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How to Unlock the Power of Data Availability with Multi-Cloud

In the old cloud model, you're forced to choose between public cloud providers and then pay to recover your data if and when you want to move it. Now your enterprise can be faster, smarter, and more efficient by enabling your data assets to be simultaneously available in multiple cloud environments.

Join the webinar to learn about:

- How multi-cloud is leveraged across industries such as Media & Entertainment, Oil & Gas, Connected Cars/Autonomous Driving, and Healthcare/Life Science

- The benefits of multi-cloud, including faster innovation, more data agility, reduced costs, and happier teams

- What’s changing in technology with moves to containers and microservices, increasing cloud adoption, a new wave of hybrid platforms, and how those changes affect multi-cloud strategies

- Future-proofing your strategy for enabling your developers and teams
Recorded Mar 25 2020 60 mins
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Presented by
Matt Wallace, CTO, Faction
Presentation preview: How to Unlock the Power of Data Availability with Multi-Cloud

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  • Cyber Resiliency - How to recover when hackers break through defenses Aug 25 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rama Kolappan, Faction’s Chief Product Officer, and Jim Shook, Dell Technologies Field CTO for Cyber Recovery
    Every 11 seconds a cyber or ransomware attack occurs1, threatening to steal or compromise a businesses’ most critical asset – their data. This can lead to lost revenue, reputational damage, and costly regulatory fines. Protecting your critical data and recovering it with validated data integrity is key to resuming normal business operations post-attack.

    Customers are looking for the cost efficiency and operational flexibility of the cloud without compromising the security, data protection, and data integrity that on-premises offers. Together, Faction and Dell Technologies deliver a secure data vault and intelligent analytics that safeguard your critical data from cyber-attacks, ransomware, and insider threats.

    Join Rama Kolappan, Faction’s Chief Product Officer, and Jim Shook, Dell Technologies Field CTO for Cyber Recovery, as they discuss how organizations are successfully leveraging Dell Technologies and Faction to isolate critical data in the cloud without compromising data integrity.

    Our hosts discuss:
    ● How businesses get results with Multi-Cloud Data Services with Dell EMC PowerProtect, enabled by Faction
    ● How Cyber Recovery for Multi-Cloud Data Services provides a secure managed vault that isolates critical data from ransomware and cyber-attacks across on-premises and cloud deployments
    ● How the solution offering provides cost savings and provides flexibility for either a capital or operational financial model
    ● Strategic partnerships with the hyper-scalers and why it is so important to your business
    ● The impact that their technology coupled with Multi-Cloud Data Services brings organizations over other disparate solution offerings
  • Kubernetes and Multi-Cloud, How do you Tanzu? Recorded: Jul 9 2021 21 mins
    Ray Kalmbach, Field CTO of Alliances at Faction
    In this on-demand session from the VMUG Virtual event, Field CTO of Alliances, Ray Kalmbach investigates a strategy to unlock the power of a “Kubernetes everywhere” architecture.
  • Trend Talk: Key Trends and Products to Address Infrastructure Optimization Recorded: Jun 16 2021 33 mins
    Kim Read, Enterprise Architect, Faction
    In this 25 minute session, Faction Enterprise Architect, Kim Read covers Cloud Data Warehouse and Analytics evolution, potential challenges you may face, as well as the problem of data gravity, and how multi-cloud can solve it.
  • TDWI Virtual Summit - Overcome Architectural Challenges With Multi-Cloud Recorded: Jun 2 2021 18 mins
    Jay Cuthrell, VP of Solutions, Faction
    Watch this on-demand session from the TDWI Virtual Summit, Data and Analytics in the Cloud: Innovative Strategies for Success. During the virtual session, Faction’s VP of Solutions, Jay Cuthrell, covered Cloud Data Warehouse and Analytics evolution, potential challenges you may face, as well as the problem of data gravity, and how multi-cloud can solve it.
  • Solving Data Warehouse & Analytics Challenges with a Multi-Cloud Architecture Recorded: Jun 2 2021 18 mins
    Kim Read, Enterprise Architect, Faction
    Watch the on-demand session from the 2021 Data Summit Connect event. During the session, Faction’s Enterprise Architect, Kim Read covered Cloud Data Warehouse and Analytics evolution, potential challenges you may face, as well as the problem of data gravity, and how multi-cloud can solve it.
  • The Case for Multi-Cloud Recorded: May 14 2021 30 mins
    Jay Cuthrell, VP of Solutions
    Watch this on-demand session from the ActualTech Media EcoCast, Supporting Data and Analytics Infrastructure, Tools, and Strategies That Drive Innovation.
  • Data Protection Enhancements and Storage Performance at Scale for Multi-Cloud Recorded: Mar 24 2021 59 mins
    Matt Wallace | Faction & Jodey Hogeland | Dell Technologies
    Organizations are turning to the cloud for access to elastic compute and easily accessible application services, with 90% of them planning on a multi-cloud strategy by 2024*. How can you be sure your data solution can scale, meet performance requirements and is protected and positioned to take advantage of the best innovations in a multi-cloud world? It requires the best of Dell Technologies storage and data protection solutions, enabled for seamless multi-cloud access.

    Dell Technologies in collaboration with Faction, are pleased to share with you:

    • A Cyber Recovery solution: PowerProtect for Multi-Cloud delivers a true air-gapped vault powered by Dell Technologies proven Cyber Recovery solution.
    • Performance Proof Points: Third-party ESG validated data performance using Dell Storage for Multi-cloud powered by Faction against high-performance workloads like genetic sequencing.

    Join expert speakers Matt Wallace—CTO, Faction and Jodey Hogeland—Global Technology Evangelist, Dell Technologies to discover how these solutions can strengthen your cloud strategy and protect your business’ most valuable asset: its data.

    We look forward to seeing you online!
  • VMware Tanzu - Your Multi-Cloud Mission Control Recorded: Mar 23 2021 27 mins
    Ben Stiles, Technical Director of Strategic Accounts at Faction
    A container-based approach to architecture can unlock significant advantages that include application mobility, rapid scaling, and operational efficiency.

    When applied to a multi-cloud approach, containers can be deployed without proprietary cloud templates (e.g. AWS AMI), and provides the ability to arbitrage costs across public clouds more efficiently.

    This all sounds great, but complexity can shut down your progress. VMware Tanzu provides a management layer for container orchestration across hyperscale cloud providers, which solves the majority of the complexity problem. But what about your data?

    In this on-demand session we will cover the following topics:

    -Status of VMware in Public Clouds
    -Primer on VMware Tanzu
    -Tanzu as the central management plane for multi-cloud container management
    -Multi-Cloud data as part of your Tanzu architecture
  • EcoCast - Convergence: The Inevitable Path to Multi-Cloud Recorded: Feb 25 2021 30 mins
    Jay Cuthrell, VP of Solutions
    Watch the replay of the Faction session from the ActualTech Media EcoCast on 2/11/21, Scanning the Modern Storage Landscape: From Arrays to Software to Integrated Systems and More.
  • ActualTech Summit - Data, Containers, & Cloud Neutrality: Solving the Challenges Recorded: Feb 15 2021 25 mins
    Ray Kalmbach, Field CTO of Alliances at Faction
    Watch the replay of Faction's session from the ActualTech Summit. In this session, Ray Kalmbach discusses Data, Containers, & Cloud Neutrality.
  • MegaCast - Enhancing Data Protection, DRaaS, & Disaster Recovery Capabilities Recorded: Feb 5 2021 27 mins
    Matt Wallace, CTO, Faction
    Watch the webinar replay where Faction CTO Matt Wallace discusses the challenges of cloud data protection, and how multi-cloud pays a part.
  • MegaCast Session: Data Protection, DRaaS, & Disaster Recovery Recorded: Dec 17 2020 27 mins
    Matt Wallace, CTO, Faction
    Watch the replay of this virtual event, where experts Matt Wallace & John Drake from Faction discuss cloud trends in the marketplace, challenges in data protection in the cloud, and more.
  • VMware Cloud 101, Comparing Your Options Recorded: Dec 11 2020 34 mins
    Justin Bannister, Product Manager at Faction
    VMware Cloud is now available on multiple public clouds: VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and Oracle Cloud VMware Cloud Solution. How do you choose the right one(s) for your environment? In this webinar replay, we will cover:

    -Introduction to VMware Cloud
    -VMware Cloud Availability on Public Clouds
    -Strengths of each
    -Avoiding Pitfalls
  • ActualTech Media EcoCast: Supporting Cloud Environments Recorded: Dec 9 2020 24 mins
    Matt Wallace, CTO, Faction
    Watch the replay of this virtual event as Faction CTO, Matt Wallace, discusses Data Gravity, Multi-Cloud, and Cloud Storage.
  • ActualTech Media Virtual Summit: Architecting the Pillars of IT in 2021 Recorded: Dec 1 2020 30 mins
    Ben Stiles, Technical Director of Strategic Accounts at Faction
    Multi-Cloud is THE pillar of IT in 2021, and Faction is here to show that it isn’t just theory anymore. We will take you through our in-depth validation and testing, real world architectures, and lessons from the trenches that will change your point of view on how this could change your business in 2021 and beyond.

    Watch the replay of our session from this event.
  • Can VMware Shops Easily Adopt Multiple Public Clouds? Let’s Discuss. Recorded: Nov 24 2020 50 mins
    Duan van der Westhuizen, SVP of Product & Marketing, Faction
    VMware Cloud on AWS was the first cloud-based offering for VMware customers looking to seamlessly adopt public clouds, but it is no longer the only option. Offers like Azure VMware Services, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and Oracle Cloud VMware Cloud Solution have expanded the reach from the on-premises datacenter to a global multi-cloud network of providers and regions. Is your organization ready to embrace this new scope in cloud environments and capabilities?

    In this webinar, we help you understand the considerations you should take note of before diving in head first:

    ● Data Gravity and its effect on your future flexibility and cloud optionality
    ● Cloud lock-in and what it means to your business
    ● VMware as the central platform that enables true private, hybrid, and multi-cloud
    ● How your business can get a competitive edge by using more than one cloud at a time
    ● Driving a 10x savings in data costs while using the best tools from your cloud of choice
    ● How does this all work? The fundamentals of multi-cloud networking
  • Not Every Cloud is Created Equal: Winning with a Multi-Cloud Strategy Recorded: Nov 10 2020 60 mins
    Matt Wallace, CTO, Faction
    The top public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Provider) provide similar functionality at the base level, but offer different advanced services and capabilities. Learn how these capabilities are growing further apart over time, and why your teams will want the flexibility of choosing the right cloud for the job at the right time. During this session we will cover:

    • Differences in hardware, networking, and other basic elements between clouds
    • Differences in services used for things like IoT, AI/ML, and containers & serverless computing
    • How data gravity limits multi-cloud use and how to overcome it
    • How data, billing, and governance interact

    Using specific details drawn from implementing real-world multi-cloud architectures that truly power great outcomes for business, hear Faction’s “lessons learned” from working with large enterprises tackling difficult multi-cloud problems in areas like biotech and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) development.
  • EcoCast Session: Building a Next-Gen IT Environment Recorded: Oct 30 2020 29 mins
    Matt Wallace, CTO, Faction
    In this session replay, join Faction CTO Matt Wallace as he explains how multi-cloud will play in important role in the future of IT environments.
  • VMUG Virtual Session | Level Up to Cloud Architect Recorded: Oct 28 2020 32 mins
    Corey Dickson, Cloud Solutions Engineer at Faction
    Join Faction’s Corey Dickson, Cloud Solutions Engineer, as he shares how on-premises VMware engineers can leverage existing expertise and learn new skills to make the leap to the role of Cloud Architect.

    During this session, Corey covers:

    • Overview of Premise vs. Cloud Architecture
    • Getting Started with Adopting Hybrid Cloud using VMware Cloud on AWS
    • Anticipating Future Needs with a Multi-Cloud Plan
    • Define the role of a Cloud Architect
    • Which On-Prem VMware skills Carry Over Into the Cloud
    • Perfecting the Top Three Skills to Become an Effective Cloud Architect
    • Recommended Learning Resources And Certification Paths
  • VMware Cloud on AWS: From Getting Started to Scale Recorded: Oct 20 2020 54 mins
    Dwayne Neri, Solutions Engineer at Faction
    Adopting cloud can be daunting, but VMware has removed many of the typical hurdles to extending or migrating your environments to cloud. However, there are a number of important planning steps that could either accelerate or hinder the effectiveness of your move. Join us to learn how to optimize your cloud transformation with VMware Cloud on AWS.

    In this webinar replay we cover the following topics:

    1.Important considerations before getting started
    2.The lowest cost and least complex option for spinning up your first workload on VMware
    Cloud on AWS
    3.From physical to software defined networking, and how this extends into cloud
    4.Selecting the right instance type for your workloads
    5.The impacts of the hyperconverged infrastructure used in VMware Cloud on AWS
    6.Attaching storage when the local NVMe is not enough
    7.Managing and scaling up once you have your first workload deployed
VMware Cloud on AWS with Faction
Faction is a leading managed services and cloud-attached storage provider for VMware Cloud on AWS. Your resource for Disaster Recovery, Cloud Migration, Data Center Extension, and integrating with AWS Apps.

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  • Title: How to Unlock the Power of Data Availability with Multi-Cloud
  • Live at: Mar 25 2020 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Matt Wallace, CTO, Faction
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