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InsTech London Partners Live Chat

If you’ve ever wondered which bits of Matthew and Robin’s occasional partners podcast chats, then now’s your chance to hear us. Coming to you live this Thursday, April 2, at noon UK time on our new high hand broadcasting platform, BrightTALK. Register to join us on the day as we take a look at what’s been catching our eye recently. More lively online events to follow.
Recorded Apr 2 2020 28 mins
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Matthew Grant, Robin Merttens
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  • Elephant Hunting & Mouse Safaris: What the Data Reveals in Property Insurance Jun 11 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Host: Matthew Grant, InsTech London; Todd Rissel, e2Value; Bob Frady, Hazard Hub; Mark Varley, Addresscloud.
    The value of data in risk selection and portfolio management is well understood, but with so much choice it can be hard to tell which data really drives an understanding of the risk. Small but significant factors that can be hard to spot but can materially impact the loss potential and cost. Large issues may be obvious, but how well defined are they? Matthew Grant, InsTech London partner, will be talking to three CEOs and founders of successful businesses delivering data and analytics to leading insurance organisations in the US and UK: Todd Rissel of e2Value, Bob Frady of Hazard Hub and Mark Varley of Addresscloud. We'll be learning what it takes to stand out amongst the crowd in today's world of open-source data and sophisticated analytics, talking to our guests and answering your questions. Brought to you with the support of e2Value.
    Matthew Grant, Partner Instech London; Chris Carney, Verticalised Consulting; Nick Haldane, Novidea UK; Keith Bucknall, SRG
    Whether it is online banking, Amazon delivery or in the last couple of months, ease of setting up digital calls, everyone is expecting immediate, on-demand service in everything they do. Insurance brokers are now being expected to provide a similar, high-quality rapid response to inquiries.

    We believe recent events have become the catalyst that will bring the change that our industry has needed for years: to give brokers the ability to service their clients seamlessly from anywhere, at any time.

    In this Live Chat, Matthew Grant of InsTech London, Nick Haldane of Novidea, Keith Bucknall of SRG, and Chris Carney of Verticalised Consulting will discuss:

    - How brokers are using a client-centric data strategy to grow their business
    - An example of how SRG is already implementing the future of broking
    - How the work Novidea is doing with its broking clients fits with Lloyd's Blueprint One
    - How cloud-based platforms are reshaping our industry
    - The competitive advantages of broking on the move

    Join us for our live chat to understand how a data-first platform can help you become a broker of the future today.
  • Lloyd's Lab: Responses to the Pandemic Recorded: May 19 2020 46 mins
    Host Matthew Grant, InsTech London; Trevor Maynard, Lloyd's; Mark Roulston, Hivemind; Robert Reville, Praedicat
    We've been a keen observer of the Lloyd's Lab as it's evolved over the last couple of years. In this Live Chat, Matthew Grant from InsTech London will be talking to Trevor Maynard, Head of Innovation at Lloyd's about plans for the Lloyd's Lab.  As part of a package of initiatives to respond to COVID-19, Lloyd’s has reimagined the scope and timing of Cohort 5 of the Lloyd’s Lab, to help fast-track the development of innovative new products and solutions. Lloyd’s is adjusting the process and guidelines for new applicants to the Lab to help start-ups more quickly create and bring to market their COVID-19 products and solutions. Mathew and Trevor will review the selection process for Cohort 5 and they will be joined by Mark Roulston, Senior Data Scientist at Hivemind, and Robert Reville, CEO and Co-founder at Praedicat - two companies with existing pandemic propositions.

    Learn more about Lloyd’s Lab’s Cohort 5 by following the link https://www.lloydslab.com/lab-teams/cohort-5/
  • Technology for Commercial Property - The Future Has Arrived Recorded: May 14 2020 45 mins
    Host Robin Merttens, InsTech London, with Stephen Chadwick, Shepherd; Dan Prince, Howden; Adrian Webb, 360Globalnet
    This event, sponsored by Shepherd, will examine the lasting impact of this pandemic on how commercial property is managed and insured. The pandemic has meant that lots of offices and factories have been sitting empty for a prolonged period shining a spotlight on the need for and value of remote management of buildings. Digital technology and analytics are transforming how property risk is managed - early detection of abnormalities for quick intervention and claims handled end to end digitally. The more digitally advanced have suffered the least disruption during the crisis in both insurance and property. That experience will drive accelerated digital adoption so the future will now arrive more quickly.

    We will be speaking to the companies powering this transformation including Stephen Chadwick from Shepherd who will talk about the unprecedented demand for their property performance management services, Adrian Webb from 360Globalnet will discuss how digital claim fulfillment has now come of age and Dan Prince from Howden will explain how they see the role of the broker evolving in this brave new digital world.
  • Pandemics and the Coverage Gap - Creating Future Solutions Recorded: May 5 2020 42 mins
    Matthew Grant, InsTech London; Laurie Miles, SAS; Patrick Kelahan, H2M architects + engineers; Dr. Marcus Schmalbach, RYSKEX
    COVID-19 has demonstrated how a single event can trigger a systemic risk, which impacts many businesses, ignores geographic boundaries and creates losses that cannot be absorbed by the insurance industry alone. Protection for losses from pandemics had been offered by the insurers but usually as a specialist cover. With some notable exceptions it was rarely taken out. Now COVID-19 has resulted in a multi-trillion dollar economic problem. Government and business are pointing at insurers and expecting them to help cover the costs.

    Insurance companies will not survive if they have to pay for a type of business interruption loss that was not priced for in the insurance premium, nor taken out by most of their clients.

    Companies rarely buy insurance for losses from very unusual or unknown events, but there is now a need to design a system that offers protection against future systemic risks.

    We're delighted to be hosting this event supported by SAS and bring together three leading thinkers to explore some practical and creative solutions for protecting against future mega-catastrophes including, but not limited to, pandemics. There are now opportunities to use Artificial Intelligence, with an understanding of the mechanism that is driving the losses, distributed ledger technology, and effective partnering of insurers, capital markets, and governments. We can't eradicate the event, but we can mitigate the effects.
  • The Role of Parametric Insurance in a Post Covid World Recorded: Apr 30 2020 49 mins
    Robin Merttens, InsTech London; Alastair Speare-Cole, QOMPLX; Hector Ibarra, Global Parametrics; Adam Rimmer, FloodFlash.
    As we emerge from this crisis the insurers will undoubtedly be looking to shed difficult risk, seek to avoid a repeat of the business insurance (BI) fiasco and raise prices. Against that background, clients will be looking for cheaper more certain insurance solutions and have a heightened awareness of BI. In this webinar, kindly sponsored by QOMPLX we will take a look at:
    · the role that parametric insurance might take in providing certainty and rebuilding trust
    · how it can help close the coverage gap at prices clients can afford
    · the role of modelling and analytics for difficult to price risk
    · the attributes required to create priceable parametric triggers
    · how parametric works in practice including stories from the front line
    · the art of the possible

    Our panel will comprise leading experts in the field including Alastair Speare-Cole, President of Insurance at QOMPLX, Hector Ibarra, CEO at Global Parametrics and Adam Rimmer, Co-founder at FloodFlash.
    There will be winners and losers as a result of the pandemic. Parametric insurance may emerge as a mainstream strand of the retail insurance scene. If you want to understand more about the role it can play and how to benefit from that tune in to our live talk.
  • Introducing the Post Pandemic Playbook Recorded: Apr 23 2020 45 mins
    Matthew Grant and Robin Merttens, the InsTech London; Matthew Jones, Anthemis Group
    Insurance will undergo some radical shift when we return to normal life, but what should we expect? Matthew Grant and Robin Merttens, the InsTech London partners, will be joined by Matthew Jones from Anthemis to frame the issues and questions that need to be addressed during our launch event for our “Post Pandemic Playbook" series of upcoming live digital events. Questions covered will include: How will the future of insurance be changed by the pandemic? What will we now demand from our technology? What will Business Interruption insurance look like next year? Can pandemics be insured? What role do insurers play if they can’t cover extreme events? Does the government have a greater or lesser role to play?

    Second in our series will be our Parametric Insurance live chat on 30 April, co-hosted with QOMPLX.
  • Live Chat: Disrupted, not disconnected. Insurance Innovation in Motor & Mobility Recorded: Apr 16 2020 45 mins
    Matthew Grant, Partner InsTech London; Mark Bates, CEO at RDT; Richard Beaven, COO at Brightside; Richard Barlow, CEO at Wejo
    A lot of the best innovation comes from taking existing ideas and applying them in new ways". Today that comment is looking even more true than when we wrote it at the start of this year. Motor insurance has been the birthplace of many initiatives that have crossed over into other types of insurance, including selling directly to the consumer, telematics, aggregators, faster claims processes, and so on.

    During this live online event well be discussing the successes and challenges of these unusual times with our co-hosts RDT and guests from Brightside and Wejo. A chance to ask your questions and share your views.
  • Live Chat: An InsurTech Survival Guide Recorded: Apr 9 2020 41 mins
    Robin Merttens & Matthew Grant (InsTech London); Rhys Oakley (Sheridans); Dave Taylor (Deloitte)
    An InsurTech Survival Guide is an interactive session to provide advice and guide on the support available and other practical steps that will help businesses successfully navigate the pandemic.

    InsurTech businesses are currently facing a unique set of challenges. To help you face them we have joined forces with Sheridans, the leading media and technology law firm and Deloitte, the big 4 accounting to navigate through the UK Government support package for business and suggest a series of other pragmatic steps you can take to prepare for what lies ahead. This webinar will be a game of two halves. In the first half, Rhys Oakley from Sheridans and Dave Taylor from Deloitte will examine the various UK Government schemes and reliefs and how to apply for them including job retention, rate and sick pay relief, deferring VAT and Time To Pay. They will also suggest some ways to preserve cash flow, avoid legal pitfalls and keep HMRC happy.

    In the second half they will be answering audience questions. If you have a question you would like to ask them please either let us know in advance by submitting your question to hello@instech.london or register for the event here and join in the interactive Q&A. On behalf of all the InsurTech community a massive thank you to Sheridans and Deloitte both for sponsoring this event and providing free help and advice in these challenging times.
  • InsTech London Partners Live Chat Recorded: Apr 2 2020 28 mins
    Matthew Grant, Robin Merttens
    If you’ve ever wondered which bits of Matthew and Robin’s occasional partners podcast chats, then now’s your chance to hear us. Coming to you live this Thursday, April 2, at noon UK time on our new high hand broadcasting platform, BrightTALK. Register to join us on the day as we take a look at what’s been catching our eye recently. More lively online events to follow.
The Insurance Technology Innovation Community
InsTech London is the fastest growing community of people and companies working together to bring the best technology, data and analytics to solve today's insurance and risk management challenges.
Based in the UK but with over 50% of our members accessing us from around the world, we are bringing together people from companies of all sizes in insurance, technology, risk management and investment. The primary roles of InsTech London are 1) to help insurance companies find the best solutions to their needs, and 2) help technology companies find markets, investors and clients. We also offer individual membership and corporate membership. More details at www.instech.london

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