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Generate Alpha & Do Good

E in ESG is well understood among investors, but what is the construct of an environmental strategy, and how to measure impact to the environment from those investment decisions? Can we finally dispel the myth that investing for the environment comes at the expense of diminished or uncompetitive returns? In this session, we will scrutinize the world largest environmental investment fund* and dissect the interplay between scientific model and stock selection in finding solutions to today’s environmental challenges, and positive returns for investors.

*Source: Morningstar, Sector Equity Ecology, Offshore Fund category as of May 2020.
Recorded Jul 14 2020 60 mins
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Presented by
Phineas Glover (Credit Suisse), Dr. Stephen Freedman (Pictet Asset Management), Sebastian Enberg (APB)
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  • Where should investors be focusing in 2021? Oct 15 2020 7:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Jay Lee, Michael Wu, Phillip Zhong, Wing Chan (Morningstar Investment Management Asia Limited); Sebastian Enberg (APB)
    The past 12 months have tested the mettle of every professional investor and advisor around the globe. February’s unexpected market sell-off was followed by an even greater unexpected rebound in the months following. The dislocation between market indices and economic indicators remains a massive challenge for investors anticipating market adjustments and downside risk, whilst ensuring that growth opportunities are not missed.
    Research on COVID-19 vaccines meanwhile continues at breakneck speed, with hope to bring one to market soon so the global crisis can be eased and battered economies have a chance to recover.

    2020 was certainly not for the fainthearted, and 2021 doesn’t look to be any easier, so we invite you to join Asian Private Banker and Morningstar for an hour long live discussion with experts debating key themes that should be on top of investors’ agendas for 2021 including:

    - Overview of Covid-19 vaccines development and other treatments – the key to recovery
    - What is the outlook of real estate based on behavioural and structural changes caused by work from home arrangements and growth in online retail demand?
    - Asia Banks: Focusing on Long-Term Fundamentals
    - Is China onshore fixed income the panacea in a world of zero rates and flat yield curves?
    - How to pick the best onshore equity managers in Chinese A-shares?

    - Jay Lee, Equity Analyst Morningstar Investment Management Asia Limited
    - Michael Wu, Senior Equity Analyst, Morningstar Investment Management Asia Limited
    - Phillip Zhong, Senior Equity Analyst, Morningstar Investment Management Asia Limited
    - Wing Chan, Director of Manager Research Practice, EMEA & Asia, Morningstar Investment Management Asia Limited
  • CEO Straight Talk & Asia equities: the post-pandemic outlook Recorded: Sep 16 2020 82 mins
    Terence Chow (RBC), Sebastian Enberg (APB), Arjan de Boer (Indosuez WM), Marc Bindschädler (Vontobel AM), Charlene Cong (APB)
    CEO STRAIGHT TALK: Asian Private Banker‘s editor, Sebastian Enberg sits down with RBC Wealth Management’s Asia Head and a rising star in the region’s private banking industry, Terence Chow for a live discussion on the complex and evolving needs of Asia’s global families, how the bank is equipped to meet their requirements, and Chow’s vision for business he oversees.

    ASIA EQUITIES: THE POST-PANDEMIC OUTLOOK: While uneven, the global recovery from a once-in-a-lifetime public health crisis is underway with China leading the way. What does the recovery look like from an Asia equities perspective? What does China's handle on the situation mean in terms of investment themes and opportunities? Beyond China, where are the bright spots for Asia equities and how best can investors capture these opportunities? What has COVID-19 revealed about the relationship between ESG, profitability and the performance of Asia equities? And will the pandemic's aftermath fundamentally change the way we approach business and investing?
  • The future of client engagement Recorded: Sep 10 2020 59 mins
    Evy Theunis (DBS Bank), Kevin Herbert (HSBC PB), Ronan Leonard (Refinitiv), Sebastian Enberg (Asian Private Banker)
    Within the private wealth management sector, the inability for physical client engagement over the past six months has led private banks to focus their efforts on their digital and analytics infrastructure to enable them to serve their clients effectively. Beyond virtual meetings, the overarching challenge is how to understand and communicate – both internally and externally – changes to how banks now have to conduct business, and how new systems, analytics and data mechanisms can have as positive impact on performance. As private banks in Asia continue to grapple with the impact of forced change in how they operate – from being unable to travel to see clients, to reviewing portfolios remotely – how are they maximising all the relevant tools available to them, and galvanizing their front line staff in preparedness for a ‘new normal’ in client engagement.

    In this talk, Asian Private Banker will bring you insights into how banks have adapted to the changes forced upon them over the past six months, where opportunities have arisen from adopting a more client-centric approach, and where technology has made the difference and become front and centre of banks’ business strategy.
  • Tomorrow starts today. Sustainable investing post Covid-19 Recorded: Jul 15 2020 61 mins
    Jenn-Hui Tan (Fidelity), Mario Knoepfel (UBS), Ned Salter (Fidelity), Charlene Cong (APB)
    Tomorrow starts today.

    The world has changed. The fundamental shifts taking place in the global financial system have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand for goods & services has changed, expectations of corporate behaviour has changed, and the concept of shareholder primacy is reducing to make more room for other important stakeholders. At Fidelity, we support these changes and firmly believe that post COVID-19 Sustainable Investing will enter the mainstream.

    Product is part of the answer to the challenges faced above, but more critically, investment research must pivot and adapt. Depth of knowledge about company operations, governance, and impact matter as much in the capital allocation process as revenue, margins and cash flows. Investing successfully through cycles requires a new analytical toolkit.

    Hear from Jenn-Hui Tan, Global Head of Stewardship and Sustainable Investing and Ned Salter, Head of Equities - Global Research and Asia ex Japan Investment who will explore this new world, what the priorities are in a post-COVID environment and how you can take advantage of these changes.
  • Generate Alpha & Do Good Recorded: Jul 14 2020 60 mins
    Phineas Glover (Credit Suisse), Dr. Stephen Freedman (Pictet Asset Management), Sebastian Enberg (APB)
    E in ESG is well understood among investors, but what is the construct of an environmental strategy, and how to measure impact to the environment from those investment decisions? Can we finally dispel the myth that investing for the environment comes at the expense of diminished or uncompetitive returns? In this session, we will scrutinize the world largest environmental investment fund* and dissect the interplay between scientific model and stock selection in finding solutions to today’s environmental challenges, and positive returns for investors.

    *Source: Morningstar, Sector Equity Ecology, Offshore Fund category as of May 2020.
  • The rise of the next generation, their needs, aspirations and sustainable plans Recorded: Jul 13 2020 55 mins
    Derrick Tan (Bank of Singapore), Fong Seng Tee (Pictet), Tony Archer (American Century Investments), Sebastian Enberg (APB)
    As the oft reported transfer of US$15 trillion worth of wealth gathers pace in Asia, family offices, more than ever, are paying particular heed to what they require from their relationships with private banks. What are their philanthropic endeavors? How do they cope with the increasing complexities of wealth management and how do they address the issue of family legacy?

    Added to this, the topic of ESG adds pressure to an increasingly environmentally aware generation about to take the helm of the family business. Indeed, this pressure is felt across the entire private wealth management industry. More pressure to provide relevant products, more pressure on the marketing and communication of ESG progress, and more pressure on accountability. But how far is ESG truly understood across a company structure? Are these pressures translating into changes within the industry that embrace the principles of ESG or are we still playing catch-up? In this session, we’ll take a look at some of the misconceptions surrounding ESG adoption and investments simultaneously exploring consequent implicit changes, and changes still to come in respect of product-led, client-led, or company led-ESG excellence.
  • East meets West Global Family Office Discussion Recorded: Jun 23 2020 53 mins
    Bryan Goh (Tsao Family Office), Jessica Cutrera (The Capital Company), Lincoln Ellis (Northern Trust), Sebastian Enberg (APB)
    We continue to live in a COVID world, where the future is anything but certain, different countries are at different stages of lockdown/opening up, and the true economic impact of massive government stimulus measures around the globe have still yet to be felt. For Global Family Office clients, how has the situation forced them to think differently when it comes to their investment strategy, and what are the trends which reflect attitudes amongst Asia-Pacific clients versus clients in North America when it comes to investment rationale? How ‘global’ are these clients when it comes to their investment decision and what are the marked differences with respect to culture, politics, and domestic economic policy in their geographic locations?

    In this talk we’ll bring together experts to explore the differences in what GFO’s are seeing from their global wealth clients on opposite sides of the world, looking at commonalities and trends in investment behaviour over the past 6 months, exploring the broader issues that are impacting global wealth clients’ portfolios and investment choices, and dissecting whether there is such a thing as a global solution for a global client.
  • APB Leaders Week Webinar Series: The Art of Execution Recorded: May 15 2020 108 mins
    Anthony Wong, Benjamin Cavalli, Charis Wong, Donald Rice, Vincent Chui, Charlene Cong, Sebastian Enberg
    Many private banks offer the same or similar services and solutions. What separates the best from the rest is the ability to deliver relevant solutions and services to clients with efficiency, agility, and innovation. In this talk, we look at how banks are enhancing their ability to execute, and discuss operational and structural changes, including the deployment of technologies and the introduction of new teams and processes, to better harness the full capabilities of the bank and improve end-client delivery and business productivity.

    Getting your China Investment Strategy Right (Brought to you by Allianz Global Investors):
    Whilst there remains a lack of direction in which way the Chinese economy may go after the latest set of GDP data – dependent on local government stimulus efforts, or a return to global demand for exports – it remains a market where staying invested intelligently will benefit smart investors in the long-term. This session takes a look at some of the key sectors in China’s economy that our experts view as the brightest opportunities for investors, the optimum way to structure an appropriate risk-return China strategy and the product solutions available, and debate on how to get your China strategy nailed down in these volatile times to position for the recovery in consumption and industrial profit.
  • APB Leaders Week Webinar Series: The Evolving Client Recorded: May 14 2020 121 mins
    Gene Tannuzzo, François Monnet, Jansen Phee, Michael Blake, Charlene Cong, Sebastian Enberg
    Research suggests that the private banking client of today and tomorrow expects greater personalisation in their advice and servicing, and in line with their goals. They expect to engage with their provider via traditional and digital channels, expect access to investments and asset classes that were previously only available to the most sophisticated investors. In this talk, we discuss how private banks are adapting to the ‘evolving’ client, how they are engaging the next-generation, and discuss how banks can defend their business from non-traditional competitors.

    Chasing yield with low quality - have traditional FMPs served investors well? (Brought to you by Columbia Threadneedle Investments)
    FMPs have become highly pervasive over the last 2-3 years. However, thanks to persistently declining interest rates, investors have been forced to go further down the quality spectrum to be able to achieve yield objectives. Especially with the virus driven recessionary context and its likely impact on credit markets and anticipated defaults. In this session, we’ll discuss how FMPs need to be designed with a fresh perspective, and how to enhance FMPs by leveraging proprietary Credit Research that focuses on quality and liquidity, coupled with a big data approach that ultimately constructs optimized portfolios that increase and narrow the variability of invested yields, whilst maintaining a high quality and risk mitigated portfolio.
  • APB Leaders Week Webinar Series: Sustainability Now? Recorded: May 13 2020 114 mins
    Arnaud Tellier, Eoin Walsh, Grizelda Lee, Tan Siew Meng, Charlene Cong, Sebastian Enberg
    The sustainable investing conversation is gathering steam in Asian private banking, and end-client interest is also on the increase. In this talk, we discuss how banks view the sustainability opportunity, how they are responding, and how the rise of sustainable investing will shape the development of the wealth management industry in Asia.

    The Future of Fixed Income (Brought to you by Vontobel): The coronavirus pandemic has brought about perhaps the greatest – and fastest – repricing of risk fixed income investors have ever witnessed. Investors could face another decade of income scarcity. For investors, this means cash will not be a viable asset class going forward and income will once again be a scarce commodity. The good news is, there is now plenty more income to be captured in the bond markets. Join our speakers in this enlightening discussion that dissects the opportunities that lie ahead for fixed income investors, key market and economic indicators that will impact a fixed income strategy, and a closer look at a particular fund strategy and performance – the Vontobel TwentyFour Strategic Income Fund.
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  • Title: Generate Alpha & Do Good
  • Live at: Jul 14 2020 7:00 am
  • Presented by: Phineas Glover (Credit Suisse), Dr. Stephen Freedman (Pictet Asset Management), Sebastian Enberg (APB)
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