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Raising your security level with security compliance (Session 2)

Raise your security level across your entire Check Point environment with a dynamic solution that monitors your security infrastructure, gateways, blades, policies, and configuration settings in real time.

During this webinar, Alex Chong, Head of GRC (APAC), will show you how you can use Security Compliance - which applies 300+ best practices - to identify incorrect configurations of your settings.

Compliance Blade is used, among other tools, to monitor policies in real time and sends you instant notifications and guidance for remediation.

As such, Compliance Blade also translates thousands of regulatory requirements into best practices for actionable security.

• Short introduction of Gen V
• Insight into SmartEvent
• Compliance Blade
o Detection of incorrect configurations
o Monitoring policy changes
o Translation of complex regulatory requirements into best practices

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Recorded May 15 2020 43 mins
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Presented by
Alex Chong, Head of GRC (APAC), Check Point Software Technologies
Presentation preview: Raising your security level with security compliance (Session 2)

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  • Cybersecurity in the Age of IoT Aug 20 2020 1:30 am UTC 54 mins
    Ashwin Ram, Cyber Security Evangelist
    A recent industry study reveals: 67% of enterprises have experienced an IoT security incident. From smart TV’s, IP cameras, and smart elevators, to hospital infusion pumps and industrial PLC controllers, IoT and OT (Operational Technology) devices are inherently vulnerable and easy to hack.

    In this webinar, we will show you how to minimize your exposure to the IoT cyber-risk and prevent the next cyberattack.
  • Secure your Cloud : Trends and Strategies Aug 6 2020 1:30 am UTC 59 mins
    Ashwin Ram, Cyber Security Evangelist
    Today more than 90% of enterprises use some type of cloud service, with some enterprises using three to four cloud providers, on average. And although embracing digital transformation opens new business opportunities, the growing migration to public cloud environments has led to an increase in cyber-attacks.

    In 2019 cloud-related attacks and breaches made even more headlines and it is expected this trend will continue to grow in 2020.

    In this webinar, Ashwin Ram, Cyber Security Evangelist, will cover recent trends and highlight some of the advancements made in fending off threats and turning security into an enabler force in enterprise digital transformation.
  • Maximizing your protection against SSL Encrypted Attacks Jul 29 2020 3:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Ashwin Ram, Cyber Security Evangelist, Check Point & Maxim Kozlov, Sales Engineering Manager, Radware
    Attacks within Web services (HTTP and HTTPS) are now the most common threat vector.
    Organizations are especially concerned about attacks within encrypted Web services (HTTPS)
    because they are difficult to identify and mitigate.

    Using encrypted messages as an evasive technique, attackers may be able to evade front line network security defenses such as firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Denial of Service (DoS and DDoS) protections.

    Join Check Point and Radware in this webinar to find out how you can extend attacks detection coverage to fully protect against SSL attacks and upscaling SSL security without adding latency to legitimate user traffic.
  • Protecting Office 365 and G-Suite in a Cyber Pandemic World Jul 28 2020 6:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Bruce Chai, Head of Threat Prevention (SEA), Check Point
    Organizational structures are bound to change post-pandemic and organisations will very possibly continue to adopt remote work as a way of life. This could spark the start of a cyber pandemic, especially when it comes to cloud mailboxes and collaboration apps.

    In April 2020, Google reported a daily amount of more than 18 million Coronavirus themed malware and phishing emails through Gmail, on top of 240 million Coronavirus related spam messages. In addition, both Microsoft Teams and Google Meet were used as an impersonation tool to execute super targeted and sophisticated phishing attacks.

    How can you create a safe and secure remote working environment for your employees without compromising on mobility, ease of use and productivity gains?

    Join our Head of Threat Prevention (SEA), Bruce Chai, as he run you through the threat landscape and recommended best practices to help you avoid becoming a victim of the looming cyber pandemic.
  • Mastering your Cloud Jul 23 2020 5:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Kapil Awasthi – Growth Technologies Leader, Check Point India
    Hear from leading CISOs on how they managed visibility, security and governance of their cloud environments with every change and every detail at their fingertips.
  • Improving Mobile Security: what companies need to know Jul 23 2020 1:30 am UTC 40 mins
    Ishan Sharma, Regional Threat Prevention Security Expert
    The growing need for data mobility and corporate devices makes it vital for companies to implement cybersecurity strategies that are adapted to new scenarios and challenges. According to a recent Check Point report, almost 30% businesses suffer from cyber attacks caused by the security compromise of a mobile device. Organizations can no longer ignore the risk posed by mobile devices.

    In this webinar, we will talk about latest attack vectors used by cyber criminals to breach enterprise mobile devices and how organizations can avoid potential security breaches.
  • Cyber Security in the New Normal: Arming Organizations for Battle Jul 21 2020 5:15 am UTC 30 mins
    Dan Wiley, Head of Incident Response, Check Point
    During the first six months of 2020, Check Point’s Incident Response Team has seen a two-fold increase in attacks on organizations over 2019. There were several common themes: attacks that attempted to extort monies from individuals receiving government aid; political groups on both the right and left targeted specific businesses and individuals whose policies they disagreed with; and the most prevalent kind of attacks were on the remote access systems of Check Point customers.

    In this session, we’ll examine these trends and how organizations are arming themselves during for battle during the New Normal.
  • Defending Financial Institutions Against Nation State Attacks Jul 21 2020 4:30 am UTC 30 mins
    Isaac Dvir, Research & Development Director, Check Point
    With 90 percent of all cyber crimes beginning with some form of a phishing attack, it’s no surprise that mobile devices used by employees of financial services organizations and their customers have become easy targets. Infected mobile apps and zero-day malware steal sensitive data on employees’ devices and transmit it to command-and-control servers operated by nation states and other threat actors.

    In this session we’ll discuss how nation states conduct sophisticated mobile network attacks on financial services organizations and the kind of mobile security solution that’s needed to defend against them.
  • Securing Office 365 and Transforming Government Agencies Into No Phishing Zones Jul 21 2020 4:30 am UTC 30 mins
    Ran Schwartz, Product Manager, Check Point
    Government agencies hold treasure troves of especially attractive state and personal information for threat actors. The ubiquitous nature of email makes these systems vulnerable and a prime attack vector. The transition from on-premise Exchange servers to cloud email systems has further compounded the rate of attacks as hackers target workers’ email credentials and use them to design highly effective phishing campaigns. The Office 365 environments of government agencies are especially susceptible to these kinds of attacks.

    In this session we’ll show how sophisticated attacks on Office 365 can be blocked using state-of-the-art threat prevention solutions that help put an end to phishing attacks.
  • Protecting ICS and Critical Infrastructure in Manufacturing Jul 21 2020 4:30 am UTC 30 mins
    Aviv Abramovich, Head of Security Services, Check Point
    Targeted attacks against industrial control systems (ICS) and manufacturing systems increased by 2,000% in 2019, often involving nation states using ransomware to damage critical systems. Here’s the reason why: Protecting ICS and manufacturing systems against cyber attacks is more challenging than ever as organizations embrace Industry 4.0, a model that embraces a combination of traditional manufacturing and industrial IT practices with the latest smart technologies. The increasing connectivity of industrial control systems and the convergence of OT and IT networks expands the attack surface of industrial manufacturing.

    In this session we’ll look at several kinds of attacks, and how Check Point’s ICS security solution minimizes risk exposure across IT and OT environments, block attacks before they reach critical assets.
  • Do You Trust Your Medical Devices? Jul 21 2020 4:30 am UTC 30 mins
    Itzik Feiglevitch, IoT Senior Product Manager, Check Point
    Internet-connected medical devices have revolutionized the way hospitals operate and deliver significant value. But connected medical devices also pose tremendous cyber security risks. These widely deployed devices are highly vulnerable, frequently left unpatched, and easily hacked. Since traditional IT security solutions were not designed to secure medical devices, it's time for a new approach.

    In this session we’ll show several kinds of attacks and how vulnerable hospital devices and the networks on which they reside can be protected.
  • Phone, Wallet, Keys - overview of mobile threats in the financial industry Jul 21 2020 3:45 am UTC 30 mins
    Aviran Hazum, Analysis and Response Team Leader, Check Point
    Adam Sandler rapped about the needs of a modern man. "Phone, Wallet, Keys" - that's everything a man needs.

    Even if during the song this statement was debunked by Adam Sandler himself, it's indisputably true for malicious actors on the mobile front.

    YOUR phone, YOUR wallet, YOUR keys - that's all that matters to them, and they are going to stop at nothing until they get their hands on as many of those as possible.
    In this talk, I will provide an overview of the latest and leading financial threats of the mobile front, describe their methods of distribution, their functionality, and most importantly, their impact on their victims.
  • ViciousPanda and APT’s: How to leverage a Pandemic Jul 21 2020 3:45 am UTC 30 mins
    Michael Abramzon, Threat Intelligence Analysis Team Leader, Check Point
    This session will cover recent cyber-attacks by APT groups, exploiting public interest and fear of the COVID-19 virus, in order to deliver backdoors to target organizations.

    The review will be followed by a deep dive into the ViciousPanda campaign against the Mongolian public sector, uncovered by Check Point Research.
  • Tales From The Crypt - Stories from Check Point Incident Response Team Jul 21 2020 3:45 am UTC 30 mins
    Ray Schippers, Incident Response Team Manager (APAC), Check Point
    The Check Point Incident Response has been working with manufacturing customers around the world to prepare for and respond to cyber attacks. The recent wave of ransomware attacks that cripple production systems and the state sponsored cyber attacks are impacting manufacturing organisations around the world, including many in the Asia Pacific region.

    Raymond Schippers, APAC operations manager for the Incident Response Team, will discuss how organisations can prevent these kinds of incidents from happening to them and critical lessons learnt from responding to hundreds of incidents this year alone.
  • UltraHack: The Security Risks of medical IoT Jul 21 2020 3:45 am UTC 30 mins
    Roman Zaikin & Yaara Shriki, Security Researchers, Check Point
    IoT devices make our lives easier. Organizations across all industries rapidly adopt them to improve operational efficiency. However, in our recent report on Cloud, Mobile and IoT platforms, IoT devices were recently identified as one of the weakest links in an IT network.

    Specifically in the Health industry where doctors are facing life or death situations, we find hackers can interrupt in this most critical time.
  • The New Normal - Cyber Threat Landscape Jul 21 2020 3:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Lotem Finkelstein, Head of Research, Check Point
    We are living in extraordinary times and economies around the world have been impacted differently. However, there is one common thread: the global increase in the number of cyber attacks during the first six months of 2020. These attacks are frequently sophisticated and exploit the new business and personal realities brought about by the spread of the virus. From scams that defraud citizens of government aid to hospitals getting hit by phishing attacks, the threat landscape has become especially treacherous.

    Hear Lotem Finkelstein, the head of Check Point’s threat intelligence division, discuss the evolving threat landscape and what to look out for next in this research-based keynote.
  • A full body check-up for your IT Infrastructure - where do you start? Jul 14 2020 6:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Clement Lee, Security Architect, Check Point Software Technologies
    Cyber security problems seldom jump out at you the way normal IT issues do. How would you know if your security set up is keeping up with times?

    Join this webinar to find out the 5 most common security pitfalls in enterprise IT and how the recommended approach when analysing your IT infrastructure for security gaps. Our Security Architect, Clement Lee, will also be sharing with you some stories (may not be for the faint hearted!) from his experiences conducting security check-ups for enterprises.

    At the end of the webinar, you will walk away with a security check-up check list to help you making sure you've covered everything in your check-up.
  • Embracing security in a post-COVID world Recorded: Jul 8 2020 57 mins
    Tony Jarvis, CTO (APAC), Check Point Software Technologies
    People and organizations around the globe have suffered great losses. And now, it’s time to rebuild. Understanding and assessing the impact of a global crisis on your cyber security is one such bridge to cross.

    Whether your office is planning to reopen in the near future or allowing your employees to work from home in the longer term, you'll need to ensure you have an adequate cyber security architecture to cater to the post-COVID world.

    Join Tony Jarvis, our Chief Technology Officer (APAC), in this webinar as he talks about his predictions on post-COVID attack trends, how devices such as laptops and mobile devices returning to the workplace can pose a security threat, as well as the longer term security recommendations for companies intending to allow remote work for an extended time.

    If you have any questions on supporting remote work or preparing your security setup for the return of the workforce to the office, feel free bring them along for Tony to answer them during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.
  • Cloud With Confidence - Security Automated Everywhere Recorded: Jun 30 2020 46 mins
    TJ Gonen, Head of Cloud Security, Check Point
    Modern cloud deployments have transformed, with much complexity, across multiple clouds. In order to secure today's cloud environment, you need to take a unified cloud native security approach for all your assets and workloads.

    Join this webinar with TJ Gonen, Check Point's Head of Cloud Security and find out how Check Point CloudGuard has transformed its platform to give you the confidence to automate security, prevent threats, and manage posture - everywhere - across your multi-cloud environment.
    Fery Suryadi, Security Engineer, Check Point
    Keamanan public cloud adalah tanggung jawab bersama antara penyedia layanan cloud dengan pelanggannya. Penyedia layanan public cloud terkemuka menawarkan kapabilitas dan pengendalian yang berdaya guna untuk membantu para pengguna mengelola keamanan di lingkungan cloud mereka. Namun, pelanggan bebas untuk memilih alat mana yang akan digunakan dari yang ditawarkan. Hal ini bisa menimbulkan kesulitan, terutama pada lingkungan cloud yang skalanya meliputi banyak akun dan ratusan VPC.
    Dome9 memudahkan keamanan public cloud. Layanan Dome9 terintegrasi dengan AWS, Azure, dan GCP secara native melalui API serta memberikan orkestrasi kebijakan bersifat cloud-agnostic (bebas platform cloud) di atas native control. Ini memungkinkan pelanggan untuk memvisualisasikan dan menerapkan profil keamanannya secara konsisten di seluruh layanan public cloud. Singkatnya, Dome9 memberikan peningkatan keunggulan bagi public cloud.
Secure Your Everything
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (www.checkpoint.com) is a leading provider of cyber security solutions to governments and corporate enterprises globally. Its solutions protect customers from cyber-attacks with an industry leading catch rate of malware, ransomware and other types of attacks. Check Point offers a multilevel security architecture that defends enterprises’ cloud, network and mobile device held information, plus the most comprehensive and intuitive one point of control security management system. Check Point protects over 100,000 organizations of all sizes.

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  • Title: Raising your security level with security compliance (Session 2)
  • Live at: May 15 2020 6:00 am
  • Presented by: Alex Chong, Head of GRC (APAC), Check Point Software Technologies
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