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GlobalSign Webcast - AATL Document Signing Solution

The need for signatures pops up in virtually every department. As a member of Adobe’s Approved Trust List (AATL) GlobalSign’s document signing certificates are an easy to use, cost-effective way to add digital signatures to your documents.

In this short webcast, John Murray, GlobalSign's VP Sales, will discuss how going paperless in your document signing processes can greatly benefit your business by streamlining your workflow, as well as offering secure, compliant signatures.
Recorded May 7 2020 9 mins
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Presented by
John Murray, Vice President Sales, Americas at GMO GlobalSign Inc.
Presentation preview: GlobalSign Webcast - AATL Document Signing Solution

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  • SMB Spotlight: Solving the Digital Document Signing Dilemma Sep 29 2021 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Cally Fritsch - Director of Product Marketing and Regional Product Management
    Traditionally, online document signing processes have been complex and unwieldy, or overly simplistic and without the ability to cover every use case or signing scenario. Solutions that offer the fullest range of features are expensive and not the right fit for smaller companies.

    What’s the answer?

    Join us for this 45-minute webcast and get to know GMO Sign, the newest digital signing solution to join GlobalSign’s industry-leading portfolio. It’s the only document workflow platform developed by a globally renowned Certificate Authority, uniquely equipped to provide secure digital signatures as well as electronic signatures.

    Get a glimpse of what makes GMO Sign a clear winner for SMBs looking to equip their teams for the future. You’ll walk away with:

    - Reasons why remote and hybrid work environments are amplifying existing challenges with document management and digitization
    - An overview of what features and functionality your document management system should have, so your business can thrive
    - Real-life examples of how HR teams can utilize GMO Sign for critical document management

    Plus, our digital signing experts will be on hand to answer your questions.

    Save your seat today and get ready to transform the way your teams do business, one document at a time.
  • New Findings on Digital Certificate & Signature Use in the Connected Enterprise Recorded: Sep 8 2021 46 mins
    Patrick Nohe - Sr Product Mgr., Amy Krigman – Dir. of PR – West, Moderated by Alina Poniewaz-Bolton - Content Marketing Mgr.
    Curious how today’s leading IT professionals are handling their infosec operations? Want to see how your certificate management stacks up?

    We’ve taken the pulse of over 300 IT professionals across the US and UK and discovered what’s top of mind when it comes to enterprise security. From challenges managing digital certificates, to the sheer number and types of certificates organizations must contend with, to a widespread misunderstanding of digital signatures and how they can be used to meet compliance standards and fast-forward digitization processes – our 2021 PKI study (conducted by Opinium in March 2021) reveals some surprising statistics and highlights tactics that can easily be taken to streamline and improve tedious IT practices.

    We’ll discuss it all in this 45-minute webcast, led by GlobalSign’s Senior Product Manager, Patrick Nohe, and Director of PR, Amy Krigman.

    Join us and get valuable insights on:

    - Why only 6% of survey respondents said they were happy with the way they currently manage certificates – and what they’d change if they could
    - Top certificate management and PKI obstacles slowing down IT leaders and administrators
    - The biggest risks of getting PKI wrong
    - Why the technical definition of digital signature is so critical (and how many people still don’t understand it)
    - What this latest data means for your organization, with tangible takeaways that you can put into action over the last two quarters of 2021

    Save your spot today!
  • Cómo Implementar Firmas Digitales Seguras Para Trabajadores Remotos Recorded: Aug 5 2021 50 mins
    Blanca Yanulis, Gerente regional para Latam
    Vivimos en una realidad, donde mucha de la fuerza laboral trabaja y continuará trabajando de forma remota, al igual la mayoría de interacciones con nuestros clientes se realizan de manera digital. Todo este cambio en la forma en que hacemos negocios nos ha generado grandes desafíos, uno de ellos es como firmar los documentos que anteriormente firmamos con tinta.
    En este webinar te mostraremos los desafíos, pero al igual opciones que le permitirán a las organizaciones usar firmas digitales y electrónicas para optimizar procesos, cumplir con normas, y ahorrar dinero. Existen soluciones en la nube que permiten agilizar e implementar procesos de firmas en toda la organización.

    Algunas de las características que son importantes de una solución de firma digital:

    • Sellado de Tiempo con información local- El administrador puede decidir la zona horaria que desea para su localidad desde el panel
    • Opción de firma: el administrador puede decidir si desea obtener detalles de la firma, como el nombre del firmante, el motivo de la firma y la hora de la firma.
    • Soporte en idioma local

    La pandemia ha impulsado una transformación digital que abre oportunidades para hacer negocios de nuevas formas.

    Lo que aprenderás en el webinar:

    • La diferencia entre una firma digital y una electrónica
    • Ventajas de usar soluciones de firma en la nube
    • Una solución que puede ayudar a implementar firmas digitales seguras en la organización
    • Características que se deben tener en cuenta en el momento de seleccionar una solución de firma en la nube
    • Demostración de cómo firmar digitalmente usando certificados digitales
    • GMO Sign: La plataforma de gestión de firma electrónica y digital de GlobalSign
  • Behind the Endpoint: Authentication Solutions for Enterprises & Channel Partners Recorded: Apr 27 2021 43 mins
    John Murray (Vice President Sales, Americas) and Frank Romito (Director, Service Provider Sales – Americas)
    Securing the modern enterprise is no easy feat. Between distributed workforces, BYOD policies, and astronomical increases in data to manage and secure, today’s IT teams have a lot on their plates. It’s these endpoints and connections which are powering our everyday communications and driving business transformation. It’s not an overstatement to say our future is dependent on the stability and safety of these systems.

    At GlobalSign it is our mission to provide fast-growing enterprises and channel partners around the world the tools they need to authenticate endpoints and secure their most critical connections and transactions. This year marks our 25th anniversary as a web security provider and Certificate Authority. There’s a reason thousands of companies have made the choice to utilize GlobalSign for their enterprise identity management and channel offerings over the past two and a half decades.

    In this 45-minute session, John Murray (Vice President, Sales – Americas) and Frank Romito (Director, Service Provider Sales – Americas) walk you through our robust portfolio of enterprise and channel partner solutions, which cover a wide range of use cases: from technology to automate and manage certificate lifecycles, to digital signing, email security, multi-factor authentication, and more.

    Get to know GlobalSign and learn:

    - Why the demand for identity and authentication solutions is greater than at any other time in history
    - How the right security solutions can provide your organization with a competitive advantage
    - What’s on the horizon in DevOps and IoT device security
    - Why it makes sense to partner with GlobalSign and open the door to exciting new revenue possibilities

    Be sure to stick around until the end to get all your PKI questions answered by our experts.
  • Protección contra ataques Phishing y Spoofing usando certificados digitales Recorded: Feb 17 2021 65 mins
    Blanca Yanulis, Gerente Regional para América Latina
    Aprende cómo puedes proteger a tu organización de los ataques de Phishing y robo de información usando las Firmas Digitales y el Cifrado en Correos Electrónicos.

    Una encuesta global de OpenText señala que el volumen medio global de ataques de phishing se ha incrementado en un 34% del 2019 al 2020. Es evidente que debido a la nueva realidad que vivimos, los ataques phishing continuarán aumentando, por eso es necesario que las organizaciones conozcan cómo funcionan y cómo protegerse contra estos ataques.

    Los certificados S/MIME permiten verificar la identidad del emisor del correo y proteger/cifrar la información, los certificados son escalables y se adaptan a compañías de todos los tamaños, desde pequeñas y medianas empresas hasta grandes organizaciones. Además, incorporan tecnologías de automatización y gestión del ciclo de vida de los certificados que simplifican las implementaciones de gran volumen.

    Una solución de certificados S/MIME, requiere una mínima formación por parte del usuario. De hecho, para la mayoría de clientes, la firma digital y/o el cifrado de correos electrónicos es tan sencillo como hacer clic en un botón. Habitualmente esta acción puede establecerse de forma automática para todos los mensajes salientes. Es una solución sencilla para las organizaciones que puede ahorrarles miles y hasta millones de dólares.

    Aprende: Seminario online
    A conocer cómo son los ataques Phishing y Spoofing
    Qué son los certificados S/MIME
    Como los certificados reducen estas amenazas de Phishing y Spoofing
    Ejemplos de uso de las firmas y el cifrado de correos electrónicos
    Cómo seleccionar la solución correcta de seguridad de correo electrónico para la organización
  • Real-Life Remote Work & Security Challenges – Solved Recorded: Feb 16 2021 47 mins
    John Murray (Vice President Sales, Americas) and Sebastian Schulz (Regional Product Manager, EMEA)
    There’s no question security must be a top priority for every business in 2021. Over the last year we learned many things about our resilience and ability to adapt. We also learned that cyber criminals will exploit any vulnerability for their gain and that any data breach can be devastating.

    Saying it is one thing. Actually equipping your organization with the tools it needs to prepare for large-scale digitization while laying a strong security foundation that will serve long into the future is another altogether.

    Hosts John Murray (VP Sales, Americas) and Sebastian Schulz (Regional Product Manager, EMEA) break down the security challenges facing real-life mid-size enterprises right now: How do you create a remote work environment for an organization of thousands? How do you secure the network, giving users digital credentials for proper authentication to systems and applications? How can you move internal processes securely to the cloud and transform your business quickly to adapt to the new normal?

    In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll talk about how these real-world challenges can be addressed with the Swiss Army knife of security that is public key infrastructure (PKI), as well as:

    • The impact that manual, unwieldy IT processes can have on every department in the organization – and how the switch to a more efficient solution can help you reach your business goals, faster
    • Why automation is playing an increasingly important role in the IT team’s ability to tackle complex technical processes
    • Ways you can keep IT agile and prepare for more change as we continue to reckon with the pandemic and experience a global push towards digital transformation
    • How GlobalSign’s Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG) can help you protect nearly every endpoint on your network, including mobile devices, internal servers, email, and more
  • Enterprise Solutions Roundtable Recorded: Dec 9 2020 40 mins
    GlobalSign Experts: John Murray, Frank Romito, Mike Boyle, Ronald De Temmerman
    In this roundtable discussion with our dedicated team, we're turning our attention to Systems Integrators, IT Managed Services Providers, Value-Added Resellers, and consultancy and software houses: Your questions, your needs, your challenges, your market requirements and the ways these requirements are changing in this historic and unprecedented year.

    Through real-life success stories and candid discussion based on years of collective experience selling IT and technology solutions, we'll cover:
    - Why enterprises are more eager than ever to protect and secure their IT infrastructure from a range of threats, stay on the cutting edge when it comes to security best practices, and comply with data privacy and info security regulations
    - How to solve these challenges with solutions that go beyond certificates, including PKI automation and certificate lifecycle management
    - What it means to partner with one of the industry’s original Certificate Authorities

    Come see why GlobalSign is not just another technology vendor. With our Enterprise Solutions Partner program, we're helping businesses connect the dots so they can achieve their goals – through strong technology partnerships, 25 years of PKI expertise, best-in-class support, and flexibility every step of the way.
  • The Relevance of PKI and Digital Signing in 2020 Recorded: Dec 2 2020 27 mins
    Kristof Marien
    While Public key infrastructure (PKI) is well-established, it is a highly effective solution for any organization facing the latest cybersecurity threats including ransomware, human error, financial pretexting, phishing and social engineering. This presentation discusses the basics of PKI and modern day use cases for PKI solutions. We will zoom in on one particular, common use case: PDF signing.
  • Cómo gestionar e implementar de forma segura firmas digitales y electrónicas Recorded: Nov 10 2020 39 mins
    Blanca Yanulis, Gerente Regional para LatAm de GlobalSign - Carolina Garzón, Ingeniera de Producto de GlobalSign
    Conoce cómo las empresas están contrarrestando los desafíos de seguridad que presenta el trabajo remoto, incluyendo la firma digital y la firma electrónica, representando mayor eficiencia y un gran ahorro a las organizaciones.
  • Securing Device Identity in PKI with Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) Recorded: Oct 21 2020 29 mins
    Lancen LaChance, Head of IoT Identity Solutions - GlobalSign, Josef Kohn, Dir. of Marketing Embedded Security - Infineon
    The exponential growth of connected devices has resulted in wide-spread device proliferation, but with the volume and sophistication of nefarious attacks on the rise, operators of IoT networks and systems, especially high-value or critical infrastructures, are looking to harden the defense of their devices and ecosystems. They are looking to IoT device manufacturers (OEMs) to provide secure, unique identities as part of the product build, or even to chip manufacturers for embed, attestable TPM identities that integrate with PKI to secure an identity throughout its lifecycle.

    Join this webinar to learn how software-based PKIs supported with hardware-based TPMs can build a nearly impenetrable IoT security defense with unique, strong, and trusted device identities that move through the supply chain and throughout the lifecycle.
  • Bringing Secure Digital Signatures to Every Business with the Cloud Recorded: Oct 7 2020 43 mins
    John Murray, VP Sales, Americas and Mohit Kumar, Senior Product Manager
    Everyone can benefit from replacing slow paper-based workflows with secure digital signatures, whether they’re in the medical, legal, insurance or real estate industry. In today’s world – where change is the only constant – these same workplaces require flexibility and scalability when it comes to their business processes and technology solutions. So it’s no wonder service providers, XaaS companies, and enterprises are looking to the cloud to help bring an additional layer of security to existing document signing workflows.

    Join us for this 45-minute session, where you’ll learn:
    - How digital signatures work and what sets them apart from standard electronic signatures
    - Why use cases for secure digital signing are growing – and what’s in it for you
    - How GlobalSign’s scalable infrastructure and API-based digital signature solution make the implementation and integration processes easy for partners and enterprises alike

    Be sure to stick around until the end to have your digital signing questions answered by GlobalSign’s digital signing product experts.
  • The role of PKI for compliant digital identities Recorded: Sep 15 2020 24 mins
    Mike Boyle
    The future of remote banking - why digital identities are key to a security transformation
  • Disruptive PSD2? Enhanced trust from a tool to compliance Recorded: Sep 11 2020 29 mins
    Ronald De Temmerman & Silvia Bertolotti
    The customer experience – a step by step guide to PSD2 compliance
  • Energy Central PowerSession Series: Cybersecurity on the U.S. Power Grid Recorded: Sep 1 2020 70 mins
    Richard Brooks, Senior Consultant and Lead Software Engineer at Reliable Energy Analytics LLC
    Cyber threats are a real and ever-present danger, and everyone involved in the energy industry must be prepared to do their part to defend the grid from harm and bad actors. Software is the ‘brain’ behind the power sector’s command and control systems, and professionals across the utility industry must ensure that software installed and granted access to the grid is safe.

    In this PowerSession, you will learn about:

    - Software Supply Chain Risks and Threats
    - Specific Software Risks that have impacted Companies
    - Value at Risk in a software risk assessment
    - Risk Assessment best practices that follow the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Why Certificate Management is the Unsung Hero in the Digital Revolution Recorded: Aug 11 2020 44 mins
    John Murray, Vice President Sales, Americas and Mike Boyle, Manager - Technology Partners and Alliances
    The Digital Revolution Is Here - Is Your Business Prepared for this Opportunity?

    Digital Certificates have long been recognized as the most secure way of protecting identities and devices. With companies accelerating their digital transformation to stay competitive and meet worldwide challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are rushing to make sure their organization remains safe from cyber threats and data breaches while also meeting a variety of regulatory requirements. Tracking, securing, and managing all of the identities and endpoints in an ever-growing network is a top priority for today’s IT organizations.

    In this installment of our GlobalSign Partner Series, we’ll discuss the ways in which certificate lifecycle management tools are helping organizations stay agile and secure as they expand their digital footprint.

    Our 45-minute workshop will cover important topics for all Enterprise, Service Providers, Resellers and Technology Partners looking to meet the demands of their customers, including:

    • Key digital transformation insights and the impact on existing IT systems and resources
    • The importance of Certificate Lifecycle Management, Discovery & Provisioning
    • Tools to help enterprises maintain control of their organization’s digital identities

    Don't miss this opportunity to learn how better certificate management can empower IT departments and businesses as they race towards a fully digital future.
  • GlobalSign Partner Series – Evolution of PKI: Channel of Opportunity Recorded: Jun 30 2020 36 mins
    John Murray, Vice President Sales, Americas and Frank Romito, Director, Service Provider Sales
    Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has become a core building block of IT. For decades, IT leaders have turned to PKI as a proven technology to secure their networks, sensitive data, API connected services, and to establish trust in their business. Still, despite vast coverage, most IT and security leaders do not fully understand why PKI has become so critical to protecting their business. In this first in our new GlobalSign Partner Series, join John Murray, Vice President Sales, Americas and Frank Romito, Director, Service Provider Sales for a discussion on the increasingly important role of PKI in the enterprise, how it has evolved, and what opportunities PKI offers the channel.
  • GlobalSign webinar E-mails Corporativos Seguros Recorded: Jun 19 2020 65 mins
    Luiza Dias, Gerente Regional - GlobalSign, Dr Antonio Oliveira, Socio - PG Advogados, Daniel Lopes Martins, CIO/CDO - CBMM
    O "home office" traz flexibilidade e benefícios para empregados e empregadores, mas gera também muitos riscos para a segurança de dados e informação das empresas.

    Para discutir casos práticos e soluções que vão te ajudar a aumentar a sua segurança digital corporativa e a de seus clientes, a GlobalSign reuniu especialistas em diferentes áreas para tratar desse tema no webinar E-mails Corporativos Seguros

    Os tópicos que abordaremos durante esse webinar serão:

    - As tendências em segurança digital
    - Os riscos com perda de informações e as implicações jurídicas
    - Os desafios em segurança digital vividos na prática
    - A assinatura digital e criptografia de e-mailsdi
  • GlobalSign Webcast - PKI - The Security Swiss Army Knife Recorded: Jun 3 2020 23 mins
    GlobalSign Product Experts
    Too often organizations take the one problem - one solution approach to enterprise security. Wouldn't it be more efficient and cost-effective to find one solution that can do it all? Yes, and PKI is the answer.

    In this webinar we're highlighting three of the leading challenges facing IT teams today and how PKI solves all three:

    Email security - Hackers have become increasingly savvy at targeting organizations via email, including intercepting messages to get at sensitive information or email spoofing with the intent of pushing to phishing sites or triggering malicious downloads.

    User and machine authentication - The age of passwords is over and the threat of rogue machines is on the rise. You need a way to control which users and machines can access and operate on your networks.

    High volume deployments - You need an efficient way to deploy and manage solutions for all endpoints in your organization.

    Join our webinar to learn more about how PKI meets these challenges and your options for implementing PKI. Topics include:

    • The growing need for email security and strong authentication
    • The unique challenges of high volume deployments
    • How to automate high volume PKI deployments using existing Active Directory infrastructure
    • Options for deploying high volume PKI, including pros and cons to each solution
    • An example of a hosted high volume PKI deployment
  • Solutions for Service Providers Recorded: Jun 2 2020 28 mins
    John Murray, Vice President Sales; Frank Romito, Director, Service Provider Sales; Andreas Brix, Program Manager
    GlobalSign’s extensive range of encryption, authentication, and signing services are designed for today’s agile enterprise. Our cloud-based certificate and PKI solutions will seamlessly integrate with any platform or application.

    As one of the internet’s original digital certificate authorities, our solution portfolio addresses the complete range of identity and security needs facing today’s fastest growing – and fastest moving – businesses. Our public key infrastructure (PKI) management solutions and unique innovations around automation make it easy for today’s leading Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) providers to deliver the experiences their customers want, where and how they want them.

    Join this panel session to learn more about GlobalSign's solutions designed to scale.
  • Manage Kubernetes Clusters Using GlobalSign and Venafi’s DevOpsACCELERATE Recorded: May 27 2020 24 mins
    Lila Kee, General Manager, GlobalSign; David Brancato, Technical Product Marketing Manager, Venafi
    DevOps is growing to be the most efficient way to deliver software. Your data, whether it be at rest, in motion or in use needs to be protected. Are you doing what is necessary to keep container and service mesh communications secure in zero-trust, multicloud environments? Are you using the certificates which allow for maximum security, management and automation?

    Join this webinar to learn how developers can use trusted certificates in their Kubernetes clusters. Learn the benefits of utilizing GlobalSign's PKI for DevOps and Venafi's fully managed Venafi Cloud DevOpsACCELERATE to simplify certificate life cycle needs and gain regain control and insight into certificates in use.

    Attend this webinar so you can:
    • Provide developers with access to trusted certificates from within the tools they love
    • Eliminate rate limits for certificate issuance with two-second turnaround time
    • Access Public and Private certificates that are backed by GlobalSign’s reliable infrastructure and industry-leading support for use in DevOps environments
    • Automate policy enforcement and connect trusted certificate issuers to your Kubernetes clusters with Venafi Cloud DevOpsACCELERATE
    • Automate certificate renewals for Kubernetes ingress and egress to prevent outages
High Scale PKI solutions for the Identity of Everything
This channel features presentations from GlobalSign's PKI experts. From auto enrollment and certificate lifecycle management to cloud-based digital signing services and PKI management, you will walk away with practical advice for your digital certificate initiatives.

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  • Live at: May 7 2020 5:30 pm
  • Presented by: John Murray, Vice President Sales, Americas at GMO GlobalSign Inc.
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