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Lyxor ETF - How did active managers do in 2020? [EN]

2020 was undeniably one of the most eventful years ever for active managers, with high volatility and returns dispersion presenting plenty of opportunities to stand out.
So how did they do? Find out by joining Lyxor ETF Research as they reveal the latest findings of Lyxor’s Active-Passive Navigator report.
Vincent Denoiseux will explore the trends that influenced market performance and alpha generation by active managers in 2020. He will:
- Review and comment on the performance of active equity and fixed income funds
- Provide a detailed analysis of active managers’ exposures
- Explain what these results mean for the active vs passive debate
Recorded Feb 4 2021 53 mins
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Presented by
Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Research & Solutions, Lyxor ETF
Presentation preview: Lyxor ETF - How did active managers do in 2020? [EN]
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  • Webcast Allocation d’Actifs – Lyxor [FR] Jun 23 2021 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Jeanne ASSERAF-BITTON, Head of Market Research – Lyxor AM
    Nos intervenants :
    - Jeanne ASSERAF-BITTON, Head of Market Research – Lyxor AM, partagera ses vues de marché et perspectives pour le prochain trimestre.
    - Amandine SABRE, Vendeur Institutionnel ETF France & Monaco
  • Le grand rendez-vous ETF avec Generali & Quantalys (FR) - 16 juin à 10h Jun 16 2021 8:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Jeremy Tubiana (Lyxor ETF) / Olivier Samain (Generali Patrimoine) / Jean-François Bay (Quantalys)
    Jérémy Tubiana Responsable vente ETF Distribution France chez Lyxor est ravi de vous retrouver le mercredi 16 juin prochain à 10h autour d’une web conférence avec la participation exeptionnelle de le Olivier Samain, Directeur de partenariats CGP chez Generali Patrimoine, Jean-François Bay, Directeur Général chez Quantalys.
    Ce sera l’occasion de vous faire découvrir les nouvelles solutions qui vous permettront au mieux d’intégrer les ETF dans vos allocations.
  • A Strategic Update on Commodity Investing Recorded: Jun 9 2021 61 mins
    Michael Haigh, Global Head of Commodities, Société Générale & Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Research & Solutions, Lyxor ETF.
    Michael will look at current market conditions for commodities and discuss:
    the drivers of the different commodity sectors; industrial metals, precious metals, energy and agriculture
    the impact of the energy transition and reflationary environment on commodity market
    before discussing if we are at the beginning of a commodities supercycle.

    Vincent will draw a landscape of Commodity investing using indices and ETFs and provide a framework to compare the efficacy of various approaches.
  • Lyxor ETF - ETFs vs Futures Recorded: Jun 8 2021 46 mins
    Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Research and Solutions, Lyxor ETF
    Investors have several options for equity index exposure without buying and managing a basket of stocks. Futures contracts have been the traditional go-to instrument, but the growing ETF market has become increasingly competitive. During this webcast, we will share the key findings of Lyxor ETF Research & Solutions “ETFs vs Futures” quarterly report. We will look at upcoming June 2021 roll costs and assess futures’ attractiveness versus ETFs.
  • Why switching to ESG corporate bonds is a natural choice Recorded: May 25 2021 50 mins
    Credit experts: Mahesh Bhimalingam & AJ Lindeman, Bloomberg and Philippe Baché, Lyxor ETF
    Bloomberg and Lyxor ETF are delighted to co-host this 30-minute webcast on the outlook for corporate bonds as the global economy recovers and why investing in them sustainably could help secure a brighter financial future for those you advise and those you love.

    Topics will include:
    o Reaching for high yield – credit market outlook
    o Reducing risk responsibly – the ESG factor in corporate bonds
    o Switching to ESG credit – a natural choice

    It’s a unique chance for you to hear from experts in credit markets, indexing and ESG, and to put your questions to them in a live and interactive Q&A.

    Mahesh Bhimalingam, Chief European Credit Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence
    AJ Lindeman is Head of Index and ESG Quant Research at Bloomberg L.P
    Philippe Baché, Head of Fixed Income at Lyxor ETF

    Moderator : Vincenzo Saccente, Head of Sales, Lyxor ETF Italy
  • Webcast Gestion Active/Passive Q1 2021 – Lyxor ETF Recorded: May 20 2021 60 mins
    Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Research and Solutions chez Lyxor
    Nos intervenants :
    - Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Research and Solutions, partagera son analyse récente des flux ETF et fonds et présentera les principales conclusions de la recherche Lyxor ETF sur la gestion Active vs Passive.
    - Julien Vendittelli, Vendeur Institutionnel ETF - France & Suisse Francophone chez Lyxor
  • Active vs passive Recorded: May 19 2021 68 mins
    Vincent Denoiseux: Lyxor ETF, Head of ETF Research and Solutions and Samit Patel, Head of UK Wealth and Distribution
  • The case for de-carbonising your portfolios Recorded: Mar 11 2021 59 mins
    Jaspreet Duhra, Head of EMEA ESG Indices, S&P Dow Jones Indices. Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Research and Solutions at Lyx
    The urgent threat of global warming needs immediate action. Globally, we need to shift to a greener economy requiring disruptive policy changes and billions in investments. As investors, we still have the power to change the world by helping to shift trillions of dollars towards climate-friendly investments.
  • Lyxor ETF Beyond Tesla: Why it takes more than EVs to power Future Mobility [EN] Recorded: Feb 10 2021 61 mins
    Lukas Neckermann, MD at Neckermann Strategic Advisors - Neeraj Kumar, Executive Director at MSCI
    "In many ways, 2020 was a breakthrough year for Electric Vehicles. But while EVs are an essential driving force for the future of mobility, there’s more to the headlines than meets the eye. Battery manufacturers, passenger and freight transport, shared mobility and self-driving tech all have a part to play.

    To help your investments stay one step ahead of this accelerating megatrend, this interactive webcast on Future Mobility will feature:
    • A snapshot on the rapid growth of Thematic funds and ETFs, by Lyxor
    • An update on how the EV sector fits into the broader mobility ecosystem, by author and smart mobility strategist Lukas Neckermann
    • An explainer on how the index underlying our Future Mobility ETF captures the theme in a targeted way, by MSCI"
  • How to build an ESG portfolio around your goals [EN] Recorded: Dec 16 2020 52 mins
    Antonio Celeste, ESG Product Specialist, Lyxor ETF Daniel Dornel, ETF Research & Solutions Analyst, Lyxor ETF
    With ESG going mainstream and so many funds to choose from, we often get asked how to navigate the various options available, and what ESG integration in portfolios actually looks like in practice. Join us in our next webcast on ESG investing using ETFs as we tackle this question. Lyxor ETF’s experts will address the following topics:
    -Why ETFs and ESG are a perfect match
    -The latest sustainable ETF market trends
    -Understanding ESG outcomes and indices
    -How ESG impacts risk and returns
    -How to effectively integrate ESG into your portfolio
  • Webcast Allocation d’Actifs – Lyxor ETF [FR] Recorded: Dec 15 2020 73 mins
    Jeanne ASSERAF-BITTON, Head of Market Research – Lyxor AM
    Webcast of Investment Strategy, presented by Lyxor AM Market Research.
  • ETFs vs Futures Quarterly Analysis [EN] Recorded: Nov 25 2020 57 mins
    Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Research, Lyxor ETF
    During this webcast and thanks to an in-depth database of futures’ Cost of Financing, Lyxor ETF Research will draw a comprehensive analysis of the compared performances of ETF and Futures, and provide early insights about the upcoming end of December futures roll.
  • Lyxor Active / Passive Navigator [EN] Recorded: Nov 20 2020 47 mins
    Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Research, Lyxor ETF
    Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Research Solutions at Lyxor will present the results of the latest release of the Active vs. Passive Navigator (with data as at September 2020) covering an in-depth analysis of active vs passive funds’ performance and flows.
  • Webcast Gestion Active/Passive – Lyxor ETF [FR] Recorded: Nov 19 2020 60 mins
    Vincent Denoiseux , Head of ETF Research and Solutions – Lyxor ETF
    Nos intervenants :
    - Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Research and Solutions, partagera son analyse récente des flux ETF et fonds et présentera les principales conclusions de la recherche Lyxor ETF sur la gestion Active vs Passive.
    - Jeremy Tubiana, Responsable Vente ETF Distribution France, Lyxor ETF.
  • Lyxor's Climate Investing Masterclass Highlight - Q&A Session [EN] Recorded: Nov 12 2020 8 mins
    Jaspreet Durhra, Veronique Menou, Francois Milet, Sean Kidney, Nico Fettes Sara Lovisolo and Jason Hickel
    Hear Lyxor and the Climate Experts Respond to Questions Posed by Your Peers
  • Lyxor's Climate Highlights - Climate Transition & Paris Benchmarks EN Recorded: Nov 12 2020 22 mins
    Jaspreet Durhra - Head of EMEA ESG Indices, Veronique Menou - Head of ESG Indexes EMEA, Francois Milet - Head of Strateg
    Panel Discussion on Portfolio Temperature and Climate Indices with Jaspreet Durhra, Veronique Menou and Francois Milet
  • Lyxor's Climate Investing Highlight - How Investors Can Do their Bit? [EN] Recorded: Nov 11 2020 17 mins
    Sean Kidney - CEO Climate Bonds Initiative, Nico Fettes - Head of Capital Markets, Sara Lovisolo - Sustainability Manager LSE
    Panel Discussion on the Role of Investors with Sean Kidney, Nico Fettes and Sara Lovisolo
  • Lyxor's Climate Investing Highlight - How Can We Bring About Change? [EN] Recorded: Nov 11 2020 9 mins
    Dr. Jason Hickel - Economic Anthropologist, Author and a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts
    Keynote Speech by Jason Hickel: Getting to 1.5°C and the Societal Impact of Inaction.
  • Lyxor's Climate Investing Masterclass - How ETFs can help limit global warming Recorded: Oct 13 2020 77 mins
    Dr. Jason Hickel, Nico Fettes, Sean Kidney, Sara Lovisolo, Jaspreet Duhra, Veronique Menou, Francois Millet
    The 2015 Paris Agreement committed 200+ countries to radical, measurable and meaningful changes to their emissions and climate policies, but we can do more to limit global warming.
    At Lyxor ETF, we believe finance can change the world for the better. That's why on 13 October we're bringing Europe's top experts on climate regulation, indexing and finance together for a 60-minute virtual masterclass to explain how investors have the power to change the world by mobilising their capital and shifting the trillions into climate-friendly investments.
    This event is for professional clients or qualified investors only.
  • Inflation Update Lyxor ETF and Jorge Garayo, Strategy at Société Générale Recorded: Sep 30 2020 75 mins
    Jorge Garayo, Global Head of Inflation Strategy at Société Générale
    Jorge will deliver a presentation on global inflation along with a discussion on how investors can protect themselves with a focus on Fed’s recent shift towards average inflation targets and what it means for the inflation linked market. You will also hear an update from Lyxor on their range of inflation linked ETFs.
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  • Title: Lyxor ETF - How did active managers do in 2020? [EN]
  • Live at: Feb 4 2021 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Research & Solutions, Lyxor ETF
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