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Zero Trust: How to mitigate risk from remote vendors

Nearly every organization today relies on a wide variety of remote vendors who require access to critical internal systems. In fact, 90% of organizations have over 25 remote vendors accessing critical systems (Source: CyberArk survey 2019). Despite this reliance, though, securing these remote vendors has become an audit / regulatory problem as well as a major cyber concern.
Dealing with these issues today often involves a complex infrastructure with a variety of solutions. The end result? A cumbersome and expensive provisioning process for administrators and a challenging, unproductive process for end-users to navigate.
Join our webinar to find out more about CyberArk's innovative, modern approach to securing remote vendors, based on a zero trust framework.  Biometric multi-factor authentication and "Just-In-Time" self-provisioning is combined into one SaaS offering, allowing remote vendors to access critical internal systems without the need of VPNs, agents or passwords. Attend to learn how to easily provision remote vendors while ensuring that access to key assets is achieved in a secure and automatically auditable way.
Recorded Apr 23 2020 41 mins
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Presented by
Jerome Colleu & Przemek Dybowski, Sales Engineers for CyberArk
Presentation preview: Zero Trust: How to mitigate risk from remote vendors

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  • 5 Privileged Access Management (PAM) Use Cases Explained Jul 7 2020 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Niels van Bennekom, Sales Engineer and Marcel Bosgra, Senior Sales Engineer at CyberArk
    Privileged Access is everywhere. Privileged accounts can be found in every networked device, database, application, and server on-premises and in the cloud. Privileged users have the “keys to the kingdom” and, in the case of a cyberattack or data breach, privileged credentials can be used to cause catastrophic damage to a business.During this session we will demonstrate based on 5 use cases how CyberArk can help you to secure your privileged accounts.The 5 Uses Cases we cover:
    How a PAM solution can help you manage all the privileged account within your environment?
    How to use unique identifiable accounts without creating personal accounts for all administrators.
    How a secure proxy helps you to mitigate a pass-the-hash attack.
    How a PAM solution can provide audit logs and session recordings (without the need to install an agent)
    How to analyze high-risk Privileged activities in your network
  • Best Practices for Securing Cloud Based Applications and Infrastructure Jun 24 2020 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Bart Bruijnesteijn, Pre-Sales Director at CyberArk
    In this Session, you will have the unique opportunity to learn from real-world scenarios related to privileged access security in cloud environments. We provide insights from lessons learned securing commercial SaaS applications, cloud infrastructure and internal apps deployed in the cloud.Key points covered include:
    Quick wins for securing root and privileged access into Cloud Management Consoles
    Centralizing human access for other Cloud native tools
    Extending password vaulting and rotation to integrated automation and security tools
    Automating the discovery and onboarding of Cloud secrets as well as scaling CyberArk in the Cloud
  • Underpinning your MultiCloud strategy with Privilege Access Management Jun 16 2020 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Josh Kirkwood, Solutions Engineer Manager for CyberArk
    Every cloud has a privilege lining, and privilege is the first real challenge of building an effective and scalable multi/hybrid cloud strategy moving forward. the management of this privilege is often a pain that is just accepted as companies rush to realise the benefits of a cloud migration. Learn how to make privilege access management an enabling service as you onboard additional cloud providers, understand how you can realise increased operational efficiency and decreased risk all through consistently managing privilege.
  • Secure developers’ environment while ensuring developers top level productivity Jun 4 2020 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Josh Kirkwood, Solution Engineering Manager & Michael Ravelingien, Principal Sales Engineer for CyberArk
    With the adoption of DevOps processes and Cloud environment, digital transformation has turned developers into some of the most powerful IT users within your organization.
    Attackers understand that and have started to specifically target developers. To mitigate the risk and secure developers’ environments, CyberArk offers a complete and comprehensive approach to secure the DevOps environments without impacting the user experience and productivity. During this webinar, you will learn how to secure DevOps environments while avoiding risks associated with credential thefts, privileged escalations and not compromising the success that is transforming your business.
  • Implementing Privileged Access Security into Zero-trust Models and Architectures Recorded: May 28 2020 45 mins
    Corey O’Connor, senior product marketing manager and Noam Liran, national manager, customer success for CyberArk
    Established in 2010 by industry analyst John Kindervag, the “zero-trust model” is centered on the belief that an organization should not automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeters and instead must verify anything and everything trying to connect to its systems before granting access.

    In this webinar we’ll provide a demo and address:
    The evolution of perimeter security, introducing the concept of zero-trust
    The deep rooted connection privileged access security has with zero-trust frameworks
    Foundational security controls that align to zero-trust models and architectures
  • Schnell, einfach, kosteneffizient: Zugriffs-Risiken von Drittanbietern mindern Recorded: May 27 2020 62 mins
    Christian Götz, Director Pre-Sales DACH, CyberArk
    Fast jede Organisation ist auf eine Vielzahl von Drittanbietern angewiesen, die Zugang zu internen Systemen benötigen. Tatsächlich haben 90% der Unternehmen über 25 Drittanbieter mit Remote-Zugriff auf kritischen Systeme.

    Die Zugriffsrechte dieser externen Dienstleister sind ein großes Risiko für die Cyber-Security geworden und rücken gleichzeitig immer mehr in den Fokus von Auditoren und Aufsichtsbehörden.

    Um Risiken zu mindern und Audit-/ Compliance-Vorschriften zu erfüllen, müssen Unternehmen eine komplexe Infrastruktur implementieren, was zu umständlichen und teuren Bereitstellungsprozessen für Administratoren und Enduser.

    In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie mehr zu unserem innovativen „Zero Trust“-Ansatz: CyberArk kombiniert biometrische Multi-Faktor-Authentifizierung und "Just-In-Time"-Selbstprovisionierung in einem SaaS-Angebot und ermöglicht Fernzugriff auf kritische Systeme ohne Notwendigkeit für VPNs, Agenten oder Passwörter. Lernen Sie, wie Sie Drittanbietern Remote-Zugriff geben und gleichzeitig sicherstellen können, dass dieser sicher sowie kontrollier- wie automatisierbar ist.
  • The CISO’s Take on Protecting Privileged Access in Robotic Process Automation Recorded: May 21 2020 33 mins
    Laura Robinson, Principal Analyst for Robinson Insight
    There is a rapid adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). What could go wrong with a fleet of robots that have high levels of access across multiple sensitive business processes? In this webinar, we will present both key findings and recommendations from industry-leading CISOs involved in the latest CyberArk CISO View research report on securing RPA. Hear how cyber attackers and insiders can attempt to exploit privileged access in RPA systems.

    Join us to learn:

    The unique perspective from 12 leading security executives on this new technology and related security implications
    Practical recommendations to scale RPA workflows securely
    How security teams can add tremendous value to the organization’s RPA strategy…and much more!
  • Entwickler & Umgebungen sichern – ohne dass die Produktivität eingeschränkt wird Recorded: May 21 2020 48 mins
    Jan-Patrick Vöhrs, Sales Engineer, CyberArk and Roland Wolters, Technical Marketing Manager, RedHat
    DevOps-Prozesse und Cloud-Umgebungen haben Entwickler - im Rahmen der digitalen Transformation - zu den einflussreichsten IT-Anwendern der Organisation gemacht.

    Daher haben Angreifer begonnen, Entwickler gezielt zu attackieren.

    Um das Risiko zu mindern und die Entwickler und deren Umgebungen zu sichern, wird ein umfassender Ansatz zur Sicherung der DevOps-Umgebungen benötigt, der weder den Nutzer noch die Produktivität beeinträchtigt.

    Lernen Sie, wie Sie DevOps-Umgebung sichern und gleichzeitig Risiken aus dem Diebstahl und Mißbrauch von Privilegien verhindern können.
  • CyberArk Alero - bezpečný vzdálený přístup uživatelů ke kritické infrastruktuře Recorded: May 21 2020 45 mins
    Daniel Hetenyi, Sales Manager and Jan Pergler,Senior Sales Engineer at CyberArk
    Webinář společnosti CyberArk na téma jak zjednodušit bezpečný vzdálený přístup uživatelů a ochránit kritickou IT infrastrukturu s využitím technologie CyberArk Alero.
  • Successful and simple Privileged Access Management program as a Service Recorded: May 20 2020 42 mins
    Konstantinos Kiourtsis, Channel Sales Engineer & Guy Yemin, EMEA SME- SaaS Solutions for CyberArk
    Privileged Access Management has been ranked by top analysts as a top CISO priority to secure enterprise IT environment identified by CISOs. However, PAM programs are often perceived as long and complex and  many organizations are reluctant to get started with it.
    To make it a successful, simple and cost efficient experience, check CyberArk Privileged Cloud. This innovative PAM as a Service offering is based on more than 15 years of PAM leadership, securing some of the world largest IT environments. During this webinar, you will discover how to mitigate one of your most important IT risks with a guided success plan to ensure results in a controlled time frame and budget.
  • Discover and Secure your Dynamic Attack Surface Recorded: May 19 2020 44 mins
    CyberArk and Rapid7
    Today organizations have dynamic security problems to solve, and they increasingly rely on trusted partners for optimal solutions. Rapid7 and CyberArk offer integrations to provide the awareness, assessment and actions that you need to keep your organization secure.

    With a massive migration to “work from home” and critical servers and appliances being configured for remote management, the attack surface is growing and changing at an extraordinary pace. Having solutions that not only provide security, but do so without draining resources, is critical.

    In this webinar, we will cover how to:

    Use attack surface monitoring with Project Sonar in InsightVM to identify assets connected to the public internet
    Continuously assess your environment to discover potentially unmanaged endpoints and systems and automatically add them to be managed within CyberArk
    Ensure complete, accurate and secure vulnerability assessment scans are performed
    Take automated or manual actions to address potential risks

    Justin Buchanan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, InsightVM at Rapid7
    Joe Strickland, Principal Solutions Engineer at CyberArk
    Andrew Silberman, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at CyberArk
  • Five Reasons to Prioritize Privileged Access Security Recorded: May 14 2020 45 mins
    Corey OConnor, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Mike Rohlfs, Solutions Engineer at CyberArk
    Privileged access is the gateway to an organization’s most valuable assets and is at the core of nearly every major security breach. To mitigate risk from advanced attacks, organizations must have a strategy in place to manage and monitor privileged access as well as detect and respond to threats.

    In this webinar, we’ll highlight five reasons to prioritize privileged access security (PAS) and provide practical steps modern organizations can take to implement a foundational PAS program.
    We also provide a brief technical demonstration showing:
    How to discover, onboard and manage all types of privileged accounts and credentials
    Best practices for enforcing the principal of least privilege on endpoints
    How to generate a full and detailed audit trail of all privileged user activity
    And more!
  • Как защитить доступ для удаленных пользователей и обезопасить внутренние ресурсы Recorded: May 14 2020 54 mins
    Vsevolod Petrov RUS Имя докладчика: Всеволод Петров
    Каждая компания сегодня - это в той или иной мере IT-компания.
    От надежной работы IT функций зависит непрерывность многих бизнес-процессов.
    Цена потери контроля над привилегированными аккаунтами, необходимыми для управления IT, может быть очень велика.
    Как не потерять контроль обеспечивая удаленную работу сотрудников и подрядчиков?
    Присоединяйтесь к нашему вебинару, чтобы узнать больше об инновационном, современном подходе CyberArk к защите удаленного доступа основанного на принципе нулевого доверия. Биометрическая многофакторная аутентификация и доступ в режиме Just-In-Time объединены в одно SaaS-предложение, позволяющее удаленным пользователям получать доступ к критически важным внутренним систем
  • Ransomware: wie Privileged Access Management die Risiken mindert Recorded: May 13 2020 63 mins
    Fabian Hotarek, Senior Sales Engineer, CyberArk and Lars Kroll, Security Strategist, Symantec
    Ransomware sorgt regelmäßig für Schlagzeilen. Sie entwickelt sich kontinuierlich weiter und neue Programme, wie Maze, verschlüsseln nicht nur Daten und schädigen die Geschäftsabläufe, sondern führen auch dazu, dass vertrauliche Informationen an die Öffentlichkeit gelangen.
    Erfahren Sie, wie diese Risiken durch die Implementierung einer umfassenden PAM-Strategie gemildert werden.

    Sie lernen einen programmatischen Ansatz kennen, der es Unternehmen ermöglicht, die Bedrohung von Anfang bis Ende zu kontrollieren. Eine Schlüsselrolle spielt dabei der Endpoint, über den Angreifer Zugriff auf unterschiedliche Berechtigungen erhalten und sich über Diebstahl von Privilegien Zutritt auf Ihre Systeme verschaffen.
  • Why You Should Be Using Privileged Access Management as a Service Recorded: May 13 2020 26 mins
    While Privileged Access Management (PAM) as a Service is not a brand-new concept, it could be critical for those organizations that simply don’t have the resources to deploy and maintain an on-premise PAM solution. PAM as a Service is a way to outsource complex security solutions needs to experts in the field while allowing internal IT and security teams to focus on core business competencies.

    View this SC Magazine webcast on-demand to understand what PAM as a Service can do for you.
  • Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung zur Risiko-Minimierung im Zusammenhang mit Privile Recorded: May 12 2020 47 mins
    Mark Nijdam, Regional Manager - Office of Customer Success Programs, CyberArk
    Aufgrund jahrelanger Erfahrungen unterschiedlicher Labs und Red Teams, sowie der Analyse bekannter Zwischenfälle ist es offensichtlich, dass jeder Cyber-Angriff einem ähnlichen Muster folgt und privilegierte Zugriffe ins Visier nimmt.

    Darauf basiert der „Blueprint“ – eine Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung, um Organisationen bei der Erstellung und Implementierung einer Privileged Access Management-Stragie zu unterstützen. Die drei Leitsätze sind:

    - Diebstahl von Zugriffsrechten verhindern

    - Laterale und vertikale Bewegungen stoppen

    - Mißbrauch von Privilegien unterbinden

    Der Blueprint verwendet einen 5-stufigen Ansatz, um das Risiko bei der Verwaltung von Privilegien zu reduzieren. Diese Methode ist u.a. für Unternehmen, die…

    … in die Cloud wechseln,

    … auf SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) umsteigen,

    … DevOps nutzen und/ oder

    … mit RPA (Robotic Process Automation) automatisieren, hilfreich.

    Erfahren Sie, wie Sie PAM erfolgreich implementieren, die richtigen Prioritäten setzen, schrittweise unterschiedliche Anwendungsfälle in Angriff nehmen und Ihr Security-Konzept an die neuen Anforderungen durch digitale Transformation in hybriden Umgebungen anpassen.
  • Privileged Access Management as a Service: What’s in it for You? Recorded: May 12 2020 62 mins
    Security as a Service gives you a unique ability to play an instrumental role in driving your organization towards better, more secure and compliant operation by securing your most vulnerable area – privileged users. And doing so quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively, without the need to develop in-house expertise in privileged access management. After all, privileged access is the gateway to an organization’s most valuable assets and is at the core of nearly every major security breach. Watch this SC Magazine webcast led by SaaS, security and privileged access experts from 451 Research and CyberArk to understand what PAM as a Service can do for you.
  • Zero Trust: Kritik Sistemlere Erişimleri Daha Hızlı ve Güvenilir hale getirmek Recorded: May 11 2020 40 mins
    Esra Çalışkan, Regional Sales Manager; Serhat Erkan, Senior Sales Engineer; Özgün Öztürk, Sales Engineer at CyberArk
    •Günümüzde neredeyse tüm kurumlar dış firmaların içerideki kritik sistemlere erişimlerine izin vermek zorunda kalıyorlar. Burada oranlar ile örnek vermek gerekirse, %90 oranında organizasyon 25 üzerinde dış firma kullanıcısının içeriye erişimine izin vermek zorunda kalıyor (Kaynak: CyberArk survey 2019). Tabii bu güvene dayalı calışmalar, audit sorunlarına, regülasyonlarda ana güvenlik sorunlarından birisi haline geliyor.
    •Günümüzde karışık altyapı sorunları ile birlikte bu tarz sorunlar ile de başetmek zorunda kalıyor organizasyonlar. Ve Sonuc olarak, Organizasyonlar hantal, pahalı ve esnek olmayan çözümler ile başbaşa kalıiyor.
    •CyberArk` ın bu yenilikçi, modern ve güvenli yaklışımı ile artık Sıfır Güven yaklaşımı ile bir çerçeve çıkartılıyor, kurumlara bu çerçevede bir güvenlik disiplini oluşturmaları için esnek bir çözüm sunuluyor. Biyometrik Kimlik doğrulama ve "Just-In-Time" doğrulama SaaS seçeneği ile dışarıdan kritik sistemlerimize yapılan erişimlerde VPN, ajan ve şifre gereksinimi olmadan güvenli erişimleri mümkün kılıyor.
  • Ransomware: How Privileged Access Management strategy mitigates risks Recorded: May 7 2020 47 mins
    Matthew Scott, Senior Sales Engineer & Massimo Carlotti, Solution Engineer Team Lead for CyberArk
    Ransomware have been making headlines again and again. Ransomware evolve and new ones like Maze are not only encrypting data and damaging business continuity, they also lead to public data leak of  confidential information. Learn how risks associated with the ransomware rise can be mitigated by implementing a comprehensive Privileged Account Management (PAM) strategy.
    CyberArk solution enables to mitigate the risk related to Ransomware by implementing least privilege approach and credential theft protection to prevent on the attack on the machines where it lands, combined with privileged credential rotation and isolation to block lateral movements and prevent the spread of the attack.
    During this webinar, you will discover the PAM programmatic approach that enables organizations to control this threat from end to end. The PAM approach allows you to secure the initial endpoint where attackers can land and prevent credential theft, privilege escalations and lateral movement
  • Gestión Segura del Acceso de los Proveedores Remotos con CyberArk Recorded: May 6 2020 37 mins
    Jean-Paul Garcia-Moran, Security Advisor and Carlos Luaces de Santiago, Solutions Engineer at CyberArk
    Las organizaciones confían en numerosos proveedores externos para las operaciones y tareascríticas. Por lo general, utilizan una combinación de VPN, agentes y procesos ad hoc para ofrecer a los proveedores un acceso remoto seguro a los sistemas internos críticos.El 87% de las organizaciones han sufrido algún incidente desestabilizador con un proveedorexterno en los últimos 2-3 años.*Hay una forma mejor de ofrecer acceso remoto seguro. CyberArk® Alero™ es una nueva solución SaaS que combina el acceso Zero Trust, la autenticación biométrica y la integración puntual de proveedores remotos que necesitan acceder a los sistemas críticos gestionados por la solución de seguridad de acceso privilegiado de CyberArk
CyberArk, leader in Privilege Access Management
CyberArk channel offers you regular insights and latest news on Privilege Access Management from the global undisputed leader in privileged access management.
You'll find here live webinars, on demand webinars and videos!

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  • Title: Zero Trust: How to mitigate risk from remote vendors
  • Live at: Apr 23 2020 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Jerome Colleu & Przemek Dybowski, Sales Engineers for CyberArk
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