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Inside the Data Platform, Built for the Cloud


Snowflake has created a cloud data platform that enables the best of modern data warehousing, the best of data lakes, the most-advanced data science capabilities, and much more. Snowflake's architecture departs from the limitations of traditional shared-disk and shared-nothing architectures.

Join us and learn:
How to easily ingest structured and semi-structured data
About enabling scale through the true separation of compute and storage
How to securely share data to collaborate across your business ecosystem
Recorded May 4 2020 48 mins
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Presented by
Somesh Bahuguna, Sales Engineer, Snowflake
Presentation preview: Inside the Data Platform, Built for the Cloud

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  • Load, Transform, Sync: Why the Smartest Companies Run Data Pipelines in Reverse Recorded: Jul 22 2021 53 mins
    Mark Balkenende, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Matillion & Ian Jeffries, Data Architect at Jamf
    Today's enterprises are facing an impending storm. A storm of data - distributed across geographies, systems, and teams - is growing more diverse and dynamic each day. Recent IDC research revealed that 68% of enterprise respondents are accelerating their cloud data migration as a result of pandemic influences.

    Come learn how JAMF uses Snowflake and Matillion to augment and personalize both their Pendo product analytics data and Salesforce customer data with more defined segmented customer details and provide alerts of low feature adoption. Prior to Matillion, it took JAMF days of Python updates for a single column change, with Matillion they can do this in minutes. They can now have a more clear view into their products and usage by the license types and user segments. Hear how cloud-native data integration offers an agile, continuous delivery model that empowers data teams to handle the diversity, distribution, and dynamics of data.
  • Dealing with Data Sprawl in Enterprise Analytics Recorded: Jul 8 2021 60 mins
    Paul Lacey, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Matillion & Michael Schaefers, Senior Data Engineer at TUI Group
    Do you feel like you're always playing catchup in data integration work? Is your organization adding new data silos faster than your analytics team and the native integrations provided by pipeline vendors can keep up? You're not alone.

    A 2019 IDG survey found that an average of 1,080 unique data sources are used in enterprise analytics programs1. A 2021 Data Ops survey by IDC found that typical data pipelines are processing up to 10 different types of data coming from up to 9 distinct sources2.

    Enterprise data is more distributed than ever thanks to the explosion of SaaS tools across organizations. Dealing with this sprawl requires an agile approach that goes well beyond native vendor integrations or unruly hand-code implementations. Join Matillion and leading travel brand, TUI, to learn how you can keep pace with enterprise analytics requirements by building your own SaaS data connectors in 30 minutes or less.
  • Panel Discussion: The State of the Data Cloud Recorded: May 27 2021 59 mins
    Paul Lacey, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Matillion
    In 2020, the unplanned pivot to remote working and increased appetite for cloud services due to the pandemic highlighted the need for the data cloud. These systems help ensure business continuity and achieve competitive advantage during uncertain times. The unified set of services provided by a data cloud enables companies to integrate and transform their data into the reusable, analytics-ready, data products needed for disruptive innovation.

    Join host Paul Lacey, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Matillion, and a guest panel featuring cloud computing thought leaders from Matillion, Snowflake, AWS, ThoughtSpot, and Interworks for a virtual panel discussion on the State of the Data Cloud. Our expert panel will delve into:

    - Key trends affecting data cloud adoption
    - Recent developments in the data cloud market
    - Emerging uses cases for the modern data cloud
    - New data cloud services and functionality and what they mean for adopters
    - Recommendations for data and analytics leaders considering a data cloud initiative
  • [Ep.1] Load, Transform, Sync: Moving Analytics Beyond the Data Warehouse Recorded: May 19 2021 34 mins
    Ciaran Dynes, Chief Product Officer and Britt Gerena, Sr. Field Marketing Manager at Matillion
    Modern businesses need more than dashboard analytics to survive the post-COVID world. Digital consumers now demand “always-on” experiences that are both personalized and delivered reliably at scale. Next generation retailers are racing to disrupt traditional players with increasingly fast and efficient levels of automation. Newly digitized supply chains require both speed and creativity to capitalize on ever more unique situations. In all these scenarios and more, data has become the most essential asset to win.

    But it’s not just highly structured and centralized data anymore. Winning organizations are thinking differently about their data and the systems they design to manage it. They are learning to embrace the fact that data is more diverse, distributed and dynamic than ever in the cloud. They are learning to rethink command and control style architectures in favor of decentralized ones that empower the edge. And most importantly, they are learning new ways of getting this data enriched and circulating back through their organization.

    Join Ciaran Dynes, Chief Product Officer at Matillion, to hear about the ways data teams are learning to leverage platforms that go way beyond traditional data warehousing, and employ techniques such as reverse ETL synchronization to get enriched data back into the hands of decision makers and operational systems across the enterprise.

    Join us to hear:
    - The business and competitive benefits of ‘product-izing’ your data by using the power of a cloud data platform
    - How cloud-native data integration approaches can help you get data embedded into daily operations across your organization
    - Best practices for using the cloud to overcome - and benefit from - the challenges of being at the receiving end of unprecedented data growth

    ***All live attendees will receive a $15 Amazon giftcard!***
  • Calming the Storm with Cloud-Native Data Integration Recorded: May 19 2021 60 mins
    Paul Lacey, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Matillion & Stewart Bond, Research Director at IDC
    COVID has created a stampede to the cloud. Recent IDC research revealed that 68% of respondents are accelerating their cloud migrations as a result of pandemic influences.

    Enterprises are also grappling with the growing diversity of cloud data sources they need to integrate. 76% of IDC research participants are consuming three or more data types in their analytics programs. Between the speed and breadth of change required to keep pace, a storm is brewing for enterprise data teams navigating their way to the cloud.

    Join guest speaker Stewart Bond, Research Director of Data Integration and Data Intelligence Software at IDC, as he discusses the latest trends and techniques modern businesses use to help calm the storm.

    In this session you will learn:

    - Tips for getting the fastest results from your data in the cloud including how to reduce late delivery incidents by ~50%
    - The top benefits organizations enjoy after their cloud migration
    - How the cloud is disrupting previous paradigms of data management and delivery
    - How a new generation of digital-savvy worker is creating both opportunities and challenges for data teams across their business
  • Modern Data Management in Manufacturing: Gaining Visibility Across Siloed Data Recorded: May 12 2021 60 mins
    Jorel Digman, Greig DeSautel, David Rice, Karey Graham
    Modern Data Management in Manufacturing: Gaining Visibility Across Siloed Data

    In today’s digital world, manufacturer’s data is hopelessly fragmented across systems, geographies, and business units. In order to increase the effectiveness of operations, manufacturers must have visibility across several ERP platforms and access to real-time insights for decision-making. Learn how Pandata Group works with manufacturing leaders to make good on data’s promise by leveraging the combined power of a modern cloud data architecture using Matillion ETL and Snowflake.

    Join us to learn how to:

    Improve Data Literacy: Why should we broaden data skills and what skills does our team need?
    Demonstrate Cloud ROI: How do we demonstrate value to leadership by connecting data in the cloud? What do we do with our data once it is in the cloud?
    Create a Strategy: How do I implement a plan that works? What time to value should I plan on?
    Build a Data Culture: How do I bring my team along on this journey?
  • Analytics Productivity for Overwhelmed Data Teams Recorded: Apr 20 2021 59 mins
    Dave Langton, VP of Product at Matillion
    Are we there yet? Data was supposed to transform business as we know it. But the start of the New Year finds most data teams doing more busy work than ever just to keep up. Join Dave Langton, VP of Product at Matillion to learn how modern tools and architecture patterns can help you transcend data custodial tasks to focus on real innovation in analytics in 2021.

    Join us to learn:
    - The factors and events that shaped today’s data and analytics industry
    - How to spot and diagnose the modern data challenges in your organization
    - Practical strategies and solutions that leading data teams use to combat the overload
  • Data & Analytics 2021: Defining Trends and Trajectories Recorded: Feb 24 2021 59 mins
    Eric Topham | Mark Balkenende | Dedy Kredo | William McKnight
    Gartner predicts that “by 2023, more than 33% of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence, including decision modeling”. In 2020, data analytics has evolved together with AI to produce more accurate predictions and educated suggestions. Join Eric Topham and a panel of industry experts and thought leaders to find out how data and analytics will transform human-machine relationships.

    This month's episode of The Business Intelligence Report will look at the defining data and analytics trends to watch in 2021. Some of the topics to be covered during this session will include:
    - The growing importance of external data
    - Trends of how organizations are finding and using external data
    - How data visualization enriches analytics and helps reveal correlations
    - The evolution of dashboards. Where are we now and where are we headed?
    - Data visualization in real-time for timely, actionable insights
    - Visual analytics use cases. Building a data narrative to achieve business results.

    - Mark Balkenende, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Matillion
    - Dedy Kredo, VP of Customer-Facing Data Science at Explorium
    - William McKnight, President of McKnight Consulting Group

    This episode is part of The Business Intelligence Report original series with Eric Topham, Co-Founder & Data Science Director at The Data Analysis Bureau.

    We welcome viewer participation and questions during this interactive panel session.
  • Data Integration Trends to Watch in 2021 Recorded: Feb 17 2021 58 mins
    Mark Balkenende, Sr. Director of Product Marketing & Paul Lacey, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Matillion
    2020 was the year that defied all predictions, in both data management and just about everything else imaginable. Join Matillion’s product marketing team as we take stock of this 100-year probability event and begin to recalibrate for the decade ahead. Mark Balkenende and Paul Lacey discuss some of the hottest trends in the data integration industry and their expected impact in the coming year. Will 2021 be the year that Data Fabrics prove positive ROI? Will data pipelines finally become commodified? Are the Data Lake’s best days still to come? Tune in for speculation on these points and more as we share how a data-driven enterprise can make the world’s data useful over the next year.

    Here are these trends:
    - Data Pipeline Commodification
    - More AI and ML functionality moving into the CDW
    - Re-Advent of Data Lakes
    - Rise of the Data Fabric
    - Data Governance
    - CDOs Taking Ownership of the Stack
  • Cloud Migration: Why, How and When Recorded: Feb 16 2021 63 mins
    Alex Hilton, Cloud Industry Forum | Danny Keating - Data Intensity | Arawan Gajajiva - Matillion | Graham Bromham - Fujitsu
    In this newly cloud-first world - driven by the Digital Transformation necessitated by the pandemic - there’s never been a more crucial time to make sure your cloud migration is a success. But a successful cloud migration requires a clear roadmap to help mitigate risk and enable businesses to safely and securely bring their operations to the cloud - and this can be hard to find.

    Join episode 16 of Digital Transformation in Action where host Alex Hilton and guest experts share the essential considerations of cloud migration, including:

    - What the obstacles to cloud migration are - including a lack of skilled teams and unrealistic timelines
    - Best practices for successfully overcoming these obstacles
    - The benefits of successful cloud migration - including data and threat protection, flexibility and scalability
    - What to be aware of once you’ve migrated: the good, the ‘bad’ and potential unknowns
    - And more

    - Danny Keating - Director of Global Alliances, Data Intensity
    - Arawan Gajajiva - Principal Solution Architect, Matillion
    - Graham Bromham - Head of Regional Sales & Service Providers at Fujitsu UK
  • Jython vs. Python - Best Practices in ELT Recorded: Feb 4 2021 21 mins
    Mike Nixon, Solution Architect at Matillion
    In this popular Matillion Tech Talk, Mike Nixon from Matillion’s Solution Architect team will debate Jython vs. Python and discuss best practices for using both in Matillion ETL, a cloud data integration and transformation solution.

    In this 30-minute session, he will dig into topics such as:
    - Python Dos and Don'ts: ELT not ETL, OOMs, and Dates
    - Integration Examples: Variables and boto3
    - Remote Python and Serverless Execution
  • The Power of Data Transformation with Matillion ETL Recorded: Jan 27 2021 25 mins
    Jason Kane, Solution Architect at Matillion
    In this Matillion Tech Talk, Jason Kane, Solution Architect at Matillion provides a demo of Matillion’s ETL solution built for the cloud and shares the most popular use cases from our customers.

    In this 30-minute session, we dig into topics such as:
    - Taking advantage of the power and scalability of popular cloud data warehouses.
    - Addressing popular transformation use cases, such as how to populate a fact table and using SCD Type 2 User Dimensions.
    - How to manage your initial setup using Matillion ETL’s straightforward UI.
  • From On-Prem to Cloud - An Exec Roundtable Recorded: Dec 29 2020 59 mins
    Matillion, Waste Management, Hashmap, Viewgol, and Powell Industries
    Most businesses plan to migrate data platforms to the cloud or expand their cloud presence in the next few years. Moving to the cloud can help create new revenue streams, lower operations costs, and empower remote and distributed teams. But shifting an entire enterprise data architecture to the cloud is complex. Where do you start, and how do you avoid challenges that steer your project off track?

    Join data leaders from Waste Management, Viewgol and Powell Industries as they share their journey to the cloud. You’ll hear:

    - How the cloud helps companies move faster and see real results from data
    - Practical, proven tips for successful cloud data migration
    - How data integration solutions play a critical role in your cloud data strategy
    - What key factors other leaders consider as they build for the future

    Kelly Kohlleffel, VP of Sales, Marketing & Alliances at Hashmap
    Tyler Wheatley, Senior Manager of Data & Analytics at Waste Management
    Harry Hopkins, CIO at Viewgol
    Ajay Bidani, Business Systems Manager at Powell Industries
    Dan Shah, Director, Consulting Partners at Matillion
  • How to Get From Data to Analysis Faster Recorded: Dec 17 2020 60 mins
    Geoffrey Hunter, Director of Data Science, Uberflip & Paul Lacey, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Matillion
    According to IDG research, the #1 reason enterprises migrate their data to cloud platforms is faster time-to-value for implementing analytics projects.

    In today’s rapidly evolving business climate, you need “analytics-ready” data. This means that data transformation is critical to revealing the insights that your organization needs in order to pull ahead.

    Join Uberflip’s Director of Data Science, Geoffrey Hunter and Matillion for How to Get From Data to Analysis Faster with Matillion and Snowflake. He’ll break down Uberflip’s multi-departmental use case, implementation lessons learned from start to finish, and share no-fluff, practical advice for enterprises like your company.

    You’ll hear first-hand how Uberflip:

    -Reduced the time it takes to build reports from 5 weeks to under a day
    -Chose Matillion, Snowflake and Looker to complete their data tech stack
    -Overcame internal and external challenges and how to address them quickly
  • Moving to the Cloud - Expert Tips for Selecting the Right Strategy and Tools Recorded: Dec 10 2020 42 mins
    Peter Choe, Data Practice Lead, Ippon & Shawn Johnson, Solution Architect, Matillion
    To handle the scale and speed of 24/7 data operations, businesses are increasingly turning to the cloud. According to Gartner, "By 2022, 75% of all databases will be deployed or migrated to a cloud platform.” Join Ippon and Matillion to hear our cloud data experts share best practices for setting your strategy and selecting partners and solutions that work for you now -- and carry you into the future.

    You’ll learn:
    - How to determine your approach and solidify your strategy for a scalable cloud data architecture
    - Methods for right-sizing your initial cloud data migration project to deliver fast business value
    - The solutions and tools such as Snowflake and Matillion ETL that are available to help you streamline your cloud data model
    - The questions you should ask any partner or vendor to safeguard your deployment
  • Demystifying Cloud Data - Prove Real Business Value From Data You Already Hold Recorded: Oct 14 2020 57 mins
    Robin Meehan, Inawisdom | Ian Funnel, Matillion | Dan Shah, Matillion
    A lack of understanding around a comprehensive cloud data strategy often makes it difficult to overcome internal stakeholders’ traditional assumptions. It's commonly thought that all data migration, integration and transformation are cumbersome processes that exhaust valuable resources and are unable to scale in real-time. It's time to rethink. Prepare to learn how you can rapidly migrate to the cloud and extract and exploit the value held in your data to provide business insights that matter.

    Join Matillion and Inawisdom to hear practical, no-fluff answers to common questions like:
    - What data can I move to the cloud? Can it be added on top of my existing IT infrastructure? Why or why not?
    - What role does a push-down ELT architecture play in the success of my cloud data strategy?
    - Data-driven decisions: How can I get visibility into my business operation, reduce data latency and ensure my organization is making decisions from the most relevant, up-to-date data?
    - My data is already in the cloud, how can I quickly get business values from it and drive insights about finance, customer success, sales and marketing, and more.

    Robin Meehan, CTO at Inawisdom
    Ian Funnel, Director of Solution Architecture

    Dan Shah, Director, Consulting Partners at Matillion
  • Zero to MVP with Snowflake and Matillion Recorded: Sep 29 2020 62 mins
    Rachel Hill, Data Architect at Slalom | Arawan Gajajiva, Principal Solution Architect at Matillion
    Your Matillion server is running, your business is hungry for information, and your data team is ready to go. Now what? In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to tackle your first development iteration to accelerate success and reduce headaches. We’ll share our approach on defining MVP for your project, using common design patterns in Matillion to deliver value quickly and starting the feedback loop early for future development.

    We'll also discuss the real-world case of an ecommerce business that used Matillion and Snowflake to build a greenfield data warehouse. You’ll see why Matillion is a great choice for teams just getting started, and how the lessons learned also apply to teams transitioning to a modern data warehouse.

    Attend to learn:
    - Best practices for defining and delivering MVP (Minimal Viable Product)
    - Common patterns to process data from source to dimensional model
    - How to accelerate development and ensure consistency using job templates
    - How to automate a Snowflake development environment refresh using Matillion
  • Centralize Data From Any Source with Matillion ETL Recorded: Sep 29 2020 35 mins
    Bill Barnes, Interworks & Naval Bal, Solution Architect at Matillion
    Your business-critical data comes in all shapes and sizes–and from all different sources. If there’s a pre-built connector, that’s great. But what if there isn’t? Bringing data into your cloud data warehouse from less common sources can often be more challenging. Now, with Matillion ETL’s Create Your Own Connector feature, you can easily extract and load data from any source into your cloud data warehouse or data lake. Never ask “Is there a connector for X?” again.

    Join Interworks and Matillion for a technical session to learn how to:
    - Easily build the connectors you need and customize this feature for your unique use case
    - Leverage this feature to save an issue like a relational system being overwhelmed by reporting
    - Provide quicker ROI and remove adoption obstacles presented by various APIs with different standards
  • How A Financial Services Org is Modernizing Their Data Architecture & Team Recorded: Sep 15 2020 39 mins
    John George, Solution Principal, Slalom & Aaron Segesman, Solution Architect, Matillion
    As firms begin to embrace a modern data architecture and undertake a move to the cloud, they need to make a lot of choices: the right cloud vendor, cloud data warehouse, ETL/ELT solution, and the right systems integration partner. However, one area they often overlook is building the right Modern Data Team. How do you find the right balance of skills and technologies? In this webinar hosted by Slalom and Matillion, you will learn:

    - How to extend your current team's skills and capabilities to manage the transition and future operation of your modern data architecture environment
    - How to retain the rich subject matter expertise and substantial business logic that your team has built to date
    - Where to retool and enhance technology with automation and other modern capabilities
    - How one Financial Services client successfully modernized their data architecture and upskilled their team
  • Data Integration to Transformation: An End-to-End Approach Recorded: Aug 26 2020 34 mins
    Ed Thompson, CTO of Matillion, and Vamsee Kata, Manager of Platform Architecture & Operations at Slack
    Join Ed Thompson, CTO of Matillion, and Vamsee Kata, Manager of Platform Architecture & Operations at Slack, to learn how taking an end-to-end approach to your cloud data strategy can achieve faster business value and deliver a future-proof solution.

    We will cover:
    - How a modern data architecture and cloud-native data tools are instrumental to unlocking data and analytical insights.
    - The pros and cons of decentralizing data management and how to empower your team with the right knowledge, tools and support.
    - Slack’s real-life use case, the challenges they experienced and how they overcame them.
Data transformation for cloud data warehouses
Matillion is data transformation for cloud data warehouses. Only Matillion is purpose-built for Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery enabling businesses to achieve new levels of simplicity, speed, scale, and savings. Trusted by more than 800 companies to meet their data integration and transformation needs, Matillion products are highly rated across the AWS, GCP and Azure Marketplaces. Matillion is dual-headquartered in Manchester, UK and Denver, Colorado. Learn more about how you can unlock the potential of your data with Matillion’s cloud-based approach to data transformation.

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  • Presented by: Somesh Bahuguna, Sales Engineer, Snowflake
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