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Navigating Challenging Times - Keeping Your Employees Engaged

The world has drastically shifted and organisations and their people need to navigate a new set of challenges posed by these changes. Your people are foundational to your organisation's ability to persevere. Leading with a people-centric approach helps your organisation support and maintain engaged employees. Join Glint’s Steven Buck, Head of People Science, in a webinar that will show:

- How a people-centric approach can help you in this new environment
- Examples and best practices
Recorded Jun 3 2020 57 mins
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Presented by
Steven Buck, Head of People Science EMEA, Glint
Presentation preview: Navigating Challenging Times - Keeping Your Employees Engaged

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  • How HR can Foster a Sense of Belonging in the Workplace Recorded: Jun 11 2021 47 mins
    Shubhang Davé - Head of People Science, EMEA, Glint
    On 22 April, HR magazine hosted a webinar on how HR can foster a sense of belonging in the workplace, in partnership with Glint. The topic proved popular, and here the panel answers questions from the audience we did not have time for including their one top tip for improving belonging, the unique challenges for large organisation and startups, and maintaining belonging virtually.

    Diversity and inclusion has risen up the agenda over the past year but all too often efforts focus only on recruitment. We asked what more can HR do in earnest to really make employees feel they can bring their whole selves to work?

    Questions were answered by panelists: Shubhang Dave, head of people science, EMEA at Glint; Joanne Conway, deputy head of diversity and inclusion at EY UK&I; senior HR consultant Dawn Morton-Young; and Angela O’Connor, CEO and founder of The HR Lounge.
  • The People Success Advantage: Boosting Manager Effectiveness Recorded: Jun 8 2021 39 mins
    Mariska van den Bogaard – HR Director from Crocs; Aoife Hayes - People Science Consultant at Glint
    The long months of the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that organisations succeed when their people succeed. And the most critical role for helping every person achieve their best work? The manager!

    Managers play a pivotal part in preparing tomorrow’s workforce - ultimately holding the keys to your organisation’s future success. It is time unlock your managers' true potential and boost effectiveness for the new world of work.

    Discover during this webinar the “why” and "how" behind implementing strategies that unlock your managers' true potential and fuel people success across your organisation.
  • Fostering Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging in the Workplace Recorded: May 11 2021 49 mins
    Ritu Mohanka - VP Business Development & Strategy at Glint, Rebecca Jeffs - Colleague Experience Director at Serco
    While more organisations understand the need to pursue greater inclusivity, most traditional diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives are owned by Human Resources, don’t provide enough opportunity for employees to voice their concerns and fail to address the underlying issues employees face.

    In this webinar, discover concrete steps, advice and a better understanding of the importance of establishing habits that fosters diversity, inclusion, and belonging across the organisation.

    Featured speakers include:
    - Ritu Mohanka, VP Business Development & Strategy, Glint
    - Rebecca Jeffs, Director Colleague Experience, Serco
  • Why Well-Being Matters - How to Amplify Employee Engagement & Performance Recorded: May 10 2021 52 mins
    Christopher Rainey, CEO at HR Leaders; Steven Buck, Head of People Science at Glint; and guests
    Discussion Topics

    A strong employee well-being programme is a key pillar now for most organisations and leaders who prioritise employee well-being see benefits from reduced absence and attrition to improved employee engagement and employer brand

    How does putting people at the centre of a well-being strategy create lasting value for the workforce, the organisation, and society at large?

    What leadership behaviours best support an effective well-being strategy?

    What metrics and technologies are available to measure well-being and the ROI on employee well-being programmes?

    Why can’t a well-being strategy operate in isolation?

    How can organisations become an employer of choice through investing in well-being?

    How do we support our employees and design the future of work for well-being?
  • Achieving People Success in the New World of Work Recorded: Apr 27 2021 41 mins
    Shubhang Davé - Head of People Science, EMEA, Glint
    Crafting a people-centric strategy in today's hybrid work environment requires deep insights into the end-to-end employee experience that go beyond traditional listening programs. It also requires organizations to empower more managers and employees to take joint ownership over their engagement, development, and well-being at work.

    In this session, learn how Glint can support you in:
    - Evolving your listening and response strategy
    - Understanding how workplace norms and collaboration shape employee perceptions
    - Strengthening manager capabilities around feedback and coaching
    - Guiding your people to develop habits for success
  • Top HR Trends Shaping the Future of Work Recorded: Mar 25 2021 28 mins
    Sonya Bedi - Senior People Science Consultants at Glint
    6 Key Priorities HR Leaders should focus on this year
  • How to support employee wellbeing for a happier, more engaged workforce Recorded: Mar 9 2021 59 mins
    Steven Buck - People Science Consultant
    Employee wellbeing has always been high up on the HR agenda, but the global pandemic focusing all areas of business on the need to provide extra support for your people.

    Whether employees have been furloughed, are working from home or on the frontline, it is crucial that employers find time to check in on employees to combat the detrimental affect that eroded wellbeing can have on their staff's engagement.

    Join Steven Buck, People Science Expert at Glint (a LinkedIn company) to hear about new data-driven insights into employee wellbeing right now. Steve will also share advice and a outline concrete steps to help you establish habits that fuel improved wellbeing across your organisation.

    Join this webinar to learn:

    The latest employee wellbeing insights and data

    Why employee engagement and wellbeing are inextricably linked

    What habits can fuel employee wellbeing and prevent burnout
  • An Agile Mindset: Adopting a People-Centric Approach to Employee Engagement Recorded: Feb 23 2021 59 mins
    Jamie Cunningham - People Science Consultant
    By harnessing the feedback and sentiment of your people in the right ways, you can transform your organisation — becoming more resilient, faster, and more agile. While soliciting real time feedback from employees is an obvious first step, it takes a holistic strategy to really transform your organisation.

    This webinar will help you design a more effective people success program and employee engagement measurement strategy from the ground up, using practical advice and real-life case studies to provide you with a new framework for improving engagement and organisational performance. This session will walk you through the process of shifting leaders’ mindsets, driving accountability among managers and leaders, and making action-taking easier.

    In this session, you will learn:

    - The foundations — mindset, strategy, and roles and responsibilities — for transforming your listening culture into one of ongoing conversations
    - How to design an engagement program that works harder for you and your people
    - Engagement strategy best practices and lessons learned as detailed through real-life case studies
  • Tendance Pulse: repenser le bien-être en étant à l’écoute des employés Recorded: Feb 16 2021 41 mins
    Frédéric Vaz, Enterprise Account Executive
    Au cours de cette session de 40 minutes, nous parlerons de ce que les employés ont ressenti lors de ces six derniers mois (Source enquêtes Glint). Nous évoquerons notamment le burnout des employés et l’importance des sentiments de connexion et de sécurité. Ces sujets, ainsi que les autres leçons tirées de ces enquêtes nous permettront d’aborder les enjeux futurs.
  • Reimagining Productivity in the New World of Work Recorded: Feb 2 2021 57 mins
    Fabio Quadrini, Director Workplace Intelligence at Microsoft; Shubhang Davé, Head of People Science, EMEA, at Glint
    As the world of work changes, how can organisations reimagine their approach to employee productivity? They can start by letting go of the flawed idea of “tracking” productivity.

    In our latest Reimagine Work conversation, Fabio Quadrini, Director Workplace Intelligence Customer Solutions, at Microsoft, and Shubhang Davé, Head of People Science, EMEA, at Glint will discuss:

    - Why the traditional “command-and-control” approach to employee productivity shortchanges both the organisation and its people
    - Why it's crucial for organisations to empower their employees in this new reality of flexible work hours and remote workplaces
    - How to use employee engagement insights and workplace behaviour analytics to reimagine how work gets done
  • Reimagine People Strategy - Predictions for 2021 Recorded: Jan 13 2021 47 mins
    Steven Buck, People Science EMEA, Glint
    We’d like to invite you to take a look at some of our People Success Predictions for 2021 and beyond.

    Steven Buck, People Science Expert at Glint, will cover during this webinar:
    What key priorities HR leaders may face in 2021
    What 2020 taught us in terms of data trends and people priorities
    What role well-being, productivity and technology will play in 2021

    Here’s a confident assertion for an unpredictable world: uncertainty is no excuse for fear and complacency. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. When change accelerates, courage and creativity are your strongest allies. And many of us are learning that we have even more courage and creativity than we thought.

    Why prioritise people? Because business prosperity depends on human ingenuity. That means we have a mission and an opportunity to use our own ingenious thinking to reinvent the employee experience. Competition demands that we attract, engage, and retain talented people; that we champion diversity, inclusion, and belonging; and that we help more people achieve happiness and success.
  • How People Analytics can help HR navigate through the changing World of Work Recorded: Dec 7 2020 60 mins
    David Green, Director of Insight222, and Glint’s, VP Strategy and Business Development Ritu Mohanka
    Join David Green, Director of Insight222, and Glint’s Ritu Mohanka explore some of the most compelling data points, trends and stories from various organisations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    In this webinar, we’ll be examining the many challenges HR professionals have been up against in recent months and share the insights that can be drawn from people analytics to help businesses get through these turbulent times.

    You’ll come away from the session with new ideas, tips and strategies on how to manage the employee experience and wellbeing of a hybrid workforce, maintain collaboration and productivity among virtual teams, and reshape a more people-first company culture.

    Join this webinar to:

    ●Discover how your HR peers are navigating their organisations through uncertain times
    ●Glean insights on how people analytics can bolster your HR decision making process
    ●Put your burning questions to experts in the people analytics and engagement space
  • How to tackle pandemic fatigue with a people-centric strategy Recorded: Dec 2 2020 61 mins
    Steven Buck, People Science EMEA, Glint; Natasha Wallace, Wellbeing Consultant and Founder of Conscious Works
    Recent research from Glint suggests that employee fatigue and burnout is on the rise as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact our everyday lives. In particular, workers are feeling a growing lack of support from their employers and a loss of connection with their leaders, fellow colleagues, and even their friends.

    It’s not hard to see how this connection crisis can escalate into a widespread mental health crisis – organisations therefore must act quickly to better support the wellbeing of their people.

    In this webinar, Glint’s Steven Buck and Natasha Wallace, Wellbeing Consultant and Founder of Conscious Works, will take a deep dive into the findings of the research and offer practical guidance on how to put people at the heart of HR strategy to see positive results.

    This webinar will explore:
    ● How HR can deal with a likely spike in mental health issues among their employees by taking a more people-centric approach
    ● Why empathetic leadership, manager check-ins, employee belonging and psychological safety are key areas to focus on
    ● How to nurture an organisational culture that supports employee wellbeing and connection

    This webinar will explore:
    ● How HR can deal with a likely spike in mental health issues among their employees by taking a more people-centric approach
    ● Why empathetic leadership, manager check-ins, employee belonging and psychological safety are key areas to focus on
    ● How to nurture an organisational culture that supports employee wellbeing and connection
  • How to Make the Move from Surveys to Employee Engagement Recorded: Nov 19 2020 46 mins
    Adrien Monet - Enterprise Account Executive
    Most organisations understand the value of gathering employee feedback. But surveying employees once a year—or even less frequently—can undermine attempts to measure and improve employee engagement.

    The annual survey process is time-consuming, cumbersome, and often exhausting for everyone involved. This is true across the entire process—from planning to implementation to results. By the time employees take the survey, and the results are aggregated and analysed, too much time has passed. The results are no longer meaningful for any leader to take credible action, and employees feel that their input has fallen on deaf ears. Organisations today compete in an environment characterised by constant change and disruption. Using outdated practices in any part of their business puts them at a disadvantage. All organisations need feedback that matches the fast pace of work and the needs of today’s workforce.

    Learn in this webinar:
    - How moving from traditional processes toward real-time feedback will help you gain more timely and meaningful insights.
    - Why Regular Pulsing is Perfect for the Modern Workforce.
    - How to Move beyond Listening to Taking Action.
    - What we learned from Pulse Survey data during Covid-19.
  • Employee Engagement: The Benefits of a Global AND Local Approach Recorded: Nov 4 2020 38 mins
    Ana Bidaud, SGS & Ritu Mohanka, Glint
    Do we need one global survey to create a common set of data? Or do we need a local approach that responds to the variety of employee needs in different businesses or countries? At SGS, we didn’t choose: we implemented both. In this discussion with Ritu Mohanka, Head of EMEA Strategy at Glint, Ana Bidaud, Global Employee Engagement Manager from SGS, will discuss the first year of SGS’s new employee engagement programme and how a ‘glocal’ approach to feedback and action helped them respond to employee’s needs in the challenging circumstances of the global pandemic.
  • Vom traditionellen Fragebogen zum Mitarbeiterengagement-Programm Recorded: Oct 28 2020 39 mins
    Fabian Köpf - Enterprise Account Executive, Glint Deutschland
    In diesem Webinar sprechen wir darüber:

    Warum Mitarbeiterengagement eine wichtige Rolle in der Arbeitswelt spielt,
    Warum traditionelle Fragebögen nicht mehr ausreichen,
    Wie man den Schritt zum erfolgreichen Mitarbeiterengagement Programm macht,
    Wie die Glint- Plattform hilft Engagement zu messen und zu verbessern,
    Was wir von unseren Daten während der Covid-19 Pandemie gelernt haben.
  • Reimagine 360 Feedback - How to Ensure a Successful 360s Program Recorded: Sep 29 2020 47 mins
    Shubhang Davé - Head of People Science, EMEA, Glint
    Most organisations consider 360-degree feedback a standard part of the talent-management toolbox for developing leaders. According to Forbes, more than 85% of Fortune 500 companies use 360s for leadership development programs.

    The 360s process appears simple enough to execute. Yet they often fail to create real change and can leave employees feeling exposed. Traditional 360s are known for their difficult setup process, outdated methodology and technology, dense reports, and siloed development plans. If your people don’t know how to understand and apply their feedback, or if your 360s platform presents barriers to action-taking, then you may have spent time and money implementing a process that doesn’t add value.

    To ensure success, organisations need a 360s process that is accessible, insightful, and actionable. While traditional 360s solutions haven’t been able to solve these problems, we believe change is possible.
  • Reimagine L&D: Why Learning is Essential to Employee Engagement Recorded: Sep 2 2020 56 mins
    Steven Buck, Glint EMEA People Science and Ian McIlwain, LinkedIn Learning
    The world has drastically shifted and organisations and their people are navigating a new set of challenges posed by these changes. Your people are foundational to your organisation's ability to persevere. And many organisations have responded by putting their people first—from rapidly addressing employee’s physical safety in the mass migration to remote work to asking for feedback more frequently to providing resources to help them navigate the changes they face in their personal and professional lives. How can you support the happiness and success of your employees during a time like this?

    Join Steven Buck, Glint EMEA People Science and Ian McIlwain, LinkedIn Learning to explore that question and some of the trends we are seeing from our data and customers, including:
    · how organisations are supporting their employees right now
    · the critical role of managers
    · and, the vital relationship between learning and employee engagement
  • Glint Product Showcase - Agile Employee Engagement Recorded: Aug 12 2020 20 mins
    Ciarán O’Malley, People Success Specialist
    See Glint's Employee Engagement platform in action and learn:
    - how AI can deliver a clear picture of employee engagement in real time, anytime
    - how Narrative Intelligence can deliver insight from open-ended employee feedback
    - how action-taking and learning are supported alongside engagement results

    This 20 minute demonstration will cover a selection of key functionality in the Glint employee engagement platform.
  • Respond. Recover. Reimagine: Building the New World of Work Recorded: Aug 11 2020 58 mins
    Steven Buck, Head of People Science EMEA, Glint
    How can we best support our employees today and prepare them for tomorrow? The path to the new world of work is different for each organisation. But it will likely pass through three phases:

    - Respond: Develop a rapid response to the needs of your organisation.
    - Recover: Create a thoughtful plan for recovery that’s tailored to your situation.
    - Reimagine: Transform your strategy for long-term success by putting your people at the centre.

    Join us for this webinar as part of our Reimagine The World of Work – series where we provide you with insights, solutions, and real-life examples of how we can reimagine the new world of work together. Join Glint’s People Science consultants, industry thought leaders and HR peers to be inspired and empowered to create meaningful change and help your people thrive during these challenging times.
Glint EMEA
The Glint People Success Platform gives you visibility into the health of your organisation and guides effective action. The world's leading brands use Glint to increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve business results. This is our Glint webinar channel in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with webinars supported by our EMEA Glint Team sharing local insights and best practices.

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  • Title: Navigating Challenging Times - Keeping Your Employees Engaged
  • Live at: Jun 3 2020 8:00 am
  • Presented by: Steven Buck, Head of People Science EMEA, Glint
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