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How to quickly expand the capacity of your datacenter

Nutanix Offers several ways to quickly expand the capacity of your datacenter, in this webinar you will learn:

- How easily and fast you can Install a new Nutanix Cluster in your Datacenter
- How you can expand your current cluster through the one-click foundation
- How you can expand your cluster by enhancing your current resources assignments and utilization to your VM’s “VM right Sizing” using built-in machine learning
- How you can expand your cluster by enabling storage efficiency features like (Compression, Deduplication and Erasure coding) or adding other use cases to the same Nutanix Cluster instead of adding more Silos in your Datacenter (Nutanix Files + Nutanix Objects)
- Expand your environment to the public Cloud (Nutanix Clusters to AWS, Azure or GCP)
Recorded May 19 2020 32 mins
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Presented by
Ahmed Badawy | Sr. Systems Engineer, Nutanix
Presentation preview: How to quickly expand the capacity of your datacenter

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  • Best of .NEXT - Keynotes & Customer Stories Recorded: Nov 4 2020 23 mins
    Aaron White | Regional Sales Director (Middle East) | Nutanix
    If you missed some of the highlights from this year's .NEXT Digital Experience conference held on September 9-11, no problem. Join Regional Sales Director (Middle East), Aaron White, as we bring you the most exciting moments.

    In this informative webinar, we provide you with key announcements, the latest technology industry advancements, product updates, as well as exciting innovations relating to the modernisation of your data center - from private cloud to developing hybrid cloud strategies.

    Take part and learn more about:

    Why Nutanix have partnered with Microsoft Azure to develop Hybrid and Multicloud Solutions across Private Cloud and Azure

    Hear about our newest products and as-a-service offerings ranging from hyperconverged infrastructure software to Kubernetes and security offerings

    You’ll also hear from customers in the local region, including: Cirrus, Warba Bank and Jordan Ahli Bank - first hand - on their experience of working with Nutanix.
  • Nutanix Private Cloud Üzerinde Depolama Servisleri Recorded: Oct 28 2020 38 mins
    Goktug Hayat | Senior Systems Engineer, Nutanix
    Günümüzde hiper-bütünleşik sistemler geleneksel üç-katmanlı yapıların yerini hızla alıyor. Bu geçiş sırasında en fazla dikkat çeken konulardan biri de yeni nesil depolama kullanımlarının bu yeni nesil yapılarda nasıl konumlandırılacağı.

    Örneğin, geleneksel yapıda yer alan dosya paylaşımı ve NAS kullanımı, hiper-bütünleşik yapılara nasıl entegre edilebilir? Veya obje temelli depolama ihtiyaçları, harici bir SAN temelli depolama kullanmadan nasıl çözümlenebilir?

    Nutanix, yeni nesil mimarilerde bu ihtiyaçlara doğrudan cevap verebilen servisler sunuyor. Ölçeklenebilir, yedekli, kullanıcıların yük dağılımlı olarak karşılandığı, kullanıcı kotaları, yetkilendirmeler vs ile tam entegre bir dosya paylaşım servisi olan Nutanix Files, NAS ihtiyaçlarına çok ileri bir çözüm olarak karşımıza çıkıyor.

    S3 uyumlu obje temelli depolama servisi olan Nutanix Buckets, obje depolama ortamının hiper-bütünleşik bir yapının üzerinde çok basit ve hızlı kurulabilmesini, istendiği kadar ölçeklenebilmesini, yedekli ve entegre bir servis olarak sunulabilmesini sağlıyor.

    Bu Webinar’ımızda, Nutanix’in yeni nesil mimarilerde dosya paylaşımı ve obje temelli depolama konularında geliştirdiği çözümlere göz atacağız.

    Nutanix Files ve Buckets ile yeni nesil depolama servislerinin, Nutanix kümesi üzerinde ne kadar basit ve hızlı br biçimde devreye alınabileceği, ne tür farklılıklar sağlayabildiği ile ilgili bilgilendirmeler yapacağız, ve kısa bir demo sunuyor olacağız.
  • Nutanix Private Cloud Üzerinde VDI Çözüm Alternatifleri Recorded: Oct 21 2020 46 mins
    Sinan Korkmaz | Senior Systems Engineer, Nutanix
    Sanal masaüstü kullanımı ile ilgili Nutanix çözümlerini gözden geçirelim.

    Sanal masaüstü konusunda iki farklı yaklaşım bulunuyor:

    Kendi altyapınız üzerine sanal masaüstü konusunda uzmanlaşmış yazılımların kurularak kendi kurumsal ortamınızda çalışan sanal masaüstleri oluşturmak.


    Sanal masaüstü kavramını kolay tüketilebilen, hazır bir servis halinde kullanmak.

    Nutanix her iki yaklaşımda da yenilikçi bir bakış açısıyla çözümler sunabiliyor. Nutanix platformu üzerinde sanal masaüstü yazılımları kurularak, Nutanix’in gelişmiş kümeleme yapısının avantajlarını sanal masaüstü uygulamasını gelişkin bir biçimde kullanmak mümkün.

    Veya, Nutanix’in sanal masaüstü konusunu bir servis haline getirerek kullanıma sunduğu Frame ile, ister açık bulut ortamında, ister kendi Nutanix kümeniz üzerinde sanal masaüstleri oluşturup hızla devreye almayı seçebilirsiniz.

    Bu webinar’ımızda, her iki yaklaşımla ilgili Nutanix’in çözümlerini ve farklarını aşağıdaki başlıklarda gözden geçireceğiz:
    - Geleneksel sanal masaüstü uygulamasının Nutanix kümeleri üzerinde çalıştırılmasının avantajları nelerdir
    - Nutanix’in sanal masaüstünü bir servis haline getiren Frame alternatifi nasıl çalışıyor
    - Kendi kurumsal ortamınızda yer alan Nutanix kümesi ile Frame servisi nasıl entegre edilebilir
  • Data Protection: Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset Recorded: Oct 21 2020 41 mins
    Fouad El Akkad | Sr. Systems Engineer
    Xi Leap offers a fully integrated DR orchestration solution that rapidly and intelligently protects the applications and data in your Nutanix environment without the need to purchase and maintain a separate infrastructure stack. By utilizing the same platform on-premises and in the recovery site, Leap fully eliminates the need for complex translation of constructs, policies and data models across environments.
  • VDI Deep Dive: Architecting a Robust End-User Computing Solution with Nutanix Recorded: Oct 1 2020 28 mins
    Jarian Gibson - Staff Solutions Architect, Nutanix | Brian Suhr - Principal Technical Marketing Engineer, Nutanix
    Successful enterprise deployments require efficient, high-performing, and scalable IT infrastructure to deliver a great user experience. But, that's often much easier said than done.

    Join this session to learn everything you need to build your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment on Nutanix, including weighing the PVS vs. MCS decision and understanding how to incorporate different GPU and node options into your plans. This session will also cover properly sizing, building, and optimizing Nutanix for VMware Horizon View.

    You'll get expert advice on multi-site designs and how software updates and security are affecting designs. Plus, discover real-world lessons and benefits experienced from a customer who used Nutanix to power their end-user computing project.
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for the Multicloud Era Recorded: Oct 1 2020 36 mins
    Ophir Rom - Senior Systems Engineer, Nutanix
    PLEASE NOTE: This webinar will be delivered in Hebrew.

    Nutanix Clusters is designed to offer consistent experience between the on-premises and public cloud environments. You can move applications across these environments without the risk, cost or time taken to refactor applications, to truly achieve freedom from any lock-in to the underlying cloud.

    Nutanix Clusters runs on AWS as the first supported public cloud provider, with others to come very soon. It enables you to run the Nutanix HCI stack directly on AWS EC2 bare metal instances using your existing VPCs. Prism Central can be used to centrally manage your on-premises as well as AWS deployments, helping you unify private and public cloud infrastructure operations. You can provision Nutanix Clusters on any of the globally available AWS regions with a choice of general purpose, storage intensive or compute intensive baremetal instance configurations, as required by your workloads.
  • VDI Intro: A Joint Nutanix & Citrix Journey Recorded: Sep 30 2020 27 mins
    Kevin Bacon - Senior Solutions Architect, Nutanix | Ana Fernanda Ruiz - Technical Marketing Architect, Citrix
    What if you could deliver a great user experience without all the legacy complexity of the datacenter? What if the same team that manages desktops and apps could also manage servers, storage, and virtualization? What if issues can be resolved in minutes, not days? What if you could guarantee the same linear cost and performance whether you scale from 500 to 50,000 users?

    This webinar will cover:

    • How Citrix and Nutanix simplifies virtualized application and desktop delivery with Citrix Cloud and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
    • Simplify the deployment of your virtual apps and desktops
    • Obtain tangible results: simplicity, fast deployments and lower cost compared to managing physical desktops
  • Nutanix & EUC Vision: Empower Your EUC Initiatives Recorded: Sep 29 2020 31 mins
    Nikola Bozinovic - VP/GM of Desktop Services, Nutanix | Kees Baggerman - Technical Director, Nutanix
    "I love my slow, complex, and insecure applications!" – said no one, ever.

    Learn why over 50% of organisations are empowering their end users to work from anywhere, on any device, at any time and ensuring secure, consistent access to apps and data beyond the office. Nutanix is here to jumpstart your EUC initiatives with desktop-as-a-service (DaaS), Windows-as-a-service, VDI, GPUs, and EUC monitoring across your clouds.

    In this session, Nikola Bozinovic, VP/GM of Desktop Services, and Kees Baggerman, "Doer of Things," will share their vision, insights, and the impact of Nutanix in EUC.”
  • Three reasons you need a hybrid multi-cloud and how to set it up Recorded: Aug 11 2020 37 mins
    Sahil Bansal - Nutanix | Bob Laliberte - ESG | Tim Phillips - The Register
    Businesses need their IT teams to operate applications and data in a hybrid environment spanning on-premises private and public clouds. But this poses many challenges, such as managing complex networking, re-architecting applications for the cloud, and managing multiple infrastructure silos.
    There is a pressing need for a single platform that addresses these challenges - a hybrid multi-cloud built for the digital innovation era. Sahil Bansal of Nutanix and Bob Laliberte of ESG join the Reg’s Tim Phillips to explain:

    • Why hybrid multi-cloud is the ideal path to accelerate cloud migration
    • What is needed to deliver a hybrid multi-cloud
    • How to build a hybrid multi-cloud in one hour
  • IT in the time of COVID-19 Recorded: Jul 31 2020 7 mins
    Wendy M Pfeiffer | Chief Information Officer | Nutanix
    Hear why Nutanix CIO Wendy Pfeiffer believes that IT is ready to bring the know-how, technology and ingenuity to help workforces be productive from anywhere.

    In the midst of challenging times, IT is ready to rise up and be the heroes we need -- connecting people, building scale-out technology, and helping buy society time to find and deliver a cure to the Coronavirus.
  • The Next Decade: Multi-Cloud Vision Recorded: Jul 31 2020 18 mins
    Tarkan Maner | Chief Commercial Officer | Nutanix
    For more than a decade now, Nutanix has been a partner to IT in helping build and manage the foundational infrastructure to support users, applications, and data.

    Join Nutanix Chief Commerical Officer, Tarkan Maner as he shares his vision and unveils the evolution from hyperconverged infrastructure to Multi-Cloud portfolio, and shows how Nutanix is supporting our customers’ journey into a hybrid and multi-cloud era.
  • The Future of your Data is Autonomous Recorded: Jul 31 2020 16 mins
    Monica Kumar | SVP Product and Solutions Marketing | Nutanix
    Data – your most valuable asset. What does the future hold in store for your data and what business imperatives are under way to unlock its value?

    They say business and IT are like oil and water – they just don’t mix. What if there is a way to unite these two functions - where IT can deliver a platform and services that empowers the business to innovate and grow faster, unhindered by the drudgery of technology constraints?
  • The State of IT Recorded: Jul 31 2020 15 mins
    Aaron White | Managing Director, METI | Nutanix
    Join us for this session where Aaron White, Managing Director for Nutanix METI discusses how IT organizations will need to adapt to the changes in IT processes and data consumption. With private, hybrid & multi cloud options, which journey will be best suited towards your needs in order to drive business transformation?
  • How to Seamlessly Connect End Users, Apps & Data Recorded: Jul 29 2020 16 mins
    John Araman | Senior Systems Engineer | Nutanix
    Every organization needs end-users have secure access to apps and data from anywhere on any device at any time. However, it is easier said than done. Join this session to explore the solutions to this tremendous IT challenge.

    Nutanix solutions for End User Computing (EUC) enables enterprises to deliver secure and responsive access to applications, desktops, and data for their workers. Our solutions accelerate EUC deployments by up to 8x, linearly scaling from pilot to production without impacting end user experience, with greater security and as much as 50% lower TCO than traditional IT infrastructure.

    You will learn how end-user computing (EUC), including virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), will ensure always-on availability across hybrid clouds while maintaining security and cost control. Understand what to consider when selecting an EUC solution for your unique, desired business outcomes.
  • Freedom to Run Databases With Nutanix ERA Recorded: Jul 29 2020 25 mins
    Mohamed Ibrahim | Manager, Systems Engineering | Nutanix
    Databases are the currency of the business world. As has happened with so many other IT services, database management and administrative has become costly and complex exercise.

    IT staff struggle with manual maintenance procedures and business units continually seek to adopt new and different database technologies to solve new business challenges and to take advantage of the plethora of data that is created daily.

    Moreover, as organizations have sought real-time insight, there has been a melding of what were once separate silos of transactional and analytical data. This merging has resulted in strain on poorly-prepared architectures, which now need to support vastly different operational paradigms.

    During this keynote, viewers will get answers to the following questions:
    • What factors led to the current state of database management?
    • What infrastructure challenges do databases impose on organizations?
    • What activities take place every day that place so much strain in IT resources in terms of managing databases?
    • How can Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) help organizations eject cost and chaos from the database equation and replace them with affordable ease of use?
  • Teknoloji Evriminin Veri Merkezlerimize Yansıması: Hiper Bütünleşik Sistemler Recorded: Jul 22 2020 42 mins
    Goktug Hayat | Sr. Systems Engineer Nutanix
    Hepimizin bildiği üzere teknolojinin hızla değişimi hayatımızın her alanında etkisini gösteriyor. Bu değişimden etkilenen noktaların bir tanesi de veri merkezlerimiz olmakta. Günümüzün artan ihtiyaçları, gelen talepleri hızlı bir şekilde karşılayabilmek, çeşitlenen ve sayısı hızla artan sistemler, yönetim ve izleme karmaşıklığı ve bunun gibi bir çok neden veri merkezlerimizi çok daha basit ve yönetilebilir bir hale gelmesini zorunlu kıldı.

    Bu webinar ımızda yeni nesil veri merkezlerinin temel yapısını oluşturan HCI (hyper-converged infrastructure) sistemleri inceleyerek, HCI denilen sistemlerin “Private Cloud” kavramının da temelini oluşturan ana yapılar olduğunu öğreneceğiz.

    Son olarak Nutanix’ in sizler için hazırlamış olduğu, Nutanix HCI sistemlerini test edebileceğiniz ve bir akıllı rehber eşliğinde Nutanix yazılımını inceleyip fikir sahibi olabileceğiniz yani kısaca direksiyona sizin geçeceğiniz “Test Drive” platformumuzu birlikte inceleyerek “Private Cloud” kavramının günümüzde hangi noktalara ulaştığını hep birlikte konuşacağız.

    Nutanix ve HCI hakkında daha fazla bilgi sahibi olabileceğiniz bu Webinar ımıza hepinizi bekliyoruz.
  • Exploring the Benefits of Enterprise Storage and Hyperconvergence Recorded: Jul 15 2020 33 mins
    Devon Helms | Director of Product Marketing - Storage Services, Nutanix
    The plethora of modern storage options, from arrays to software to hyperconverged to composable to cloud - and everything else in between - means that IT Pros need to keep educated on the constant innovation in this space.

    Join us for this Enterprise Storage and Hyperconvergence webinar, where you will learn about the most innovative solutions in this space with a concise line-up of options to help IT pros and decision makers stay current on the latest technologies and offerings.

    This is your opportunity get up to speed and find the newest solutions to your storage challenges!
  • Financial Services Transformation: Architecting the Digital Enterprise Recorded: Jul 15 2020 72 mins
    Kevin Lash | Head of Global Financial Services Strategy and Solutions, Nutanix
    More and more financial services companies are turning to modern cloud architectures and technologies as the foundation of their digital enterprise infrastructure – knowing that their underlying IT structure plays a key role in speed to market.
    Many companies believe they must have a “cloud first” strategy (that is, public cloud) to compete. In fact, a hybrid cloud approach provides the flexibility and speed needed to meet business objectives while preserving choice, streamlining operations, optimizing ROI, satisfying compliance, and mitigating risk.
  • Converged vs. Hyperconverged Infrastructure - Meeting the Demands of the New Era Recorded: Jul 14 2020 44 mins
    Steve Carter | Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nutanix
    Converged infrastructure is several steps up from legacy infrastructure, it loses out when it comes to the cost-saving, application-securing, VM-moving power of hyperconvergence.

    Join us for this webinar where Steve Carter, Senior Product Marketing – Nutanix, will take you through how you can simplify your IT infrastructure.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    • What are the primary benefits of HCI compared to Converged Infrastructure?
    • How WebScale IT infrastructure innovations make HCI possible
    • How HCI enables IT to be agile and cost conscious in the face of business uncertainty
  • Hiperbütünleşik Mimarilerde İzleme, Analiz ve Operasyonel Otomasyon Recorded: Jul 8 2020 64 mins
    Sinan Korkmaz | Sr. Systems Engineer, Nutanix
    IT altyapılarında izleme ve analiz vazgeçilmez bir gerekliliktir. İzleyemediğimiz bir altyapıyı sağlıklı biçimde yönetemeyeceğimiz açık.

    Hiper bütünleşik sistemler sadece günlük işlemlerimizi basitleştirmekle kalmıyor, tüm IT altyapımıza dair detaylı bilgilenmemizi de sağlıyor. İzleme faaliyeti, sadece tek yönlü bir bilgi alma olarak kalmak zorunda da değil. Aynı zamanda ileriye yönelik tahminlerde bulunma, planlama yapma ve belirli olası büyüme senaryolarının şimdiden belirlenebilmesini sağlama gibi ek olanaklara da sahip olmak istemez miydiniz?

    Bu webinar yayınımızda Nutanix kümelerinde izleme, analiz ve planlamaya yönelik olarak ne tür detaylı imkanlara sahip olabiliriz birlikte gözden geçireceğiz. Hiper bütünleşik altyapının bizlere sunduğu bu ek olanaklara bir göz atmak için bizimle buluşun!
Nutanix Enterprise Cloud - Run Any Application at Any Scale
Nutanix is a global leader in cloud software and a pioneer in hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions, making computing invisible anywhere.
Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is a modern, software-defined solution that natively integrates all IT resources to run any application while delivering true consumer-grade simplicity that makes infrastructure management effortless.

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  • Title: How to quickly expand the capacity of your datacenter
  • Live at: May 19 2020 8:00 am
  • Presented by: Ahmed Badawy | Sr. Systems Engineer, Nutanix
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