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Changing World of Work: What This Means for Life Insurers and Their Customers

We face a significant inflection point with easing lockdowns, organisations planning for a safe return to the office and reimagining the world of work.

In this Live Chat, sponsored by EY, Robin Merttens, Partner at InsTech London, Keith Aylwin, Life & Pensions Technology Lead at EY, Maeña Twomey, Lab Product Owner - Protection at Lloyds Banking Group and Mike Minett, Founder of PORTABL will discuss:
•   How the rise in health measures, increased risks of travel, providing a safe workplace, is driving a re-focus on what customers want around financial wellness and protection. 
•   The behavioural changes we are seeing as people come through the initial Covid-19 crisis and begin planning for their futures. 
•   How Covid-19 might change the protection industry, in terms business model, distribution, and the role of technology 
•   How providers should respond to these shifts and what is the market opportunity arising from them. 

Join us for our live chat to understand recent changes to and the importance of life-related insurance in the context of the new marketplace.
Recorded Jun 25 2020 47 mins
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Presented by
Robin Merttens, InsTech London; Keith Aylwin, EY; Maeña Twomey, Lloyds Banking Group; Mike Minett, PORTABL
Presentation preview: Changing World of Work: What This Means for Life Insurers and Their Customers

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  • Insurance: to Embed, or not to Embed Jul 1 2021 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Franck Pivert, Wakam
; Jean-Charles Velge, Qover
; Louisa Murray, Railsbank; Robin Merttens, InsTech London
    While insurers have always relied on third parties for distribution, the immense attractions and potential for “embedding” insurance products into the value chains and distribution capabilities of others makes this is the hottest topic of 2021.
    Like the future of insurance itself, it is about responding to changing customer needs, leveraging digital technology and having the right mindset.

    To tie in with the launch of our next InsTech London report by the same name, this Live Chat will discuss:

    - What embedded insurance means in practice and the best products to embed
    - Sourcing the right kind of third-party distributors and how to integrate into their customer journeys

    - Who is doing it well and the secrets of their success

    - The issues incumbents face and how to overcome them
    - Finally, we’ll look at the key findings in the report and see if the panel agrees with them! 

    Hosted by Robin Merttens, InsTech London Partner, the panel will include: 
    - Franck Pivert, Chief Revenue Officer, Wakam

    - Jean-Charles Velge, Co-Founder, Qover

    - Louisa Murray, Chief Operating Officer (UK & Europe), Railsbank
  • The Future of Lloyd's and Claims Solutions for Complex Risks Recorded: Jun 10 2021 61 mins
    Matthew Grant, Instech London; Ed Gaze, Lloyd's Lab; Colin Masson, Beazley; Safekeep; SettleIndex; distriBind; Tautona
    Technology is enabling faster, cheaper and more efficient ways to manage claims across all lines of business. The complex risks underwritten at Lloyd's can provide unique challenges when it comes to assessing losses and settling claims.

    The ambition of the Future at Lloyd’s programme is to create the most advanced insurance marketplace in the world. As a marketplace, it serves its stakeholders across the insurance lifecycle from getting covered to recovering from a loss. To help its customers recover effectively from a loss, it is now focusing on the ability to respond quickly and openly to claims while delivering a high-quality experience from claim notification to payment.

    We are delighted to be co-hosting an event with the Lloyd's Lab and the Lloyd's claims community to review the areas of interest for Lloyd's and get to know four companies offering services in this area that have recently been selected to join the recent cohort in the Lloyd's Lab - Safekeep, SettleIndex and distriBind - as well as a Lloyd's Lab Alumni, Tautona. Matthew Grant will be leading the event and will be joined by Ed Gaze from Lloyd's Lab and Colin Masson, Head of First Party Complex Claims at Beazley and member of the Future at Lloyd's Claims Design Group.

    The Learning Objectives for the event are:

    - Explore the emerging technologies that will speed up the process of underwriting complex risk

    - Understand how the Future at Lloyd’s programme is improving stakeholder experience and helping customers recover from loss more effectively

    - Hear from companies from the Lloyd’s Lab cohort and learn about the solutions they build to advance the marketplace and claims experience for complex risks
  • Driving Claims Excellence with Technology for Flooding Events Recorded: May 27 2021 61 mins
    Matthew Grant, InsTech London; Charles Blanchet, ICEYE; Eddie Longworth, JEL Consulting
    Digital transformation and disruptive data are enabling insurers to rapidly identify losses and expedite claims for their customers with proven returns on investment. But how well prepared are claims departments to integrate these new assets into their current processes, and how can they use them to add real value?

    This event will focus on how to build a better customer experience by managing claims with faster, more efficient, and innovative technologies.

    In an open conversation with insurance professionals, ICEYE will reveal how an innovative approach for observation of natural catastrophes using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) paired with multi-source analysis techniques is radically changing flood claims management.

    Sponsored by ICEYE, and hosted by Matthew Grant, this event is part of the series on exploring new opportunities for claims teams.

    With speakers including:

    - Charles Blanchet, Vice President of Solutions, ICEYE
    - Eddie Longworth, Founder and Director, JEL Consulting

    The Learning Objectives for this Live Chat are:

    - Learn how digital transformation and data is enabling insurers to streamline the claims process and improve loss identification
    - Discuss the best approaches for preparing claims departments to integrate these new assets and build a better customer experience 
    - Hear from industry professionals on how new technologies and multi-source analysis techniques can revolutionise flood claims management
  • Insurance Ecosystems - From Buzzword to Reality Recorded: May 11 2021 51 mins
    Ian Summers, Sequel; Marcus Broome, Whitespace; Ian Fantozzi, Beazley Digital; Kirk Maddern, Liberty Specialty Markets
    Insurance discourse is awash with articles advancing ecosystems and the vital role they will play in the provision of insurance in the digital future. Ecosystems are an increasingly common feature of retail insurance, but what about the world of specialty? The recent acquisition of Whitespace by Sequel (owned by Verisk) combines front office, back office, and Verisk’s many other capabilities under one roof. Surely, the framework for an ecosystem for the specialty market.

    InsTech London Partner, Robin Merttens, will host a panel comprising of:

    Ian Summers, Chief Executive Officer, Sequel
    Marcus Broome, Chief Platform Officer, Whitespace
    Ian Fantozzi, Chief Executive Officer, Beazley Digital
    Kirk Maddern, Chief Operating Officer, Liberty Specialty Markets

    The panel will discuss:

    - The reason for the acquisition
    - What Sequel plans to do next
    - How the acquisition augments Whitespace
    - Where the full range of Verisk’s other capabilities fit in
    - How clients benefit and their reaction to the news
    - Whether a fully-fledged ecosystem for the specialty market is the end game

    The Learning Objectives for this Live Chat are:

    - Understand the motivations behind the recent acquisition of Whitespace by Sequel
    - Discuss the ecosystem framework being created for the specialty market and how it could benefit clients
    - Learn where Verisk’s other capabilities fit into this framework and the next steps following this acquisition

    We look forward to having you at the event!
  • No-Code/Low-Code Platforms - A Bridge from Legacy to Digital? Recorded: May 6 2021 48 mins
    Robin Merttens, InsTech London; Mark Cook, formerly Marsh; Colville Wood, Cognizant; Mehul Parekh, EY
    To coincide with the publication of an InsTech London report of the same name we will be hosting a panel discussion to look at how no-code/low-code platforms are being deployed in insurance and what their adoption might mean for the insurance industry. A panel of experts will examine:

    - How is no-code/low-code being used in insurance?
    - What effect has it had?
    - How is it influencing strategic thinking?
    - Its potential to provide an escape route from dependence on legacy

    Hosted by Robin Merttens, Partner at InsTech London, the panel of experts will include:

    - Mark Cook, former Global CIO, Marsh
    - Colville Wood, CTO UK&I Insurance Division, Cognizant
    - Mehul Parekh, Associate Partner, Financial Services, EY

    The learning objectives for this live chat are:
    - Learn about the implementation and effects of No-Code/Low Code platforms in insurance
    - Understand their role in the future of insurance and how it may influence individual business strategies
    - Explore the potential for No-Code/Low-Code in aiding insurers to modernise legacy systems
  • Climate Variability – Understanding Your Changes in Risk for 2021 Recorded: Apr 20 2021 61 mins
    Matthew Grant, Nick Hassam, Marcus Rivaldi, Jessica Turner, Richard Dixon, Matt Jones, Kirsten Mitchell-Wallace
    The longer term impacts of climate change on the frequency and severity of natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires and flooding have been considered by insurers for many years. It’s only recently, though, that credible shorter term forecasts and models have become available for pricing and managing insurance exposures.

    reask has developed a global approach to assessing climate variability, combining physics, climate data and machine learning to complement the baseline view of risk developed by carriers, and the market as a whole.

    Matthew Grant will be leading a discussion with reask and five industry leaders to explore what is emerging from the latest scientific research, what is available to insurers today, how this is being used by companies and how the regulatory outlook is likely to evolve.

    Hosted by Matthew Grant the speakers will include:

    - Nick Hassam, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, reask
    - Marcus Rivaldi, Managing Director, Analytics, Twelve Capital (UK) Ltd.
    - Dr. Jessica Turner, Managing Director, Catastrophe Advisory, Guy Carpenter
    - Richard Dixon, Head of Catastrophe Research, Inigo Insurance
    - Dr. Kirsten Mitchell-Wallace, Head of Portfolio Risk Management, Lloyd's
    - Matthew Jones, Head of Catastrophe Risk Products, Nasdaq

    Please note that this event takes place at the earlier time of 10.00 am UK time.

    This event accompanies the recent podcast with reask founders Thomas Loridan and Nick Hassam (https://www.instech.london/podcast/thomas-loridan-nick-hassam-reask-short-term-climate-variability-forecasting-confidence), and Location Intelligence report released on 1 April.

    The Learning Objectives for this event are:

    - Learn how newly available climate data and scientific research can be used to better understand and forecast climate variability
    - Hear from companies combining science and ML to create new models for assessing risk
    - Explore forecasting options available to insurers and how they are being used in the evolving market
  • Location Intelligence 2021 – Where, What and How Risky? Recorded: Apr 1 2021 46 mins
    Mark Cunningham, WhenFresh; Charles Blanchet, ICEYE, Kevin Van Leer, Cape Analytics; Patrick Kelahan, Insurance Elephant
    When insuring properties or any physical assets, it’s important to know where a building is, what it’s made of, what it’s worth and what external hazard it might be exposed to.

    Join us for a discussion to coincide with the release of our latest report “Location Intelligence 2021 – the Companies to Watch: Where, What and How Risky?”

    Hosted by Matthew Grant, with guest speakers from companies featured in the report and industry experts, we review the latest trends and technologies in acquiring information for aerial imagery, geocoding, building characteristics, valuation and remote claims assessment.

    We look at the organisations providing the essential information on hazard data including flood, earthquake, windstorm, hail, wildfire, environmental risk data and a lot more. The report will be free to download for attendees for a limited time.

    The speakers include:

    - Mark Cunningham, Co-founder & Director, WhenFresh
    - Charles Blanchet, Vice President of Solutions, ICEYE
    - Kevin Van Leer, Director of Customer Success, Cape Analytics
    - Patrick Kelahan, Building Consultant, H2M architects + engineers

    The learning objectives for this live chat are:

    - Understand what information is required when insuring properties or physical assets
    - Review the latest trends and technologies that are improving the acquisition of building information and the remote claims assessment process
    - Learn about organisations already successfully providing hazard data to aid risk assessment
  • Building Ecosystems for Commercial Insurance Recorded: Mar 25 2021 47 mins
    Matthew Grant, InsTech London; Christian van Leeuwen, FRISS; Peter Reynolds, Earnix; Tim Crossley, Sapiens; Cytora
    The availability of information on commercial property for insurance underwriters has lagged behind what is available for residential properties. Accurate data can help with risk selection, fraud detection and pricing. But data alone is not enough. Information needs to be fully integrated into the underwriting and business workflow, and be credible and validated.

Technology platforms are fast emerging as a way of bringing together the best sources of analytics, from well-recognised partners. These end-to-end solutions free up underwriters’ time and enable them to focus on writing the best business. 

    Sapiens is already recognised as having one of the leading insurance administration systems. The company is now offering insurers access to an expanded ecosystem, collaborating with some of the best emerging analytical firms. Sapiens’ partners are carefully selected to fit into the specific business goals of insurers looking to upgrade their access to commercial property underwriting data.


Matthew Grant, Partner at InsTech London, will be hosting a discussion to review what Sapiens has learnt about what insurers are looking for, the criteria for selecting partners and how this fits into the business workflow. They will be joined by three companies working with Sapiens - Earnix, Cytora and FRISS - two of whom are already InsTech London corporate members.

    The speakers will include: 

    - Tim Crossley, Business Development Director, Sapiens 
    - Christian van Leeuwen, CTO & Co-founder, FRISS
    - Peter Reynolds, Head of Insurance, Earnix
    - Juan de Castro, Chief Commercial and Operating Officer, Cytora

    The learning objectives for this Live Chat are:
    - Learn about the gap in information available on commercial property and how this adversely impacts underwriter efficiency
    - Understand how new technologies can provide solutions to source and integrate information for commercial insurance
    - Hear from firms who collaborate to create ecosystems for insurers
  • Earthquake Risk – a Global Challenge Recorded: Mar 4 2021 61 mins
    James Sawle, Mario Ordaz, David Gregory, Mohammad R Zolfaghari, Goran Trendafiloski, Matthias Schmid PhD, John Schneider
    Nearly half of all natural catastrophe fatalities since 1980 have been caused by earthquakes or the tsunamis they have triggered according to Munich Re. Established catastrophe models exist for countries contributing some of the largest insured losses, such as the United States and Japan.

    Yet, the impact of earthquakes in other areas of the world, where mainstream models are less developed, can also trigger major losses.

    With the support of Nasdaq, we've brought together specialist model developers from around the world to review what they are offering and get their views on key developments to look forward to in this field.

    Nasdaq’s Risk Modelling for Catastrophes service allows re/insurers and brokers to easily access catastrophe models from multiple model developers on a single platform. Covering all geographical regions of the world and a range of perils including flood, earthquake, wind and hail, the service enables new insights and an improved understanding of the exposure of a portfolio and individual properties. This educational session will explore the features and benefits of the different model developers as well as the key questions to consider before investing in a new modelling tool.

    Hosted by Matthew Grant, Partner at InsTech London, the speakers include:
    - James Sawle, Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes
    - John Schneider, Global Earthquake Model Foundation
    - Matthias Schmid PhD, Guy Carpenter
    - Goran Trendafiloski, Impact Forecasting
    - Mohammad Zolfaghari, CatRisk Solutions
    - David Gregory, Corelogic
    - Mario Ordaz, ERN and RED

    The Learning Objectives for this event are:

    - Explore how insurance losses from earthquakes are measured and managed through the use of catastrophe models;
    - Learn about how to access models through platforms provided by companies such as Nasdaq and Oasis;
    - Understand the choices available when using catastrophe models.
  • We Need to Make Exchanging Data Easier - How? Recorded: Feb 25 2021 47 mins
    Robin Merttens, InsTech; Alastair Speare-Cole, QOMPLX; James Harrison, Dun & Bradstreet; Matilde Anello-Gaudiza, Swiss Re
    The recent InsTech report on E-Trading Platforms highlighted the lack of transparency and consistency in data and the resulting dearth of system to system interoperability. The next step in the evolution of the insurance industry depends on consistent data and easier integrations.

    Join us to hear an expert panel talk about the prevalence of competing solutions, how to better disseminate knowledge and increase collaboration to achieve a collective goal of making systems integration easier so we can provide better service and products to our customers. 

    You will also learn how ReQoncile, the newly launched data standards library curated by QOMPLX, aims to play its part in helping the industry with this issue.

    The Learning Objectives for this event are:
    - Learn how data quality challenges on e-trading platforms are impacting interoperability
    - Explore how the future of the insurance industry relies on the integration and consistency of data
    - Hear top tips from experts on how these challenges can be addressed to provide better offerings for customers

    Hosted by Robin Merttens, Partner at InsTech London, the speakers include:
    - Alastair Speare-Cole, President of Insurance, QOMPLX
    - James Harrison, UKI Head of Insurance, Dun & Bradstreet
    - Matilde Anello-Gaudiza, The Centre of Excellence for Data Foundation and Architecture, Swiss Re Group
  • E-Trading and the Future of Complex Insurance - Does London Hold the Key? Recorded: Jan 28 2021 46 mins
    Robin Merttens, Partner at InsTech London; Sasa Brcerevic Aon; Richard Phipps, Swiss Re; Ian Meadows, EY
    There is a renewed interest in e-trading platforms for reinsurance and complex risks spawned by a combination of COVID acting as an accelerant, Lloyd’s Blueprint Two, the insurance markets' own dynamics and the needs of increasingly demanding customers. Looking at the future of e-trading platforms, we will discuss:

    - Whether e-trading of complex insurance will catch on this time
    - Who is doing what in the platform space and lessons learned so far
    - What the attributes of a successful platform are
    - The role that both Lloyd’s and the mega brokers will play in determining the outcome.

    The event will coincide with the publication of a comprehensive InsTech London report on e-trading of reinsurance and complex risks by InsTech London partner, Robin Merttens, who has been involved in digitising insurance since 2000. He will also be hosting this event and knowing him, as we do, he will not need much encouragement to provide his customarily unfiltered perspective.

    The speakers include:

    Richard Phipps, Vice President, Property & Specialty Underwriting, Swiss Re
    Sasa Brcerevic, Managing Director, Carrier Solutions Group, Aon
    Ian Meadows, Associate Partner, EY

    Join us on January 28th at 12 pm to learn why the future of e-trading is more than just digital replication of the past.

    The learning objectives for this Live Chat are:

    - Learn about the re-emerging trend of e-trading platforms in the complex insurance space
    - Understand the barriers to effective adoption of e-trading platforms and how they can be overcome
    - Review examples of new e-trading platforms and the attributes enabling their successful adoption
  • What is parametric insurance and how does it impact actuarial work? Recorded: Jan 20 2021 60 mins
    Cherry Chan, LMAG; Cian Creedon, LMAG; Raghav Ohri, IFoA GI Insurtech Working Group; Matthew Grant, InsTech London
    Parametric insurance is based on the usage of a parameter that is correlated to the loss. Unlike traditional indemnity products, a measurable trigger and payment amount are fixed in advance, leading to fast payouts and low claims administration costs.

    Historically, parametric insurance providers have been providing bespoke services mainly on climate related perils for large companies/institutions.

    This relied on satellite data which has improved significantly over time. Enabled by technology, better data and modelling techniques, a newer cohort of insurtech offerings are moving towards off-the-shelf products focused on SMEs and individual customers, aiming to meet gaps in indemnity cover and covering previously uninsurable risks.

    This presentation collates findings from the Instech London Parametric Insurance Report with those of the Institute of Actuaries GI Insurtech working party.


    Cherry Chan - Chair, London Market Actuaries' Group
    Cian Creedon - Treasurer, London Market Actuaries' Group


    Raghav Ohri, IFoA GI Insurtech Working Group
    Matthew Grant, Partner, InsTech London
  • Zego - Telematics Acquisitions and Insurance Revolutions Recorded: Dec 15 2020 30 mins
    Robin Merttens, InsTech London; Harry Franks, Zego
    Robin chats with Harry Franks, Chief Business Development Officer at Zego, about their recent acquisition of telematics company, Drivit, and how they will use its real-time driver behaviour data to transform motor insurance pricing.

    Harry also talks to us about how Zego fared in 2020, their plans for 2021 and how insurance itself needs to change.
  • Re:infer - Helping Insurers Become InsurTechs Recorded: Dec 10 2020 23 mins
    Robin Merttens, InsTech London; Stephen Mackintosh, Re:infer
    We talk to Stephen Mackintosh, Chief Commercial Officer of Re:infer, to learn more about how they are applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to insurers’ conversations and communications data.

    By automatically reading and understanding each message in real time, insurers can use these insights to drive efficiency for themselves and a better experience for their customers.

    Stephen shows us the Re:infer platform in action and explains how they implemented it at Hiscox to interpret inbound emails from brokers at scale.

    With the help of Re:infer, incumbent insurers can mine their communications using no-code technology to drive improvements and automation in their operations.
  • Raising Money: the Founders' Stories Recorded: Dec 8 2020 63 mins
    Matthew Grant, Robin Merttens, Andre Symes, Sam White, Goncalo de Vasconcelos, Pranjal Arya, Jonathan Spry
    Innovative ideas are great, but funding is the fuel for growth. This event takes us back to origins of InsTech London, giving a voice to early stage companies. Join us to hear from the founders of 4 companies in different stages of growth, with technology and access to underwriting capacity. We'll be asking them about  their experience and what advice they have on raising funds. We'll be joined by Andre Symes of Genasys, who is generously supporting the event as a way of helping others start, or continue, their company building journey. 

    Hosts: Matthew Grant and Robin Merttens, Partners InsTech London 
    Andre Symes, Chief Growth Officer, GENASYS
    Sam White, CEO, Stella Insurance
    Goncalo de Vasconcelos, Founder and CEO, Rnwl
    Pranjal Arya, Commercial Director, Hometree
    Jonathan Spry, Co-founder and CEO, Envelop Risk

    For CPD purposes, the Learning Objectives are:
    - Learn about best practice in how to successfully raise funds for early-stage companies
    - Understand how to overcome the challenges associated with fundraising
    - Hear real-life examples and top tips from founders who succeeded in raising capital and enabling growth in a hardening market
  • Data is the New Oil - Fracking Unstructured Content Recorded: Dec 3 2020 50 mins
    Robin Merttens, InsTech London; Adrian Webb, 360Globalnet; David Taylor, Mulsanne Ins. Co.; Henriette Fleischmann, Hosta Labs
    There is a reservoir of unstructured data trapped in every organisation just waiting to be extracted and refined to provide valuable business insights. Successful prospectors are those who know what to look for buried deep in text-based content and media, acquiring the right tools to drill into previously inaccessible information, bring to the surface and refine into a powerful new data source.

    This event will look at the technology and services now available to insurers to do this, and will run through proven use cases around risk analysis, fraud detection and customer insights. We’ll get to see the technologies in action including the very latest techniques for analysing photos and images. Finally, look out for the Beverly Hillbillies who make a rare appearance in an insurance innovation event!

    Hosted by Robin Merttens, Partner at InsTech London, the event will include:

    Adrian Webb, Strategic Advisor, 360Globalnet
    David Taylor, Head of Fraud, Mulsanne Insurance Company
    Henriette Fleischmann, Co-founder, Hosta Labs

    <a href=" https://www.360globalnet.com/en"> Sponsored by 360Globalnet, the digital claims enabler</a>

    For CPD purposes, the Learning Objectives are:
    - Explore current and future trends around the use of data in insurance
    - Learn how new technology can make use of unstructured data to revolutionise the way insurance companies get better insights from a broader range of data sources
    - Hear about real-life applications of these new data services in insurance and the insights they can provide.
  • Insuring Hazardous Materials with Pen Underwriting Recorded: Nov 5 2020 41 mins
    Matthew Grant, Sarah Penny, Ian Summerfield
    In this discussion with Pen Underwriting, we explore the risks and data challenges involved in handling and insuring hazardous goods. As one of its key niche product areas, Pen shares real-time examples and case studies to learn from, including industry facts like the most environmentally destructive liquid in the UK.

    Matthew Grant, Partner at InsTech London is joined by Ian Summerfield, Commercial Director for Hazardous Goods and Environmental at Pen Underwriting and Sarah Penny, Claims Relationship Manager at Pen Underwriting.

    The topics covered are:
    - Review of hazardous goods and emerging risks
    - Standards and critical requirements for data sharing and gathering risk information
    - The impact of innovation and advancement on the claims process
    - How Pen uses its extensive industry experience to support clients in a changing risk landscape
  • Getting Closer to Your Customer: Innovating through Platforms and Marketplaces Recorded: Oct 29 2020 46 mins
    Matthew Grant, Instech London; Neil Betteridge, Guidewire; John Ridd, Eviid; Dan Joyce, SafetyCulture
    The best technology in the world is useless if no one uses it. A challenge for both insurers and those building technology and analytics – whether in the new world of Insurtech – or the established providers is how to make it easy for insurers to use the products. In this event, sponsored by Guidewire, we will be looking at an example of one marketplace that is enabling insurers to discover and easily adopt new innovations from solution providers of all sizes. We’ll be using real-life case studies with a focus on remote inspection and digital payments to demonstrate how companies are fitting into insurers' value chain.

    For CPD purposes, the Learning Objectives are:

    - Learn about the barriers to effective implementation of technology products for insurance companies
    - Explore how these challenges can be addressed through a refocus on the customer
    - Hear real-life success stories from the digital payment and remote inspection spaces
  • Parametric Insurance: Current Scenario and Post-Covid Outlook Recorded: Oct 22 2020 58 mins
    Yuri Poletto, Gianni Biason, Matthew Grant, Paul Prendergast, Yann Barbarroux, Matteo Barbini
    Born as a solution for property catastrophe reinsurance, the application areas of parametric insurance have rapidly expanded into different lines of business such as agriculture, weather-related risks, and travel.

    Parametric insurance is today widely considered one of the main trends that will define insurance in the next years, and today many insurers, reinsurers and insurtech startups have kicked-off or are going to kick-off projects in the parametric insurance area.

    In this webinar the following topics are discussed:

    - What has been done so far in parametric insurance: application areas, lesson learned, regulatory aspects
    - The main insurance pain points parametric insurance can address including protection gap and customer trust
    - How insurers and insurtechs are exploring parametric insurance to tackle two of the biggest game-changers phenomena in our era: Covid-19 and global warming
    - Presentation of new InsTech London research on Parametric Insurance
  • Resilience and the Role of the Life and Protection Industry Recorded: Oct 8 2020 47 mins
    Robin Merttens, InsTech London; Will Wood, Aviva; Trevor Davis, INSTANDA; Matthew Reed, Equipsme
    Changes in lifestyle, employment and home ownership initiated by Covid-19 are creating a challenging economic and employment environment and unprecedented levels of uncertainty that have required customers [and businesses] to take a fresh look at their life, health and protection needs. This is both a significant challenge and great opportunity for insurers. They need to make insurance more flexible and affordable because money is tight but there is greater need for healthcare and insurance - something has to give. In the session we’ll explore:

    - The role of the caring insurer – it is about more than price
    - A digital experience; anywhere and anytime access
    - How insurers can empower businesses to work more closely with their workforce (employed and contracted)
    - What can we learn from what’s happening in other countries?

    Panelists include:

    Host: Robin Merttens, Partner, InsTech London
    Will Wood, Head of UK Insights, Strategy and Propositions, Aviva
    Trevor Davis, Managing Director, Life & Health, INSTANDA
    Matthew Reed, Founder, Equipsme

    The event is supported by INSTANDA.

    For CPD purposes, the Learning Objectives are:

    - Learn about the most recent trends in Life&Health insurance
    - Understand how the industry can adapt to long-lasting effects brought by Covid-19
    - Explore the ways technology and innovation can empower insurers to build more flexible and customer-centric products and offerings
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  • Title: Changing World of Work: What This Means for Life Insurers and Their Customers
  • Live at: Jun 25 2020 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Robin Merttens, InsTech London; Keith Aylwin, EY; Maeña Twomey, Lloyds Banking Group; Mike Minett, PORTABL
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