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Graph Data Science: What's the big deal?

Graph data science lets you leverage the power of relationships -- the connections between your data points -- to improve model prediction and answer previously intractable questions. Alicia Frame, Lead Product Manager for Data Science at Neo4j, will demonstrate the value of connected data for improving your data science and analytics applications. We'll walk through valuable use cases for graphs in data science, and then getting started using a knowledge graph, to using graph algorithms (like community detection or centrality) to answer global analytics questions, and finally improving machine learning pipelines using graph based feature engineering. Alicia will speak to how Neo4j's new Graph Data Science Library lets users get prototypes into production and show value quickly, empowering your team to incorporate cutting edge techniques into existing ML projects.

Following this, Matthew Sellwood, currently a Product Manager for IQVIA, will share an open source project that makes use of the graph data science library for lead optimisation of molecules in drug discovery. The project makes use of open source databases alongside the graph data science library to find new insights that could help chemists decide what molecule to make next in the process of designing a potential new drug.

Alicia Frame, Lead Product Manager for Data Science - Neo4j
Matthew Sellwood, Product Manager - IQVIA
Andy Steed, Content Director, Big Data LDN
Recorded Jun 9 2020 67 mins
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Presented by
Alicia Frame, Neo4j | Matthew Sellwood, IQVIA | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
Presentation preview: Graph Data Science: What's the big deal?

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  • How Nutmeg uses Digital Product Analytics to grow & retain customers Recorded: Jul 1 2021 40 mins
    Chris Bown, Country Manager (UKI & Nordics), Amplitude | Max Rae, Head of Product, Nutmeg | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    In today’s world, the products that win are the ones that create the best experiences for customers. The previous marker for product success was simply functionality: 'It works'. But with millions of products available today, it’s not enough for a product to just work. Digital Product Analytics is what brings your business to the next level. During this webinar you will hear from Nutmeg how they use data to build great digital product experiences.

    We will discuss:
    - Why Digital Product Analytics is imperative to growth in today's digital-first world
    - Advice from expert teams solving business problems through real-time customer insights
    - Real-life examples on how Digital Product Analytics can help you deliver a better customer experience

    -Chris Bown, Country Manager (UKI & Nordics), Amplitude
    -Max Rae, Head of Product, Nutmeg
    -Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
  • Harnessing the power of real time processing for personalised customer comms Recorded: Jun 29 2021 53 mins
    James Baile & Chirag Ruparelia, Compare The Market | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    Harnessing the power of real time processing for personalised customer comms In this talk Chirag and James will look at a real-world example of, how moving to a Kafka backed streaming architecture CTM, has greatly improved the way the business communicates with its' customers.
    • Chirag will give an overview how we are using customer data to communicate to customers using the latest & greatest understanding of the customer, in order for CTM to give the most relevant and contextual experience for long term customer retention.
    • James will look in more detail at how observability and testing are keys to developing stable, reliable and scalable real time streaming micro-services.
  • Data: The key to brand loyalty via seamlessly personalised customer experience Recorded: Jun 24 2021 36 mins
    Neill Brookman, Director of Solutions Engineering, Treasure Data | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    Wherever you look, the consumer market is highly competitive: customers are strongly influenced by their experience with a brand, and as such their expectations of a seamless, personalised buying journey are higher than ever. On every step in the customer journey, companies collect data, but what stories do those data tell about their behaviour, experience and trust? How much value can you add to a buying experience through data? Are you able to predict, or even anticipate your customers’ needs? Can you use data to inspire loyalty in your customers?

    In this webinar, Neill Brookman will discuss from a technical perspective how businesses can use all their data sources to :

    -Build a unique, 360° view of each customer
    -Cultivate trust and continued brand loyalty through real-time personalisation
    -Optimise conversion and reduce churn by understanding and anticipating customer needs
    -Add value to both brand and customer in every interaction

    Speakers: Neill Brookman, Director of Solutions Engineering, Treasure Data | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
  • How real-time analytics is revolutionising business operations Recorded: Jun 17 2021 54 mins
    Richard Henderson, Technical Director TigerGraph | Andy Steed, Content Director, Big Data LDN
    Companies must leverage digitalisation to become more agile and efficient. We will demonstrate how using graph analytics gives users a grip on their operational data and accelerates and improves their decision making in several domains such as supply chain, retail, financial services and manufacturing. We will also share how innovative companies such as Jaguar Land Rover adopt TigerGraph’s advanced analytics to augment existing supply chain management systems, allowing them to reduce operational disruption, increase site reliability, improve supplier relationships, and support plant operations in a cost-effective manner.

    Richard Henderson, Technical Director TigerGraph
    Andy Steed, Content Director, Big Data LDN
  • The Value of an Analytics Catalogue in a Data-Driven Enterprise Recorded: Jun 15 2021 65 mins
    Saurbh Khera, CEO and Co-Founder, ZenOptics | Mike Ferguson, CEO, Intelligent Business Strategies | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    Join ZenOptics and Mike Ferguson to look why organisations need an analytics catalogue to maximise the value of business intelligence and analytics in a data driven enterprise. The webinar will discuss:
    o Where are we in data and analytics today?
    o What are the current challenges with analytical assets?
    o What are the key requirements for maximising the value of analytical assets to create a data-driven enterprise?
    o What is an analytics catalogue, and why do we need an one?
    o What types of analytical assets should be available in an enterprise analytics catalogue?
    o How do you use an analytics catalogue to optimize BI and analytics in the enterprise?
    o Using an analytics catalogue to integrate analytical assets into core decision-making processes

    Speakers: Saurbh Khera, CEO and Co-Founder, ZenOptics
    Mike Ferguson, CEO, Intelligent Business Strategies
    Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
  • Responsive, Robust Supply Chains Using Knowledge Graphs & Graph Analytics Recorded: May 13 2021 43 mins
    Amy Hodler & Maya Natarajan, Neo4j | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused fundamental consumer behavior changes, supply chains, and routes to markets. We need to accelerate transforming fragile value chains with systems that leverage highly interdependent supply chains. Only knowledge graphs that natively capture and store vast amounts of data relationships can help us outmaneuver uncertainty and thrive.

    Knowledge graphs are adept at mapping complex, interconnected data and maintaining high performance with vast volumes of data. Their inherent relationship-centric approach enables companies to better manage, read, visualize and analyze data. Graph data science uses the predictive power of relationships for analytics and machine learning that play an important role in logistics, forecasting, and production planning. With a combination of knowledge graphs and graph-based analytics, supply chain companies can bring complex products to market on schedule, proactively take action to remediate potential issues, and mitigate risks through greater end-to-end visibility.

    In this session, you’ll learn:
    • What a knowledge graph is and how it plays a salient role in supply chain
    • How knowledge graphs and graph data science analytics are essential for a robust and flexible supply chain
    • how various global companies are using graph technology from product 3600 to predictive maintenance and for “what-if” analyses for their supply chains
    Join us to hear how Lockheed Martin utilizes a knowledge graph for a 3600 view of their entire product lifecycle. We’ll also look at how Caterpillar combines knowledge graphs and machine learning for predictive maintenance and improving equipment lifespan. Finally, we will discuss the US Army’s use of knowledge graphs for what-if analysis to enable a more agile supply chain.

    • Maya Natarajan, Program Manager, Knowledge Graphs at Neo4j
    • Amy Hodler, Director, Neo4j Graph Analytics & AI Programs at Neo4j
  • The Power of Graph Databases for Entity Resolution Recorded: Apr 8 2021 41 mins
    Charlie Beveridge - Independent Advisor, Graph Analytics & Digital Transformation | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    When you know, you know… right? This is the person. But what if you don’t know when or whether it’s them? That’s when graph plays its part. Entity resolution is an important concept in big data and it is the root of every successful knowledge graph. What is entity resolution, why is it such a powerful thing for every business to get right or wrong, and how is graph so well positioned to do it right.
  • Rethinking API governance to power your API-first business strategy Recorded: Mar 30 2021 63 mins
    Budha Bhattacharya, Evangelist at Tyk and Andy Steed, Content Director at Big Data LDN
    Traditionally API governance has been viewed as a hindrance to growth and innovation. However, with more and more businesses moving to an API-first strategy, governance has become a key part of an enterprise’s competitive strategy. When done effectively, modern API governance strategies lay the foundation for a stable, secure and scalable business.

    Join us on 30th March 2021 as we discuss:
    • What is API governance?
    • How does a robust API governance strategy benefit your business?
    • How can you implement API governance strategies within your organisation?
    • What role can an API management platform (like Tyk) play in bringing these strategies to fruition?
  • Self-Service Product Analytics in Practice Recorded: Mar 18 2021 60 mins
    Jeff Sloan, Data Product Manager, Treatwell | Aidan Ranford, Solutions Architect, Snowplow | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    You need product analytics. Practically every blog post is telling you that you should inform your product roadmap with data. However, the Medium posts and technology vendors don't tell you that product analytics is a cross-functional discipline. Using data for product decisions involves developing reliable business, technology, and devops competencies to turn data into insights. In this talk, Jeff Sloan will explore how Treatwell has taken a decentralized approach to product analytics, and how Snowplow Analytics enables Treatwell's product teams to self-serve their event tracking, reporting, and product analytics needs.

    Speaker: Jeff Sloan, Data Product Manager at Treatwell
    Aidan Ranford, Solutions Architect from Snowplow
  • Dealing with Data Sovereignty at Scale Recorded: Mar 4 2021 56 mins
    Budha Bhattacharya, Evangelist at Tyk and Andy Steed, Content Director at Big Data LDN
    Data sovereignty, the concept that data is subject to certain laws, usually specific to geographies, is becoming more of a challenge for businesses as they scale across regions. However, compliance considerations apply not only to data at rest but also in transit. With consumer awareness growing, failure to meet compliance requirements can lead to huge negative implications to the finance and reputation of your businesses.

    Join us for a panel discussion:
    - What are some of the challenges businesses are facing with regards to data sovereignty?
    - How do you set up and manage your data as you scale across regions?
    - What tools and techniques can help businesses handle such an expansion while staying compliant?
    - How is Tyk enabling organisations to be compliant with data sovereignty rules across regions?

    Budha Bhattacharya, Evangelist at Tyk and Andy Steed, Content Director at Big Data LDN
  • Smarter AI with Analytical Graph Databases - Best Practices and Case Studies Recorded: Feb 23 2021 59 mins
    Victor Lee, Head of Product Strategy & Developer Relations, TigerGraph | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    Today's analytical graph databases are taking organisations to another level by connecting all their data, representing knowledge better, and obtaining answers to deeper questions in real-time.
    These benefits extend to the world of machine learning and AI. This talk will illustrate several ways in which graph databases and graph analytics can deliver smarter AI:
    • Unsupervised learning with graph algorithms
    • Feature extraction and enrichment with graph patterns
    • In-database ML techniques for graphs

    Join us as we share client case studies from 7 out of the top 10 banks in the world, China Mobile, Xandr (part of AT&T), UnitedHealth Group, and Intuit Corporation. We will cover use cases including entity resolution, customer 360, recommendations, and real-time fraud detection.
  • How to Build a Successful DataOps Program Recorded: Feb 16 2021 60 mins
    Chris Bergh, Founder, CEO & Head Chef at DataKitchen | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    The organizations that adopt DataOps produce robust and accurate analytics more rapidly than their peers, powering strategic decision making that gives them a significant competitive advantage. Although many companies recognize the benefits of DataOps, many struggle when it comes to building their own program. The options are to build a DataOps solution using multiple DevOps and workflow tools, or to adopt a DataOps Platform. In this webinar, we outline the key components needed for a successful DataOps program, the tools that can help, and when to adopt a DataOps Platform.

    Speaker - Chris Bergh, Founder, CEO and Head Chef at DataKitchen
  • Graph Embeddings for Graph-Native Machine Learning Recorded: Feb 4 2021 65 mins
    Alicia Frame & Amy Hodler, Neo4j | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    Join us to understand how you can use graph-native machine learning in Neo4j to make break-through predictions. Previously only accessible to researchers and a very few advanced tech companies, Neo4j has democratized graph-based ML techniques that leverage deep learning and graph convolutional neural networks.

    Most data science models ignore network structure, while graphs add highly predictive features to ML models, increasing accuracy and enabling otherwise unattainable predictions based on relationships. With the recent update to the Neo4j Graph Data Science library, anyone can take advantage of this state-of-the-science technique to create representations of your graph’s most significant features for new and more accurate predictions with the data you already have.

    In this session, we’ll explain our new graph embeddings and demonstrate using the GraphSAGE embedding results with our new ML catalog. We’ll also visualize the predictions of different models using Neo4j Bloom.

    • Alicia Frame, Lead Product Manager for Graph Data Science, Neo4j at Neo4j
    • Amy Hodler, Director, Neo4j Graph Analytics & AI Programs at Neo4j
  • Anatomy of real-time at Paddypower Betfair Recorded: Jan 26 2021 44 mins
    Alexandru Objelean & Rares Rusu from Paddypower Betfair & Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    Couchbase NoSQL has started small at Paddypower Betfair. From its early beginnings, as an alternative to our classic relational databases, it has grown into a full blown system that we rely on to deliver great customer experiences. In this webinar we’ll share facts & stats from our daily operations, showing you how we got from problem to solution in a variety of use-cases: creating activity reports for our operational teams, delivering such data when the sizing reaches millions of records and operating dual datacenter clusters.
  • How SPAR Created a CPG Sales Data Exchange with Data Preparation Recorded: Jan 19 2021 51 mins
    Tom Rose, SPAR International | Dharshini Bhuvaneswari, SPAR International | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    SPAR is one of the world’s largest food retailers operating more than 13,000 stores in 48 countries across the globe. To understand sales trends, market conditions and the performance of different promotions, SPAR relies on data shared by their retailers and their own ability to analyze that data. You can imagine this isn’t easy!

    Comparing data across their vast network of retailers means that SPAR’s analytics team has to standardize data across different languages, currencies, formats and product hierarchies. Talk about a data wrangling challenge!

    Join this webinar to learn how SPAR utilized Trifacta’s data preparation platform to turn this massive data headache into a competitive advantage for their business. SPAR’s Head of International Operations, Tom Rose and Lead Data Analyst, Dharshini Manoharan will dig into the following topics during this webinar:

    ● How SPAR created a strategy to turn data bottlenecks into analytic opportunities
    ● What technology, people and process components were required for success
    ● Who utilizes data preparation within SPAR and where it fits in their tech stack
  • Establishing An Enterprise Data Marketplace to Shop for Data as a Service Recorded: Dec 9 2020 63 mins
    Mike Ferguson, Intelligent Business Strategies | Paul Moxon, Denodo | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    One of the highest priorities in organisations today is to address the issue of untrusted data which leads to inaccurate predictions, recommendations, reports and dashboards. In order to solve this, many companies are looking at creating a standard data curation process to create trusted data assets and make them available services in an enterprise data marketplace so that it is easy to find, access, share and reuse across the enterprise. This session looks at building an enterprise data marketplace, the key technologies needed and the challenges in operating one.
    • The problem of untrusted data
    • What’s needed? - Findable, accessible, reusable and trusted ready-made data assets
    • Manufacturing ready-made data assets - from data lake to enterprise data marketplace
    • What is an enterprise data marketplace? – A new role for a Data Catalog
    • What types of data and analytical assets should you expect to see in one?
    • How should an enterprise data marketplace function?
    • What is needed to operate a data marketplace in terms of people, processes and technologies?
    • Why is data virtualisation critical to serving up trusted data assets from a data marketplace
    • Maximising reuse by integrating self-service BI tools and Data Science workbenches with the marketplace
  • Eating the Elephant: A Business ROI-Driven Approach to Migrating to Cloud Recorded: Dec 8 2020 57 mins
    Steve Crosson-Smith, SDG Group | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    Most commentators agree that migrating legacy data infrastructure, such as data warehousing, integration and transformation, into modern cloud-based architectures will significantly benefit both business and IT stakeholders. Many projects, however, fail to secure funding because their time to value is too long or uncertain.

    This session outlines a business-centric approach to migrating to cloud-based data architectures which delivers stakeholder value 3 to 6 times faster than most alternatives, whilst significantly increasing the ability to make self-service, data-driven decisions and expand into areas such as advanced analytics. The approach itself is not tied to a specific technology stack but we will outline technologies that make this easier to achieve.
    The result is happy, enabled business stakeholders who regard IT as a business enabler, not a bottleneck.
  • Extend your SAP ECC & Oracle EBS Investment with Incorta & Spinnaker Recorded: Dec 3 2020 46 mins
    Shaun Leach, Incorta | Gary West, Incorta | Martin Biggs, Spinnaker | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
    One of the highest priorities in organisations today is to deliver analytics business users can use. SAP upgrades can tend to be expensive and renewal maintenance can be time consuming. Join this webinar to learn about a simple way to reduce SAP annual support costs, get better response times and get insights from ECC and other data sources in days/weeks. Hear from Incorta's Senior Sales Engineer and VP of Sales, along with VP and General Manager, EMEA at Spinnaker Support.

    Moderator: Shaun Leach, Senior Sales Engineer at Incorta
    Panelist: VP of Enterprise Sales, Gary West at Incorta
    Panelist: VP and General Manager EMEA, Martin Biggs at Spinnaker Support
    and Andy Steed, Content Director, Big Data LDN
  • High Performance Cloud Data Warehouse Vendor Evaluation Recorded: Nov 17 2020 62 mins
    Pradeep Bhanot, Actian | William McKnight, GigaOm | Emma McGrattan, Actian | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN,
    This webinar brings together GigaOm analyst William McKnight and special guest, Actian’s SVP, Engineering, Emma McGrattan to discuss the intriguing results from an in-depth GigaOm Analytic Field Test derived from the industry-standard TPC Benchmark™ H (TPC-H) to compare five leading cloud data warehouse offerings: Actian Avalanche, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery.

    Data-driven organizations rely on analytic databases to load, store, and analyze volumes of data at high-speed to derive timely insights. Data volumes within modern organization’s information ecosystems are rapidly expanding—placing significant performance demands on legacy architectures. Today, to fully harness their data to gain competitive advantage, businesses need modern, scalable architectures and high levels of performance and reliability to provide timely analytical insights. In addition, many companies are attracted to fully-managed cloud services.

    In this 1-hour webinar, you will discover:

    How cloud databases are a way for enterprises to avoid large capital expenditures, provision quickly, and provide performance at scale for advanced analytic queries
    How these leading cloud data warehouses compare on both performance and cost across a broad spectrum of real-world query use cases
    How user concurrency can materially impact both performance and cost
    Who consistently outperformed the competition in the test
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  • Presented by: Alicia Frame, Neo4j | Matthew Sellwood, IQVIA | Andy Steed, Big Data LDN
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