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Improving the DevOps Process in a Hospitality Point of Sale Application

Terry Brennan, Orasi DevOps Managing Director, discusses the challenges faced by a restaurant software provider and how Orasi was able to help them implement DevOps to make their processes better, easier, faster and more dynamic.
Recorded Mar 13 2020 6 mins
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Presented by
Terry Brennan: Managing Director Orasi
Presentation preview: Improving the DevOps Process in a Hospitality Point of Sale Application

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  • Orchestrating DevOps: Integrating Development Management Nov 17 2020 5:00 pm UTC 17 mins
    Joe Schulz: VP Emerging, Technology Orasi
    In a successful DevOps process, organizations must first listen to their customers, then determine how best to integrate customer requests into development to deliver against expectations. This means prioritizing workload, defining releases, recording work against requests, and most importantly reporting progress to customers. In just one hour, you will learn how to integrate development management into the DevOps process!

    This webinar introduces the second stage of a Continuous DevOps Flow Integration process that incorporates every step from customer to code. In this session, we:
    • Briefly review the process and first stage
    • Explore how to integrate development planning and code into the process
    • Demonstrate the JIRA to Azure DevOps integration

    In this session, you will learn how to:
    • Automate development integration for sprint planning
    • Increase agility with real-time communication
    • Avoid missed deadlines and wasted time
    • Provide customer-facing organizations direct access to development priorities and progress
  • Make Your Online Training Interactive and Engaging Using OrasiLabs Nov 11 2020 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Joe Schulz: VP, Emerging Technology Orasi
    In his previous webinars, Joe Schulz, VP Emerging Technology at Orasi Software and Training Evangelist, described his “7 Essentials” for turning boring, presentation-based online training into interactive, hands-on training that drives student retention.

    In this webinar, Joe will expand on that topic and discuss the technology needed to make this happen. Using real-world examples, he’ll demonstrate how to quickly setup and deliver an online class with OrasiLabs, one of the industry leading platforms for training lab environments. He’ll also talk about how OrasiLabs can be used standalone or in conjunction with a Learning Management System (LMS).

    Primary Takeaways
    • 7 Essentials to make online training interactive and engaging
    • Technology platforms needed for each stage of the class lifecycle
    • OrasiLabs functionality overview and demonstration
  • DataOps Best Practices for Hybrid Cloud App Dev Recorded: Oct 21 2020 44 mins
    Alberto Sigismondi: Principal Product Manager Delphix, Doug Smith: Director, Cloud & Technology Alliances Delphix
    Cloud services play an increasingly critical role in helping companies accelerate innovation.

    Application teams can optimize around automated and repeatable software delivery processes, re-architecting IT procedures for a highly flexible infrastructure, and establishing the foundation for future cloud migration and adoption.

    But what happens when your code is agile, but your data is not? Feeding and refreshing test data for cloud-based test environments from an on-prem production instance is harder than you think.

    This webinar from Orasi partner, Delphix, outlines real-world challenges and best practices to achieve data agility when application development is in the cloud and production remains on-premises. The partnership of Delphix, industry leader in DataOps, and Orasi, DevSecOps innovator, enables mutual customers to transform their businesses for today’s digital, data-centric world.
  • Orchestrating DevOps Integrating Customer Request Management Recorded: Oct 15 2020 26 mins
    Joe Schulz: VP Emerging, Technology Orasi
    The voice of the customer rules all, but in DevOps, the challenge is finding the balance between time spent communicating with customers and time spent creating value. Give us one hour of your time and we can help you find that balance!

    This webinar will introduce you to the first stage of a Continuous DevOps Flow Integration process that incorporates every step from customer to code. In this first session, we:
    • Introduce you to the process and explore how to integrate customer requests into the development planning process
    • Demonstrate the ServiceNow to JIRA integration

    In this session, you will learn how to:
    • Automate incorporating customer feedback directly into development planning
    • Provide customer-facing organizations direct access into development priorities and progress
    • Avoid expensive (and boring) status meetings and telephone calls
    • Keep your customers updated about how you’re providing value to them
  • [Panel] What Does DevOps Mean to the Business in 2020? Recorded: Oct 7 2020 58 mins
    Panel of experts
    The role of the IT department has changed in recent years and is more aligned with the business than ever. In 2020, as DevOps matures, what does this mean for the role of DevOps and Agile in delivering business outcomes?

    Join this panel as DevOps experts explore what opportunities - and challenges - DevOps and Agile can create for the business. Points of discussion will include:

    - Are businesses investing enough in DevOps and IT teams to enable them to remain competitive in a landscape of accelerated Digital Transformation?
    - How can businesses ensure that they reap the rewards of investments they do make?
    - If businesses do it right, what benefits can they expect?
  • Shifting Left with Open Source Governance Recorded: Sep 23 2020 57 mins
    Rick Dunnam: Client Partner Saltworks Security, Maury Cupitt: VP of Solutions Architecture Sonatype
    Open Source components are the new normal in software development teams, as today’s modern enterprise applications are 85% Open Source.

    Though they have the potential to accelerate innovation, Open Source components can also cause a host of issues when used in a development lifecycle without proper sourcing and management.

    With 1 in 10 open source components containing a known vulnerability, using them improperly can lead to detrimental vulnerabilities, risks, rework, and waste in the long run.

    Sonatype exists to unite software developers, security professionals, and IT operations. Alongside partners Orasi and Saltworks, they empower teams to continuously and remediate open source risk, without slowing down production.

    Learn how this partnership between Orasi, Saltworks, (Orasi’s joint-venture dedicated to building world-class Application Security programs), and Sonatype can help you and your enterprise, in an upcoming webinar.

    Join us to hear how Orasi, Saltworks, and Sonatype’s powerful services and solutions can:
    - Shift development culture to the left by securing the building blocks of your applications at their foundations
    - Monitor which components are being used by development teams in
    the earliest stages of development, preventing the usage of insecure
    components that might cause backtracking and slowdown in
    production, later down the road
    - Create a Software Bill of Materials for your teams, showing which
    exact open source components are inside your applications and
    providing documentation that can be used for compliance and
  • DevSecOps in a Dangerous World Recorded: Sep 10 2020 58 mins
    Dennis Hurst: Founder & CEO, Saltworks and Maury Cupitt: Director, Pre-Sales – Americas, Sonatype
    As nimble organizations deliver new innovations; bad actors are upping their games. Leveraging their ability to exploit – and even plant – security vulnerabilities in the software supply chain, they have expanded scale through automation and breach success through precision targeting.

    To avoid becoming a statistic, your firm must fight back by doing the same — automating security directly into the DevOps pipeline.We’ll discuss how security principles have been automated into a CI/CD pipeline and the standards for implementation that resulted.

    In this webinar you’ll learn:
    • Real-world examples of how companies large and small are implementing DevSecOps practices in their delivery pipelines while increasing developer awareness of risks
    • Key insights from the 2019 DevSecOps community report — including the top investments for automated security
    • Why DevSecOps is more than a buzzword, and why it’s vital to protecting your software supply chain
    • How automating policy security makes it harder to ignore.
  • Data Integrity Testing—Ensuring end-to-end data and decision integrity Recorded: Aug 27 2020 60 mins
    Curtis O’Dell: DI Solutions Manager Tricentis, Jonathan Morar: Senior Solutions Architect Tricentis
    Businesses trust their Data Integrity tools to drive strategy and process optimization decisions, but the power of those tools depends on a complex infrastructure accurately collecting and transforming critical data sources. The slightest data integrity error can have catastrophic impacts that ripple throughout the organization. Inaccurate data quality not only leads to sub-optimal decisions; it also opens the door to regulatory risks.

    Data integrity issues cost organizations $15M annually, on average (Gartner) and $3.1T overall is wasted finding and fixing data issues each year (HBR). Stop these data issues in their tracks—with an automated, integrated process that covers your complete data landscape.

    Join this session with data testing experts, Curtis O’Dell and Jonathan Morar, from Tricentis, an Orasi partner, to learn how you can use leverage data integrity testing to:
    • Ensure end-to-end data and decision integrity
    • Expose data integrity issues as they’re introduced
    • Save time and money by rapidly pinpointing root causes
  • SaltMiner: Mission Control for your Application Security Program Recorded: Aug 18 2020 34 mins
    Dennis Hurst, Founder and President of Saltworks Security
    While tools such as SAST, DAST, OSS, and Pen Testing are vital to a company’s application security program, using them as disparate solutions amongst teams can lead to a lack of communication and visibility. In addition, siloed security testing tools don’t offer the necessary data insight into enterprise-wide threats or provide high-level trend and executive dashboard capabilities.

    Saltworks’ new dashboarding tool, SaltMiner, was created to solve these issues. It allows enterprises to aggregate, analyze, and report on results from scans conducted using different technologies, and to do it at scale.

    Tune in to this upcoming webinar, hosted by Orasi’s joint-venture, Saltworks Security, to learn more about SaltMiner. Hear how the Saltworks team saw the industry’s need for an enterprise-wide AppSec dashboard in their day-to-day work with high-profile organizations and designed the tool with their customers’ needs in mind. In addition, see how SaltMiner empowers enterprises to see a true enterprise-wide picture of AppSec risks and needs through:
    - Drill-down and customizable reporting filterable by business unit/owner, vulnerability type, criticality level, IP range, vulnerability trends, and more
    - Compliance-proving results, with exportable application security results and data for GRC, SOCs, other dashboards, etc.
    - Focused vulnerability reports for testers that maximize their efforts
  • How AI is Revolutionizing Functional Testing Recorded: Aug 11 2020 46 mins
    Timothy Leach: Senior Solutions Architect Orasi, Mason Henry: Solution Architect Micro Focus
    Many believe test automation improves the speed and reliability of any continuous delivery pipeline and yet, fewer than 19% of organizations fully automate their testing.

    What is the solution? Micro Focus, leading global enterprise software company, and Orasi, DevSecOps innovator, will explore the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in increasing automation coverage in our upcoming free roundtable.

    Join Orasi's Tim Leach, Senior Solutions Architect, and Micro Focus' Mason Henry, Solution Architect, as they explore the following hot topics:

    • Keeping up with the speed of application changes across multiple devices and platforms.
    • Reducing the cost of building and maintaining automation assets.
    • How Micro Focus is using Artificial Intelligence to deliver revolutionary advances in functional testing.
  • The State of DevOps and Security Recorded: Aug 5 2020 10 mins
    Terry Brennan: Managing Director Orasi
    Terry Brennan, Orasi Managing Director, joined Chuck Harold of Security Guy Radio to discuss security from the DevOps perspective, the challenges faced by organizations beginning their DevSecOps journey, the DevSecOps transformation and the impact of shifting left.
  • Controlling Cloud Cost – It’s Cheaper right? Recorded: Jul 30 2020 62 mins
    Terry Brennan: Managing Director Orasi, Ravi Lachhman: Harness Technical Evangelist
    Many companies are trying to make or have made the shift to the cloud. It sounds so promising and simple. They are shifting existing footprints to a cloud provider or even multiple providers. No more waiting on servers to arrive that must be racked and stacked. No more ever increasing capital investment in infrastructure that seems to be obsolete the next month.

    However, as organizations are transitioning, they are realizing their cloud cost is going through the roof and they do not have the discipline or visibility in place to control and manage the cost effectively.

    Join us to explore ways to:
    • Start your cloud journey with a solid foundation
    • Create the ongoing discipline to manage cloud cost effectively
    • Technical tricks for lowering cost
    • Softer side tricks for maturing cloud cost capabilities
    • Leverage Continuous Efficiency from Harness to connect DevOps to Cloud Cost
  • Comprehending the Container Eco-System Recorded: Jul 16 2020 45 mins
    Cameron Curry: Senior Principal Orasi, Terry Brennan: Managing Director Orasi
    Are you considering leveraging containers, but you’re overwhelmed by all the complexity and components that are involved? Orasi can help you make sense of the chaos and understand how to leverage containers effectively.

    We break down the container eco-system into its key elements and help you understand them, then review the tools that support them.

    In this webinar, we discuss:
    • The need for containers
    • How containers help
    • What the container eco-system looks like
    • Key areas of containers
    - Runtime
    - Management
    - Structure
    - Operation
    • How to move forward with containers
  • The Human Side of DevOps: People, Culture and Teamwork Recorded: Jun 22 2020 61 mins
    Helen Beal - DevOps Institute | Matt Saunders - Adaptavist | Terry Brennan - Orasi | Jayne Groll - DevOps Institute
    'Taking care of the technology side of the continuous delivery equation is nothing compared to getting the people part of it right', says Computer Weekly.

    Join us for episode 4 of Day-to-Day DevOps, where Helen Beal and guests take a closer look at the 'people part', and explore what it really means to be a human in DevOps.

    From discussing best practices for establishing a truly collaborative, empathetic and successful environment, to sharing tips to overcome the inevitable friction and conflict that will arise, this month's episode will look at:

    - How to ensure the business understands the need for a supportive and united culture
    - How to avoid burnout and why work-life balance in the DevOps team matters to business success
    - Real-world examples of companies and teams that have 'done DevOps right'

    Helen Beal - Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute

    Matt Saunders - Head of DevOps, Adapatvist
    Jayne Groll - CEO, DevOps Institute
    Terry Brennan - Managing Director, Orasi Software
  • Continuous Testing: Keeping QA Relevant in the DevOps Journey Recorded: Jun 18 2020 46 mins
    Richard White: Managing Director Orasi, Terry Brennan: Managing Director Orasi
    DevOps holds the promise of accelerated release cycles, collaborative change, and quality at speed. Yet when processes are reinvented, and new techniques like automation are attempted, quality assurance can be left behind. One proven method for putting quality back into the front seat is Continuous Testing.

    If the answer to any of the questions below is YES, you need this webinar!
    • Is the complexity of your testing efforts overwhelming your software teams?
    • Are you still relying on any manual testing?
    • Are processes and people struggling to “speed up” infrequent release cycles?
    • Is QA becoming a constraint to new DevOps processes and faster releases?
    • Is your QA organization “stuck right” rather than “shifting left”?

    In this information-packed webinar, we explore:
    1. The vital role of continuous testing in reinforcing the value of QA and testing in the DevOps world.
    2. How continuous testing will facilitate unified collaboration among stakeholders in your DevOps organization.
    3. The importance of continuous testing in achieving synergy between development and testing.
  • Mission Possible: Achieving Continuous Delivery ROI in 30 days! Recorded: May 7 2020 50 mins
    Richard White: Managing Director Orasi, Ravi Lachhman: Harness Technical Evangelist
    While many areas of the DevOps landscape have matured over the past decade, such as CI, IAC and Testing, the approach to CD has been predominantly addressed in a tactical patchwork method by extending surrounding CI tools to drive CD workflow. Today, there is a better solution.

    Orasi is an industry leader in helping companies build DevOps strategies and deliver the resulting solutions that maximize ROI. Please join Orasi and Harness to discuss the following:

    - How Continuous Delivery-As-A-Service fits your DevOps pipeline
    - Transforming expectations for delivering CD from months to weeks
    - Making complex deployments simple
    - How clients are realizing improvements in speed and frequency in CD and achieving ROI
  • What is OrasiLabs? Recorded: Apr 28 2020 8 mins
    Joe Schulz: VP, Emerging Technology Orasi
    OrasiLabs is a new concept in software training. For most people, the hardest part of delivering a software training class is building and deploying the student machines for hands-on practice. Buying and configuring each student’s sandbox is expensive and time consuming. With OrasiLabs, you bypass all that hassle by creating inexpensive, hands-on training environments in the cloud. OrasiLabs then quickly spins up personalized copies for each student, which they access through a standard web browser.

    In this 7-minute video, we explain how OrasiLabs works and how you can apply it to your specific training needs. Get an inside look at OrasiLabs and understand how you can benefit from its unique technology today!
  • OrasiLabs Demonstration Recorded: Apr 28 2020 15 mins
    Joe Schulz: VP, Emerging Technology Orasi
    OrasiLabs is a new concept in software training. For most people, the hardest part of delivering a software training class is building and deploying the student machines for hands-on practice. Buying and configuring each student’s sandbox is expensive and time consuming. With OrasiLabs, you bypass all that hassle by creating inexpensive, hands-on training environments in the cloud. OrasiLabs then quickly spins up personalized copies for each student, which they access through a standard web browser.

    In this 14-minute video, we explain how OrasiLabs works and how you can apply it to your specific training needs through a guided tour of the user interface. We’ll show you both how to deliver an online class through our instructor portal and how the students interact with the classroom through our student portal. Get an inside look at OrasiLabs and understand how you can benefit from its unique technology today!
  • Deep Dive into Micro Focus ADM Enterprise DevOps Tools Recorded: Apr 27 2020 28 mins
    Timothy Leach: Senior Solutions Architect
    Need to keep up with the excessive demands of developing and testing application software? This product demonstration walks you through the integration from code to final deployment of an application.

    In this session, you’ll examine DevOps in action through:
    • DevOps pipeline layout and products used
    • Tool integrations and their data flows
    • Demonstration of the Micro Focus products integrating with JIRA and Jenkins

    Transform the way you plan, build, test, release and operate applications. Micro Focus ADM Enterprise DevOps tools work in conjunction with CI/CD products to allow you to deploy and monitor code; plan and govern; and develop and test.
  • Orchestrating DevOps: Integrating DevOps Metrics Analysis Recorded: Apr 14 2020 29 mins
    Joe Schulz: VP, Emerging Technology Orasi
    Application development is rarely a “one-and-done” endeavor; rather, applications are constantly evolving. Metrics enable organizations to determine areas for improvement, as well as areas of opportunity within their process. Yet tracking metrics and utilizing them to make informed decisions can be challenging. Give us one hour of your time and we’ll show you how to take full advantage of DevOps metrics!

    This webinar introduces the final stage of our Continuous DevOps Flow Integration process. In this final session, we:
    • Briefly review the process and first three stages
    • Discuss how to capture and utilize full-lifecycle DevOps metrics
    • Demonstrate DevOps dashboards using ConnectALL and Tableau

    In this session, you will learn how to:
    • Provide “automatic metrics” through toolchain automation and integration
    • Save time and money by capturing metrics as a byproduct of automation
    • Increase time to market with insight into bottlenecks and wait states
    • Provide higher value/quality deliverables with real-time communication and measurement throughout the organization
    • Improve deliverable value by engaging customers throughout the process
Ensuring Confidence in Your DevOps Journey
Orasi is a DevSecOps innovator enabling the acceleration, security and adoption of software applications through automation. Working with world-class partners, Orasi provides solutions and services that offer full lifecycle support and integration to ensure confident delivery of transformative applications

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  • Title: Improving the DevOps Process in a Hospitality Point of Sale Application
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