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Thematic Investing: Technological Transformation

The disruptive power of technology provides both the opportunity for transformation and a significant threat to any incumbents who do not respond effectively.

In Episode 3 of Thematic Investing: How Megatrends Power Thematic Portfolios, the panelists will discuss how different industries are being affected by shifts in technologies and what it means for investors. The discussion will also consider how transformative technologies will impact on other megatrends such as geopolitics.

Our Panel includes:
[Moderator] Justin Simler of Tatton Investment Management
Richard Lightbound, CEO, EMEA of Robo Global
Saby Roy, AI Engineering Lead, Applied Intelligence, Accenture UKI
Christopher Gannatti, Head of Research, Europe for WisdomTree
Recorded Jun 9 2020 60 mins
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Presented by
Justin Simler, Tatton IM | Richard Lightbound, Robo Global | Saby Roy, Accenture | Christopher Gannatti, WisdomTree
Presentation preview: Thematic Investing: Technological Transformation

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  • Investing in Cybersecurity for Financial Services Jun 9 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Allan Lane
    Digitization and remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic have increased the risk of breaches, and hence, the need for cybersecurity - especially in the financial sector. The digital transformation journeys of 2020 have made banks and other financial institutions especially desirable targets for cybercriminals, who have used the pandemic to prey on a remote and distracted workforce. This has driven stronger-than-expected earnings for cybersecurity firms and ETFs.

    Join this month's episode of the Thematic Investing series to learn more about what is driving the trend for investment in cybersecurity and what this means for your investment strategy.
    - The impact of COVID-19 on cybersecurity
    - What to look for in cybersecurity ETFs?
    - What are some popular cybersecurity ETFs that have made huge gains
  • How Blockchain is Transforming Investing May 5 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Allan Lane, Algo-Chain
    Fund managers are beginning to embrace blockchain technology to not only replace legacy infrastructure and reduce costs, but are also investing in many of the spin-off business that have come of age over the last five years. Asset managers are also faced with a demand to use blockchain to provide more security and transparency for their funds.

    According to a recent survey by Global Palladium Fund (GPF), an exchange-traded commodities fund listed in the UK and Germany, 90% of institutional investors and wealth managers surveyed said they expect blockchain to feature more prominently over the next five years and 50% expect a dramatic increase over the next three years.

    - The shift from legacy to blockchain technology
    - How blockchain is transforming investing
    - Use of blockchain in asset management
    - How blockchain enables investors to participate in out-of-reach investment opportunities, including private equity, unicorns, hedge funds, private debt, etc.
    - How blockchain helps address the need for greater transparency and information on investments
    - Blockchain and regulations
  • Investing in Life Sciences Apr 7 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Allan Lane, Algo-Chain | Aanand Venkatramanan, LGIM
    Biotechnology has become the next revolution in the life sciences industry. It follows advances in microscopes that enable the study of bacteria and infectious diseases and chemistry that created antibiotics. More recent discoveries, such as decoding the human genome, help us anticipate illness and live longer lives. For investment managers, the life sciences, which includes Pharma and Biotechnology, is known to be an industry of consistent returns and high growth. Even before COVID-19, it was poised to reach $775 Billion by 2024. The urgency of COVID-19 and the demand for a vaccine increase the value of the industry, shown in the US government’s Operation Warp Speed, a $10 billion grant program seeking a successful vaccine.

    How will the value of life sciences grow as the market demands cures to existing diseases and prevention for future ailments? Join this webinar to learn about:

    - The true size & market outlook of the life sciences industry
    - How COVID-19 has affected the pace of value creation in biotechnology
    - What to think about when analyzing prospects for pharma and biotech companies

    - Aanand Venkatramanan, ETF Investment Strategist, LGIM
    - Allan Lane, Co-founder, Algo-Chain
  • Investing in Health & Wellbeing Mar 3 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Allan Lane, Algo-Chain | Jeremie Capron, ROBO Global | Grzegorz Juchniewicz, NeonDigitise | Anthony Ginsberg, GinsGlobal
    Advances in medicine and technology have increased our lives' duration and quality, opening up opportunities for investors focused on the health and wellness industries. Technology enables us to track our health indicators, which changes the dynamic between healthcare companies, technology companies, and consumers. Holistic health services are also becoming more popular, decreasing the demand for mega-hospitals and increasing the demand for local, customized care solutions. And, as COVID-19 has forced a need for virtual interactions, people have become more comfortable receiving sensitive advice over the phone, paving the way for mass adoption of telemedicine.

    With all of these areas of change, how can investors look at health & wellness more opportunistically?

    This webinar will dive into:
    - The dynamics between healthcare and technology
    - How telemedicine can democratize access to high-quality health care
    - Opportunities emerging in localized solutions to the current centralized healthcare industry

    - Allan Lane, Co-founder, Algo-Chain
    - Jeremie Capron, Director of Research, ROBO Global
    - Anthony Ginsberg, Managing Director, GinsGlobal
    - Grzegorz Juchniewicz, Investment Manager, NeonDigitise
  • Consumption, eCommerce and Changing Behaviors Recorded: Feb 3 2021 61 mins
    Allan Lane, Algo-Chain | Tihomir Iliev, GraniteShares | Hector McNeil, HANetf
    Technology and the COVID-19 pandemic has enabled and accelerated consumption, affecting both the purchase method and the purchased item. According to Adobe, the ease of purchasing has manifested in a 77% year over year increase in online spending in May 2020 alone. During the COVID-19 crisis, around 15% of US consumers tried grocery delivery for the first time, and 40 percent intend to continue, according to McKinsey. Even exercise has shifted, as consumers try and enjoy their workouts at home. They are also looking for new food to try, as lab-grown meat has become a replacement for animal protein, as supply-chain issues have disrupted availability.

    This has investors wondering: what are the long-term effects of new consumer preferences and methods of purchase?

    Join this webinar to learn more about:
    - The size of the eCommerce opportunity now
    - How consumer preferences have changed during the pandemic
    - What new business models are emerging or evolving to capture new consumer behaviors

    - Allan Lane, Co-founder, Algo-Chain
    - Hector McNeil, Co-CEO, HANetf
    - Tihomir Iliev, Sales Director, Europe at GraniteShares
  • Opportunities in an Ageing Population Recorded: Jan 20 2021 62 mins
    Allan Lane, Algo-Chain | Katherine Freund, ITNAmerica | Fawaz Chaudhry, Fulcrum
    As the world population lives longer lives, investment managers are thinking about what this means for their portfolios and what opportunities are emerging for investment in care and services. Consider healthcare spending, which will benefit from an aging population, as around 50% of lifetime health expenditure is incurred during the senior years, according to Janus Henderson. Alternatively, demand for senior living facilities is set to hit 2 million people in 2030, twice as much as in 2016, according to Haven Senior Investments. What is the actual size of the opportunity, and where exactly can these investments be found?

    Join this webinar to hear about:
    - The magnitude of investing in an aging population
    - Which industries are most poised to generate returns
    - Why & how to be investing in sectors that service the needs of an aging population

    - Allan Lane, Co-founder, Algo-Chain
    - Katherine Freund, President & Executive Director, ITNAmerica
    - Fawaz Chaudhry, Head of Global Thematic Equities, Fulcrum Asset Management
  • Finding Sustainable Investments Recorded: Dec 2 2020 59 mins
    Allan Lane, Algo-Chain | Sarah Tunnell, Alliance Bernstein | Xiaolin Chen, KraneShares | Jake Moeller, Square Mile Research
    Having a pre-defined, long-term investment framework is critical when designing a thematic portfolio. Sustainable Investing frameworks requires both of these elements. But, does sustainable investing increase AUM through inflows, or does it actually drive alpha? For investors in ESG, the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals provides a great success framework for investors - and it is also good for branding. But, how strictly and widely-used is this framework? And, is this effort to outline success in a detailed way actually driving success in sustainable thematic portfolios?

    Join this webinar to:
    - Understand the keys to whether investments adhere to sustainable principles
    - Learn about the possible ROI of sustainable investments
    - Find out how leaders in the field are employing the SDGs for investment success
  • Navigating the Risks & Rewards of Thematic Investing Recorded: Nov 4 2020 61 mins
    Allan Lane, Algo-Chain | Alex Araujo, M&G | Nicolas Rabener, FactorResearch | Antonio Curia, Wimmer Financial
    While Thematic Investing isn't new to the market, the majority of thematic funds are new, and they have only existed in a bull market. In fact, Of the 127 thematic funds available to investors as of the end of 2019, 92 were launched in the past 5 years, according to data by Morningstar.

    As we encounter a global health & economic crisis, navigating the risks that thematic funds may encounter is critical to finding returns. What are the risks these funds haven't encountered yet?

    Join this panel to learn:
    - What are the indicators that thematic investors and fund managers need to look out for?
    - How are shifts in trends affecting performance?
    - How might an inflationary environment have knock-on effects for thematic funds?
  • The New Normal of Thematic Investing Recorded: Sep 30 2020 57 mins
    Allan Lane, Algo-Chain | Megan Brennan, Sarasin & Partners | Nicolas Rabener, FactorResearch | Bo Huang, Go Seed Alpha
    Thematic investing seeks to capitalize on long-term investing trends. By tapping into issues of demography, technology, and the environment, thematic investment looks with a long lens of opportunity to solve big problems. But the new economic environment has accelerated many trends. How does this shift affect how investment managers need to think about the world of thematic investing?

    Consumers aren't aging any quicker, but they are focusing on health and may live longer. Their buying behaviors have also changed. Technology used by consumers and businesses alike is being consumed at a more rapid pace now that in-person connections are likely to reduce, and usage of robots and automation is likely to increase faster. And a sharper focus on the environment has caused even the most ESG-forward investors to adjust their horizons.

    Join this panel to get a look at the "New Normal" of Thematic Investing including:
    - What demographic, technological, and environmental trends are changing?
    - How has our new economic environment shifted the megatrends we invest in?
    - Will the New Normal we are living in continue, and if so, how long?
  • Thematic Investing: Understanding the impact of megatrends on economic value Recorded: Sep 8 2020 61 mins
    Justin Simler | Anthony Ginsberg, GinsGlobal | Fawaz Chaudhry, Fulcrum AM | Megan Brennan, Sarasin
    The world is more connected than ever. This series has explored how 4 themes or 'megatrends' - environment, technology, digitization and geopolitics - shape one another. Now, we will bring our understanding of these mega-trends into focus by analyzing the economic value these themes are driving.

    Join this panel to learn:
    - Why understanding mega-trends is important in developing a thematic portfolio
    - How trends interact with each other to create knock-on effects
    - How the impact is being measured
    - What opportunities these trends are creating

    Panelists include:
    [Moderator] Justin Simler, Industry Expert
    Anthony Ginsberg, Founder, GinsGlobal
    Fawaz Chaudhry, Head of Thematic Equities, Fulcrum AM
    Megan Brennan, Portfolio, Multi-Asset, Sarasin & Partners
  • Thematic Investing: Shifting geopolitics and power Recorded: Aug 11 2020 63 mins
    Justin Simler, Tatton IM | Melissa Davies, Chalk Macro | Axel Christensen, Blackrock | Rob Drijkoningen, Neuberger Berman
    This discussion will examine whether the trend to globalization is now reversing and what this means for geopolitics, asset returns, and investment portfolios. Increasing globalization, enabled by technological advances, has led to a hyperconnected and urbanized world. This in turn has led to systemic challenges such as sustainability, social inequality, pandemics, cybersecurity, and mass migration.

    Join this webinar to hear the panelists discuss topics that include:

    · Divided nations and market-based solutions
    · The rise of nationalism: the future of global governance and trade alliances
    · The impact of a new cold war
    · The changing opportunity in emerging markets
    · The erosion of trust and de-dollarization
    · The global savings challenge
    · The decline of super-cities
  • Thematic Investing: Digitization, Cybersecurity & Privacy Recorded: Jul 14 2020 60 mins
    Justin Simler,Tatton IM | Gregg Guerin, First Trust | Ioan Demeter, Mobisoft | Hank Thomas, Strategic Cyber Ventures
    The fourth industrial revolution has arrived, driven by data, the internet of things (IoT) and AI. Whereas the third revolution was about digital technologies, the fourth revolution is about digital connectivity. Meanwhile, the response to COVID-19 is accelerating the pace of change and requires a significant advance in digitization.

    Join this panel to understand:

    - What happens when digital, physical and biological worlds interact.
    - How digitization, cloud, big data, Internet of Things and digital platforms will transform the world in which we live.
    - How to manage digital threats to security and privacy.

    Our panels are:
    [Moderator] Justin Simler, Advisor, Tatton IM
    Gregg Guerin, Senior Product Specialist, First Trust
    Ioan Demeter, MD, Mobisoft
    Hank Thomas, Co-Founder & CEO, Strategic Cyber Ventures
  • Thematic Investing: Technological Transformation Recorded: Jun 9 2020 60 mins
    Justin Simler, Tatton IM | Richard Lightbound, Robo Global | Saby Roy, Accenture | Christopher Gannatti, WisdomTree
    The disruptive power of technology provides both the opportunity for transformation and a significant threat to any incumbents who do not respond effectively.

    In Episode 3 of Thematic Investing: How Megatrends Power Thematic Portfolios, the panelists will discuss how different industries are being affected by shifts in technologies and what it means for investors. The discussion will also consider how transformative technologies will impact on other megatrends such as geopolitics.

    Our Panel includes:
    [Moderator] Justin Simler of Tatton Investment Management
    Richard Lightbound, CEO, EMEA of Robo Global
    Saby Roy, AI Engineering Lead, Applied Intelligence, Accenture UKI
    Christopher Gannatti, Head of Research, Europe for WisdomTree
  • Thematic Investing: Environmental Challenges Recorded: May 12 2020 63 mins
    Justin Simler, Tatton IM | Hasan Cerhozi, Vigeo Eiris | Joseph Lake, The Climate Service | Louise Dudley, Federated Hermes
    Environmental change (together with social factors) are two of the most recognised megatrends thanks to an increasing focus on ESG. However, the interconnections between this and the other megatrends are less commonly explored. Between 2017-2019, 44 separate climate issues affected financial markets to the tune of USD $456 Billion. These included both severe yet acute physical risks like hurricanes, bushfires, flooding, and global pandemics as well as more chronic risks affecting our ecosystem such as loss of biodiversity, sea level rise and water scarcity.

    In Episode 2 of Thematic Investing: How Megatrends Power Thematic Portfolios, we discuss the impact of physical risks on the environment and impact of adaption and mitigation responses to these physical risks.
  • Thematic Investing: Analysing Megatrends as a System Recorded: Apr 14 2020 60 mins
    Justin Simler, Advisor, Tatton IM | Edward Bryan, AllianceBernstein | Rob Powell, Blackrock | Melissa Davies, Chalk Macro
    In investing as in life, “things take longer to happen than you think they will, and then they happen faster than you thought they could” (Dornbusch).

    Although a discussion of global change and megatrends can be traced back to Zbigniew Brezinki (“Between Two Ages: America’s Role In The Technetronic Era”, 1970) and John Naisbitt (“Megatrends: Ten New Directions Informing Our Lives”, 1982), the pace of these changes is accelerating.

    This series of talks will discuss the four most important megatrends with an episode devoted to each of them:

    •Environmental challenges
    •Technological transformation
    •Globalisation and shifting geopolitics
    •Society and demographics

    We aim to look deeper into each of these megatrends and their sub-trends, exploring the interconnections between them, what happens when multiple trends reinforce one another and how investors can manage exposure to these themes in their portfolios.

    This first episode of Thematic Investing will explore why megatrends have become so important and their implications for portfolio risk and performance. The panellists will discuss how Megatrends can power thematic portfolios.
How megatrends power Thematic portfolios.
The investment landscape has never been more dynamic. We are more connected than ever before, and these interconnections - technological, environmental, political, and social - create both chaos and opportunity. This series will provide investors with a deeper understanding of Megatrends and highlight strategies that can be used to benefit from the opportunities they create.

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  • Title: Thematic Investing: Technological Transformation
  • Live at: Jun 9 2020 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Justin Simler, Tatton IM | Richard Lightbound, Robo Global | Saby Roy, Accenture | Christopher Gannatti, WisdomTree
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