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Bridging Privacy and Security via SSO

A privacy program is only as good as its data discovery. With an increased focus on privacy from Europe's GDPR, California's CCPA and CPRA, and Nevada's SB220, companies are seeking ways to ensure their privacy programs are scalable, automated, and secure. Learn how privacy and security teams can leverage SSO to build their privacy programs and create trusted platforms across all customers.

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Recorded Jul 7 2021 33 mins
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Presented by
Daniel Barber, Sarah Gatti, Prakash Kewalramani
Presentation preview: Bridging Privacy and Security via SSO

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  • Fight Identity Attacks with Risk-Based Authentication Recorded: Sep 22 2021 29 mins
    Swaroop Sham
    Traditional authentication is limiting and cumbersome. Worse still, traditional authentication mechanisms allow attackers to easily bypass controls and gain access to accounts. In this webinar, we will explore modern authentication architectures and the role of risk-based authentication.

    Join this session to:

    Understand the role and limitations of traditional authentication.
    Get a deep dive into security frameworks like CARTA and how newer authentication techniques can secure users.
    Understand how risk-based authentication augments your identity security strategy.
    Learn how to integrate behavioral signals into your security strategy.
  • Okta Advanced Server Access for Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Recorded: Sep 21 2021 68 mins
    Ben Sabrin & Ivan Dwyer
    Okta Advanced Server Access helps enable velocity at scale.

    In this on-demand webinar, VP of Security Sales Ben Sabrin and Product Marketing Manger Ivan Dwyer discussed how to automate key IAM controls across fleets of dynamic, multi-cloud infrastructure, removing pesky barriers to your DevOps programs.

    Topics covered include:

    An introduction to the Cloud Operating Model
    Deep dive into the Okta Advanced Server Access product
    Best practices for injecting IAM into your infrastructure automation
  • How to Stay Securely Connected with a Remote/Mobile Workforce Recorded: Sep 16 2021 49 mins
    Mark Forreider & Jay Klauser
    Today’s State & Local Government IT Leaders have challenges around keeping their highly mobile utility, parks, police, paramedics, airports, social workers, and public safety personnel authenticated and connected to their critical applications.

    NetMotion's Jay Klauser, VP of Sales Engineering & Alliances and Okta’s Mark Forreider, Sr. Manager, State & Local Government Solutions Engineering discuss the most compelling use cases for NetMotion + Okta integration.

    If your organization is currently leveraging Okta or NetMotion or is interested in doing so, watch this webcast to learn more about how you can take advantage of the power of these two solutions.
  • Best of Oktane21 Webinar Recorded: Sep 15 2021 20 mins
    Okta Product Marketing Team
    In this webinar, we’ll cover the latest announcements and advancements from Oktane21, our virtual user conference.

    Take a deep dive into our latest products and features and learn how to leverage them to achieve identity-driven security and productivity in your organisation.

    What will be covered in this webinar:

    Okta’s Zero Trust approach to Privileged Access Management
    Okta’s modern approach to Identity Governance for all users
    Developer experience enhancements to secure your apps faster
    New integrations to automate customer identity workflows and deliver continuous authentication decisions
    Live Q&A
  • IDG and Okta: How Identity-Focused Security Can Drive Digital Business Recorded: Sep 14 2021 10 mins
    Alongside the rise in remote work, there’s been a staggering increase in security threats, in particular account takeover (ATO) attacks. Even minor incidents can threaten monetary loss, chargebacks, regulatory fines, and reputation loss. Many organizations see the looming threat that ATO attacks pose to their business, but don’t understand the most important place to start for prevention: identity security.

    Watch this 10-minute webinar with IDG and Okta, where you’ll learn:

    Why identity-focused security is a critical element in driving digital business
    Survey insights on global IT leaders’ identity and access management objectives, practices, and challenges
    The perceived threat of account takeover attacks and methods of prevention
  • Securely Delight Your Customers with Okta Devices Recorded: Sep 14 2021 33 mins
    Tanvir Ahmed, Aakash Mehta
    As the world increases towards a mobile-centric digital landscape, providing differentiated security and user experience across mobile and digital channels is pivotal. In this session, we will explore End to End Device use-cases using Okta devices SDK, API, Device Grant Flow story touching upon how Okta enables you to securely authenticate/transact on various devices. We plan to also touch upon some of the upcoming work for the SDK, Transactional MFA etc. We hope customers get a good understanding of how to leverage Okta in their overall CIAM unmanaged device strategy. This session will likely include a MVP demo using the devices SDK.
  • Roadmap: Investing in the Future of Okta’s Admin and End-User Experience Recorded: Sep 13 2021 31 mins
    Jack Hirsch, Katie Le, Beth Wang
    At Okta we strive to build powerful products that simplify the complexity of managing identities, while providing end-users with elegant, valuable experiences. Join us to learn Okta’s approach to providing next-generation capabilities and insights through an exploration of recently released features, what’s coming next, and our vision for the future of IAM experiences.
  • Closing keynote: The Stewards of Trust Recorded: Sep 9 2021 22 mins
    Todd McKinnon, CEO and Co-founder, Okta
    Okta is passionate about identity and trust. We see ourselves as stewards of trust. Todd McKinnon will speak about the future of identity and how zero trust security doesn’t have to mean a zero trust society.
  • Building Trust Through Technology Recorded: Sep 9 2021 15 mins
    Yves Couturier, Director of Information Systems, Croix-Rouge Française Yasmine Abbas, Senior Customer Success Manager, Okta
    Croix-Rouge Française needs to enable employees and volunteers and empower them them to work with autonomy. In this session, Yves will talk about how he worked with Okta to enable Croix-Rouge’s humanitarian work with cloud-based collaboration.
  • Key Trends Driving Customer Identity Recorded: Sep 9 2021 21 mins
    Jiong Liu, Director, Product Marketing - Customer Identity, Okta
    Customers today increasingly expect more refined standards of service. Discover how organisations can provide the right balance of usability and security to drive engagement, deliver better security outcomes, safeguard user privacy and manage complexity.
  • The Future CIO: From Crisis Management to Enabling the Future Enterprise Recorded: Sep 9 2021 21 mins
    Duncan Brown, VP of Enterprise Research Europe, IDC
    The pandemic provides a new opportunity for tech leaders to position IT as core to the business. The short-term focus is to orchestrate the digital dream team, the long term one is a move towards the Future Enterprise. Find out why secure, seamless customer experiences are at the top of the agenda.
  • Vistra and Okta: A Customer Perspective Recorded: Sep 8 2021 21 mins
    Reem Zahran, Chief Information Officer, Vistra
    Over the past year the modern workforce has experienced change on an unseen scale as a result of the global pandemic. For both employers and employees, this new workforce freedom comes with greater responsibilities for organisations to trust their remote end users. Reem Zahran talks to David McClelland about how Vistra is enhancing security and providing the workforce with frictionless, user-friendly experiences.
  • The Future of Work is Anywhere Recorded: Sep 8 2021 18 mins
    Ian Lowe, Director of Solutions Marketing, EMEA, Okta
    One year on since COVID disrupted our lives, how has it changed the way we work? We look at how trust has evolved between employers and employees, and how with a cloud-based identity management solution, organisations can trust their people to work anywhere.
  • ITV and Okta: A Customer Perspective Recorded: Sep 8 2021 33 mins
    Liz Cocker, Identity Service Manager, ITV
    Trust in cloud technologies have never been higher, but the reality for most enterprises is that Hybrid IT is the foreseeable future. Liz Cocker talks to David McClelland about her vision for identity at ITV and the role it plays in a hybrid world.
  • The Future of Trust in the New Security Culture Recorded: Sep 7 2021 20 mins
    Derek Gordon, Director, Cyber Security, PwC
    How is trust transforming business? What does end-to-end trust look like? Discover how creating a new security culture can power the transition to a more fluid working culture – and the key role played by the Digital Trust Officer.
  • Opening keynote: The Economy of Trust Recorded: Sep 7 2021 35 mins
    Philipp Diekhöner, Global Innovation and Trust Pioneer
    Philipp kicks off our agenda by discussing how we would embrace technology to build a trusted society of the future.
  • Security Benefits Integrating Identity with Detection and Response Recorded: Sep 3 2021 29 mins
    Lital Asher - Dotan
    Identity plays a central role in cyber attacks, and it offers a window of opportunity for organizations to detect and respond to security incidents in a timely manner. But finding attacks based on authentication data is hard: it requires knowledge, context, the ability to link authentication data to insight from other security and IT tools, and the ability to sort through mountains of false alerts. Extended Detection and Response - XDR - is an emerging security capability that was developed to connect data from multiple sources and apply out of the box detection and response modules to help security teams effectively identify and stop attacks.
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About OAuth and OIDC Recorded: Sep 3 2021 34 mins
    Aaron Parecki
    In this session, Aaron Parecki, author of OAuth 2.0 Simplified and co-editor of the in-progress OAuth 2.1 spec, will cover the basics of the OAuth and OpenID Connect protocols. You’ll learn about when you’d want to use OAuth or OpenID Connect (or both!), when to use each of the grant types, and how to use OAuth and OpenID Connect securely from mobile applications. Aaron also covers the latest best practices around OAuth security currently in development by the group. You'll also learn about the upcoming OAuth 2.1 update and what it means for you and your applications. You'll learn how to use JWT access tokens and the tradeoffs that come with them, how to design scopes that allow granular access to various parts of your backend services, and how to design a microservices architecture protected by OAuth at a gateway.
  • Investing in Identity: Themes and Trends for the Year Ahead Recorded: Sep 2 2021 42 mins
    Monty Gray, Yodfat Harel Buchris, Xuezhao Lan, Miki Reynolds
    Join leaders in venture capital as they discuss new trends in identity, privacy, and security investing.
  • Everything You Want to Know About WebAuthn Recorded: Sep 2 2021 25 mins
    Kelley Robinson
    Authentication is a sneaky problem - the most secure options don't usually have widespread adoption, especially among consumer applications. But what if we could fix that? Narrator: we can. WebAuthn is a somewhat new authentication standard that uses our everyday devices like phones and computers and turns them into phishing-resistant security keys. It almost sounds too good to be true. This talk will dig into how the technology works, when you can and should use it, and how to get started. We'll dig into why this isn't widely adopted yet and if or when we can expect it to be. You'll walk away with a better understanding of a new authentication channel and possibly some hope for a more secure future.
The Identity Standard
The most complete access management platform for your workforce and customers, securing all your critical resources from cloud to ground.

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  • Title: Bridging Privacy and Security via SSO
  • Live at: Jul 7 2021 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Daniel Barber, Sarah Gatti, Prakash Kewalramani
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