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Adapt to Long-Term Remote Work with Adaptive Access Policies

At this point, companies have successfully implemented short-term remote work solutions, but are you prepared for the long term? One of the biggest challenges of a decentralised workforce is ensuring you empower employees with the tools they need to get their jobs done.

Join this webinar to learn how to:

Mitigate remote access risks
Shift your security perimeter to protect access to all resources—from VPNs, to cloud and on-prem apps, to servers and APIs
Ensure employees stay productive remotely by securing access via multi-factor authentication, adaptive access policies, and other collaboration tools that you can integrate with Okta
Recorded Mar 2 2021 46 mins
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Presented by
Teju Shyamsundar, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Okta
Presentation preview: Adapt to Long-Term Remote Work with Adaptive Access Policies

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  • The Keys to Decentralised Identity May 20 2021 2:00 pm UTC 33 mins
    Jared Hanson
    Identity is key to everything we do in a digital world: from online banking to your favorite streaming services to your workplace apps, it serves as the core of your interactions with digital systems. Decentralized identity puts control of that digital ID in the hands of the individual, replacing traditional identifiers like usernames with IDs that are self-owned and independent – but delivering on this promise is easier said than done. In this session, we'll break down what decentralized identity is, the potential technologies that can help deliver on it, and the challenges that must be overcome to achieve it.
  • Future of Digital ID Panel May 20 2021 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Giulio Coppi, Dakota Gruener, Amy Paul, Adam Rosenzweig, Safia Verjee
    Identity is increasingly central to all aspects of modern life, yet more than one billion people lack verifiable or useful identification. Amidst all the challenges and opportunities presented by this gap, one thing is certain: digital identity will either solve this growing disparity or be defined by it. This session will illuminate some of the pressing issues and inspiring developments that are shaping the future of digital identity.
  • Rethinking the Role of Active Directory May 20 2021 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Aaron Finnis, Gary Mayden, Snegha Ramnarayanan, Scott Reimert
    Reducing reliance on Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is a daunting, but rewarding task. In this session, we present a framework customers can leverage to overcome this modern challenge, alongside organizations that are already on their Rethink AD journey. Learn how they got there, their tips & tricks, as wells as the benefits they're seeing today.
  • Even Cloud-first Companies Need to Protect On-prem Applications May 20 2021 10:00 am UTC 34 mins
    Niro Cantillo, Kami Paulsen
    Join us to learn how Avery Dennison enabled thousands of users with simple, secure access to hundreds of apps with Okta Access Gateway. With this move, Avery Dennison was able to accelerate end-user productivity while improving the security posture of the organization, and reduce costs.
  • Future of Passwordless May 20 2021 9:00 am UTC 39 mins
    Nebi Bekiri, Sean Ryan, David Snyder, Kelsey van Haaster
    It’s no secret that we’d all like to be rid of the password once and for all -- both from a usability and a security standpoint. But how/when could we reach that future? And, in the near term, how are leading organizations balancing seamless access and protecting their business? Join us in a discussion on the challenges, opportunities and best practices toward reaching a passwordless future with leading security and IT executives from USA Today and Green Climate Fund, moderated by featured guest Sean Ryan of Forrester.
  • Moving the Zero Trust Maturity Needle May 20 2021 8:00 am UTC 44 mins
    James Reilly, Aparna Roy
    After moving from a fragmented identity strategy to full contextual access with implementation of Okta MFA across all staff, the University of Newcastle has a new way of thinking about their identity strategy putting security at the center of the user experience journey. Join us to hear how one of Australia's leading universities partnered with Okta's Customer First team to successfully move the Zero Trust maturity needle from fragmented to full contextual access.
  • Remote Work Panel May 19 2021 1:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    Joyce O'Connor, Rick Paturzo, Craig Perrett, Adrianne Ward
    Every organization had to adapt their business in 2020. Those that leaned into the Zero Trust security model and broad cloud adoption were rewarded with a more secure and agile workforce. Learn how these companies quickly adapted to the new normal of working from home quickly and securely with Okta. Hear about best practices, learning, and challenges as they moved to a more remote workforce and learn what their long term strategy is for securing their users.
  • Post-pandemic IT: Strategies for 2021 and Beyond May 19 2021 12:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    Frederico Hakamine, Molly He
    COVID-19 accelerated IT modernization whether you were ready or not. With the rise of remote work and shifting expectations from employees and customers, IT must future-proof solutions to boost productivity and agility while ensuring security. In this presentation, we will talk through the lasting effects of decentralized work and IT strategies to position your organization for long-term success in the new normal.
  • SaaS at Scale: How Best-of-Breed Tools Drive Employee Focus and Productivity May 19 2021 10:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Matt Egan, Sylvie Veilleux
    SaaS applications accelerate innovation by enabling anytime, anywhere work, but ease of purchase and resultant proliferation within an organization can be a huge challenge for IT. For Sylvie Veilleux, CIO at Dropbox, managing best-of-breed SaaS at Scale is a strategic priority. To effectively harness 100s of SaaS applications being used, her team needs to manage security, optimize costs and operationalize administration in a quest to foster employee collaboration and productivity in a distributed environment. Okta and Productiv are key partners that enable Dropbox to manage risk and enhance employee experience as Dropbox operationalizes SaaS at scale. Join this session and learn: How to enable your business to maximize the value from your SaaS applications? How best-of-breed SaaS helps accelerate employee collaboration and productivity? How to take a data-driven approach to curate your app portfolio as new apps are constantly being introduced, by combining Okta login data with SaaS application engagement data? How to manage security and risk associated with SaaS by driving adoption of Okta SSO integrated applications and getting visibility into compliance?

    Sponsored by Productiv
  • Bridging Privacy and Security via SSO May 19 2021 9:00 am UTC 34 mins
    Daniel Barber, Sarah Gatti, Prakash Kewalramani
    A privacy program is only as good as its data discovery. With an increased focus on privacy from Europe's GDPR, California's CCPA and CPRA, and Nevada's SB220, companies are seeking ways to ensure their privacy programs are scalable, automated, and secure. Learn how privacy and security teams can leverage SSO to build their privacy programs and create trusted platforms across all customers.

    Sponsored by DataGrail
  • CxO Therapy Panel May 19 2021 8:00 am UTC 44 mins
    Pedro Agosto, Joyce Edson, Sean Frazier, John Kindervag
    Raise your hand if your job as a Security & Operations leader was hard before 2020. Okay, now raise your hand if your job got a LOT harder in 2020. You can put your hands down everybody, we feel you. Join our panel discussion at Oktane where some of your peers let it out, sharing some of the newer challenges that have emerged in recent times with advice on how best to cope. After all, who couldn't use a little therapy session every now and then?
  • Roadmap: The Future of Customer Identity May 18 2021 1:00 pm UTC 34 mins
    Levent Besik, Yuliya Gorbunova, Jiong Liu, Payal Pan
    Join Okta’s customer identity product leaders for a session on Okta’s CIAM vision and roadmap. Learn how Okta’s CIAM roadmap will help organizations accelerate growth and innovation with modern customer experiences while meeting the scale, security, trust and integration requirements critical to digital transformations.
  • Lifecycle Management 101 May 18 2021 12:00 pm UTC 38 mins
    Alyssa Huitema, Chris Warnick, John Yape
    Is managing your users' lifecycles challenging? Do you rely on scripts, manual processes, and tickets? In this session, we cover the basics of lifecycle management and discuss useful features in the Okta Lifecycle Management product. Specifically, we address how to integrate authoritative sources and automate onboarding/offboarding. We'll show a demo of Lifecycle Management and hear from John Yape of Tegna, an Okta customer, about how they use the technology.
  • Customer Identity Workflows 101 May 18 2021 10:00 am UTC 26 mins
    Danielle Kucera, David Shackelford
    Learn about Customer Identity Workflows functionality that's launching this week, as well as what's planned for the future. We'll be covering new use cases, connectors, pricing, and platform improvements that will make your entire Okta Workflows experience better. We'll also be digging into the biggest learnings from our customers during our Early Adopter Program and what's in store for the near-term roadmap.
  • Customer Identity Workflows in Practice with Bain & Company May 18 2021 9:00 am UTC 39 mins
    Christine Kirsten, Ajay Seetharam
    Learn about how Bain & Company reduced manual toil and custom code by connecting Okta to their marketing automation stack via Okta Workflows. We'll also dig into how they're planning to use the product in the future to cover use cases like privacy and consent management.
  • Enabling Trusted Digital Experiences with a Unified Identity May 18 2021 8:00 am UTC 36 mins
    Christie Gifrin, Mike Towers
    Building seamless digital experiences in organizations with multiple brands and subsidiaries is challenging–but with a single, global identity organizations can create the secure, consistent and personalized experiences customers expect. This session will cover how Okta can serve as the platform for a global identity and how technology leaders at Takeda, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, are using Okta as the foundation for the “Takeda ID”, allowing patients, physicians, and caregivers to seamlessly access a multitude of services across brands with ease and confidence.
  • IAM Transformation Journey Panel Recorded: May 17 2021 32 mins
    Rajnish Bhatia
    Join PwC for an engaging panel discussion with Comcast and Baker Hughes IAM leaders to learn from their IAM Transformation programs and Identity Journey with Okta, how to enable business and improve overall security posture.

    Sponsored by PwC
  • Roadmap: Managing Device-based Access Recorded: May 17 2021 39 mins
    Ankit Garg, Sai Maddali, Teju Shyamsundar, Emanuele Sparvoli
    Devices have become a critical part of any modern organization's Identity and Access Management strategy. From managing a BYOD policy to supporting partners and contractors, to adopting MacBooks and new platforms, the growing number of devices has increased the attack surface for IT to manage. At the same time, devices also enable new opportunities to leverage device context for more secure authentication and better user experiences. Come hear our product team discuss deployment tips for exciting new features like Device Visibility, passwordless using Okta FastPass, and integrations with endpoint security vendors. And, learn about the core investments we continue to make in device identity, elevating devices to become a first-class citizen in the Okta Identity Cloud.
  • Roadmap: Directories Recorded: May 17 2021 37 mins
    Kristina Cosgrave, Vijay Pitchumani, Tim Yeh
    A modern enterprise directory is essential for organizations looking to move to the cloud. Continuing to use legacy directories to manage access in the midst of digital transformation has inherent limitations. In this session, we’ll share Okta’s vision for the modern enterprise directory and provide insights into the investments we’ve made to help customers move further along in their cloud journey.
  • Supercharge Your Growth: Building a Future-Proof Identity Solution Recorded: May 17 2021 24 mins
    Frank Dijkstra, Herman Schouten
    As your company grows and evolves, you need an identity solution that can keep up. Pon is a global company with over 80 companies spanning across 130 countries with an aggressive M&A strategy, which means they needed a secure, scalable, flexible, and independent identity solution that could evolve with their dynamic IT landscape. During this session, Pon shares why they chose Okta as their "future-proof" identity solution, some lessons learned during their implementation, current challenges, and what they have planned in the future.
The Identity Standard
The most complete access management platform for your workforce and customers, securing all your critical resources from cloud to ground.

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  • Title: Adapt to Long-Term Remote Work with Adaptive Access Policies
  • Live at: Mar 2 2021 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Teju Shyamsundar, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Okta
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