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Align your product with Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat offers the leading container platform for cloud-native workloads, with an open architecture that enables integration of solutions from our partners. Learn how your product can better align with the OpenShift stack, and how Red Hat offers you a path to verify its interoperability and promote it as part of our certified ecosystem.
Recorded May 14 2020 25 mins
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Hugo Rivero
Presentation preview: Align your product with Red Hat OpenShift

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  • Technical workshop: OpenShift Helm chart certification Jun 23 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Taylor Smith, Neal Hartman
    This technical workshop will provide you with a high level introduction to our new Helm chart certification for OpenShift, and will walk you through the steps to getting your software Red Hat certified.

    Built for technology partners, this is the fourth technical workshop that's part of a series on getting your software running and certified on a Red Hat platform - in this case Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Extend your reach with the new Ansible Certified Collection for ServiceNow Recorded: May 26 2021 51 mins
    Nelson Hsu, Warren Zweigart, Massimo Ferrari
    Now you can extend automation to ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions to help your customers drive agility and accountability. As customers look for increasing levels of speed and efficiency in ITSM, automation plays a key role. Red Hat has certified a new Content Collection, called the Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collection for ServiceNow. Together with Ansible, your ServiceNow solutions become “stickier” creating a stronger ecosystem in your customer accounts.

    With this new Collection, customers can leverage the great benefits of IT automation for incident, problem and change management requests and ensure a “single source of truth” in the ServiceNow configuration management database. Through this solution, partners add significant value to customers by supporting ITSM automation use cases, while also expanding the automation footprint in new and existing accounts.

    Join us for the Connect ISV Webinar for Ansible on May 26th at 11am EST to learn more about how customers leverage content collections and how you can take advantage of this new ServiceNow Content Collection.
  • Technical workshop: Ansible Automation certification Recorded: May 12 2021 23 mins
    Neal Hartman
    This technical workshop will provide you with a high level look at our certification program, and walk you through the steps to getting your Ansible content collections Red Hat certified.

    Built for software companies, this is the third technical workshop that's part of a recent series on getting your software running and certified on a Red Hat platform.
  • Technical workshop: RHEL 8 certification Recorded: Apr 21 2021 23 mins
    Neal Hartman
    This talk will provide high level technical look at the Red Hat Enterprise Linux certification program that we have in place today for Build Partners. A general look at what's involved from the workflow perspective for getting certified.
  • What's new in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 Recorded: Apr 20 2021 46 mins
    Scott McBrien
    Review the new features and capabilities available in the latest release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 8.4 beta. Hosted by the RHEL team, this webinar will focus on the technical updates provided as part of this new release. The official 8.4 release will happen in the near future.
  • Technical workshop: OpenShift Operator certification Recorded: Apr 7 2021 40 mins
    Neal Hartman
    This is a technical introduction at the Kubernetes Operator certification that we have in place today for Build Partners. This will include a look at some recommended tools and explain what's involved to get your software certified.
  • Creating Operators with Day 2 features Recorded: Mar 3 2021 53 mins
    Matt Dorn, Hugo Rivero
    An Operator puts operational knowledge into managing the entire lifecycle of an application. Operators implement and automate common Day-1 (installation, configuration, etc.) and Day-2 (re-configuration, update, backup, failover, restore, etc.) activities. by integrating natively with Kubernetes concepts and APIs. We call this a Kubernetes-native application. This session will focus on how to build Day-2 Operators, and explain how you and your customers can benefit from them.
  • Partner Connect: Marketing Office Hours for Red Hat certified partners Recorded: Feb 16 2021 55 mins
    Michael Waite, Cyrus Champey
    Red Hat Partner Connect offers technology partners many co-marketing activities that are aligned with the various Red Hat software certifications including: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenStack, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (either containers or Operators), and others.

    Join this call to learn how you can co-market with Red Hat to drive business. You'll learn about building co-branded podcasts, webinars, collateral, and more. This webinar is for Partner Connect members that have (or will have) a Red Hat certified product.
  • Building Java microservices for Kubernetes with Quarkus Recorded: Feb 10 2021 61 mins
    John Clingam, James Falkner
    Quarkus is a Kubernetes-native Java stack tailored for GraalVM, Mandrel and HotSpot, crafted from best-of-breed Java libraries and standards. This disruptive technology combines developer productivity capabilities with runtime efficiency that rivals or exceeds that of Go or Node.js, optimizing Java for modern applications based on microservices and serverless architectures.

    In this session, learn what Quarkus is and how it has been proven to significantly increase developer productivity while reducing operational costs. You'll also learn more about the Quarkus ecosystem and how it can help you accelerate adoption of applications through its large ecosystem of extensions.
  • Introduction to Ansible Automation Platform Certification Recorded: Dec 2 2020 46 mins
    Andrius Benokraitis
    What's Ansible? Can I automate my company's platform with it? How can I develop Ansible content and then get it certified? This webinar introduces Ansible to existing Red Hat technology partners and provides the knowledge to get started in developing Ansible Collections and then certifying them for joint customers.
  • The Operating System for Enterprise Edge Recorded: Nov 18 2020 48 mins
    Ben Breard, Lauren Stranch
    Edge is a hot topic these days. Learn how these new features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux can be used for your Edge deployments: quick image generation, efficient over-the-air updates, and intelligent updates. Join to learn more.
  • What's new in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.3 Recorded: Nov 10 2020 46 mins
    Scott McBrien
    Review the new features and capabilities available in the latest release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 8.3. Hosted by the RHEL team, this webinar will focus on the technical updates provided as part of this new release.
  • IDC study shows business results to build, certify, and partner with Red Hat Recorded: Oct 1 2020 43 mins
    Paul Edwards, IDC; Matthew Marden, IDC; Mike Guerette, Red Hat
    The Red Hat Partner Connect team is excited to share a new IDC research paper: Build Partners Improve Business Results Through Red Hat Certification of Their Software.

    Watch this live webinar where the two IDC authors of this paper will explain the methodology and results of partnering with Red Hat, including:
    - 49% higher revenue for Red Hat certified software
    - 19% improvement in win rate
    - 17% faster time-to-market
  • Containerize your RPM packaged software with UBI Recorded: Aug 25 2020 38 mins
    Scott McBrien
    In this webinar, attendees will see how to configure additional repositories and install RPM packaged software into a container image. We will be using the Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) as well as the Open Container Initiative standard compliant Red Hat Container Tools. The result will be a container image with a 3rd party application installed within it.
  • OpenShift 4.5 - an insider's view for technology partners Recorded: Aug 5 2020 57 mins
    Anandnatraj (Anand) Chandramohan, Hugo Rivero
    Join us for this Red Hat Partner Connect Live webinar where Red Hat experts will introduce these new key features for OpenShift 4.5 including: OpenShift virtualization now GA, VMware vSphere (IPI) support, Knative event sources in Dev Console, Monitor application workloads (Tech preview), Helm Chart upgrade, rollback and uninstall, much more.
  • Enhancing Developer Productivity with Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces for OpenShift Recorded: Jul 22 2020 57 mins
    Eric Deandrea, Hugo Rivero
    Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces (based on Eclipse Che) is a cloud-native development platform included with Red Hat OpenShift. In this session, Eric will discuss key benefits including: easy to set-up and configure a standardized dev platform, faster time to development, how this is a better alternative to VDI.
  • LEAPP to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 - tutorial Recorded: Jul 15 2020 32 mins
    Pallavi Ravishankar, Lacy Gruen
    Moving your applications from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 via in-place upgrades using the LEAPP tool can simplify your work. This 31 minute tutorial explains how.
  • OpenShift 4.4 - an Insider's view for Red Hat Technology Partners Recorded: Jun 9 2020 60 mins
    Serena Nichols, Duncan Hardie
    Red Hat OpenShift 4.4 is now generally available and includes many important operational and developer enhancements. Join this Red Hat Partner Connect Live webinar to learn about this release including: HA Proxy 2.0, full virtualization support, Helm 3, serverless, Pipelines, and cost management integration.
  • Testing Operator OLM Deployment using OpenShift Playground Recorded: May 22 2020 7 mins
    Yanai Gonzalez
    Once your operators are built, you can test and deploy them using Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) from OperatorHub. If you want to test this out yourself, follow along using a test OpenShift cluster provided by OpenShift Playground.
  • Certifying on Red Hat platforms: where to get help? Recorded: May 21 2020 6 mins
    Neal Hartman
    In this short 6 minute video, Neal Hartman provides insights for technology partners who need help when certifying their software on a Red Hat platform.
Build hybrid cloud solutions with Red Hat
Red Hat Partner Connect is a free program for software companies that want to run and certify their software on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenShift, and other platforms. Join this channel for technical information and How-to's for building and certifying on our Red Hat platforms.

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  • Title: Align your product with Red Hat OpenShift
  • Live at: May 14 2020 2:00 am
  • Presented by: Hugo Rivero
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