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Ready to take back control of office 365?

With the widespread adoption of Office 365 and an increasingly mobile workforce, cloud security has become top of mind for most organisations. Traditional security solutions, like enabling MFA, are focused point-in-time assessments and offer limited efficacy since attackers can still hijack authenticated sessions to gain access. It’s time fora more modern approach to cloud security.

This webcast we will discuss:

The latest trends in cloud threats
Why preventative solutions aren’t sufficient to stop attacks
Why the severity of an attack in the cloud surpasses an on-prem attack
How Vectra Cognito for Office 365 can help stop attacks before they become breaches
Recorded May 26 2020 26 mins
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Presented by
Matt Walmsley
Presentation preview: Ready to take back control of office 365?

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  • Security and the Dark Web Recorded: Jul 1 2020 33 mins
    Peter Stewart
    What is the dark web? How do you access the dark web? These are just a few questions we will be covering in this webinar...
  • Reducing Threat Response Time Across The Network Recorded: Jun 30 2020 59 mins
    Martin Barrett, Nimrod Reichenberg, David Lomax
    Are you able to hunt for and rapidly contain sophisticated cyber threats across your network?

    Organisations spend valuable time and resource sifting through large volumes of log data which often does little more than create additional alerts for already overloaded security operations teams.

    It’s important that security teams leverage the right tools and technology to monitor their entire environment, while continuously applying specialised threat hunting techniques to detect and respond to attacks that have bypassed traditional controls.

    To be able to manage detection and response in the SOC, requires using AI and machine learning to investigate, auto contain threats, and orchestrate response. By utilising NDR, EDR and SOAR solutions, your SOC team will be able to provide threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response across the network.

    Join Martin Barrett, SE Manager, Cybereason, Nimmy Reichenberg, CMO, Siemplify, and David Lomax, SE Manager, Vectra on this webinar to understand more about how you can benefit by applying a Managed Detection and Response model, making your SOC team more efficient.
  • Exposing The Hype - How AI really benefits cyber security Recorded: Jun 25 2020 66 mins
    Richard Walters
    Artificial Intelligence promises to stop attacks, eliminate breaches, ensure compliance and address team fatigue – but is AI really shaping up to be the cure-all we were hoping for?
  • Ransomware Is Back With A Vengeance Recorded: Jun 25 2020 40 mins
    Seth Geftic
    Ransomware is living its best life, making headlines week after week. Two in three organisations fell victim to a cyberattack in 2018, which proves traditional anti-malware is not enough.

    Watch this session to learn:

    • The impact of ransomware on organizations
    • Common ransomware attack methods
    • How artificial-intelligence and EDR protect against the widest range of threats
  • Real -Time Threat Detection - Giving You The Gift Of Sight Recorded: Jun 25 2020 31 mins
    James Cunningham Core to Cloud , Malcolm Montague Information Security Manager NHS, Toby Newbatt Vectra
    Join us for our second NHS Guest Panel where we will be discussing the steps made to improve patient care through the strengthening of Cyber Resilience. We will look at the journey taken by East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust to enhance visibility across all attack Vectors (Including clinical devices and IoT).

    Areas of discussion will include…
    East Lancashire NHS Trust cyber challenges in their current environment
    Improving threat detection and investigation capabilities
    Bridging the growing cyber-skills gap and reducing the workload
    Why Vectra was the chosen cyber solution across the North West Region
    What benefits it brings during these unprecedented times
    How it complements existing Cyber tools for Automating response

    "You don’t know what you don’t know. I didn’t know what
    was out there. I didn’t know what was running across our network. I did not have visibility.
    Vectra opened my eyes."
    - Malcolm Montague, Information Security Manager at
    East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Managed Threat Response - Keeping The Human In The Loop Recorded: Jun 24 2020 46 mins
    Eric Kokonas
    Other managed detection and response (MDR) services simply notify you of attacks or suspicious events. Then it’s up to you to manage things from there.

    With Sophos MTR, your organisation is backed by an elite team of threat hunters and response experts who take targeted actions on your behalf to neutralise even the most sophisticated threats.
  • Best Practices for Uncovering Deeply Hidden Threats Recorded: Jun 24 2020 45 mins
    Eyal Gruner
    The question is not if you will be hacked, but when. Cynet CEO Eyal Gruner discusses how to detect the threats which have made it past the organisational security perimeter in this webinar.
  • Is your team safely working at home? Recorded: Jun 23 2020 22 mins
    Alexis Salour, Neil Nicholson, Jonathan Mcguigan, Gethin Jones
    In this webinar, we will go through the best practices an organisation can take to enable their employees to work safely from home during the outbreak without impacting the organisation’s security and productivity.

    • What are the potential risk that organisations are exposing to
    • How to review and enhance security policy around remote access to corporate data, at both ends of the connection
  • Taking Breach Protection Beyond the Endpoint Recorded: Jun 23 2020 45 mins
    Zeus Kerravala,& Yiftach Keshet,
    Advanced threats are on the rise. What’s the best way to know whether there’s an attacker in your network? Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platforms are a leading technology to achieve this task. However, organizations are now realizing that their actual attack surface is significantly wider than just the endpoints.

    Join Zeus Kerravala, founder and Principal Analyst with ZK Research, and Yiftach Keshet, Director of Product Management at Cynet, in this Webinar, as they uncover the limitation in the endpoint-only security mindset. Zeus will share his vision on XDR: a new type of platform that expands beyond the endpoint to the next age of threat detection:

    Expanding the horizon beyond the endpoint
    Critical activity data that can boost threat detection capabilities
    A new perspective on organizations’ attack surface
    Multi-stage attacks and threat vectors analysis
  • Incident Response Recorded: Jun 23 2020 38 mins
    Jon Niccolls
    At any moment, day or night, your organisation can be victimized by devastating cybercrime. You can’t predict when cyberattacks will happen, but you can use proactive incident response to quickly mitigate its effects or prevent them altogether.
  • Continuous Security Validation: 10 Cases in 30 Minutes Recorded: Jun 18 2020 53 mins
    Aviv Cohen & Josh Hill
    The increase in remote workforce is extending the corporate “edge” to include the homes of employees, adding personal devices and networks to an already complex environment.

    In this webinar, you'll hear how enterprise security executives globally leverage the platform to:
    Secure their remote extended networks
    Continuously validate their cyber defences with zero on-site access
    Focus remediation only on breachable vulnerabilities
    Regularly challenge their network against the MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • More time is what is what we need - MITRE ATT&CK Frameworl Recorded: Jun 18 2020 23 mins
    Steve Salinas & Meny Har
    The Specifics
    There is a wealth of information available in the MITRE ATT&CK framework, all of which can provide valuable insight to analysts during investigations and guide remediation actions. The current integration available out of the box includes:

    Technique Details: How attackers are attempting to compromise your environment.

    Mitigations: The steps you should follow to combat the attack.
    Associated Intrusions: Related adversaries known to have used these attack vectors

    Once downloaded from the Siemplify Marketplace, creating a playbook that collects this data for every case is a snap. Check out this short video for a step-by-step walk-through of the process of connecting your Siemplify SOAR platform to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

    The Benefits

    Incorporating the MITRE ATT&CK Framework into your Siemplify Security Operations Platform delivers value from CISO down to the junior SOC staff. Analysts will no longer need to context switch (move from one system to another) to gain the insights available in the framework. Those insights are displayed with the case automatically. From a management perspective, maintaining and monitoring MITRE ATT&CK trends in your environment can highlight gaps that might exist in your security architecture. With this information, managers can make data-driven decisions, proposing ways to improve the SOC’s overall approach.

    More time is what we all need, and with Siemplify and MITRE ATT&CK framework, you’ll start feeling more on schedule – or even ahead.
  • The 5 Reasons and How to Hack & the Defend the Endpoint Recorded: Jun 17 2020 56 mins
    Josh Streets & Bryan Hood
    Endpoint security controls are an integral layer is required for effective protection against malware and other sophisticated cyberattacks. Although the cyberthreat landscape and hackers’ tactics are constantly evolving, basic IT security principles remain largely unchanged– the focus remains on prevention and protection.

    When implemented correctly, endpoint privilege management can dramatically reduce your organisation’s attack surface, while helping to enhance the prevention, protection, and detection capabilities of your existing endpoint security solutions.
  • Improving visibility and reducing cyber risk through automation - NHS Case Study Recorded: Jun 17 2020 56 mins
    Amar Singh, James Cunningham, David Willis and Andrew Mcardle
    Join our NHS Guest Panel hosted, by Amar Singh and James Cunningham, where we will be discussing the steps made to improve patient care through the strengthening of Cyber Resilience. We will look at the journey taken by a number of trusts to enhance visibility across all attack Vectors (Including clinical devices and IoT).

    Amar and James will be joined by David Willis from Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership and Andrew McArdle from Blackpool Teaching Hospitals.

    Areas of discussion will include…
    NHS Trusts and cyber challenges in their current environment
    Improving threat detection and investigation capabilities
    Bridging the growing cyber-skills gap and reducing the workload
    Why Vectra was the chosen cyber solution across the North West Region
    What benefits it brings during these unprecedented times
    How it compliments existing Cyber tools for Automating response
  • Secure Remote Working Expert Q&A Recorded: Jun 17 2020 50 mins
    Richard Walters & Giles Raeside
    Q&A webinar for cybersecurity professionals to put their questions on securing #remoteworking to our cloud security experts.
  • Mobile Phishing - The Myths & The Facts Recorded: Jun 16 2020 38 mins
    Marielle Hagabald
    Mobile phishing incidents occur twice as frequently as physically lost/stolen device incidents according to data provided by IDC.1 This is because phishing is both different and more problematic on the mobile device, especially in a post-perimeter world.

    When you add mobile into the equation, phishing extends beyond corporate email into SMS and MMS; messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger; and personal email.
  • Cybersecurity & Employee Productivity Can the Two ever Meet? Recorded: Jun 16 2020 50 mins
    Amar Singh, Ron Rasin & Jonathan Hope
    You have to fill in this 5-page form if you want to install this app" said the cybersecurity officer. Sound familiar?

    Cybersecurity is seen as a blocker by the average business user. Whether it's the annoying message about not being allowed to surf a perfectly legitimate website or the essay you have to write to justify your business-critical.

    This is NOT to say that Cybersecurity is in the wrong here.

    Join Ron Rasin, Jonathan Hope and Amar Singh, Global CISO as they discuss how you can maintain the balance between happy business users (not a common term, that) and joyful cybersecurity teams (yes, it is possible to make security people happy).

    Some points of discussion:
    – Technology and configurations to ensure maximum and transparent security
    - Monitoring controls and tactical actions to silently uplift the security posture and more
  • Teleworking in a time of Pandemic Recorded: Jun 16 2020 56 mins
    Pascal Geenens, Eden Amaitai & Prakash Sinha
    We are here to support you this during this time. We are closely monitoring global developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. For details of the Radware Business Continuity Plan as it relates to this outbreak please join us for this webinar.
  • What Auditors Look for When they Check Access Control Recorded: Jun 15 2020 49 mins
    Amar Singh, Burak Agca and Nick Nieves
    If you have ever had to face an auditor, you know how daunting that experience can be. Internal auditors or external, they are all cut from the same cloth. They are going to find the gaps, the non-conformances, the 'oh, I am sure I did this, not sure why it isn't showing' gotchas.

    Put simply, you have a control gap, you haven't ticked a box hidden in the configuration, a good auditor will find and report it. You aren't out of the woods yet.

    CEOs and Boards love the audit report. It gives them the ammunition to, you know, use the stick.

    So, the question is are you ready for a comprehensive audit of our access control controls and identity management practices?

    If you are not fully ready join Amar Singh, Burak Agca and Nick Nieves as they share tactical actionable steps, you can take to better improve and secure your access control processes and security controls around identity management.
  • Criminals Take Holidays! Understanding how Advanced Criminals Exploit & Succeed Recorded: Jun 15 2020 56 mins
    Amar Singh, David Lomax, Tim Condello and Martin Barrett
    Believe us. Criminals do take holidays. Albeit rarely but they are humans and they need to chillax too. Why do we bring this up? It's a serious topic. You need to understand your threat actors, your attacker profile before (repeat, before) you plan your detection and response strategies. There is no point in you going on holiday when the criminal is most active?

    All of this and more boils down to situational awareness of your threats, the geopolitical environment (think about what is happening during the COVID19 crisis) and the threat actors that are after our critical systems, IP and data.

    Join Amar Singh and guests as they have a candid and constructive discussion about
    - Why you MUST identify your threat actors
    - How some of the FAMOUS or rather infamous criminal gangs have operated in the past
    – What you can do to mitigate the threat and how you can achieve this.
Bringing you the best in security and compliance
At Core to Cloud we pride ourselves on being a different type of solutions provider. We have in-depth industry experience, with a strong focus on security, compliance and the cloud. This channel is for anyone who is passionate about Cyber Security and how we can better equip ourselves.

Whether you’re looking at ways intruders can get into your network, the security of your devices, the safety of your data or offering training to make your team a stronger line of defence – we’ve trialled the best technologies on the market in a variety of environments.

Our channel will include educational panel debates, industry expert speakers, our customer reviews, technology demos and much more. We hope you enjoy our channel - a place for us all to learn from each other.

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