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The New Normal? Country Branding at the time of Covid-19… and after

We are living through extraordinary times. With an unprecedented restriction on personal movement, all international travel has pretty much ground to a halt. The question is, is the new normal really going to become the new normal? How will an already increasingly flight conscious traveller behave in a post-pandemic world? And so to for publishers, production companies and content makers, the old norms dictated that international travel was always possible at the drop of a hat. Lockdowns have prompted the necessity to find alternative ways of telling stories, breaking our love affair with the recorded image and upturning usual production norms.
In a world that will surely be reshaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, what does this mean those at the heart of the travel & tourism marketing industry? What are the likely trends going to be and how do we react to them? BBC StoryWorks discusses the past, present and possible future of the travel industry, the shifting consumer mindset and ultimately what this might mean for travel brands.
Recorded May 19 2020 59 mins
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Presented by
Sam Martin, Samantha Adams, Alex Greenwood, Alessio Nesi
Presentation preview: The New Normal? Country Branding at the time of Covid-19… and after

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  • Towards recovery: unpacking Cape Town’s tourism bounce back plan Aug 3 2020 8:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Alderman James Vos, Enver Duminy
    Ensuring that Cape Town remains not only a highly desirable destination, but also a safe destination for all.
  • What’s Next for African Tourism? Jul 20 2020 1:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Chris Mears, Nrupesh Soni, Mwabashike Nkulukusa, Phakamile Hlazo, Bruce Rosard
    Leading African Tourism Executives dive into what we need to focus on right now, during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure we are ready for the rebound. This webinar discusses how important conservation, socially equitable and anti-poaching issues will be to travelers in the future. African tourism is far behind other parts of the world related to technology. Tech is not as hard or expensive as you may think, but it is crucial to building your business, get actionable tips leading to more efficiency and better connectivity between tour operators, lodges and global distribution partners. Hear how you also need to focus on your direct sales to get closer to your prospective clients and to avoid paying commissions. Building a website that is trusted and leads to conversion is more important than ever.
  • As Experiências em Viagens: O Novo Significado Jul 14 2020 6:00 pm UTC 105 mins
    Andre Sena, Bobby Betenson, Paulo Salvador
    Imagine que chegamos ao fim do ano 2021. Tudo volta à normalidade. A vacina foi inventada. Viajar volta a ser possível. Mas com o COVID-19 muitas coisas mudaram na mente e nas expectativas dos viajantes. O que terá mudado? Como essa mudança afetará a maneira como projetamos e gerimos experiências em viagens?
  • Industry Interview: with Chiara Quaia, Mastercard Jul 14 2020 10:15 am UTC 30 mins
    Chiara Quaia, VP, Market Development Travel, Mastercard | Lee Hayhurst, Editor, Travolution
    Lee Hayhurst, Editor of the leading travel technology publication Travolution, speaks to Chiara Quaia, VP, Market Development Travel at Mastercard, to gain her perspective on current events and discuss how cross industry collaboration and innovative B2B payment technology can support a robust industry recovery and ensure that everyone comes out stronger.

    · Covid-19 has shone a spotlight on friction across travel payment flows as legacy industry payment solutions did not protect the travel intermediaries or suppliers

    · Now is a time to consider which technologies are best placed to support a robust recovery for all

    · Virtual card technology address many of the friction points that existed pre covid but have been amplified with an urgent call to action during this crisis
  • Paying for travel: the customer impact during and post the Covid-19 experience Jul 14 2020 9:15 am UTC 45 mins
    Brian Quarrie | Mikko Turtiainen | Peter Brennan | Tomeu Fiol | Shiv Bhatt
    With so many airplanes still on the ground, a virtually non-existent short-term rental sector and empty hotel rooms everywhere, the twin challenges of depleting cash-flows and mass furloughing/ lay-off of staff is hurting our industry. How will the travel industry cope with the backlog of chargebacks whilst retaining customer goodwill post-Covid-19?

    In this panel, we get the perspective of the service provider: airline, hotel, and the travel agent. Their relationship with the Acquirer and hear how they are stepping up to deal with unprecedented challenges of this current crisis, while laying the ground for the new post-Covid-19 reality.

    Panel moderated by: Brian Quarrie, Global Head of Sales, PayTabs
    - Mikko Turtiainen, Vice President, Global Sales – Market Management, Finnair Plc
    - Peter Brennan, CEO, Holiday World
    - Tomeu Fiol, Global Hotel Technologies Director, Meliá Hotels International
    - Shiv Bhatt, Merchant and Acquirer Solutions, Visa
  • Keynote Opening Address Jul 14 2020 8:30 am UTC 30 mins
    Paul Charles, CEO & Founder, PC Agency
    Commencing the Travel Forward ONLINE Conference series by a welcome address from Paul Charles, CEO and Founder, The PC Agency.

    As the Chief Spokesperson for the Quash Quarantine movement, Paul will reflect on learnings from the campaign and a hard fought win for the travel industry – as UK Government continues to announce an easing of travel restrictions to short-haul destinations. He will also talk about the road to recovery for the sector, including what the ‘new normal’ will look like, which markets are likely to bounce back first and how the crisis will shape the future of travel.

    • Reflections on Quash Quarantine: Travel needs a stronger, united lobbying voice
    • Risk tolerance: Why the 18-30 market will be key to driving recovery in the short term
    • Luxury travel: Why the luxury market will take longer to recover than many think
    • Travel and trust: How travel companies can rebuild consumer confidence during recovery
    • Future outlook: What shape the recovery will take and how travel will be forever changed
  • Unpacking sustainable tourism recovery strategies Jul 13 2020 12:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Keith Jenkins, Melvin Boecher, Kash Bhattacharya, Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott
    In the past years, the impact of tourism on local communities, resources and the environment was a hot debate. Then the COVID-19 crisis struck and the global tourism sector ground to a halt, causing a loss of income and jobs for millions around the world. A recovery is sorely needed but can it happen in a "better", more sustainable way? In this session, a panel of experts will discuss (post-crisis) recovery mode strategies, balancing economic hardship with sustainability, and how travel influencers can assist.
  • Neurociência e Equidade de Gênero no Mercado de Trabalho Recorded: Jul 7 2020 52 mins
    Adriana Cavalcanti, Marília Albuquerque, Luciane Leite
    A discussão sobre a equidade de gênero tem ganhado espaço nos últimos anos. Empresas de todos os setores têm se comprometido cada vez mais com o tema e assumido compromissos na criação de uma sociedade mais diversa e inclusiva.

    Neste webinar Luciane Leite recebe Adriana Cavalcanti, Presidente do Advisory Board da WTM Latin America e Drª Marília Albuquerque, Doutora em Ciências da Saúde pela FCMSCSP em uma conversa instrutiva e informativa sobre o papel da neurociência na equidade de gênero e a importância do assunto para o crescimento e fortalecimento das relações humanas nos negócios.
  • Recovering Africa’s Tourism Sector Recorded: Jul 6 2020 74 mins
    Cuthbert Ncube, Doris Wörfel, Dr. Taleb Rifai, Simba Mandinyenya
    Tourism has become an important economic sector for most African countries in the last two decades. The World Bank reports that one in 20 jobs in sub-Saharan Africa is in the travel and tourism sector. The United World Tourism Organisation estimated that about 67 million international tourists visited Africa in 2018, generating about US$38 billion for the continent. The organisation also estimated an increase of 4.2% in international arrivals for the continent in 2019. And before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic a further increase of between 3% to 5% had been predicted for 2020. This webinar explore how the African Tourism Board and its Project HOPE Initiative is actively involved in the rescue and recovery of Africa’s tourism sector.
  • Bringing your brand to life with Video Content Recorded: Jul 2 2020 59 mins
    Mary Pratt & Gareth Davies
    This session will be packed full of ideas on how the travel industry can use video and image content better to promote their services much more effectively. In this exclusive webinar Mary Pratt of the Caviar Spoon Rebelle will interview TV Producer and MD of The Presenter Studio, a content production and presenter coaching business, Gareth Davies who has worked with top brands like Nike, ASOS, Vogue, Red Bull and a long list of TV stars. They’ll discuss how to capture the true essence of your brand in content that makes your business and experience stand out from the rest, helping you secure customers, discussing content for websites and social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.
    “I believe the travel industry are missing so many tricks in using video to promote themselves. So, if you want to hear some fresh, exciting and challenging ideas please come to this webinar.” Gareth Davies, The Presenter Studio.
  • What industry stakeholders can tell us about the future of Wellness Tourism Recorded: Jun 25 2020 57 mins
    Anne Dimon, Danny Kessler, László Puczko, Terry Stevens
    Panelists reveal high level projections from close to 200 industry leaders and academics on what the Wellness Tourism Industry might look like in 2030, what 2,000 plus surveyed consumers are saying about Wellness Travel post pandemic, and what governments and tourism officials need to know to best manage the "new normal.”
  • Key Affluent Post-Covid Travel & In-bound luxury travel into the Middle East Recorded: Jun 23 2020 58 mins
    Chris Wisson, Alison Gilmore
    Chris Wisson, Knowledge Director of Altiant will be presenting a three-part webinar about post-Covid affluent sentiment. The webinar will present exclusive primary data from Altiant's community of validated affluent/HNW Individuals, conducted within the past four months. It will also feature a Q&A session with ILTM's Portfolio Director, Alison Gilmore about luxury travel in 2020 and beyond.
    The webinar will firstly look at some key data points about how global affluent consumers expect their luxury spending to shift over the next few months, specifically relating to travel. Using data conducted for the Arabian Travel Market 2020, the webinar will then focus in on the Middle East as a luxury travel destination, before concluding with a Q&A session. We hope you can join us for this informative and actionable webinar.
  • Understanding and successfully reaching the LGBTQ+ traveller Recorded: Jun 22 2020 62 mins
    John Tanzella, Peter Jordan, Meg Ten Eyck
    LGBTQ+ travellers are set to be one of the first target markets to start travelling again once borders are open. This webinar will help you prepare your business to attract this dynamic segment by giving an overview on recent market developments and the strong relationship between LGBTQ+ tourism and equal rights, while also offering insights into the ways destinations and businesses can work together to gain credibility with LGBTQ+ travellers.
  • Destination Europe: Where do we go from here? Recorded: Jun 18 2020 61 mins
    Rajan Datar, Caroline Leboucher, Fruzsina Zakariás, Niall Gibbons
    Rajan Datar, presenter of the BBC’s The Travel Show, turns the spotlight on how European tourism is starting to open up across the continent and how that recovery will look. We examine the challenges being faced and how the industry is rising to them. Is this perhaps, a time for tourism to re-set and look to what future tourism will be. These questions and more, Rajan will be putting to our invited panellists from France, Ireland and Hungary.
  • Flipping the Narrative: Composing Tomorrow's Destination Strategy Recorded: Jun 16 2020 61 mins
    Jason Hunter, Alban Eral, Ian Rolle
    If there is one word that describes travel, it is freedom. This story changed with the global quarantine. Control and constraint has defined our lives for the past three months. How can we move from being put into a corner to turning a new corner in strategic insight in travel?
    In this panel discussion we will reflect on how we have used Blue Ocean Strategy to create innovative travel & tourism offerings and explore how to apply these proven and practical frameworks and methodologies to create the next generation of travel.
  • Tourism’s Ground Zero: How Tour Operators now Need to Adapt to Change Quickly Recorded: Jun 11 2020 61 mins
    Mark Frary, Rachel O’Reilly, Bruce Poon Tip
    The Covid-19 crisis has turned the travel and tourism industry into the world's biggest start-up as companies in the sector have to restart from a baseline of zero. How will tour operators cope with this unwanted reboot and will it be those that have engaged openly with their customers during the crisis that will emerge as survivors?
  • Technology Opportunities for Travel and Tourism in a Post-Viral World Recorded: Jun 10 2020 61 mins
    Paul Richer, Joel Brandon-Bravo, Jean-Noel Lau Keng Lun and Robert Gray
    One thing is for sure, no one is thinking that the world will return to how it was pre- the Coronavirus pandemic. There will be a ‘new-normal’. We don’t yet know what form this will take but with ongoing social distancing and many people having lost their jobs, travel and tourism will suffer at least as much as any other industry. There will be a significant reduction in the number of people who are prepared to or can afford to travel. Thus, it will be vital for travel and tourism players to harness latest developments in technology to both operate at maximum efficiency and attract those customers that are willing and able to travel. Next generation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Voice Search and the Internet of Things will all have a role to play.

    In this webinar, you will hear from three leading-edge speakers who will give you their expert insights into their particular areas of expertise and how to harness technology opportunities in a post-viral world. Joel Brandon-Bravo, Vice President of Travel and Digital Solutions, TransPerfect, will be discussing the use of AI-driven, machine learning chat bots and translation platforms to cost-effectively manage customer service queries and attract more customers from across the globe. Jean Noel Lau Keng Lun, Vice President Product Management, Accor will talk about how digital and physical technologies can be (and is being) applied or re-purposed towards safe guest-welcome in Accor’s hotels. Robert Gray, Chief Technology Officer, Topflight Travel Group, will discuss using the latest software development techniques, artificial intelligence and pervasive connectivity to maximise efficiency in tour operations, including internal operations such as call centre efficiency, CRM and connectivity to external suppliers.
  • Resiliência e oportunidades em tempos de crise – auxílio à cadeia e capacitação Recorded: Jun 9 2020 57 mins
    Gabriela Otto
    Gabriela Otto dá dicas de como manter a resiliência e conseguir enxergar as oportunidades em tempos de crise.
  • Why now is the best time for social media marketing for tourism and how to do it Recorded: Jun 8 2020 82 mins
    Lizanne du Plessis and Peter Fabricius
    During these challenging months of COVID-19, tourism is experiencing a decrease in bookings. However, your audiences are spending at least 29% more time on social media, giving you the ideal opportunity to BUILD YOUR BRAND online – and be ready to reap direct bookings when the tide has turned.

    In this webinar, Springnest and Eco Africa Digital collaborates to help the tourism industry navigate as smoothly as possible through the following few months.

    Our teams of digital marketing specialists come together for a 45-minute discussion on the most important aspects of the Digital Marketing Funnel and how to run successful social media campaigns that will convert into direct bookings via your own website when travel opens up again.
  • What are you doing to energize your operational performance? Recorded: Jun 3 2020 51 mins
    Paul Trewin, Louise Blake
    In this webinar, Cirium will break down the power of analytics when you're in need of building up performance. Insights from data visualizations can be a powerful motivator for teams and individuals.

    Travel providers of all sizes need flexibility in their planning and operations right now. The discussion will share best practices for pulling actionable insights from current and historic performance data so you can plan ahead and be prepared for optimal results as markets open up.

    You can you expect a lively, engaging discussion about the influential power of analytics and the discussion of new ideas for incorporating analytics into your team performance.
Virtual Events
WTM Portfolio has launched a series of interactive webinars focusing on the current issues the global travel industry is facing. Together we want to help your business and show how the travel industry will thrive again.

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  • Title: The New Normal? Country Branding at the time of Covid-19… and after
  • Live at: May 19 2020 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Sam Martin, Samantha Adams, Alex Greenwood, Alessio Nesi
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