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Assumed Risk vs. Actual Risk

The new world of behavioral-based risk modeling. Learn why the old ways of assumed scenarios and risk and no match for new fraudsters and their innovative techniques. Actual risk revealed by your data is the right way to tackle money laundering and catch bad actors.
Recorded Apr 7 2020 56 mins
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Presentation preview: Assumed Risk vs. Actual Risk

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  • COVID, Customers, Competitiveness and the trouble we’re in Recorded: Jul 16 2020 49 mins
    Simon Moss - CEO and Richard Stocks - CPO Ayasdi
    COVID is driving key threads of the economy into significant trouble – credit over-leverage, employment, and the decline of consumer purchases, a massive wave of rent defaults, and exploding debt for the rest of us will undermine the capital food chain and push multiple industries in existential trouble. This is not 2008/09. Multiple industries are in stress; stimulus has been poorly used, and the potential contagion from credit default to liquidity stress is not understood nor prepared for. But it has repercussions that will see multiple firms fighting for survival.

    Three areas of strategic focus we must all consider: with no historical precedent for understanding customer behavior, credit, liquidity, pricing, and risk decisions will all be challenging; an accelerated deployment of an enterprise digital strategy created by global "work from home" will force a new understanding of productivity and a resulting smaller organization; and the adoption of innovations in RPA, NLP, AI will not just be important, but a matter of success or failure for many firms.

    Simon Moss and Richard Stocks at Ayasdi will shoot the breeze on these challenges. Hopefully, bring a lighter perspective to what will be a dark time for the economy, and offer some suggestions on the hard but necessary decisions that the banking industry will need to address.
  • Intelligent AML - Early and Proactive Crime Detection Recorded: Jun 11 2020 33 mins
    Daniel Bastin - Head of Sales- Europe and John Dalton - VP Product Management Financial Crime
    The financial services industry collectively faces three main challenges: understanding the customer, keeping rules and alerts relevant as your customers and operating models evolve over time, and finding the real attacks and fraudsters in massively large, complex, and highly dimensional data. Join our team of experts as they provide step by step solutions powered by enterprise-class AI to solve each of these problems and minimize the risk exposure of your institution as a whole.

    This talk will cover:
    * Driving efficiencies in your FCC/AML Operations
    * Intelligent solutions, always learning, alerting new emerging suspicious behaviors
    * Integrate silos across the enterprise against all crime categories
  • Lunch and Learn on Stimulus Fraud Recorded: May 14 2020 48 mins
    Simon Moss, CEO and Richard Stocks, CPO of Financial Services at AyasdiAI
    Global action on Coronavirus stimulus packages will inject up to $6 trillion into the world’s economy. In the US alone, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act is set to pay our 27% of annual GDP – in only 3 months!!

    Existentially important for many, but the haste, disorganization, and confusion in execution offers a huge, unprecedented opportunity for massive financial crime - from the opportunistic to organized and complex - targeting unprepared people, companies, financial institutions, and the financial system as a whole.

    Join Simon Moss, CEO, and Richard Stocks, CPO of Financials Services at AyasdiAI on May 14th at 11 am EST as they take you through the Act, the vulnerabilities that the Act is exposed to and provides some examples of fraud and criminal attacks that we should expect, look out and manage for as trillions of new dollars flood into our economies.
  • AI & Adding Millions of Profit to your Bottom Line with Optimizing Liquidity Recorded: Apr 23 2020 28 mins
    Sean Newland - Managing Director, PFG Accenture Dr. Stephen Moody - Head of COE & Simon Moss - CEO, Symphony AyasdiAI
    Join AyasdiAI and PFG Accenture for an informative webinar on the opportunity to use AI to proactively rebalance cash balances against market volatility and customer behavior accurately, hedging risk and critically enabling better utilization of operational liquidity and more accurate allocation of cash. The result maximizes returns and profits. At these times, where profit is under pressure, the deployment of such solutions is even more critical. Listen in as we go through the process of rebalancing operational balances and customer OPAC with full regulatory oversight, and directly add millions of dollars of profit to your bottom line.

    - Direct profit contribution ($10-$100’s millions) with AI-driven transformation in the allocation and use of operational cash balances
    - Better, dynamic methods of forecasting and utilizing operational balances using AI
    - Benefits of active management of commercial accounts based on behavioral activity
    - Improve customer profitability and stickiness
    - Integration of credit and liquidity risk management to understand and manage contagion, and maintain maximum profitability from liquidity
    - Understand and manage liquidity appropriately without the need for external support
    - Discuss deployed use case that added almost $150,000,000 in additional profit over six months
  • Assumed Risk vs. Actual Risk Recorded: Apr 7 2020 56 mins
    The new world of behavioral-based risk modeling. Learn why the old ways of assumed scenarios and risk and no match for new fraudsters and their innovative techniques. Actual risk revealed by your data is the right way to tackle money laundering and catch bad actors.
  • HSBC's COO Andy Maguire for AyasdiAI Recorded: Mar 30 2020 16 mins
    Andy Maguire of HSBC
    HSBC's COO Andy Maguire talks about the potential of AI and Machine Learning
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  • Title: Assumed Risk vs. Actual Risk
  • Live at: Apr 7 2020 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: AyasdiAI
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