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Protect against the Fundamental Nature of Ransomware

The Endpoint is more exposed than it ever has been before. As remote working becomes the norm, these devices are now very much outside the perimeter of the office defences. Unfortunately, exploiting the current global crisis, we have seen an increased and focused effort in Ransomware attacks.

In this session, we review some past approaches to stopping ransomware and the challenges associated with them. Then look at a more holistic approach to securing the endpoint; enforcing security best practices such as Least Privilege and Application Control, and how this can actually protect against the fundamental nature of Ransomware
Live online Jul 13 1:00 pm UTC
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Presented by
David Higgins, EMEA Technical Director at CyberArk
Presentation preview: Protect against the Fundamental Nature of Ransomware

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  • DevSecOps - Protecting CI/CD and the last line of defence of your organisation Aug 19 2020 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Andres Guisado, Solutions Engineer for CyberArk
    Security has recently become indispensable in DevOps world and continues the road to maturity. Cloud, containers, agile, pipelines, you name it. DevSecOps is not a hype anymore and it is becoming an increasingly important priority for everyone. Where to start? What are the best practices?
    In this session, you will learn baselines and best practices for a DevSecOps approach and, why it's important to make sure to protect the last line of defense of your organisation by leveraging CyberArk solutions.
  • Protect against the Fundamental Nature of Ransomware Jul 13 2020 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    David Higgins, EMEA Technical Director at CyberArk
    The Endpoint is more exposed than it ever has been before. As remote working becomes the norm, these devices are now very much outside the perimeter of the office defences. Unfortunately, exploiting the current global crisis, we have seen an increased and focused effort in Ransomware attacks.

    In this session, we review some past approaches to stopping ransomware and the challenges associated with them. Then look at a more holistic approach to securing the endpoint; enforcing security best practices such as Least Privilege and Application Control, and how this can actually protect against the fundamental nature of Ransomware
  • Un programma di Privilege Access Management in un approccio SaaS semplice e di s Recorded: Jul 9 2020 21 mins
    Pasquale Angiuli, Sales Engineer e Jonathan Lo Piparo, Commercial Account Executive
    Questa innovativa offerta “PAM as a Service” si basa su oltre 15 anni di leadership di CyberArk nel mercato delle soluzioni PAM, mediante la quale vengono protetti alcuni degli ambienti IT più grandi e critici al mondo. Nel corso di questo webinar, presenteremo il nostro punto di vista ed approccio su come mitigare quello che viene considerato uno dei rischi IT più importanti e condivideremo come Cyberark propone di guidare i clienti al successo del progetto in tempi brevi.
  • 5 Privileged Access Management (PAM) Use Cases Explained Recorded: Jul 7 2020 56 mins
    Niels van Bennekom, Sales Engineer and Marcel Bosgra, Senior Sales Engineer at CyberArk
    Privileged Access is everywhere. Privileged accounts can be found in every networked device, database, application, and server on-premises and in the cloud. Privileged users have the “keys to the kingdom” and, in the case of a cyberattack or data breach, privileged credentials can be used to cause catastrophic damage to a business.During this session we will demonstrate based on 5 use cases how CyberArk can help you to secure your privileged accounts.The 5 Uses Cases we cover:
    How a PAM solution can help you manage all the privileged account within your environment?
    How to use unique identifiable accounts without creating personal accounts for all administrators.
    How a secure proxy helps you to mitigate a pass-the-hash attack.
    How a PAM solution can provide audit logs and session recordings (without the need to install an agent)
    How to analyze high-risk Privileged activities in your network
  • Mettere in Sicurezza gli ambienti di Sviluppo garantendo la massima produttività Recorded: Jul 6 2020 47 mins
    Alistair Anderson, Senior Sales Engineer and Emilio Tonelli, Sales Engineer
    Con l'adozione dei processi DevOps e degli ambienti Cloud, la Digital Transformation ha reso gli sviluppatori alcuni tra i piu' "privilegiati" utenti IT nelle organizzazioni.
    Gli attaccanti lo sanno e hanno iniziato a prendere di mira proprio gli sviluppatori.

    Per mitigare i rischi e proteggere gli ambienti usati dagli sviluppatori, CyberArk offre un approccio completo ed ampio che include anche ambienti di questo tipo senza impatti sulla produttività e l'esperienza d'uso degli utenti.
    La gestione dei Secret è infatti un elemento chiave delle pipeline DevOps e costituisce un framework al quale gli sviluppatori possono affidarsi per operare coi Secret in sicurezza.
  • A Successful Privileged Access Security Program Involves More than Technology Recorded: Jun 25 2020 43 mins
    Julie Mauch, (CISSP) TAM Services Manager- Americas for CyberArk
    Many organizations consider people, process and technology when building out a variety of programs that involve change – and this “formula” is often tried and true for security. However, there are many opinions on which element is most important, and the answers may be specific to a particular program or culture.

    CyberArk has worked with 1000s of customers over the years. As a result, we have insights on what enables organizations to successfully build a privileged access security program.

    In this 30 minute webinar, we’ll review the significance of “people.” Learn about non-technical factors that influence the program success including:
    Outside influences
    Corporate culture
    Program maturity and
    Outside resources
    We’ll also review a sample PAS Program roadmap and share an example of how one bank followed the process.
  • Best Practices for Securing Cloud Based Applications and Infrastructure Recorded: Jun 24 2020 47 mins
    Bart Bruijnesteijn, Pre-Sales Director at CyberArk
    In this Session, you will have the unique opportunity to learn from real-world scenarios related to privileged access security in cloud environments. We provide insights from lessons learned securing commercial SaaS applications, cloud infrastructure and internal apps deployed in the cloud.
    Key points covered include:
    Quick wins for securing root and privileged access into Cloud Management Consoles
    Centralizing human access for other Cloud native tools
    Extending password vaulting and rotation to integrated automation and security tools
    Automating the discovery and onboarding of Cloud secrets as well as scaling CyberArk in the Cloud
  • Underpinning your MultiCloud strategy with Privilege Access Management Recorded: Jun 16 2020 37 mins
    Josh Kirkwood, Solutions Engineer Manager for CyberArk
    Every cloud has a privilege lining, and privilege is the first real challenge of building an effective and scalable multi/hybrid cloud strategy moving forward. the management of this privilege is often a pain that is just accepted as companies rush to realise the benefits of a cloud migration. Learn how to make privilege access management an enabling service as you onboard additional cloud providers, understand how you can realise increased operational efficiency and decreased risk all through consistently managing privilege.
  • Securely Manage 3rd Party Remote Access to CyberArk Recorded: Jun 11 2020 45 mins
    Gil Rapaport, head of Alero and Brandon Traffanstedt, Global Director, System Engineering for CyberArk
    Organizations today heavily rely on a variety of 3rd party vendors for critical operations and tasks. Most typically, they have a combination of VPNs, agents and ad hoc processes for securely providing remote vendors with access to critical internal systems. These solutions carry a set of difficulties for both users and administrators. There is now a more secure and easier way to provide access.

    CyberArk® Alero™ is a new SaaS based solution that combines Zero Trust access, biometric authentication and just-in-time provisioning for remote vendors who need access to critical systems managed by the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution.

    Join us and learn:
    * About the challenges in using VPN-based, agent-based, password-based and other legacy solutions for remote vendor access
    * How biometric authentication and just-in-time provisioning can be combined to securely provide and provision access to remote vendor users
    * How to simply manage and administer the remote vendors that need access to your critical internal systems
  • Cómo una estrategia de gestión de privilegios ayuda mitigar el riesgo ante ranso Recorded: Jun 10 2020 45 mins
    Anastasia Sotelsek, Principal Sales Engineer and Jean-Paul Garcia-Moran, Security Advisor
    El Ransomware evoluciona y aquellos como Maze no solo están cifrando datos para irrumpir el negocio, sino que también conducen a la fuga de información confidencial. Aprenda cómo los riesgos asociados al Ransomware pueden mitigarse mediante la implementación de una estrategia integral de gestión de cuentas privilegiadas (PAM). La solución CyberArk permite mitigar el riesgo relacionado con Ransomware mediante un enfoque de privilegios mínimos y protección contra el robo de credenciales para evitar el ataque a las máquinas donde aterriza, combinado con una rotación de credenciales y aislamiento de sesiones privilegiadas para que los atacantes no puedan moverse lateralmente por el entorno y evitar su propagación.
  • Безопасность среды разработки с сохранением продуктивности на высоком уровне Recorded: Jun 9 2020 60 mins
    Vsevolod Petrov, Всеволод Петров for CyberArk
    С повсеместным принятием процессов DevOps и облачных технологий, цифровая трансформация превратила разработчиков в одних из самых значимых IT-пользователей в вашей организации, а злоумышленники начали целенаправленно атаковать именно разработчиков. Как можно защитить DevOps среду, избегая при этом рисков, связанных с кражей учетных данных, эскалации привилегий, и не ставя под угрозу успех цифровой трансформации вашего бизнеса
  • Jak chránit prostředí vývojářů a zároveň neomezovat jejich produktivitu Recorded: Jun 8 2020 48 mins
    Daniel Hetenyi, Sales Manager and Jan Pergler, Senior Sales Engineer for CyberArk
    * Zabezpečení privilegovaných účtů v aplikacích a automatizaci.

    * Jaká jsou potenciální rizika pro současné vývojáře a DevOps ostředí?

    * Jak zvýšit zabezpečení bez dopadu na produktivitu.
  • Bezpieczny dostęp na żądanie Recorded: Jun 6 2020 35 mins
    Radosław Szyszko, Security Consultant, CLICO
    Zapraszamy na kolejne webinarium z serii CyberArk - Twoja droga do bezpieczeństwa kont uprzywilejowanych, które w całości są poświęcone rodzajom zagrożeń dla kont uprzywilejowanych w różnych perspektywach.

    Tematem niniejszej sesji jest bezpieczny dostęp na żądanie.

    Konsultant ds. bezpieczeństwa CLICO Radosław Szyszko poruszył kwestie zpodejścia Zero Trust, Alero - zdalnego dostępu na żądanie bez VPN, dynamicznego nadawania dostępu do systemów krytycznych (Just in Tima PAS) oraz czasowego podnoszenia uprawnień na stacji końcowej (Just in Time EPM).
  • Secure developers’ environment while ensuring developers top level productivity Recorded: Jun 4 2020 52 mins
    Josh Kirkwood, Solution Engineering Manager & Michael Ravelingien, Principal Sales Engineer for CyberArk
    With the adoption of DevOps processes and Cloud environment, digital transformation has turned developers into some of the most powerful IT users within your organization.
    Attackers understand that and have started to specifically target developers. To mitigate the risk and secure developers’ environments, CyberArk offers a complete and comprehensive approach to secure the DevOps environments without impacting the user experience and productivity. During this webinar, you will learn how to secure DevOps environments while avoiding risks associated with credential thefts, privileged escalations and not compromising the success that is transforming your business.
  • כיצד למנוע מתקפות כופרה באמצעות יישום אסטרטגיה של אבטחה וניהול פעילות פריבילגית Recorded: Jun 2 2020 44 mins
    Ofir Melinger, Solutions Engineer for CyberArk
    תוכנות כופר עולות לכותרות שוב ושוב, כאשר כיום הן לא רק מצפינות את המידע היקר לנו ופוגעות בהמשכיות העסקית, אלא הן גם אחראיות לזליגת אותו מידע רגיש החוצה באופן פומבי.
    בוובינר נלמד כיצד ניתן להתמודד עם סכנות כופרה על ידי יישום אסטרטגיית Privileged Access Management מקיפה (PAM).

    פתרון CyberArk מאפשר להתמודד עם סכנות הנובעות מתוכנות כופר על ידי מדיניות Least Privilege וטכנולוגיית Privilege Threat Protection אשר מונעות את ההתקפה בשלב מקדים כבר בתחנת הקצה והשרת, ובשילוב יכולות נוספות של Credential Rotation ו- Session Isolation תמנע התפשטות המתקפה בתשתית.
    במהלך הוובינר תוכלו לגלות כיצד גישת PAM מאפשרת להתמודד עם מתקפות ואיומי כופרה וכיצד ניתן להחזיר את השליטה מלאה לארגון.
    גישת PAM מאפשרת הגנה כבר מהנקודה ההתחלתית והקריטית ממנה מתפתחת ההתקפה, על ידי צמצום משטח התקיפה ויכולות התוקף באופן דרמטי ומניעה של Credential Theft, Privilege Escalation, Lateral Movement לא מורשים.
  • Implementing Privileged Access Security into Zero-trust Models and Architectures Recorded: May 28 2020 45 mins
    Corey O’Connor, senior product marketing manager and Noam Liran, national manager, customer success for CyberArk
    Established in 2010 by industry analyst John Kindervag, the “zero-trust model” is centered on the belief that an organization should not automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeters and instead must verify anything and everything trying to connect to its systems before granting access.

    In this webinar we’ll provide a demo and address:
    The evolution of perimeter security, introducing the concept of zero-trust
    The deep rooted connection privileged access security has with zero-trust frameworks
    Foundational security controls that align to zero-trust models and architectures
  • Schnell, einfach, kosteneffizient: Zugriffs-Risiken von Drittanbietern mindern Recorded: May 27 2020 62 mins
    Christian Götz, Director Pre-Sales DACH, CyberArk
    Fast jede Organisation ist auf eine Vielzahl von Drittanbietern angewiesen, die Zugang zu internen Systemen benötigen. Tatsächlich haben 90% der Unternehmen über 25 Drittanbieter mit Remote-Zugriff auf kritischen Systeme.

    Die Zugriffsrechte dieser externen Dienstleister sind ein großes Risiko für die Cyber-Security geworden und rücken gleichzeitig immer mehr in den Fokus von Auditoren und Aufsichtsbehörden.

    Um Risiken zu mindern und Audit-/ Compliance-Vorschriften zu erfüllen, müssen Unternehmen eine komplexe Infrastruktur implementieren, was zu umständlichen und teuren Bereitstellungsprozessen für Administratoren und Enduser.

    In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie mehr zu unserem innovativen „Zero Trust“-Ansatz: CyberArk kombiniert biometrische Multi-Faktor-Authentifizierung und "Just-In-Time"-Selbstprovisionierung in einem SaaS-Angebot und ermöglicht Fernzugriff auf kritische Systeme ohne Notwendigkeit für VPNs, Agenten oder Passwörter. Lernen Sie, wie Sie Drittanbietern Remote-Zugriff geben und gleichzeitig sicherstellen können, dass dieser sicher sowie kontrollier- wie automatisierbar ist.
  • Ransomware a uprawnienia, czyli jak minimalizować ryzyko skutecznych ataków Recorded: May 26 2020 60 mins
    Bartosz Kryński, Presales Team Leader
    Ataki Ransomware ewoluowały z prostych narzędzi do wyłudzenia haraczu za odszyfrowanie pojedynczych stacji roboczych do zaawansowanych procesów dostawania się do wnętrza infrastruktury przedsiębiorstwa, importowania kolejnych narzędzi ataku, wykorzystywania podatności do poruszania się w środowisku aż po uzyskanie dostępu do najważniejszych danych Instytucji. Zmieniają się również sposoby nakłaniania ofiar do realizacji opłaty, przykładowo oprócz szyfrowania danych (które potencjalnie mogą zostać odzyskane
    z zabezpieczonych kopii zapasowych) ataki dodatkowo wysyłają ważne informacje poza instytucję, szantażując następnie ujawnieniem danych wrażliwych (tzw. Doxing).

    W publikowanych incydentach bezpieczeństwa zauważyć można wspólne mianowniki dotyczące sposobu dostawania się do infrastruktury jak i przedostawania się do kolejnych elementów kluczowych w środowisku. Mianownikiem takim są dostępy i konta uprzywilejowane, które pozwalają atakującym poruszać się w środowisku sprawnie (korzystając z narzędzi i protokołów administracyjnych) i w sposób całkowicie niezauważony dla systemów zabezpieczeń i działów bezpieczeństwa.

    W celu zabezpieczenia danych przed zaszyfrowaniem lub wyciekiem nie wystarczy zatem chronić stacje robocze, ale również wyeliminować możliwość przedostania się złośliwego kodu intruza pomiędzy systemami w infrastrukturze teleinformatycznej.
  • Konta uprzywilejowane w infrastrukturze OT/SCADA Recorded: May 22 2020 46 mins
    Radosław Szyszko, Security Consultant, CLICO
    Zapraszamy na kolejne webinarium z serii CyberArk - Twoja droga do bezpieczeństwa kont uprzywilejowanych, które w całości są poświęcone rodzajom zagrożeń dla kont uprzywilejowanych w różnych perspektywach.

    Tematem niniejszej sesji są konta uprzywilejowane w infrastrukturze OT/SCADA.

    Konsultant ds. bezpieczeństwa CLICO Radosław Szyszko poruszył kwestie zagrożeń nieuprawnionego dostępu do poświadczeń w środowisku OT, kontroli uprawnień na stacji operatora, ochrony poświadczeń dostępowych do systemów krytycznych oraz reagowania na incydenty.
  • The CISO’s Take on Protecting Privileged Access in Robotic Process Automation Recorded: May 21 2020 33 mins
    Laura Robinson, Principal Analyst for Robinson Insight
    There is a rapid adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). What could go wrong with a fleet of robots that have high levels of access across multiple sensitive business processes? In this webinar, we will present both key findings and recommendations from industry-leading CISOs involved in the latest CyberArk CISO View research report on securing RPA. Hear how cyber attackers and insiders can attempt to exploit privileged access in RPA systems.

    Join us to learn:

    The unique perspective from 12 leading security executives on this new technology and related security implications
    Practical recommendations to scale RPA workflows securely
    How security teams can add tremendous value to the organization’s RPA strategy…and much more!
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  • Title: Protect against the Fundamental Nature of Ransomware
  • Live at: Jul 13 2020 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: David Higgins, EMEA Technical Director at CyberArk
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