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Re-thinking Payments Strategies in the age of unreason - LUX Option 1

In a brief overview we’ll analyze the major trends in the payments industry, how to deal with new business realities and establish new winning strategies. The session will be a collaboration between Worldline and EY.
We would also like to hear from you what your main challenges are today in the payments space.

The preliminary agenda entails:
•New banking landscape: a significant disruption or an immense opportunity?
•How the main trends affect your existing business: rethinking the traditional business models.
•New business offering adapted to the new realities
•Time for real-time interaction: Q&A

We are sure that other people within your institution will find value in the sessions, make sure you share this invitation. Our content is targeting the following group of stakeholders:
•Head of Payments/ Head of Operations
•Head of Infrastructure Projects, if exists or Transformation Projects
•Head of CM Corporate Banking or alike
•Product Manager at Cash Management for Corporate clients or alike
•Head of Innovation or alike
•IT departments
•Banks Treasury department

We are looking forward to welcome you and to hear your point of view!
Recorded May 7 2020 63 mins
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Presented by
Worldline and EY
Presentation preview: Re-thinking Payments Strategies in the age of unreason - LUX Option 1
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  • 5 steps to orchestrate self-service across digital banking channels May 18 2021 8:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Nicolas Marcoin: Product Marketing Manager; Raphael Feillet: Solution Manager; Veronica Alava: Business Development
    Customer satisfaction has recently been affected by the increase of online service options and the consumers’ expectations have soared simultaneously.

    All around the world, banks are exploring the use of new self-service models to support customers in carrying out banking activities without the need for human interaction. As self-service is becoming increasingly important, it’s becoming key to consistently orchestrate and implement automation across all channels - always mixed with the right level of human interactions.

    Register to our webinar and, in only 30 minutes, you will learn about our 5-steps methodology to increase the accessibility of your services while improving customer satisfaction.

    Join our experts and discover:
    • Why self-service is an opportunity for digital banking channels
    • Why self-service does not compromise customer trust
    • How banks have faced the challenges of service automation
    • Our staged approach: from self-service to higher intimacy
  • How A Digital Customer Experience Can Help Banks Thrive in Today's Digital World Recorded: Apr 20 2021 50 mins
    Michael Salmony, Executive Adviser, Worldline | Gregory Lambertie, Worldline I Antoine Larmanjat, Google
    Preparing European Banks for a Connected Digital Future Episode 3

    European banks struggle to compete with the customer experience created by tech companies, whose design prowess and agility threaten to eat up the banks’ market share. This deterioration may continue, as 25% of European banking users are considering changing to a digital-only bank over the next year, according to data by MasterCard. To counteract this, banks can focus on specific features in the customer experience and leverage their assets. One central element of the customer experience is payments. When customers have various payment choices ranging from Stripe to Paypal to AliPay, banks can make life easier for consumers by integrating all payment choices into their tech stack. With eCommerce contributing to more transaction volume, helping merchants move consumers down the purchase funnel to increase conversions is another place where banks can focus. And, the usage of QR codes as a way for European banks to enable a frictionless customer experience. The European Commission has a committed interest in creating its own QR code standard, which will make it easier for banks to create their own QR code solutions.

    Identity management may be the most critical element of the digital experience, and it may need to be re-thought entirely by replacing identity management with rights management. In this area, banks may be the industry which can add new value to the marketplace by becoming not only a money bank but an identity bank – the point of trust.
    With so many opportunities to evolve their customer experience, how can banks determine where to focus first and compete with tech companies in the future?

    Join this webinar to learn about:
    - How to approach payment integrations
    - How banks can add value to the customer experience by increasing purchase conversions
    - Why to consider rights management vs identity management as a value add
    - How to integrate new technologies into the customer experience
  • Compliant, secure & frictionless payments through WL Trusted Authentication Recorded: Mar 30 2021 41 mins
    Claire Pipon - Product Manager, Joost Martens - Account & Business Development, Saphie Fouad - Product Manager Assistant
    What about getting a true frictionless authentication system for accessing to financial transactions and that is also compliant to the FCA regulations?

    Feeling curious? It's easy, just register to our webinar.

    During this webinar we want to show how you can:
    • Get consistent user experience for all type of transactions (account-to-account, Visa/Mastercard) and across all type of devices (Android, ios, web browser),
    • Replace unsafe usage of sms’s,
    • Respect the compliance date of September 2021

    Thanks to these implementations, the UK market can gain millions of transactions which are now lost due to the friction experienced by users when they want to complete their transaction.

    If you want to be ready for the 14 September FCA deadline, we must talk soon. Register to this webinar and let us demonstrate you that we are ready to bring value to your bank and bank customers in the most convenient way.
  • Five Economic Implications of Stablecoins Recorded: Mar 24 2021 61 mins
    Nicolas Kozakiewicz, Clement Jozwiak, Johan Maes
    Stablecoin will enable businesses and administrations to offer customers the flexibility and security they require when making payments, while helping central banks protect the sovereignty of national money. This BrightTalk explores the stablecoins’ advantages and economic implications across various industries: retail, banking, public services, hospitality, large event organizers, etc.
  • The changing landscape of Payments Fraud with Digital Banking Recorded: Feb 24 2021 32 mins
    Myles Simpson and Rodolfo Bertassello
    Nowadays we are experiencing an acceleration towards digital banking as well an increase in the number of different means of payment available. Due to COVID-19 this has been accentuated and cardholders’ interactions have increased, adapting more and more to new ways of paying. In this context, faster systems and adapted services must be constructed to cope with the fraudsters who are in turn adjusting to the vast array of different payment means offered.

    How is the payments fraud landscape changing with digital banking?
    How did the new trends emerging from the global health crisis impact fraud and fraud monitoring ?
    How are fraudsters adjusting to the emerging payment means?
  • The Rising Role of Cryptography & Digital Currency in European Banking’s Future Recorded: Feb 23 2021 48 mins
    Michael Salmony, Executive Adviser, Worldline | Nicolas Kozakiewicz, Chief Innovation Officer, Worldline
    Preparing European Banks for a Connected Digital Future Episode 2

    Digital currencies have the potential to upend how banks work. Facebook’s Libra caused a shakeup in the global banking industry, driving central banks to take a more in-depth look at issuing their own Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), which could disintermediate the banks. Some European banks have banded together to create their own blockchains that allow encrypted data on anything, from money to medical records, to be shared between many companies, people and institutions. Quantum will disrupt all our current security, but quantum cryptography may be the new solution.

    Regulators are looking at these developments with both concern and intrigue. Their concern is rooted in the difficulties of regulatory processes keeping up with the frantic speed of technology and with global developments impinging on national/local jurisdictions. On the other hand, these technologies can help to level the playing field for European companies. They may also help in B2B payments, which is attractive to banks and merchants alike. Additionally, Stablecoins may provide alternative ways for banks to issue digital currencies they control themselves.

    How can trade finance, crypto and digital currencies help contribute to a stronger European banking system?

    Join this webinar as Worldline's Michael Salmony, Executive Advisor for Payments Innovation Strategy at Worldline, as he is joined by a panel of experts to explore:

    - What Central Bank Digital Currencies means for the global monetary system
    - The risks and opportunities of crypto- technologies
    - How banks and regulators can work together to use new technologies effectively
    - The effect Stablecoins may have on B2B payments and trade finance
  • Comment Request-to-Pay va bouleverser l’encaissement ? Recorded: Feb 9 2021 63 mins
    Ladan Etemad - Business Developper Manager Worldline et Jean-François Delorme - Partner DXC Technology
    Avec l’arrivée du Request-to-pay, de nouvelles approches innovantes sont disponibles pour faciliter et optimiser l’encaissement. Worldline et DXC Technology présentent leur vision de ce nouveau schéma européen simplifiant considérablement les règlements entre personnes, organisations et entreprises.
    Request-to-pay offre un parcours d’encaissement 100% digital des factures clients avec une réconciliation totalement automatisée. Ce nouveau schéma permet de réduire les délais de paiement et les coûts associés grâce notamment aux services d’initiation de virement et d’accès aux informations de compte Open Banking/DSP2.
    Nos experts accompagnés de clients feront un état des lieux des innovations, et des cas d’usages les plus remarquables du marché.
  • Staying Competitive With A Pan-European Banking System Recorded: Feb 2 2021 50 mins
    Michael Salmony, Worldline | Gregory Lambertie, Worldline I Eric Tak, ING I Javier Santamaria, EPC
    Preparing European Banks for a Connected Digital Future Episode 1

    European banking is fragmented, with many of the 19 eurozone-member states still having many own rules governing how their banks operate. While the web has made global commerce easy, we are still operating far too nationally. The great financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic exposed a deficit in digital processes leaving Europe exposed to international competitors from the US and Asia, especially China. The emergence of fintechs, who merge technology with customer-centricity while reducing costs, has driven a new need for banks to position themselves in the digital economy. This confluence of forces caused many struggles ranging from integrating new technologies, complying with regulations and finding one’s position in the new ecosystem. These challenges will not subside.

    Now, European sovereignty itself may be at risk as competitors from other continents seek to drive merchants and consumers towards their own business models. How can European banks evolve while contributing to the sovereignty of a pan-European banking system?

    In this opening episode of Preparing European Banks for a Connected Digital Future, Join Michael Salmony, Executive Advisor for Payments Innovation Strategy at Worldline and your host. He will be joined by a panel of industry experts who will discuss:

    - The challenges European banks face in a new global market
    - How banks can get ahead of challengers and digital currencies
    - How seamless payment and customer experience can make or break your success

    In today's webinar focused on how banks can stay competitive in a pan-European banking system, our panel will discuss:

    - What infrastructure, payment, and consumer trends are influencing bank’s today
    - Will the European Payment Initiative may be the solution European banks need today to compete?
    - What the future holds for banking in Europe
  • What We Talk About When We Talk About Digital Currencies Recorded: Jan 26 2021 57 mins
    Nicolas Kozakiewicz, Innovation Executive Advisor at Worldline
    New breeds of crypto-assets are transforming not only how we pay but what we pay with. This BrightTalk will invite you to dive into the story of digital currencies, understanding what they are, their pros and cons, their involving market characteristics and growth projections driven by the rise of innovative peers; and most important of all, how they might re-write the rulebook of our future economy.
  • Conoce la evolución de la mensajería móvil con nuevos canales conversacionales Recorded: Jan 21 2021 56 mins
    Vanessa Clemente; Xavi Sans
    o El objetivo de la sesión es realizar un recorrido de como la mensajería instantánea ha evolucionado hacia nuevos canales sociales y conversacionales y, como en este nuevo escenario, las aplicaciones de mensajería móvil como WhatsApp se han hecho con un lugar privilegiado día a día.
  • SCA: Best Practices zur Verbesserung der User Experience und Konversion Recorded: Jan 18 2021 29 mins
    Carsten Göbel - Business Development Manager, Hazal Aktepe - Business Consultant
    Seit dem 01.01.2021 ist die starke Kundenauthentifizierung für E-Commerce Zahlungen verpflichtend, so wie es für das Online-Banking bereits der Fall war.

    Folgende Fragen sollten im Kontext einer aus Endkundensicht benutzerfreundlichen SCA-Lösung bedacht werden:
    • Ermöglicht Ihnen Ihre SCA-Lösung eine gleichbleibende Benutzererfahrung für alle Anwendungsfälle anzubieten?
    • Möchten Sie Ihren Kunden eine einfachere, intuitivere optimierte Benutzererfahrung bieten?
    • Wie können Sie Ihren gesamten Kundenkreis abdecken?
    • Was sind Best Practices für den Einsatz einer starken Authentifizierungslösung?

    Sie stellen sich eine oder mehrere dieser Fragen und / oder sind an unseren Erfahrungen zum Einsatz von benutzerfreundlichen Authentifizierungslösungen interessiert?
    Dann melden Sie sich für unser Webinar an.

    Die folgenden Themen werden während des Webinars diskutiert:
    • Marktsituation
    • E-Commerce SCA-Pflicht seit dem 1.1.2021
    • Probleme mit hohen Abbruchquoten
    • Best Practices
    • Showcases anhand von drei Praxisbeispielen mit TA
    • Fazit mit Handlungsempfehlungen
  • Decoding e-commerce in high-potential, but challenging markets Recorded: Dec 15 2020 44 mins
    Eline Blomme, Melisande Mual

    In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, retailers will be looking for new growth drivers. Selling into new international markets represents a sizable growth opportunity, but it doesn’t come without challenges.

    When you approach a new geographical market, how can you ensure acceptable conversion rates, stimulate higher average order values, and build shopper loyalty—in other words, create customer lifetime value—while limiting major investments and keeping fixed costs under control?

    Join this webinar on Tuesday, December 15 as we decipher the complexities of online retail and e-commerce payment in some of the world’s most promising markets.


    This webinar will be most valuable for senior executives whose responsibilities include business development and/or payment strategy, and who are working in established e-commerce businesses with ambitions to expand outside Europe.


    * Online retail market trends in the BRIC countries (Brazil, India, China, and Russia)
    * The current state of e-commerce in these high-growth markets
    * The benefits and risks of cross-border retailing


    Eline Blomme has held a variety of sales management positions since she joined Worldline in 2016. For the last two years, she has led a global team of senior account and business development managers responsible for Tier 1 e-commerce customers. Following Worldline’s recent acquisition of Ingenico, Eline has been appointed Head of Product Management for Global E-commerce at the consolidated company.

    Mélisande Mual is the publisher and owner of The Paypers, the global leading source of news and intelligence for professionals in payments, fintech and digital commerce. The portfolio of The Paypers includes news, premium newsletters, industry reports, webinars and online events. Prior to The Paypers, Mélisande held several leadership positions in leading B2B Publisher (Wolters Kluwer) and Telecom (KPN) companies.
  • Accélérez l'encaissement de vos factures et réduisez leurs coûts Recorded: Dec 1 2020 35 mins
    Ladan Etemad - Business developper Manager et Karim Bouhzada - Expert solution
    Vous souhaitez réduire vos délais de paiements, de traitement des litiges et de recouvrement ? Découvrez notre nouvelle solution WL Bill Pay & Match pour un parcours d'encaissement 100% #digital vous permettant d'améliorer votre BFR.
  • Connected Banking: secure and intuitive customer interfaces Recorded: Nov 19 2020 67 mins
    Veronica Alava, Raphaël Feillet (equensWorldline), Christopher Schmitz-EMEIA FinTech Leader (EY)
    Today's customers are banking on the go. We have entered an era in which trust is not the primary factor anymore in choosing a bank, it is implied and expected. Thus, the new deciding factor is customer experience.

    COVID-19 is accelerating the adoption of digital services, making almost all bank-customer interactions remote. That’s why customer experience needs to be taken to the next level: multichannel, convenient and engaging customer journeys are already a must.
    On top of these trends, banks are now investing in seamless omnichannel experiences based on personal needs, integrated banking services, and proximity through remote advice.

    What we also know, is that bank customers are happy to have a conversation from the comfort of their own homes if services are convenient and relevant. However, still the amount of consumers who receive remote advice and satisfying digital personalized services can be improved with the right digital tools.

    So how can banks deliver the required experience within digital journeys when addressing their core customer needs in the midst of COVID 19?

    Come join us to learn how banks can ensure a seamless customer experience that is simple, fast and intuitive. We will analyze together three digital customer journeys: Instant loans, Personalized payment services and complex financial advice.

    • From Online Banking to Connected Banking
    • How to adapt the customer interface within three customer journeys
    • Key customer services : instant loans, payment services and complex financial advice
    • Future ready digital banks (demonstration)
  • Transforming customer interactions in uncertain times Recorded: Nov 10 2020 50 mins
    Lisa Hennebelle - Product Manager, Veronica Alava - Business Developer
    How to perform banking and insurance activities with limited physical interactions ?

    The challenge is bigger specially now, when customer interactions between financial institutions and end customers are exploding in volumes. Thanks to extended digital capabilities banks are reducing the need for in-person exchanges. That’s why electronic signature, consistent communication campaigns, secure document exchanges and emails, self-service options have become key assets while banking online.

    Discover through this session how WL Trusted Interactions, a messaging platform tailored for financial services, can overcome this challenge thanks to the enrichment of customer exchanges (with many features and without compromising the security of remote exchanges). A solution demonstration is presented in this webinar.
  • Worldline & BRIDGE - Optimise payments, maximise revenues Recorded: Oct 29 2020 56 mins
    Magnus Danielsson and Brian Coburn
    Join Magnus Danielsson and Brian Coburn, CEO of BRIDGE, as they discuss and share critical insights to help e-commerce businesses and merchants maximise the potential of their payment systems. To take advantage of transformational, innovative digital payment solutions.

    The discussion focussed on the major shift and growth of online commerce and the strategic role of digital payments. How enterprises can ensure optimum payment success rates (revenue), meet increasing consumer expectations and compete and win in a highly crowded and competitive global e-commerce marketplace.
  • Black History Month Interview With Mike Omoniyi Recorded: Oct 9 2020 44 mins
    Mike Omoniyi, Burnell Richards and Johnathan Astbury
    This week we sat down with Mike Omoniyi, CEO of The Common Sense Network (TCS); a bi-partisan news network for millennials dedicated to finding common ground in an increasingly polarised world. We discussed his journey leading up to the launch of TCS and some of the issues he’d uncovered working in the media industry, before moving on to discuss what effective allyship looks like and why he’s optimistic about the prospect of racial equality in the UK going forward.
  • Webinar "Mejores prácticas para introducir Blockchain en proyectos de negocio" Recorded: Oct 8 2020 61 mins
    Tomás García y Manuel Machado
    En este Webinar presentaremos casos de uso principales y mejores prácticas para iniciar un proyecto Blockchain.
  • Webinar - Du service a la relation client, le défi d’une expérience réussie Recorded: Oct 1 2020 63 mins
    Experts Worldline et Oresys avec l'intervention d’Hélène Garin - Ex-directeur de services digitaux chez AXA
    Expérience client et digitalisation à marche forcée post-crise sanitaire : les clés pour transformer votre organisation et vos outils !

    Forts de leur complémentarité, Worldline (éditeur de solutions digitales) et ORESYS (société de conseil expert des transformations), vous convient à un webinar commun dédié aux banques, assureurs, mutuelles et courtiers le jeudi 1er octobre de 11h à 12h sur le thème de l'expérience client.

    Saviez-vous que 86% des clients sont prêts à payer jusqu'à 25% de plus pour une meilleure expérience client* ?

    Avec à l’appui un témoignage client, nous répondrons aux questions suivantes :
    • Quelles seront les tendances de l’expérience client en 2021 dans les services financiers ?
    • Comment rebondir suite à la crise sanitaire ? Retour d’expérience d’une digitalisation menée à marche forcée en confinement
    • Comment transformer votre organisation et vos outils pour devenir customer-centric ?

    *Customers- Walker 2020
  • Mettez en place facilement la logistique du "Click&Collect" dans vos magasins Recorded: Oct 1 2020 41 mins
    Ruben Nussbaumer-Product manager et Frédéric Vieren, expert e-commerce
    Les conséquences de la pandémie et des nouvelles habitudes d’achat des consommateurs qui en découlent pour le secteur de la distribution forcent les enseignes à fournir un meilleur service à leurs clients. En améliorant les processus de travail de leurs employés, les distributeurs gagneront en productivité pour absorber la croissance impressionnante de commandes effectuées sur leur(s) site(s) e-commerce. Ecoutez nos experts vous expliquer comment mettre en place facilement la logistique dans votre réseau de points de vente.
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