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How Zenyum have been successful to start, scale and transform regionally

Discover how Julian Artopé from Zenyum, who will share how to start with small, scaled their sales, service, and marketing teams with the power of the Salesforce platform and learn how they will be sharing ways to seed and grow their business regionally.
Recorded Sep 14 2020 9 mins
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Presented by
David Han, Corporate Sales Manager, Salesforce SMB Singapore|Julian Artopé CEO Zenyum
Presentation preview: How Zenyum have been successful to start, scale and transform regionally

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  • How Xero is Innovating to Put Customers First with Salesforce Customer 360 Nov 12 2020 3:00 am UTC 12 mins
    Tina Rozul Director, Product Marketing Salesforce|Nigel Piper Executive General Manager - Customer Experience Xero
    Learn how Xero is using the full power of Salesforce Customer 360 solutions across Sales, Marketing, Service, Analytics, Platform, AppExchange and Customer Success.

    Hear from Nigel Piper, Executive General Manager of Customer Experience at Xero on how their Xero Central Community served as a gateway to news and other resources to help customers manage through the crises.
  • My First CRM: Reimagine Your Small Business Path to Growth Nov 11 2020 5:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Jake Choy, Corporate Sales Manager, Salesforce | Jamie Lim, Emerging Solution Engineer, Salesforce
    Register for My Virtual Test Drive to get a comprehensive step-by-step walkthrough on how to quickly set up a Salesforce Essentials to make your business more successful.

    Now more than ever, your teams need the right tools to stay connected to customers and each other. As you move into a new normal that requires speed, flexibility, and resilience to meet customer expectations, Salesforce can help your business adapt to the changes. But how can small businesses navigate digital transformation and adjust to this new normal?

    To support you, we are sharing best practices, tips and resources to help you learn how to reach more of your target audience, connect and engage your customers quickly.

    In this webinar, you will find out:
    * Why CRM is critical for your business today
    * How you can set up CRM quickly and effectively
    * How to consolidate your customer database
    * How to use CRM for personalised customer engagement at scale
    * How CRM will help you analyse data for decision-making

    Sell smarter. Keep customers more engaged. Get started fast.
  • Learn the latest Financial Services marketing trends Nov 11 2020 4:30 am UTC 15 mins
    Chris Jacob, Director, Product Marketing
    Learn the latest Financial Services marketing trends from brand new Salesforce State of Marketing research!

    Financial services marketers say engaging customers in real-time is their number 1 challenge in 2020. Join us as we discuss this more, and share the latest trends from almost 800 financial services leaders across the globe and 2,000 marketing leaders across the Asia Pacific, that can help your organization navigate uncertainty, and head back towards business growth. These insights will help you make the right decisions when engaging with your customers.
  • Reinventing the Sales Process For Success featuring Kitchen Mania Nov 11 2020 2:00 am UTC 10 mins
    Ben Sheehan, Senior Sales Manager, Salesforce|Greg Arnold General Manager Kitchen Mania
    While small businesses are great at building relationships with their suppliers and customers, many small businesses can relate to the dilemma of managing those relationships with draws full of business cards and massive folders passed around. But digitising and creating a single source of truth can be the secret to creating more time in your day and more revenue in your bank account.

    Join Greg Arnold from Kitchen Mania on how to capture and manage customer data. Arnold will share Kitchen Mania's story of how they went from a big clunky folder to streamlined customer information and gained a 360 customer and business view. One that even helped them get through 2020!
  • Brand New Salesforce’s 6th Edition State of Marketing Nov 10 2020 4:30 am UTC 44 mins
    Chris Jordan | Head of Data and Identity, ASEAN | Salesforce
    Trends from Nearly 7,000 Marketing Leaders to Help You Lead Through Change.

    Today 80% of Asia Pacific customers say that a great experience with one brand raises their expectations of every brand, and so as marketing leaders we are at the forefront of transforming our brands to meet this ever-increasing demand..

    In our latest and biggest yet state of the world of all things marketing, we surveyed almost 7,000 marketing leaders from every continent, spanning every industry, from small businesses to global brands, and across B2C, B2B and hybrid business models to get their pulse on the new decade of marketinng.

    In this new era we have exciting innovative technologies like 5G and Blockchain, new challenges with data and AI, plus all the constant challenges with our organizations, marketing channels, analytics, and personalizing customer experiences to deliver on the growth mandate we are all tasked with. We do all this in the midst of a trust crisis between customers, brands, and governments, and facing new regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

    Join us as we share the latest insights that can help your organization navigate uncertainty to stabilize your operations, get back to a new normal of work, and head towards business growth.
  • COVID-19 Scenarios With Peter Schwartz Nov 10 2020 3:45 am UTC 29 mins
    Peter Schwartz, SVP, Strategic Planning salesforce
    Regain confidence in spite of today's unprecedented uncertainty with the latest Salesforce COVID Scenarios, created by renowned futurist Peter Schwartz and his team -- Mick Costigan, Noah Flower, and Angela Gleason.

    COVID has thrust all of us into a realm where our carefully honed expertise and judgment suddenly feels inadequate, and we've all had to make choices in the past six months in fear of landing ourselves and our organizations in dire straits. We can’t run away, but the problem feels too vast to understand. What if you had a reliable map to help you navigate with confidence?

    Our scenarios offer exactly that: we break down the crisis into three time periods, three uncertainties, three ways to control the virus, and three tensions to manage, all of which lead to three scenarios that might come about in your country or region.

    By using these scenarios as your guide you can quickly grasp the realistic prospects and move quickly back into doing what you do best: pursuing opportunity. There is a “next normal” already coming into view on the other side of this storm, and if you keep it in your sights, you can be one of the ones who not only arrives but thrives.
  • Omni-Channel Transformation with FoodstuffsNZ Nov 10 2020 1:30 am UTC 16 mins
    Mark Griffiths, Strategic Account Director, Salesforce|Kylie De Vries, B2B Digital Product Manager, Foodstuffs
    Learn how Foodstuffs, an iconic Retailer/Wholesaler in New Zealand, established B2B Commerce in their wholesale business and service transformation in their retail business.

    Foodstuff is transforming themselves to become a customer-centric organisation; learn from them how to transform with the customer at the centre of what they do.
  • How Trustpower Uses Salesforce to Create a Consistent Selling Experience Nov 9 2020 2:30 am UTC 7 mins
    Ys Lee, Regional Vice President, Salesforce|Nadia Herriott Campaign Program Manager Trustpower
    Nadia Herriott, Campaign Program Manager for Trustpower, implemented Salesforce Maps during the COVID 19 lockdown in New Zealand.

    Learn how Trustpower utilises Salesforce Maps to grow field sales by optimising coverage and provide a consistent selling experience for customers and employees alike.
  • Best Practices for Empowering Your Agents to Service Your Customers Nov 5 2020 3:30 am UTC 27 mins
    Matthew Watson ANZ Solution Engineering Salesforce|Geri Overberg Knowledge Product Owner Telstra
    Join us for today's session and learn to start providing a more personalised and effortless service with Telstra's five guiding principles.
  • Optimise Lead Management for Manufacturers - Grow New Business Nov 4 2020 3:30 am UTC 16 mins
    Sean Poulson, Account Executive, Salesforce|Kinjal Nandy, Solutions Development Manager, Brickworks
    Lead Management: The process of acquiring and managing leads (potential customers).

    In this session you will learn how to engage your buyers across every touchpoint by utilising Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Account-Based Marketing all in one platform.

    Manufacturers will be able to harness the power of the Salesforce Platform to scale and drive growth
  • Salesforce Innovation Circle : Digital Transformation During Times of Change Nov 3 2020 4:30 am UTC 51 mins
    Gareth Gumbley, Clyde Fernandez, Rebecca Curtin, Ryan D'Souza, Richard Hilliard, Aaron Tabone
    Over recent months, our way of working has undergone a seismic shift, and staying connected and responsive to employees, customers and partners can be challenging as we adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

    Hear firsthand how customer Trailblazers Grill’d, Frollo, ORIX Australia and Provider Assist have used digital transformation to evolve their business, fast.

    Then join our Trailblazers, Salesforce and MuleSoft experts for an interactive discussion on how to get the most out of the Salesforce Platform as we transition to new ways of working.

    This will be a very relevant and topical discussion, so register now to secure your spot.


    How Grill’d rapidly pivoted from a ‘dining-in’ to a ‘dining at home’ experience
    How Frollo is using Open Banking to help people turn their finances around during the COVID-19 pandemic
    How ORIX Australia is taking a mobile-first approach to delivering customised experiences to their driver community
    How Provider Assist is using real-time data insights to re-imagine the support they provide to aged-care facilities
    Hints and tips on how to use Salesforce and MuleSoft to automate and scale business processes
    Panel Q&A
    Gareth Gumbley |CEO & Founder |Frollo
    Clyde Fernandez |Regional Director, Platform |Salesforce
    Rebecca Curtin |Senior Product Marketing Manager | Salesforce
    Ryan D'Souza |CRM & Loyalty Manager |Grill'd
    Richard Hilliard |GM Technology and Innovation | ORIX Australia
    Aaron Tabone |CIO |Provider Assist
  • Connecting Customer Engagement with Honda Nov 3 2020 3:00 am UTC 12 mins
    Imran Khan, Director Consumer Goods Strategy, Salesforce|Andrew Pattison Manager, Digital & CX Department Honda
    Join us in this session and learn how Honda has integrated customer journeys across their brands to dealerships and retailers to grow their share of brands with customers, including post-purchase touchpoint when customers are looking to upgrade or buy other products.
  • Macquarie Bank: Customer Centric Complaints Management Oct 29 2020 4:30 am UTC 10 mins
    Karsten Hojberg,Strategic Account Executive Salesforce| Ashwin Sinha & Rosalind Coffey Macquarie Bank
    In this session, hear how Macquarie Bank uses Salesforce and analytics in implementing an effective Complaints Management process to improve customer experience.
  • State of The Nation Oct 29 2020 3:00 am UTC 19 mins
    Barry Dietrich, Regional Vice President, Public Sector,Salesforce
    Featuring *Teaching Council New Zealand, Service New South Wales, Ministry for Children Oranga Tamariki and Intermedium*

    Wow what a year. In ANZ alone we've experienced bushfires, floods, volcanic eruptions, acts of terrorism and a pandemic, not to mention the ongoing challenges with climate change, drought and equality. Somewhat unrecognised is that the Government has been on the front line of all these challenges and delivered many outcomes.

    Join this session to hear from Intermedium on WHAT makes certain jurisdictions able to respond quickly in response to crisis, in addition to hearing from our government Trailblazers on HOW they are responding with agility during these times, leading to increased trust in Government.

    Join us alongside Matt Winter, Deputy Chief Executive, Corporate Services, Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for
    Children New Zealand. Lesley Hoskins, CEO,* *Teaching Council New Zealand. Ali Dagher, CRM lead, Service New South Wales
    Judy Hurditch, Managing Director, Intermedium
  • How RACV Are Building World Class Customer Experiences Oct 28 2020 5:00 am UTC 17 mins
    Keran Wijetunga, Solution Engineer Financial Services Salesforce| Mark Geraghty,Executive General Manager,Transformation RACV
    RACV are hyper-focused on providing member experiences that are relevant, personalised, and digital. Learn how they evolved their company mindset from product-centric to member-centric, and united the organisation with a single view of their members to deliver a seamless and connected experience at every touchpoint.
  • The Trust Imperative: Why Customer Experience in Government Matters, with Servic Oct 28 2020 3:00 am UTC 14 mins
    Gisele Kapterian, Director of Public Sector Strategy, Salesforce|Damon Reese, CEO Service NSW
    Hear from Boston Consulting Group on our latest research, exploring what shapes customer expectation and experience when dealing with governments, the role of trust, and the opportunity for governments in Australia and New Zealand to transform service delivery.

    In fact 85% of people say that the quality of their customer service directly influences their level of trust and confidence in government.

    Joining this conversation is Trailblazer; Damon Rees, CEO, Service NSW.
  • A CMO roadmap to the future of AI's role in Marketing Oct 27 2020 4:30 am UTC 19 mins
    Mathew Sweezey, Director, Market Strategy at Salesforce
    We’re living in the era of artificial intelligence where such applications are already becoming a mainstay within marketing teams globally. CMOs need to recognize this and leverage the new technology to their advantage. Join acclaimed HBR author and Director, Market Strategy at Salesforce, Mathew Sweezey to find out how AI is impacting marketing, AI opportunities and work through some steps Marketers can take today to get in position for the AI proliferation of tomorrow.
  • How Grill’d rapidly pivoted from ‘Dining In’ to ‘Dining at Home’ Oct 27 2020 2:30 am UTC 7 mins
    Mike Burnside, Platform Product Leader, Salesforce|Anna Kismet, GM Digital, Grill’d and Ryan D'Souza, CRM and Loyalty Manager
    Join us for this session and hear Anna Kismet, GM Digital and Ryan D'Souza, CRM and Loyalty Manager at Grill'd, share how they have leveraged Salesforce Customer 360 to rapidly pivot from a 'dining in' to a 'dining at home' business during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How Living Edge delivered a design led transformation Oct 22 2020 2:30 am UTC 15 mins
    James Johnson, Director Retail Strategy, Salesforce|James Morton, COO/CFO, The Living Edge
    Hear how Living Edge has created a premium experience for architects, interior designers, and design enthusiasts, with bespoke journeys for both commercial and home buyers.

    Living Edge is leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform connecting commerce and serving up designer content for inspirational browsing which seamlessly flows into buying journeys to create the perfect all in one digital experience.
  • How Super Retail Group Uses AI to Drive Shopper Engagement Recorded: Oct 21 2020 15 mins
    James Johnson, Director Retail Strategy, Salesforce| Ari Freedman, Senior Manager Omni Conversion and Insights, Super Retail
    Consumers expect seamless experiences across all channels, physical and digital.

    Join Trailblazer Super Retail Group (home of Rebel, BCF, SuperCheap Auto and Macpac) as they discuss how they drive significant online growth, create engagement, and are delivering beyond the store through connected, intelligent and personalised omni-channel commerce.

    Learn how Super Retail Group have increased revenue, productivity, and engagement with Einstein AI by offering customers more personalised experiences.
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Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings customers and companies together. It's one integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer.

You will find videos related to topics that help you deliver personalised experiences your customers expect by using the integrated CRM platform that we call our Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. It provides powerful, connected products for improving your marketing, sales, commerce, service, IT, and more. We also include Trailblazer stories from the APAC region. Visit us at https://www.salesforce.com/au/resources/ to find out more.

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  • Title: How Zenyum have been successful to start, scale and transform regionally
  • Live at: Sep 14 2020 3:30 am
  • Presented by: David Han, Corporate Sales Manager, Salesforce SMB Singapore|Julian Artopé CEO Zenyum
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