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Mind-Farking Integrated Audience Targeting

For the full description + Marty's Bio, visit https://www.utahdmc.org/august-19-2020

This session will teach attendees to implement powerful targeting data from a source-channel, in OTHER channels. Learn to make targeting data more truly integrated for 360-degree audience nurture & cross-channel conversion. Seem intense? It is. Read on.

Targeting has changed a lot.

Savvy marketers make use of their first-party data (from segmented CRM records & site visits to social platform engagement) for remarketing, retargeting, & lookalike modeling. Such options help handle top of the funnel (introducing new users into the marketing system), middle, & bottom of funnel alike (nurture). BUT, what’s a marketer to do when skillful use of first-party data does not do the job.

The targeting we need is sometimes not available. Facebook targeting as we knew it essentially vanished. Twitter remains insipid in its random options. Google often has the best psychographic data. LinkedIn has fabulous business data- only for use in LinkedIn. EVERY channel has its strengths, oddities, & annoying targeting quirks.

Join foundational industry vet Marty Weintraub for a mind-splitting integrated targeting shred.

Learn how to:

• Further define first-party data & usage thereof
• Retarget organic activity & ads targeting CROSS-channel.
• Previously impossible INTRA-channel targeting, I.E. using Sales Navigator organic search data to drive RLSA search campaigns or GDN.
• Assemble pallets of seemingly impossible Twitter targeting options, like everyone a profile FOLLOWS, or a list of users who engaged on a hashtag filtered by words in the user’s bio, etc.
• How to add highly effective filters slice broader lookalike targeting. This is one of the hottest tactics in the world, seen in numerous winning case studies.
• Gray hat tools to automate processes, from mild to wild. Marty will give it up.
• Using the techniques for PR, influencer marketing, lead gen, selling, B2B, & B2C
• And more
Recorded Aug 19 2020 67 mins
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Presented by
Marty Weintraub (Founder: Aimclear® Marketing)
Presentation preview: Mind-Farking Integrated Audience Targeting

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  • Why Your Rainbow Logo Isn't Enough: Marketing to the LGBTQ+ Community Dec 8 2021 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Andy Kraut (Global Partnership Executive - Grindr)
    This session is for digital marketers who are looking to get a better understanding of how to authentically connect with the LGBTQ+ community. We promise to make it fun, informative, and very, very, very, VERY gay.

    Grindr is the #1 platform for the gay community in most countries around the world. So, we know a thing or two about the value of the rainbow demographic. Join us for a deep dive into how brands can continue to reach out in a meaningful way to the LGBTQ+ community way beyond June. We’ll take a look back at the timeline of how this queer consumer engagement first took place, learn the dos and don’ts of messaging, and leave you with actionable next steps on the path of full inclusivity.

    After this session, you’ll be able to:

    - Understand the history of gay marketing and the value of this community
    - Know when and how to properly message for the most effective campaigns
    - Avoid common pitfalls that can be viewed as disingenuous

    About Andy Kraut:

    Andy has been an active voice in the world of digital media since his career began in 2007. Over the years he’s had the opportunity to work at places like BuzzFeed, Yahoo!, Funny Or Die, and OMD, but more recently led teams at Defy Media and Social Chain. As of January 2020, he’s taken his talents and love of the gay community to Grindr where he is growing Partnerships across the globe. He and his husband live in Brooklyn, NY.

    Connect with Andy on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andykraut/
  • How to Bring the Power of Agility to Brand Positioning Nov 17 2021 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Natasha E. Davis (Owner, Chief Branding Strategist - Impact Branding Consulting)
    Branding done correctly enhances the performance and efficiency of your company.

    Experience the greatest moment when you realize that you have not unleashed your most powerful asset.

    Natasha will help you discover unique and strategic techniques for improving and retaining profitable visual branding, auditory branding, and emotional branding to bring the power of agility to your brand positioning.

    Key Takeaways for attendees:
    1) Attendees will learn how to develop strategic growth plans to accelerate Revenue and Profits
    2) Attendees will learn how to develop quantifiable KPQ’s and KPI’s for daily operations
    3) Attendees will learn how to identify and eliminate money leaks in the business that is slowing down performance
    4) Attendees will learn how to position, apply and profit from the Brand First Principle™

    About Natasha E. Davis:

    Natasha is a Branding Strategist and Corporate Trainer. As a certified expert in email & social
    media marketing, branding, speaker, and trainer, she thrives on fixing problems and eliminating frustrations for companies and their executives.

    Over the past 13 years, Natasha has worked with several companies, government agencies, and small business owners to assist them in enhancing their brand equity, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and marketing strategy through the power of impactful branding.

    Her clients affectionately refer to her as "The Chief Visionary" because of her ability to quickly identify issues, find solutions, get results, and improve outcomes.
  • Getting the Most Out of Influencer Marketing on YouTube Nov 10 2021 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Hilary Thompson - Digital Marketing and PR Leader | Off-Page SEO | Influencer Marketing (Portent)
    YouTube is the second largest search engine so it makes sense that a search company would locate the bulk of its influencer marketing campaigns there. But as a social platform for influencer partnerships, YouTube is expensive. Is it worth it, and how do you leverage it to get the most out of what you’re paying? Hilary shares insights, case studies, and pro-tips, ending this session with questions and discussion.

    Takeaways from this presentation:

    - Learn what integrated ads on YouTube are
    - Learn how much you should be paying
    - See what impact YouTube integrations can have on your business
    - Gain insights into negotiations and contract scope
    - Ask an expert - discussion and questions to follow slide presentation

    About Hilary Thompson:

    Hilary leads the Off-Page SEO team at Portent which includes digital PR as well as a robust influencer marketing program.

    With a background in digital marketing strategy, content strategy, journalism, and PR (she’s an active member of PRSA), she has been able to land valuable placements by nurturing relationships with top-tier publications, media outlets, and influencers, boosting organic visibility, brand awareness, and conversions for her clients.

    Her team’s work has recently been shortlisted for the 2021 U.S. Search Awards.
  • Elevate Your Personal Brand Clarity and Become What You Want to Be Known For Oct 27 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Suzanne Tulien, Brand Clarity Expert, Author, Speaker (Brand Ascension)
    YOU already have a brand. The question is, “Are you in control of it; are you managing it; and are you leveraging it?” When you dig deep to identify and define your own unique Personal Brand, you create a blueprint for your own authenticity and consistency; building long-term trust and relationships that help you achieve your full potential personally and professionally.

    As others perceive you through your actions, behaviors, dialogue, and more; they formulate specific impressions within seconds. Getting crystal clear and conscious of your unique brand can help you focus in on highlighting your strengths and showcasing your skills consistently and distinctively.

    Just like companies have brands, every one of us has a personal brand that already exists in the minds of our audiences. In this interactive, experiential workshop we’ll help you understand how to take control of, manage, and leverage it. Your Personal brand can be only be managed by identifying, defining, and then becoming your unique brand style, living your values, expressing your differentiators, and setting standard levels of performance.

    During this presentation, you will learn:

    - The 6 critical components that make up your unique Personal Brand DNA.
    - What makes up your own personal brand style attributes and learn how to maximize them to create distinction.
    - How to elevate your authenticity and consistency, and infuse your “way of being”  into your daily routine to enhance and build the trust of those around you.
    - Learn the three most critical characteristics of a memorable personal brand.
    - Recite and commit to your new personal brand declarations.

    About Suzanne Tulien

    Brand Clarity Expert, Suzanne Tulien is a Brand Consultant, international speaker & author. Through her company Brand Ascension, LLC, she helps identify, define, & align personal & business brands to become what they want to be known for.

    Full description & bio can be found at www.utahdmc.org/suzanne-tulien
  • The New Pandemic: Mental Health is the New Normal Recorded: Oct 20 2021 73 mins
    Amelia Wilcox, CEO & Haeli Harris, Lead Counselor at Nivati
    Did you know that 48% of people are experiencing increased stress levels since COVID began.

    In this presentation with Amelia Wilcox, CEO and Founder of Nivati, and Haeli Harris, Lead Clinician and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to support yourself. You’ll learn about the effects of stress, how to recognize them, and how you can support your wellbeing through mindfulness and self-care tools. You will even learn how to discuss mental health with others right from our lead counselor - the most important thing you can do to support yourself and others on their mental health journeys.


    - Learn why 48% of people are experiencing increased stress levels since the pandemic began.
    - Discover what mental health is and the effects of stress on mental health.
    - Learn how to discuss mental health with others and take care of yourself through mindfulness and self-care.
    - Discover mindfulness at work and best practices.
    - Discover corporate and employee self-care strategies

    About Amelia Wilcox

    Amelia Wilcox is the Founder and CEO of Nivati (formerly Zenovate) a leader in corporate massage since 2010. Her high-growth B2B company who’s platform provides employee stress management tools that arm businesses with actionable data and positive employee experiences to improve wellbeing, boost morale, and increase engagement.

    Amelia has exponentially grown her company from a solo living-room service business to an international technology brand.

    About Haeli Harris

    Haeli Harris, LMFT is the Lead Counselor at Nivati. She has been practicing as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 2014. Haeli has experience working as a therapist in private practice settings, residential facilities, outpatient treatment care, schools, and telehealth.
  • Privacy Pirates: Navigating the Choppy Seas Ahead Recorded: Oct 13 2021 68 mins
    Simon Poulton (VP, Digital Intelligence @ Wpromote)
    Dead Cookies Hold No Data.

    Captain Simon "I'm Getting Seasick" Poulton (VP of Digital Intelligence at Wpromote) returns to the Utah DMC following his previous presentation, Taking Your Data Back to the Future. During this session, Simon will discuss the challenges generated by the privacy-centric changes to digital marketing that we've seen over the past year, and share a look into the future as we navigate the high seas together.

    Avast Ye! Specifically, Simon will cover

    - The broad array of changes we've seen from Apple, and what exactly AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) does.
    - The motivations guiding these changes and why this is the tip of the iceberg.
    - A look into the future of Apple's ITP, Google's Privacy Sandbox and the nature of content castles

    About Simon Poulton:

    An interest in analytics forged in the fires of psychology, statistics & digital marketing, Simon has had a passion for finding creative ways to measure real-world scenarios from an early age.

    In his current role as the Vice President of Digital Intelligence at Wpromote, Simon oversees the Analytics Development, Data Analysis, Data Science & Solution Architecture team. In this role, he sets the vision for the future of digital measurement and actively engages with business leaders to democratize digital marketing analytics allowing organizations to make confident data-backed decisions. He recently led the team focused on measurement for the launch of NBC's new streaming service, Peacock.

    Simon regularly speaks at industry events, including SMX (West, East & Advanced), State of Search, Wpromote's Challenger Summit, and E-commerce Catalyst (Cleveland Research), and is returning for the 3rd time to speak present for Utah DMC!
  • How to Leverage Real-Time Market Research to Attract Your Perfect Clients Recorded: Sep 29 2021 70 mins
    Craig Severinsen (Founder: Bright Works Training)
    Full Title of Presentation: The Goldilocks Zone of Growth: How to Leverage Real-Time Market Research to Attract Your Perfect Clients

    We've all experienced those times when your business seems to grow effortlessly; you attract plenty of high-quality clients, your marketing gains serious traction, and your business is profitable as well as easy.

    But, we've also experienced those times where growth seems almost impossible; your marketing gets crickets, the client flow slows to a crawl and everything just seems difficult.

    In this presentation, we're going to go over the three essential elements that get you into the "zone" of fast, sustainable growth, and how you can leverage your current audience to get in the zone right now.

    You'll learn:

    - How to identify your best (and worst) customers so that you can cater to the best, and dump the worst.
    - A simple and unique process to identify what differentiates you in the Marketplace, so you can stand out and charge higher rates.
    - How focusing on your top 20% of clients can help you systemize and scale your business.

    This information will turn the typical business model on its head - allowing you to better leverage social media for sustainable growth.

    We'll look at real-life examples of companies that have hyper-focused their offer, and messages, so attendees walk away with practical action steps.

    About Craig:

    Craig Severinsen helps entrepreneurs scale their business, faster than they think possible. His innovative approach to business helps entrepreneurs focus on the things that matter most in their business so that they build momentum and see results fast.

    Craig is the founder of Bright Works Training, a training, coaching, and consulting firm based out of St. Louis Missouri.

    Connect with Craig on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/craigseverinsen/
  • The Rise of the Chief Revenue Officer Position Recorded: Sep 15 2021 72 mins
    James Agnew (CEO/Founder - Blaast)
    Most sales and marketing teams operate in silos leaving multiple opportunities for revenue breakdown.

    Come learn how a position, rising in popularity, is aimed to change all that. The Chief Revenue Officer is designed to bridge all revenue operations within an organization. James will help us understand how to be successful in this position while learning how having a revenue focus can help us succeed in our careers no matter where we are in that journey.

    In this presentation, you will learn:

    - What exactly is the Chief Revenue Position
    - The Opportunity that Exists to Bridge the gaps through the customer journey
    - Why Profit is so essential and can help achieve a company’s purpose (and our own!)
    - The “5 P’s” to Being a Successful Chief Revenue Officer (and how you can apply these principles today)

    About James Agnew:

    James has started and scaled a few companies in Utah, including his last company, Progrexion, which began in a rented duplex with five employees and scaled to over $500M in annual revenue and 3500 employees.

    James is currently the founder and CEO of Blaast, a performance management organization that helps companies increase employee engagement by upskilling their managers to achieve their ultimate performance.

    James lives in Park City, Utah, with his wife of 25 years and three children.

    Connect with James:

    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesagnew/
    Company Website: www.blaast.com
  • Let's Discuss The Digital Marketing Jobs Market Recorded: Sep 8 2021 82 mins
    Trinity Paulson (Sr. Account Executive/Hiring Expert - TEK Systems Digital)
    In case you haven’t noticed, the digital marketing jobs market is on fire. Like many other industries, there are more jobs than there are qualified people to fill the positions. Add to that, prospective employees have more options, not only at a local level, but on a national level as well, as remote work has become mainstream now for many organizations looking to hire talent, which is very attractive to many job applicants looking to not just work from home, but possibly be paid more money as well.

    We will discuss:

    The Current State of the Digital Marketing Jobs Market

    - The demand for talent vs available talent. Is it an employee market out there?
    - How local jobs are competing with national remote/work from home jobs
    - What Digital Marketing skill sets are in high demand?
    - Recruiters & Employees: How many jobs are being presented weekly, whether they’re looking or not?

    What Companies Need To Do To Attract Talent Today

    - Crafting the best job title and description
    - Benefits that are important to the job seeker
    - Is remote and work from home something that important now, and why
    - Additional benefits to make you stand out from the rest
    - The salary divide

    What Job Seekers Need to Do to Stand Out

    - It’s not just about updating your resume
    - How to determine the environment you want to work in
    - How to stand out to recruiters
    - Showing off your specialized skills, and qualifications

    About Trinity Paulson

    Trinity Paulson is a Sr. Account Executive with TEKsystems Digital, specializing in digital and creative services.  Trinity brings over 16 years of experience providing project-based services and staff augmentation in the Utah market and an in-depth perspective of the current state of hiring.  

    Throughout the course of her career at TEKsystems, Trinity has held several leadership roles within their Government Vertical and had the opportunity to create and build TEKsystems Digital division in Utah in 2016.
  • Why Structured Data Should Be Part of Your SEO and Content Strategy Recorded: Sep 1 2021 63 mins
    Martha van Berkel (CoFounder and CEO of Schema App)
    Structured Data expert, Martha van Berkel, helps companies understand this complex area of SEO and create strategies on how to leverage it to stand out in search.

    In this session, Martha will share why structured data should be part of your SEO and content strategy, as well as 3 key principles when getting started.

    After this session, you’ll be able to:

    - Understand why you should care about structured data and how this area of search is changing
    - Identify rich result opportunities for your content today and how to plan for it in future
    - How to create connected markup to improve semantics and understanding of your content.

    About Martha van Berkel

    Martha van Berkel is the CoFounder and CEO of Schema App. Schema App translates website content into structured data, for any content on any CMS resulting in more impressions and clicks. Martha and her team do structured data 365 days a year and LOVE sharing their knowledge about doing proper, connected structured data.

    Prior to Schema App, Martha was a Senior Manager at Cisco Systems for 14 years responsible for the global online support strategy. During her career at Cisco she was an intrapreneur, starting new organizations, or introducing new technology to Cisco's global customers and partners. Martha has a degree in Applied Mathematics and Engineering, and attended MIT for Innovation and Strategy, and is a rower and a Mom of two energetic kids.

    Connect with Martha:

    - LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/martha-van-berkel/
    - Twitter https://twitter.com/marthavanberkel
  • The 6 Secrets of Sales and Marketing Innovation for Rapid Growth Recorded: Aug 18 2021 73 mins
    Dwight W. Holcomb (CEO of HC Development)
    Most sales and marketing professionals are overwhelmed by new technology and fear AI and automation will put them out of work. So, Dwight helps you understand the impact of using innovative sales and marketing tools and shares the exact steps needed to implement an AI-Driven Sales Process, which will help you future-proof your business and expedite revenue growth.

    For example, Dwight worked with an Enterprise Insurance Software client who was about to go out of business due to automation and showed them how to move into a specialized segment and implement new technology to futureproof their company and open up a whole new stream of revenue.

    What you will learn from attending:

    During this content-rich, innovation-driven presentation, you will learn how to:

    - Implement the foundational principles of becoming a Lean CMO
    - Activate your sales and marketing teams to innovate
    - Learn the exact tools needed and how to use them to change the game
    - How to stand out in a cluttered inbox using automation in a hyper-personalized way
    - Avoid the 3 devastating sales and marketing mistakes

    Dwight's Bio:

    Dwight W. Holcomb is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller "The Lean CMO”, a Member of the Forbes Business Council, and the host of the business television show, “SaaS CEO Success TV”. The show airs on the C-Suite TV Network, C-Suite TV has global distribution in over 59 million households and more than 90 million views per month.

    Dwight is also the CEO of HC Development (HCD). HCD helps CEOs of Software & I.T. companies who are struggling to create a profitable marketing mix, by implementing a Marketing Intelligence System to attract people who already need their service, resulting in a shorter closing time and more sales with better-fit clients.
  • Fostering Connection and Brand Love: Building Communities and Fandoms Recorded: Aug 4 2021 72 mins
    Christina Garnett (Community + Advocacy - HubSpot)
    Community builder and strategist, Christina Garnett, uses audience intelligence and social listening to learn more about audiences to determine needs, behaviors, and more. Her work serves to help brands better connect with their current and future customers as well as fans.

    Christina will discuss the building blocks of communities and what it takes to foster communities online and IRL. 

    After this session, you’ll be able to:

    - Learn how to foster connections and grow bonds between an audience and a brand.
    - How to identify and nurture your biggest fans

    About Christina Garnett

    Christina Garnett is a Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot where she heads up Offline Community & Advocacy. 
    Christina is featured in HubSpot Academy's Social Media certification course as well as their separate course on social listening. She was a nominee for Sprout Social's Community Builder Award in 2020 and has been a speaker for national events like INBOUND19 and Adapted Digital Media Summit as well as local events for the Virginia SBDC. You can also find her featured in various ebooks by HubSpot, Social Insider, and Talkwalker, as well as articles by The Next Web, Adweek, and Meltwater.

    Connect with Christina:
    - LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinamgarnett/
    - Twitter https://twitter.com/ThatChristinaG
  • Marketing Insights from the Fastest-Growing Professional Services Firms Recorded: Jul 21 2021 71 mins
    Elizabeth Harr (Partner at Hinge Marketing)
    Whether it’s because of changing buyer behavior, a tumultuous economic landscape, or rapid cultural change, today’s marketers are working overtime to understand the shifting marketplace so they can respond accordingly.

    Enter Hinge’s latest research studies on the professional services industry, the 2021 High Growth Study, and Inside the Buyer’s Brain. These research studies reveal changes in buyer behavior and how the fastest-growing firms adjusted their marketing priorities to reach their audiences.

    Join Hinge partner Liz Harr as she reveals the latest buyer behavior and marketing insights in the professional services industry. During this DMC online event, you’ll learn where the industry as a whole is spending its time and resources and what the high-growth cohort is doing differently. Find out why these firms are able to grow 3X faster and generate twice the profits of average firms.

    What You Will Learn:

    - How buyer behavior is shifting in the professional services industry
    - What high growth firms prioritize in their marketing budgets
    - Where high growth firms see the most marketing impact
    - The top marketing techniques prioritized by time-crunched marketers

    About Liz Harr:

    Elizabeth Harr is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive specializing in brand management and growth strategies for professional services firms. A partner at Hinge, she leads Hinge’s business development team, helping businesses solve critical marketing and brand-related challenges. Elizabeth has co-authored several books and reports published by the Hinge Research Institute. She holds a Master’s degree in International Economics from Columbia University in New York & a B.A. from the University of Missouri - Columbia.

    When not at Hinge, Liz self-publishes children's books around the subject of community service, inspired by her own three sons. Liz, her husband, 3 kids, and 2 rescue dogs love simply hanging together, especially in the great outdoors.
  • Ignite Your $Billion Brand Recorded: Jun 23 2021 72 mins
    Ernie Harker (Brand Igniter, Speaker and Author)
    - Are you frustrated with a lack of message and brand focus?
    - Do you lack a clear brand strategy that consistently highlights the single most important attribute of your business in a way that’s impossible to ignore?
    - Do your departments lack unity behind a single brand vision?

    Most organizations know branding is a critical component of business success but don’t know how to go beyond graphic design to develop a brand that creates an emotional connection with its customers.

    In today's ocean of noise and distraction, businesses must learn how to capture their customers' attention in a way that is easy to recall and highlights their competitive advantage.

    During this event you will:

    - Discover how branding changes the way customers think and buy.
    - Learn the principle of brand transference and how to use it to grow your brand.
    - Observe the 4 steps of brand strategy development that you can start today.
    - Learn how to create and use a brand matrix to eliminate biased brand interpretation.

    Attendees will receive:

    - Brand Development Workbook

    About Ernie Harker:

    Ernie began his career in 1993 as a digital artist working on ads for Intel, WordPerfect, Iomega, Netscape, and other tech giants. Two years later he founded a creative production studio called 8fish that built a reputation for illustration, animation, video production, design, writing, and brand development for a variety of clients. One of his most recognizable successes was leading the rebranding of Maverik Country Store into a $3 billion adventure brand.

    Self-diagnosed with Hyperactive Productivity Disorder, Ernie enjoys drawing, trail running, triathlons, wake surfing, hot yoga, weightlifting, mountain biking, watching movies, eating junk food, and spending time with his supermodel wife and amazing kids.
  • Three Things Marketing Organizations can do to Drive Growth Recorded: Jun 9 2021 64 mins
    Shubu Mitra (COO, MarCaps LLC)
    This presentation will introduce the modern ways in which a marketing organization can create value. Despite the opportunities, most organizations are not satisfied with the impact of marketing.

    With the research support from the Mobile Marketing Association, we conducted in-depth interviews with 130 senior marketing leaders across industries to understand the problem and to learn how they were adapting their organizations to compete in today’s environment. The solutions framework emerging from this research has been reviewed and refined over two years by a panel of marketers. Further, a measurement tool has been created to guide decisions.

    Key takeaways:

    - 3 key reasons marketing leaders struggle with transformation efforts.
    - An evidence-based operating framework to guide leaders in modernizing their marketing operations.
    - Strategies for improving marketing impact on growth via improvements in marketing capabilities.

    About Shubu Mitra

    Shubu is COO of MarCaps and is dedicated to helping clients successfully apply MarCaps frameworks, tools, and processes to develop a growth-oriented marketing capabilities plan.

    Prior to co-founding MarCaps LLC, Shubu led Agile Measurement to assist marketers measure, monitor, and manage their online and offline marketing, advertising, and promotion efforts using agile data-driven approaches. Shubu was also Director of Connection Effectiveness and Productivity at The Coca-Cola Company where he led Coca-Cola’s global effort to improve the effectiveness of brand marketing communications and increase media productivity. Shubu started his career as a consultant with McKinsey & Company and worked with several CPG clients on brand growth strategy and marketing spend effectiveness.

    Shubu holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from India and a Ph.D. in Marketing (ABD) from Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University.
  • Ok. I’m Embarrassed to Ask, but What Is Programmatic? Recorded: May 26 2021 82 mins
    Josh Aston (CMO & Co-Founder - Above The Fold)
    According to AdAge, only 26% of marketers say they know what programmatic is, and of those asked, most have very different ways of defining programmatic marketing. Meanwhile, programmatic ad spending is projecting to be more than 68% of the total global digital media ad spending and hit nearly $155 billion globally in 2021 (¾ of that in the U.S). While many marketers do not understand it, programmatic is experiencing a surge in interest as it is positioned well through the “cookie apocalypse.”

    The Above The Fold team has 20+ years in the programmatic space and prides itself on transparency.

    In this event, you will learn:
    - The basics of programmatic
    - The programmatic landscape
    - Programmatic strategies that work in 2021
    - Is programmatic right for your business?
    - Q&A with Jessica Chase & Josh Aston of ATF

    About Josh Aston

    Josh is thrilled to be building a Utah-based programmatic agency with a business partner, Jessica Chase.

    With nearly 20 years of experience in marketing, Josh has a proven track record of success as a talented marketing leader who possesses the expertise and strategies needed for the continued success and growth of hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. In addition to Above The Fold, Josh currently serves in an advisory CMO role at Blaast and was previously the VP of Marketing for Progrexion/Credit.com, Brixio, and 1-800 CONTACTS.

    Josh has managed teams of up to 50 people and marketing budgets of $60M annually. In Josh’s most recent opportunity, he led a digital marketing team that took a company from under $1M/annually in revenue up to a valuation of $1.2B. Josh’s success includes creating aggressive digital marketing strategies, content, and channels that increase business development and visibility in competitive markets. Josh excels in developing new teams that consistently achieved success using hands-on leadership and well-established approaches.
  • The Tricky & Sometimes Messy World of Digital Agency & Client Relationships Recorded: May 12 2021 61 mins
    Susan Wenograd (Director, Paid Media/Acquisition at Nextiva)
    Agency and client relationships are a tricky thing, and often fraught with frustration on both sides. Where do things go wrong? How can brands better understand the agency they need, and the agency better help them meet their goals?

    We’ll delve into how to the sometimes messy world of finding the perfect partnership between a company and the agency they hire to handle their marketing. There are specific things from the outset that can doom the engagement, and ways to handle tougher times to help both sides thrive with one another.

    You will learn:
    - How an agency should listen to what a brand needs versus what they want
    - How clients can get more from their agency partnerships
    - The questions both sides should ask before they even start working together
    - What agencies can do if things go off-track

    About Susan Wenograd

    With almost 20 years of experience in marketing, Susan has built brands in-house and agency-side for household names in various roles. Her specialization in Google Ads and Facebook Ads put her in the high-pressure dollar-side trenches of understanding different business types and growth challenges. Managing agency teams at Director and VP-level gave her higher-level insight into why partnerships with clients fail or succeed, and she started to see how her perspective on in-house existence was valuable for agencies that didn’t have that experience. She has used that knowledge over the years to help both sides succeed in how they team up to make a paid media budget go further, faster.

    She has served as a reporter for Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, and is an ongoing contributor to Social Media Examiner. She recently moved back to an in-house role as Director of Paid Media for Nextiva.

    Connect with Susan:
    LinkedIn @susanwenograd
    Twitter @SusanEDub
  • New SEO is Old SEO: How to Stop Overthinking Search Engine Marketing Recorded: Apr 28 2021 74 mins
    Damon Burton (President, SEO National)
    Presentation Description:

    During this live online event, join Damon Burton, search engine optimization book author and Forbes SEO contributor, as we explore the future of SEO. We'll discuss misconceptions in the world of search engine optimization, including the overlooked value of human touchpoints in the seemingly un-human world of all-things-automated in marketing. Example? Damon's 14-year old, seven-figure agency SEO National has never spent any money on advertising.

    What you will learn:
    - SEO is not dead (and why it never will be)
    - How to become more human with SEO the more non-human it evolves
    - How to leverage other peoples' audiences to your benefit.
    - and more

    We will also open up to live Q&A so you can ask Damon your specific questions.

    About Damon Burton

    Over a decade ago Damon beat a billion-dollar company by outranking their website on Google. Since then, he knew he was onto something and has gone on to build an international search engine marketing company that’s worked with NBA teams, and Inc 5000 companies & Shark Tank featured businesses.

    Since founding his company SEO National in 2007, he writes for Forbes, has been featured in publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, BuzzFeed, and USA Weekly, and has helped high-profile clients make more in a month than they used to in a year.

    Not only does Burton bring an easy-to-follow approach to increasing your revenue and online visibility, but he’s also a trusted educator on the subject and has literally written the book on how to “Outrank” your competition. His new book Outrank serves as a guide to those who want to dominate Google’s search results without paying for ads.

    Plus, he has a beard!
  • LinkedIn Ads: The B2B Marketer's Secret Weapon Recorded: Mar 9 2021 76 mins
    AJ Wilcox (Founder B2Linked & Host of the LinkedIn Ads Show Podcast)
    LinkedIn Ads is one of the most difficult ad channels to get right because the clicks are expensive, so any mistakes can become an expensive one. What people miss, however, LinkedIn is also the channel that closes the largest deals.

    Presentation Description:
    LinkedIn Ads have the best targeting for B2B companies, resulting in the highest lead quality, but are unapologetically expensive. Join AJ Wilcox as he shows the strategies that get you the most amazing leads at the lowest possible prices.

    You'll learn:
    - Who should and shouldn't advertise on LinkedIn
    - Which ad formats work best
    - What types of offers convert

    We will also open up to live Q&A so you can ask AJ your specific questions about LinkedIn ads.

    About AJ Wilcox
    AJ is a LinkedIn Ads Fanatic and Host of The LinkedIn Ads Show Podcast. He's A Secret Weapon of the Most Sophisticated Advertisers, and| Founder B2Linked.com, a LinkedIn Ads Performance Agency.

    B2Linked is THE agency that specializes in account management and training/consulting with LinkedIn Ads and his team of experts has managed >300 LinkedIn Ads accounts, spent a cumulative $120M+ on LinkedIn, which includes 4 of LinkedIn's top 10 accounts. He makes LinkedIn Ads rock and has the results to prove it.

    Connect with AJ on LinkedIn (in/wilcoxaj) or Twitter @wilcoxaj
  • The Content Marketing Flywheel: How to Grow Traffic, Lead Gen, & Brand Awareness Recorded: Feb 24 2021 75 mins
    Erin Blaskie (fractional CMO and marketing advisor)
    The Content Marketing Flywheel: How to Grow Traffic, Lead Gen, and Brand Awareness with Content (Even with a Small Team!)

    Presentation Description:

    Join Erin Blaskie, fractional CMO to startups and scale-ups, as she shares the content marketing flywheel that she's used to drive organic growth, lead gen, and brand awareness for the companies she's worked with.

    Erin will cover:
    - What the content marketing flywheel is and how you can implement it (even with a small team!)
    - How to repurpose your content without copying and pasting it all over the Internet
    - Why you need to think about community-building alongside your content
    - How to use the "halo effect" to elevate your brand
    - We'll also leave time for Q&A so we can get into your specific questions, too!

    About Erin Blaskie

    Erin is a fractional CMO and marketing advisor, to startups and scale-ups, with nearly 20 years of experience.

    Erin launched her company in 2004 and spent nearly 15 years working with scale-ups in Silicon Valley and growing the personal brands of best-selling authors, speakers, and actors. Erin also spent some time working in a B2B SaaS accelerator before joining startup, Fellow, as their first head of marketing hire.

    Today, Erin is back to her fractional CMO roots, working with high-growth companies, as well as teaching the next wave of digital marketing professionals.

    Connect with Erin on LinkedIn (in/erinblaskie) or Twitter @erinblaskie
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