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Proximity Tracing with ePlus & Mist

Many enterprises have comprehensive business continuity plans to ensure key systems survive a crisis. But protecting equipment and data is not enough… you also need a plan for reducing potential risk for employees, guests, and customers when the doors to your business reopen.

Join ePlus and Sudheer Matta, VP, Products Mist, a Juniper Company to learn how IT departments are taking the lead in helping their businesses address key questions like:

-If someone has identified themselves as positive for a virus (or exhibiting symptoms), with whom did they recently come in contact?
-What areas within the office campus did they visit? How long were they there?
-Are there certain areas on campus (i.e. “hot zones”) that are more susceptible to spreading a virus?
-Can proactive actions be taken to prevent unnecessary contact?

ePlus and Mist have a unique and powerful solution for promoting personnel and guest safety as part of your comprehensive business continuity plan. It leverages AI-driven analytics, self-driving Wi-Fi, and patented virtual Bluetooth® LE (vBLE) technology to enable seamless and cost-effective deployment of mission-critical use cases, such as hot zone alerting, user journey information, and proximity tracing to help minimize any further exposure.


-Sudheer Matta, VP, Products Mist, a Juniper Company
-Bob Brewer, Solutions Director, ePlus
-Kit Johnston, Sr. Solutions Architect, ePlus
Recorded Jul 14 2020 55 mins
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Presented by
Sudheer Matta, Mist | Bob Brewer, ePlus | Kit Johnston, ePlus
Presentation preview: Proximity Tracing with ePlus & Mist

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  • Filling the Gaps between Ransomware & Cyber Insurance Recorded: Sep 21 2021 46 mins
    Alisa Castro, Presales Engineer Manager - ePlus | Jennifer Beckage, Esq. - Beckage Law Firm
    As ransomware attacks increase, Cyber Insurance Companies are struggling to keep up. The risk pool for insurers is becoming unsustainable. Couple that with some states making ransom attack payouts illegal and many organizations are finding themselves with increasing risks and weaknesses in their defense strategies.

    Incident response retainers is one way to fill the gap and protect organizations.

    Join ePlus, Cisco and Jennifer Beckage (Former Tech Business Owner, Nationally Recognized Data Breach Lawyer) from Beckage Law Firm* to understand the current and future cybersecurity threat landscape, what potential risks organizations are looking at as we emerge from the pandemic, where the cracks in the armor may be located and how to fortify a security posture.

    Alisa Castro, Presales Engineer Manager - ePlus
    Jennifer Beckage, Esq. Certified Information Privacy Professional - United States (CIPP/US) and Certified - Beckage Law Firm

    *Beckage is a women-owned law firm that focuses on technology, data security, and privacy. Beckage attorneys counsel clients on matters pertaining to data security and privacy compliance, litigation and class action defense, incident response, government investigations, technology intellectual property, and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital currencies, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and 5G networks. Beckage has offices from California to New York. Learn more at Beckage.com.
  • Software Supply Chain Modernization Recorded: Sep 17 2021 50 mins
    Justin Mescher - ePlus | Andy Ritter - ePlus | Brian Roets - ePlus
    The cloud is transforming the technology landscape, setting new standards for the pace businesses can move and grow. This transformation is also impacting the supply chain, with cumbersome manual processes being phased out in favor of automation and self-service workflows that enable speed and agility, while providing the governance and oversight organizations demand. Supply chain stakeholders play a critical role in ensuring standards are adhered to, costs are managed, and risks mitigated; all things that are often overlooked in today’s rapidly evolving environment.

    Join ePlus for a webinar focused specifically on the top challenges Supply Chain stakeholders are facing in this rapidly evolving multi-cloud world. Focus areas include:

    • Developing an approach to drive down cloud costs and reduce wasted spend
    • Increasing efficiency of the digital supply chain from negotiation to invoice reconciliation
    • Leveraging Cloud Marketplaces to increase agility and oversight, and optimize cloud investments
    • Alleviate shadow IT by enabling speed and agility with governance and control

    During this session, we discuss the “art of the possible”, review case studies, and show demonstrations of actual outcomes that can be delivered to optimize your cloud procurement experience.

    Justin Mescher, VP of Cloud and Data Center Solutions - ePlus
    Andy Ritter, Cloud Practice Director - ePlus
    Brian Roets, Director of Innovation - ePlus
  • Acceleration of Mobility in Healthcare Recorded: Jul 22 2021 54 mins
    Ken Puffer - ePlus | George Pashardis - ePlus | Lorie DiCarlantonio - Code Corp | Kent Bandy - Code Corp
    The slow evolution of transitioning to mobility in the healthcare arena got a jolt once the pandemic hit. Today over 75% of clinicians use tablets or smartphones on the job regularly with more clinical workflows adopting mobility at a more rapid pace. Luckily, the addition of mobility to Electronic Health Records, or EHRs, was already in place for clinicians. Effectively managing care plans for each patient, ensuring accuracy in the electronic medical record, and making it functional and usable on a mobile device is a complicated process in a complex environment. Having a sound strategy for technology selection, integration, deployment, training, and management is vital for patient care that happens at the bedside.

    Join this webinar to learn about how ePlus supports “Mobile First” strategies in Healthcare and how Code Corp products enable mobile devices for soft scanning, the pitfalls to avoid, and how to choose the right software for you.

    - Ken Puffer - Chief Technology Officer, Healthcare
    ePlus Technology Inc.
    - George Pashardis - Vice President, Healthcare
    ePlus Technology Inc.
    - Lorie DiCarlantonio - Sr. Regional Account Manager – Northeast Region and New England States
    Code Corporation
    - Kent Bandy - Regional Account Manager – Mid-Atlantic and South East
    Code Corporation
  • Unlocking the Power of your Enterprise Data: Any Data, Anywhere Recorded: Jun 9 2021 54 mins
    JP Van Steerteghem, Field CTO, Dell Technologies | Jerry McIntosh, SVP Advanced Technology, ePlus
    Join us to learn how to enable your business to store, access, and leverage all your data from any location to unlock the insights that can power growth.

    In this informative, interactive session we will discuss available options and tools to scale-up and scale-out secure structured data storage in hybrid environments and delivering enterprise-class unstructured data services with simultaneous multi-protocol support.

    • Streamlining Your Hybrid Cloud Data Infrastructure
    • Considerations and Recommendations for modernizing your Midrange Data Storage
    • Flexible consumption models that enable you to closely match capacity to need

    JP Van Steerteghem | Field CTO | NA Commercial PreSales East Division | Dell Technologies
    Jerry McIntosh | SVP Advanced Technology | ePlus
  • Acceleration to Cloud Demands Secure Workloads Recorded: May 26 2021 60 mins
    Lee Waskevich, VP of Security & Networking Strategy - ePlus | Chris McHenry, Manager Solutions Architecture - Cisco
    A rapid acceleration to modern data center architecture is forcing applications into new forms and new locations. Traditional network design concepts are often substituted for software-defined solutions meant to support the dynamic nature of modern applications. This shift creates concerns around a new attack surface that will require a new way to secure data within your application.

    During this virtual session we will:
    • Explore the concept of micro segmentation as a foundation for zero trust
    • Explain how application dependencies, traffic flows and baselines as well as full auditable enforcement can be achieved
    • Examine some of the most common use cases for providing reduction of attack surface to organizations as they migrate applications to modern data centers and multi-cloud

    Lee Waskevich, VP of Security and Networking Strategy - ePlus
    Chris McHenry, Manager Solutions Architecture, Cloud and Workload Security - Cisco
  • Securing Connected Medicine: The HTM Professional’s role in Clinical Zero Trust Recorded: Apr 29 2021 57 mins
    Lee Waskevich - ePlus | Tom Finn - Medigate | Dave Lewis - Cisco | Ken Puffer (Moderator) - ePlus
    The latest and best asset management and security practices are converging around a healthcare-specialized approach to Zero Trust. Medigate has coined the term "Clinical Zero Trust (CZT)" and is invested with CIsco and ePlus to educate healthcare providers to the nuance of CZT and the essential role played by HTM professionals.

    This webinar will:

    • Reveal how recent technology advances are changing traditional zero trust thinking, rationalizing it under the CZT umbrella and improving patient-safety;
    • Describe how HTM contributions to CZT strategy development are refining the role of Network Access Control (NAC);
    • Detail healthcare-specific best practices currently supported by Cisco, ePlus and Medigate.

    Lee Waskevich, VP, Security and Networking Solutions - ePlus Technology
    Thomas Finn, Director of Business Development - Medigate
    Dave Lewis, Engineering Product Manager - Cisco
    MODERATOR: Ken Puffer, CTO, Healthcare - ePlus
  • Accelerate Cloud Adoption and App Modernization with VMware Cloud on AWS Recorded: Apr 28 2021 39 mins
    Tony Siano - ePlus | Jeremiah Stuppy - ePlus | David Prinster - VMware | Cleavon Roberts - VMware
    Cloud adoption has been a growing trend for many years, but the pandemic has only accelerated cloud-first and digital transformation initiatives for many organizations. Modernizing applications has many proven benefits such as increased agility and cost economics of public cloud native services, but the process is time consuming and not always the best fit for all applications. Whether modernized microservices or traditional applications, there are typically interwoven critical dependencies which can make multi-cloud operations, performance, and end-user experience challenging.

    We'll discuss how VMware Cloud Platform can accelerate Cloud Migration for both your traditional applications and modern container-based workloads while being public cloud-adjacent to better leverage native AWS services for ongoing modernization efforts.

    · Tony Siano, Area Practice Director - ePlus
    · Jeremiah Stuppy, National Solutions Director - ePlus
    · David Prinster, Cloud Specialist - VMware
    · Cleavon Roberts, Cloud Partner Solution Architect - VMware
  • Transforming the University Campus Experience with AI: A Case Study Recorded: Apr 20 2021 58 mins
    Tom Wilburn - Juniper | Mitch Davis - Dartmouth College | Sudheer Matta - Juniper | Jerry McIntosh - ePlus
    Join ePlus as we sit down with Mitch Davis (VP & CIO of Dartmouth College,) Tom Wilburn (VP of Global AI Driven Enterprise Sales at Juniper,) and Sudheer Matta (VP of Product Management at Juniper.) We will discuss how ePlus and Juniper partnered to deploy AI Enabled Self-Driving Network making a difference in Dartmouth’s campus environment.

    If any of these questions sound like a pain point for you and your organization, let us show you how simple your rollouts can be with true visibility.

    · Do you have limited network visibility?
    · Do you need a network refresh?
    · Is your network old & obsolete?
    · Are you having network challenges that you can’t identify?
    · Are you adding any new locations?

    · Tom Wilburn, VP, Global AI Driven Enterprise Sales - Juniper
    · Mitch Davis, Dartmouth VP & CIO - Dartmouth College
    · Sudheer Matta, VP of Product Management - Juniper
    · MODERATOR: Jerry McIntosh, SVP Advanced Technology - ePlus
  • How NIST and RTHS Deliver a Practical Path to Securing Connected Medicine Recorded: Apr 7 2021 57 mins
    Lee Waskevich - ePlus | Tom Finn - Medigate | Robert Albach - Cisco | Ken Puffer (Moderator) - ePlus
    Essential elements of the NIST security framework are now being combined with constructs of the Real Time Health System (RTHS) to deliver healthcare providers an actionable assessment of their current state. Importantly, prescriptive recommendations are now being delivered to ensure relevancy to cross-departmental staff; to support converging workflows; and to establish a broader, actionable security context. This webinar will focus on:
    • The prescriptive outputs of these assessments and how Cisco, ePlus and Medigate are aligning products and services accordingly;
    • Details around how cybersecurity workflows are driving cross-departmental interoperability from capital planning through patient safety;
    • Measuring the business value being delivered to establish and maintain program momentum.

    Lee Waskevich, VP, Security and Networking Solutions - ePlus Technology
    Thomas Finn, Director of Business Development - Medigate
    Robert Albach, Engineering Product Manager - Cisco
    MODERATOR: Ken Puffer, CTO, Healthcare - ePlus
  • Patient Safety, Care Enablement through Clinical Zero Trust Recorded: Mar 24 2021 58 mins
    Lee Waskevich - ePlus | Jamison Utter - Medigate | Eddie Mendonça - Cisco | Ken Puffer (Moderator) - ePlus
    “Trust nothing, verify everything.” This popular definition of Zero Trust is being challenged in healthcare, as restricting the flexibility of medical device access can introduce risk and disrupt patient care. A more enlightened, healthcare-nuanced definition is needed, hence, the term “Clinical Zero Trust (CZT). CZT takes data out of the center and reinstalls the patient. It shifts the focus from individual devices to cyber physical processes (i.e. care protocols and associated workflows).This webinar will detail what Clinical Zero Trust is and isn’t, and share a realistic, practical path that puts the patient first. Medigate, Cisco and ePlus will discuss:
    • Clinical zero trust in a healthcare-specific organizational maturity context;
    • Identify the correct set of foundational components;
    • Describe how the journey to CZT quickly delivers more adaptable care-delivery and improved patient safety --how CZT is an enabler to patient care, not a new set of constraints;
    • Medical device lifecycle management in a CZT context.

    Lee Waskevich, VP, Security and Networking Solutions - ePlus Technology
    Jamison Utter, Director of Product Evangelism - Medigate
    Eddie Mendonça, Cybersecurity Technical Solutions Architect - Cisco
    MODERATOR: Ken Puffer, CTO, Healthcare - ePlus
  • Secure Your Flexible Remote Workforce Recorded: Mar 16 2021 45 mins
    Joe Onisick - Transformation Continuum | Eddie Venture - ePlus | Lee Berdick - ePlus
    With Remote Work Here to Stay, it’s Time to Do it Right.

    Whether your organization is going all in with Work from Home or moving remote work to its place in your business continuity plan, now is the time to build it right. Agile remote teams can outperform their cubicle tethered counterparts when empowered with the right technology to do so. ePlus has the experience and domain expertise to bring together the connectivity, cloud, and productivity requirements needed to empower your Flexible Remote Workforce.

    • Understand the technology that must come together to deliver WFH securely.
    • See how to blend office-based and remote work cohesively.
    • Familiarize with the different requirements of various work types and styles.

    Join ePlus in demonstrating how to Secure Your Flexible Workforce.

    Joe Onisick - Transformation Continuum
    Eddie Venture - ePlus
    Lee Berdick - ePlus
  • What Legacy Apps Should and Shouldn’t Be Moved to the Cloud Recorded: Mar 3 2021 57 mins
    Tom Schurr - ePlus Technology, inc. | Anthony Siano- ePlus Technology, inc. | Joe Vidal - HPE | Justin O - Spiceworks
    When it comes to moving legacy apps to the cloud, the decision gets complicated quickly: cost, security, user experience, even administrator sanity! But rather than just thinking about it as a “Go/No-Go” decision, what if we considered newer alternative delivery and consumption models?

    On this video meetup, we’ll talk about evaluating how and when to move your legacy app to an IaaS model, and which ones may be more hassle than they’re worth. We’ll be talking with experts from ePlus.

    Here's what we'll discuss:

    Juggling all of the cost considerations, including licensing, hosting, and data ingress and egress fees
    Security, security, security and how to avoid suffering a breach after the move or even during
    A new look at HPE GreenLake and how it can help you abstract and simplify a multi-cloud/hybrid environment without losing your hair

    Tom Schurr - ePlus Technology, inc.
    Anthony Siano- ePlus Technology, inc.
    Joe Vidal - HPE
    Justin O - Spiceworks
  • Optimizing Hybrid Cloud VDI for Permanent Remote Workforce using Horizon Cloud Recorded: Jan 28 2021 35 mins
    Jeremiah Stuppy, National Solutions Director - ePlus | Erik Collett, Sr EUC Architect - VMware
    As many organizations transition to permanent or semi-permanent remote workforce planning, a renewed focus is being placed on Hybrid Cloud services and cost efficient operations.

    In this webinar, we'll review the latest VMware Horizon Cloud platform improvements including a brief demo of Horizon Universal Broker to globally manage Remote Desktop pods both on-premises and in the public cloud.

    Lastly, we'll review how ePlus Services are helping Customer's successfully implement Secure Remote Access solutions including Horizon platform, Security controls, and navigate both Hybrid and/or Public cloud infrastructure deployment considerations.

    Jeremiah Stuppy, National Solutions Director - ePlus
    Erik Collett, Sr EUC Architect - VMware
  • How To Implement a Clinical Communication & Collaboration Solution Recorded: Jan 13 2021 46 mins
    Heather Johnson, Director of ITG Shared Services and Nursing Technologies - HCA
    Heather Johnson, Director of ITG Shared Services and Nursing Technologies at HCA, kicks things off with a brief overview of her experience implementing a Clinical Communication & Collaboration solution leveraging 75,000 smartphones across the nation’s largest healthcare organization. She shares some key considerations, tips and best practices.
  • Navigating Your Digital Transformation Initiatives By Leveraging Cloud Recorded: Jan 13 2021 38 mins
    Justin Mescher - ePlus | Andrew Miller - Pure Storage | Rick Kilcoyne - CloudBolt
    We all have some form of technology solutions that we have invested in that are deployed in a data center and not in the cloud today. Regardless of where you are in your journey to cloud, there are challenges that can slow your migration, increase cost, or even derail your adoption. Join us as we discuss the best way to modernize and accelerate your cloud strategy to help support your digital transformation initiatives. Learn how to accelerate cloud adoption, extend your data center into the cloud, and empower your IT operations and developers to stay agile and focus on strategic initiatives.

    Justin Mescher, VP of Cloud and Data Center Solutions - ePlus
    Andrew Miller, Principal Systems Engineer - Southeast Pure Storage
    Rick Kilcoyne, Chief Technology Officer - CloudBolt
  • Why You Should Focus Your IT Spend On Identity Access Management (IAM) Recorded: Dec 28 2020 55 mins
    Doug King, CIO - ePlus
    ePlus CIO, Doug King discusses why he focused his IT spend on Identity Access Management (IAM) instead of putting it elsewhere.

    In this presentation, you'll learn what was important to ePlus when considering an IAM solution and what problems we were able to solve.

    In this conversation with Dan Nester, Enterprise Sales Director at Okta, Inc, you'll learn how Identity Access Management hooks into other areas of a company’s infrastructure and why it is important to consider not just MFA and SSO, but the entire lifecycle management.
  • Winter Cocktail Class Recorded: Dec 22 2020 31 mins
    Megan Ardizoni, Head of Beverage for TAO Group Hospitality
    Holiday Mixology with Megan Ardizoni, Head of Beverage for TAO Group Hospitality

    Get ready to mix it up Holiday Style!

    Megan Ardizoni is the master mixologist behind TAO Group Hospitality’s expansive beverage program on the East Coast and will be your “spirited” guide toward holiday cocktail bliss.

    Please view the Ingredient List on the main page under the session's registration button if you wish to purchase the ingredients to follow along at home.
  • Sweets & Treats Baking and Decorating Event Recorded: Dec 22 2020 45 mins
    Paola Marocchi, Corporate Pastry Chef, TAO Group Hospitality and Special Appearance from a Rockette
    Holiday Cookie Decorating with Pastry Chef Paola Marocchi

    Learn the art of delicious design with Chef Paola Marocchi of TAO Group Hospitality.

    In this interactive experience, Chef Paola will share her technique and guide guests toward making Insta-worthy holiday cookies.

    Share the love!

    *Experience will include a special appearance from a Rockette

    Please view the Ingredient List on the main page under the session's registration button if you wish to purchase the ingredients to follow along at home.
  • Restaurant Cooking Experience Recorded: Dec 22 2020 51 mins
    Chef Ralph Scamardella of TAO Group Hospitality
    Master the art of making a fantastic red sauce from scratch with Chef Ralph Scamardella of TAO Group Hospitality.

    Chef Ralph will demonstrate best in class technique while sharing his tips and best practices for cooking at home for friends and family.

    Buona Mangiata!

    Please view the Ingredient List on the main page under the session's registration button if you wish to purchase the ingredients to follow along at home.
  • Welcome Keynote with ePlus Executives & Live Q&A with The Rockettes Recorded: Dec 22 2020 31 mins
    Presenters: ePlus Executives & The Radio City Rockettes
    Welcome to Delivering Joy!
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