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Über die Technologie hinaus - die Notwendigkeit der Talentverwaltung

Die ständig wachsende Bedeutung der Digitaltechnik in Unternehmen schafft neue Funktionen und stellt neue Anforderungen an das Können. Unternehmen, denen es nicht gelingt, eine Belegschaft aufzubauen, die den ständigen Wandel aushält, geraten ins Hintertreffen. In diesem Gespräch gehen wir der Frage auf den Grund, wie man Fähigkeiten für die digitale Ära umformt und Verhaltensweisen ablegt, die nicht mehr zielführend sind.
Recorded May 22 2020 15 mins
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Presented by
Matthew Burrows President, SkillTx & Suzanne van Hove CEO & Owner, SED-IT
Presentation preview: Über die Technologie hinaus - die Notwendigkeit der Talentverwaltung

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  • Refresh: Future-proofing Service Management- Lessons learned and the way forward Dec 7 2020 10:00 am UTC 24 mins
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    2) As a primary goal of Business Continuity, how to continue operating efficiently within a reasonably short period.
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    3) How Dwyer Instruments could successfully embrace digital Transformation in partnership with Freshservice.
  • Refresh: Enterprise Service Management at scale Dec 5 2020 10:00 am UTC 37 mins
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    2) How IT teams can develop and deploy enterprise service management at scale.
  • Refresh: Powerschool - Improving Employee Experience. Dec 3 2020 7:00 pm UTC 39 mins
    Volker Otto-VP, IT, Powerschool Andrew Cattermole- Customer Success Manager, Freshworks
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    1) PowerSchool's relentless drive to improve its IT user experience.
    2) how Powerschool, the world's leader in K-12 software built a Freshservice help desk that the whole company can use to deliver a fantastic employee experience.
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    Tim Guilder - Technology Manager, ITV | Sunny Singh - Field Marketing Manager UK&I F, Freshworks
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    1) Why ITV felt the need to have a modern, out-of-the-box, cloud-based service desk to provide exceptional IT support.
    2) How ITV could streamline their IT strategy in partnership with Freshservice to create exceptional employee experiences through digital and physical platforms.
  • Refresh: RingCentral: Building a foundation for the Future Dec 1 2020 7:00 pm UTC 25 mins
    Fred Chin - Senior Director, End User Services, Ring Central Andrew Cattermole - Customer Success Manager, Freshworks
    Session abstract:
    A successful ITSM implementation is built with the future in mind. Join our discussion as RingCentral, the world's leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions, sits down with Freshservice to

    1) Discover RingCentral’s implementation from a legacy provider to Freshservice.
    2) How Freshservice delivered unparalleled time-to-value that was key to RingCentral’s success.
  • Tech Tuesdays Episode 5:Dynamics of IT in healthcare: A COVID-19 impact analysis Dec 1 2020 5:00 pm UTC 28 mins
    Chris Kuhl & Jennifer Lucas, Dayton Children’s Hospital | Joy Su, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Freshworks
    What is the impact of the pandemic on IT teams in healthcare? Know best practices from Dayton Children’s Hospital on delivering reliable, fast and secure services in high-pressure situations.
    1. Impact of COVID-19
    2. Pandemic lessons
    3. Best practices for reliable service delivery
  • Refresh: Scripting service management success - Insights from Elsevier Dec 1 2020 10:00 am UTC 19 mins
    Kevin Tomes - Service Assurance Manager, Elsevier | Angélica Reyes - Head of Marketing Europe & UK, Freshworks
    Session Abstract:
    In this session, get insights on
    1) Elsevier’s lookout for a solution that would align with their ambitious objectives and keep pace with their rapid internal expansion.
    2) How Elsevier embraced Digital Transformation with a cloud-first approach to its IT services & operations
    3) With Freshworks’ Direct Partnership Model, how Elsevier’s IT team operated at an unparalleled scale, speed and efficiency.
  • Refresh: How Freshservice has helped Stitch Fix in its journey Recorded: Nov 29 2020 15 mins
    Ravindra Sunku - Director of IT, Stitch Fix | Miguel Adao - Head of Marketing, North America, Freshworks
    Session abstract:
    Join this session to get insights on
    1) How Freshservice won the right to become Stitch Fix's ITSM solution a few years ago.
    2) Why Stitch chose Freshservice to be the important building block of their vision for the IT department.
    3) And, how Freshservice is supporting/enabling several different functions, including Facilities, HR, Security/Incident Management, Vendor Reviews, Engineering etc.
  • Tech Tuesdays Episode 4: How IT Teams Can Make 'Return-To-Work' Safer & Better Recorded: Nov 24 2020 20 mins
    Joy Su, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Freshworks | Nicholas Jager Director, Digital Technology & Cloud, itSMF USA
    Uncertain about returning to work? In this session, we discuss a three-prong approach that IT teams can take to ensure a safer and superior return-to-work experience.
    Key themes:
    1. The workplace limbo
    2. Three-fold thought to return to work
    3. Technology solutions to consider
  • Tech Tuesdays Episode 3: The Big Shift In IT Asset Management Recorded: Nov 17 2020 17 mins
    Joy Su, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Freshworks | Jason Lomax VP, Global Customer Support, Device42
    The sudden shift to remote work has obliged 100% of employees to work from home. As flexibility & access become the game's name, learn how the cloud can help you win at it.

    In this session, we discuss the big shift in IT asset management courtesy, remote work.
    Key themes:
    1. The big shift and the challenges
    2. Devices that employees took home
    3. Huge number of unused devices in the office
  • Tech Tuesdays Episode 2: Right-Size AI For IT Service Management Recorded: Nov 10 2020 17 mins
    Joy Su, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Freshworks | Chad Haftorson, Senior Director of Product Management, Freshworks
    Right-Size AI For IT Service Management

    According to Gartner, there is a 270% increase in the number of enterprises implementing AI in the last four years.

    In this session, we separate real from the hype when it comes to AI in ITSM.
    Key themes:
    1. Right-sizing the employee experience with AI
    2. Current trends
    3. Optimize employee experience with AI
  • Tech Tuesdays Episode 1: Optimize IT Operations for the Next Normal Recorded: Nov 3 2020 29 mins
    Chad Kalmes, Pagerduty | Joy Su, Freshworks | Ankur Gakkhar, Freshworks
    Optimize IT Operations For The Next Normal
    Gartner, the leading global research firm says, "If the digital business systems fail, the impacts are immediate and have far-fetching implications for the organization's reputation beyond customer satisfaction."
    In this session, we go behind-the-scenes to learn how to optimize service operations for COVID-19 & beyond. Know the latest & greatest in IT operations management.

    Presented by Chad Kalmes, Technology Operations Advisor, Pagerduty | Joy Su, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Freshworks | Ankur Gakkhar, Senior Product Manager, Freshworks
  • Make IT Easy: Employee Engagement Insights for Technology Leaders Recorded: Oct 29 2020 71 mins
    Simon Johnson, General Manager, Freshworks, Deborah Burton, CEO Instruqt, Les Sweetman, Regional Director, IT at NHS England
    91% of respondents from our Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey said that employees have higher expectations for technology than they had a decade ago. As employee expectations for smart, easy-to-use technology rise, it’s critical for you, as an IT leader, to take another look at your tech strategy.

    In this session, you will:
    - Gain new perspectives from leading, fellow IT leaders on how they leverage technology to enable employee engagement
    - Build employee engagement initiatives that go on to become your competitive advantage
    - Understand common employee engagement hurdles that hinder employee satisfaction
  • How IT Can Enable and Drive Employee Engagement - APAC Region Recorded: Oct 29 2020 66 mins
    Suman Debnath, Principal Developer Advocate, AWS & Arun Attri, VP-IT, Wonder Cement LTD
    82% of the executives surveyed by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services say that employees' happiness on the job is significantly impacted by how well their workplace technology performs.

    Why Attend?

    1) Experts take on how to leverage technology to enable employee engagement to build competitive advantage
    2) Insights on measuring employee engagement & creating an engaged workforce
    3) Receive a complimentary copy of the research findings from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services
  • Role of IT in enabling Employee Engagement - North America Edition Recorded: Oct 28 2020 54 mins
    Robert Lyons, CTO, Katz Media Group & Prasad Ramakrishnan, CIO, Freshworks
    An exclusive webinar on findings from the latest Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report
  • Strengthening Self-Service for the New Wave of Work Recorded: Oct 21 2020 44 mins
    Mukesh Mirchandani & Jeffrey Smith
    - Understanding IT self-service in the new normal
    - Shift-left strategies to move support queries to lower support tiers
    - Optimizing support for successful remote work
    - Measuring self-service success in the remote era
    - Key Takeaways
  • Realitätscheck: Die KI und ihr steigender Wert Recorded: Sep 8 2020 13 mins
    Kai Altenfelder Managing Partner, pro accessio GmbH & Co. KG & Simone Jo Moore Mixologist & Human API, SJM
    In diesem Gespräch räumen wir mit einigen der Erwartungen an die künstliche Intelligenz (KI) auf. Es wird weiterhin fortlaufend darüber debattiert, in welchem Ausmaß KI die Rolle von Menschen in den IT-Diensten und Operationen beeinflussen kann. Verwechseln wir vielleicht maschinelles Lernen (ML), KI und ihre Reifung? IT-Führer diskutieren über KI, denn die Kunden erwarten Service und Erfahrungen ähnlich wie diejenigen, die Alexa von Amazon, Google Home usw. bieten. Dabei geht es um die Frage: Wie kann die IT Unternehmen dabei unterstützen, wirklichen Nutzen aus der KI zu ziehen?
  • De realiteit van AI Recorded: Sep 3 2020 13 mins
    Kai Altenfelder Managing Partner, pro accessio GmbH & Co. KG & Simone Jo Moore Mixologist & Human API, SJM
    Het is tijd om de mogelijkheden en onmogelijkheden van Artificial Intelligence (AI) voor eens en voor altijd te verduidelijken. Want hoewel de discussie over de invloed van AI op de rol van mensen waarschijnlijk nog wel even aanhoudt, moeten we ons ook realiseren dat AI allang onderdeel van ons leven uitmaakt. En dus raken ook zakelijke klanten steeds meer gewend aan ervaringen zoals ze die kennen van Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, etc. En deze ervaringen verwachten ze ook op zakelijk gebied. Hoe haal je met IT al het mogelijke uit AI?
  • Maximieren Sie das Potenzial Ihrer Technologie Recorded: Sep 1 2020 11 mins
    Andrea Kis Manager, Deloitte & Tobias Nyberg Advisor & Coach, Galestro AB
    Ein großer Teil unseres Lebens ist inzwischen digital. Trotzdem müssen unsere Interaktionen über verschiedene Interaktionskanäle einfach, durchgängig und transparent bleiben. Zugleich müssen sie reich an Informationen und zugänglich sein. Dieser Aspekt bildet bereits einen beachtlichen Schwerpunkt, wenn es um den Umgang mit externen Stakeholdern geht. Wie sieht es aber mit den internen Stakeholdern aus? Schaffen wir auch für sie nahtlose Erfahrungen? In unserem Interview erfahren Sie, wie IT-Führer die Technologie nutzen, um konsumentenähnliche Erfahrungen schaffen, um die Erwartungen digital versierter Arbeitskräfte zu erfüllen.
Freshworks Inc - Channel
Freshworks Inc - Channel

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  • Title: Über die Technologie hinaus - die Notwendigkeit der Talentverwaltung
  • Live at: May 22 2020 10:50 am
  • Presented by: Matthew Burrows President, SkillTx & Suzanne van Hove CEO & Owner, SED-IT
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