analyze the security implications of the proliferation of collaboration applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting.
  • 1-2-2 Interview - Guardicore, Cybertech Tel Aviv 2020 Recorded: Feb 4 2020 10 mins
    Sharon Besser, VP Business Development & Shay Nehmad, Tech Lead and Open Source Software Developer
    Guardicore, Cybertech Tel Aviv 2020
    1-2-2 Interview - Sharon Besser, VP Business Development & Shay Nehmad, Tech Lead and Open Source Software Developer
  • A Proactive Prevention Strategy to Reduce Risk Recorded: Jan 17 2020 40 mins
    Andrew Homer, VP Business Development
    Despite the increased security investments and proliferation of new infosec tools, the damage caused by cyber breaches continues to worsen. Meanwhile, the adversary plays by their own rules and evade detection by studying a static environment. They’ve had the luxury to decide when, where and how to attack, while organizations continue to remain in a reactionary defensive state.

    This session looks at the most common methods used to bypass detection. It will also discuss how to combat against the adversary advantage with simple proactive approaches to prevention. Finally, it presents recommendations to reduce risk, including a look at innovative technologies with Moving Target Defense to prevent advanced threats fileless attacks and zero days.
  • Microsoft and Morphisec: How to Prevent and Expose Unknown Threats Recorded: Nov 19 2019 46 mins
    Netta Schmeidler, VP Product Management, Morphisec and Efrat Kliger, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
    Unknown threats exist in enterprise environments that are both predictable to the adversary and opaque to the defender. This is because the adversary can study their target to develop new techniques, then execute them undetected. History has shown that successful attacks rely on these adversarial advantages to bypass traditional defenses.

    Join our experts to learn how to leverage a combination of complete endpoint visibility from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Moving Target Defense from Morphisec to deprive the adversary of their advantages so you can expose and prevent unknown threats.

    Attend this webinar to learn:

    - How threat actors leverage unknown techniques to achieve their goals without detection
    - The implications of defending predictable environments with limited visibility
    - How Morphisec and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint deprive the adversary of the ability to act invisibly in a predictable environment
    - A roadmap to enable your company to prevent and expose unknown threats
  • Bulletproof Windows 10 Security Made Simple—Morphisec version 3.5 Recorded: Nov 12 2019 48 mins
    Andrew Homer, VP Business Development
    Morphisec Threat Prevention, together with Windows Defender AV, provides the strongest, broadest endpoint protection strategy to best protect your endpoints from the most malicious attacks, such as advanced in-memory threats, fileless attacks, zero-days and evasive malware. Replace Legacy AV with bulletproof security at lowest cost. See in action with live demo.
  • Rethinking Cybersecurity in Healthcare Recorded: Apr 2 2019 57 mins
    Skip Rollins, CIO, Freeman Health
    Healthcare organizations are attacked at more than double the average rate of other industries. Even the most stringent compliance with HIPAA does not mean sensitive health data is actually secure.

    While HIPAA security audit findings help healthcare companies build a solid initial cyber framework, security teams need to consider more innovative technology, and ultimately a new approach that transforms defenders into dynamic, resilient protectors of the business.

    In this webinar, Freeman Health CIO Skip Rollins discusses healthcare cyberthreat trends and concerns, the market’s general failure to address them, and how Morphisec’s Moving Target Defense is changing that. He offers practical advice for meeting healthcare’s unique cybersecurity challenges without adding to the burden of already overtaxed security personnel.
Morphisec: Built to prevent the most dangerous cyberattacks
Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention kills the most advanced threats and zero-days immediately when they first appear, with zero latency. Based on Moving Target Defense technology Morphisec turns the tables against the adversary with an offensive approach to critical in-memory protection across a wide coverage of advanced threats including APTs, zero-days, ransomware, evasive fileless attacks and web-borne exploits.

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  • Title: 1-2-2 Interview - Guardicore, Cybertech Tel Aviv 2020
  • Live at: Feb 4 2020 4:15 pm
  • Presented by: Sharon Besser, VP Business Development & Shay Nehmad, Tech Lead and Open Source Software Developer
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