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Ready to take back control of office 365?

With the widespread adoption of Office 365 and an increasingly mobile workforce, cloud security has become top of mind for most organisations. Traditional security solutions, like enabling MFA, are focused point-in-time assessments and offer limited efficacy since attackers can still hijack authenticated sessions to gain access. It’s time fora more modern approach to cloud security.

This webcast we will discuss:

The latest trends in cloud threats
Why preventative solutions aren’t sufficient to stop attacks
Why the severity of an attack in the cloud surpasses an on-prem attack
How Vectra Cognito for Office 365 can help stop attacks before they become breaches
Recorded May 26 2020 26 mins
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Presented by
Matt Walmsley
Presentation preview: Ready to take back control of office 365?

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  • Incident Response Jun 23 2020 9:00 am UTC 38 mins
    Jon Niccolls
    At any moment, day or night, your organisation can be victimized by devastating cybercrime. You can’t predict when cyberattacks will happen, but you can use proactive incident response to quickly mitigate its effects or prevent them altogether.
  • Continuous Security Validation: 10 Cases in 30 Minutes Jun 18 2020 2:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    Aviv Cohen & Josh Hill
    The increase in remote workforce is extending the corporate “edge” to include the homes of employees, adding personal devices and networks to an already complex environment.

    In this webinar, you'll hear how enterprise security executives globally leverage the platform to:
    Secure their remote extended networks
    Continuously validate their cyber defences with zero on-site access
    Focus remediation only on breachable vulnerabilities
    Regularly challenge their network against the MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • More time is what is what we need - MITRE ATT&CK Frameworl Jun 18 2020 10:00 am UTC 23 mins
    Steve Salinas & Meny Har
    The Specifics
    There is a wealth of information available in the MITRE ATT&CK framework, all of which can provide valuable insight to analysts during investigations and guide remediation actions. The current integration available out of the box includes:

    Technique Details: How attackers are attempting to compromise your environment.

    Mitigations: The steps you should follow to combat the attack.
    Associated Intrusions: Related adversaries known to have used these attack vectors

    Once downloaded from the Siemplify Marketplace, creating a playbook that collects this data for every case is a snap. Check out this short video for a step-by-step walk-through of the process of connecting your Siemplify SOAR platform to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

    The Benefits

    Incorporating the MITRE ATT&CK Framework into your Siemplify Security Operations Platform delivers value from CISO down to the junior SOC staff. Analysts will no longer need to context switch (move from one system to another) to gain the insights available in the framework. Those insights are displayed with the case automatically. From a management perspective, maintaining and monitoring MITRE ATT&CK trends in your environment can highlight gaps that might exist in your security architecture. With this information, managers can make data-driven decisions, proposing ways to improve the SOC’s overall approach.

    More time is what we all need, and with Siemplify and MITRE ATT&CK framework, you’ll start feeling more on schedule – or even ahead.
  • The 5 Reasons and How to Hack & the Defend the Endpoint Jun 17 2020 2:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    Josh Streets & Bryan Hood
    Endpoint security controls are an integral layer is required for effective protection against malware and other sophisticated cyberattacks. Although the cyberthreat landscape and hackers’ tactics are constantly evolving, basic IT security principles remain largely unchanged– the focus remains on prevention and protection.

    When implemented correctly, endpoint privilege management can dramatically reduce your organisation’s attack surface, while helping to enhance the prevention, protection, and detection capabilities of your existing endpoint security solutions.
  • Improving visibility and reducing cyber risk through automation - NHS Case Study Jun 17 2020 10:00 am UTC 56 mins
    Amar Singh, James Cunningham, David Willis and Andrew Mcardle
    Join our NHS Guest Panel hosted, by Amar Singh and James Cunningham, where we will be discussing the steps made to improve patient care through the strengthening of Cyber Resilience. We will look at the journey taken by a number of trusts to enhance visibility across all attack Vectors (Including clinical devices and IoT).

    Amar and James will be joined by David Willis from Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership and Andrew McArdle from Blackpool Teaching Hospitals.

    Areas of discussion will include…
    NHS Trusts and cyber challenges in their current environment
    Improving threat detection and investigation capabilities
    Bridging the growing cyber-skills gap and reducing the workload
    Why Vectra was the chosen cyber solution across the North West Region
    What benefits it brings during these unprecedented times
    How it compliments existing Cyber tools for Automating response
  • Secure Remote Working Expert Q&A Jun 17 2020 9:00 am UTC 50 mins
    Richard Walters & Giles Raeside
    Q&A webinar for cybersecurity professionals to put their questions on securing #remoteworking to our cloud security experts.
  • Cybersecurity & Employee Productivity Can the Two ever Meet? Jun 16 2020 10:00 am UTC 50 mins
    Amar Singh, Ron Rasin & Jonathan Hope
    You have to fill in this 5-page form if you want to install this app" said the cybersecurity officer. Sound familiar?

    Cybersecurity is seen as a blocker by the average business user. Whether it's the annoying message about not being allowed to surf a perfectly legitimate website or the essay you have to write to justify your business-critical.

    This is NOT to say that Cybersecurity is in the wrong here.

    Join Ron Rasin, Jonathan Hope and Amar Singh, Global CISO as they discuss how you can maintain the balance between happy business users (not a common term, that) and joyful cybersecurity teams (yes, it is possible to make security people happy).

    Some points of discussion:
    – Technology and configurations to ensure maximum and transparent security
    - Monitoring controls and tactical actions to silently uplift the security posture and more
  • Teleworking in a time of Pandemic Jun 16 2020 9:00 am UTC 56 mins
    Pascal Geenens, Eden Amaitai & Prakash Sinha
    We are here to support you this during this time. We are closely monitoring global developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. For details of the Radware Business Continuity Plan as it relates to this outbreak please join us for this webinar.
  • Criminals Take Holidays! Understanding how Advanced Criminals Exploit & Succeed Jun 15 2020 10:00 am UTC 56 mins
    Amar Singh, David Lomax, Tim Condello and Martin Barrett
    Believe us. Criminals do take holidays. Albeit rarely but they are humans and they need to chillax too. Why do we bring this up? It's a serious topic. You need to understand your threat actors, your attacker profile before (repeat, before) you plan your detection and response strategies. There is no point in you going on holiday when the criminal is most active?

    All of this and more boils down to situational awareness of your threats, the geopolitical environment (think about what is happening during the COVID19 crisis) and the threat actors that are after our critical systems, IP and data.

    Join Amar Singh and guests as they have a candid and constructive discussion about
    - Why you MUST identify your threat actors
    - How some of the FAMOUS or rather infamous criminal gangs have operated in the past
    – What you can do to mitigate the threat and how you can achieve this.
  • Dome9 A Force Multiplier for Your Public Cloud – Technical Overview Jun 15 2020 9:00 am UTC 47 mins
    Emmet Cleere and Ashley Musk
    "CloudGuard Dome9 is an innovative service that allows enterprises to easily manage the security and compliance of their public cloud environments at any scale across. Visualize and assess security posture, detect misconfigurations, model and actively enforce gold standard policies, protect against attacks and insider threat and comply with regulatory requirements and best practices.

    Join us for a deeper insight into our Dome9 Cloud offering"
  • How Fedex is Shipping Better Securtiy Operations with Soar Jun 11 2020 10:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Jovan Scott & Nimmy Reichenberg
    Managing disparate security systems can put a tremendous strain on your security operations team and jeopardize your company’s ability to protect against threats. Without a way to streamline the process for managing alerts, performing investigations and mitigating malicious activity, actions within the SOC can become siloed and broken.

    FedEx manages a global, multi-vendor security technology stack and needed a better way to functionally tie all their tools together. Thanks to security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), the shipping giant is now able to put meaningful alerts in front of their analysts, allowing them to rapidly contain events and grow overall security operations maturity.

    During this case study webinar, we will explore:

    A situational analysis of what FedEx’s SecOps were like before SOAR.
    How SOAR has impacted security operations.
    How the company’s bottom line has benefited.
  • Top 3 Tactical Measures to Protect your Critical Assets Jun 11 2020 9:00 am UTC 52 mins
    Amar Singh, Pascal Geenens, Steve Armstrong and Jon Garside
    Put your hands up if you think scanning and protecting all your critical assets should be at the top of your critical to-do list? Now here is the challenge and opportunity.

    We know that protecting critical assets is important. However, you know it's not an easy task. There are so many obstacles to getting it right, climbing mount Everest may be easier (all right not that easy to climb the Mount, but you get the point)

    These include:
    - Possibly found a major vulnerability, but hey, you are not allowed to fix it.
    - Not enough licenses to scan or monitor the devices - Inability (or even incompatibility) to scan all the clouds (the AWS, Azure)
    - Simply too much data - all the scanning and monitoring just creates more work There are many more but you get the point.

    Join Amar Singh as he gets Steve Armstrong, Jon Garside and Pascal Geenens to share their insights on actionable steps you can take to solve the above-highlighted problems and deliver real value when it comes to monitoring and protecting critical assets
  • Build Up Your Cyber Resilience with Automated Penetration Testing Jun 10 2020 2:00 pm UTC 32 mins
    Josh Duce
    We will review the concept of automated penetration testing, seeing how it works and how it can prepare your business for the next malicious cyber attack.

    Understand the true hacker’s perspective in hacking
    A threat-based method of setting the right remediation priorities
    How to avoid threat and vulnerabilities false-positives
    The path to reaching consistent cybersecurity posture year-round
    How to justify cyber security expenses and investment based on threats
  • Credential and Data Security Assessment Jun 10 2020 10:00 am UTC 47 mins
    Adam Laub
    Proper data security begins with a strong foundation. Find out what you’re standing on with a deep-dive into the security of your Structured and Unstructured Data, Active Directory, and Windows infrastructure.
  • Threat Hunting in the Cloud Jun 10 2020 9:00 am UTC 34 mins
    Marcus Hatwig, John Mancini, Chris Morales and Tim Wade
    Cloud paradigms bring new attacks and new data sources for threat hunting and forensics. Traditional tools are often ill-equipped to deal with the rapid changes in cloud deployments. This makes it impossible to address vital use cases that involve threat hunting, investigations, or custom tools and models. In this webcast, we will cover how modern security teams use machine learning to enrich both network traffic and logs with attributes specifically for cloud environments. Giving them the tools needed for comprehensive threat hunting.

    In this webcast we will discuss:

    How cloud telemetry differs from internal network
    How attackers leverage new attack vectors in the cloud
    Why traditional tools are unable to adapt to cloud deployments
    How Vectra empowers security professionals and ties into their existing workflows
  • One of your employees has downloaded a malicious app... Jun 9 2020 2:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    Max Stuckert - Lookout

    Apps have won mobile. Smartphone apps now represent 60% of all time spent online. However, while mobile apps bring new conveniences, such as mobile check deposits, they also introduce new risks in the form of mobile security threats such as mobile banking trojans that steal login credentials and jailbroken/rooted devices that leave them vulnerable to data compromise.

    Leveraging data from our sensor network of over 170 million mobile devices worldwide, Lookout can detect security threats and risks with the potential to lead to a breach of customer data, and prevent access before customer data is compromised
  • Security Leaders Answer Your Questions on Shifting To Remote Working Jun 9 2020 9:00 am UTC 57 mins
    Ed Amoroso, Lior Div and Corey E Thomas
    A virtual panel of security leaders to talk about how they are handling the shift to remote work, especially as it pertains to cybersecurity and maintaining secure business continuity.

    In this panel, you will:

    Hear from security leaders on how they are handling the transition to remote work and what their recommendations are.

    Learn how to handle massive shifts to remote work across geographies.
    Understand security challenges faced by those during this difficult time
  • Baselining Normal with Resident Criminals - How to Catch the Persistent Hacker Jun 4 2020 11:00 am UTC 51 mins
    Amar Singh, Anthony Roberts & Burak Agca
    There are no two ways about it when it comes to sophisticated attackers. Cybercriminals love free lodging. A good criminal (smart ones rather) seek the longest dwell time possible. Why? Simply put, the longer they stay in your laptops, in your networks and in your servers the more juicy and critical data they find.

    Guess what - there are more than a 100 technical means for cyber-attackers to achieve theirs.

    Join Amar Singh, Global CISO and security specialists Anthony Roberts and Burak Agca as they discuss how you should go about detecting and eradicating resident cybercriminals. Some talking points include

    - Some recent examples of how criminals are achieving their target of longevity (a must-listen)
    - What do you do is BAD is baselined - again a very important topic to get your head around.
  • Cloud Security in a Devops World Jun 4 2020 9:00 am UTC 38 mins
    Chris Beckett, Matt Griffiths, Matt Irvine
    DevOps and continuous delivery models result in agility and faster time-to-market. However, development, QA, and operations teams face challenges when it comes to incorporating security into the product life-cycle. They are afraid of slowing things down, entering the need for integrated DevSecOps best practices. Security approaches that worked in the past do not work with modern DevOps development and deployment models. As an example, any security risks or issues mostly involved manual review processes at the end of the product development and QA. Any security risks or issues identified were then sent back to development, causing significant delays. This approach does not scale with modern day applications.

    Deploy new applications at the speed of business without jeopardizing your security posture. Only Check Point offers you automated full lifecycle security for your modern day applications.
  • Destroying the Cloud Security Myth - 5 Facts you Need to Know Recorded: Jun 3 2020 49 mins
    Amar Singh Stuart Green and Richard Walters
    Here are some myths we hear about the Cloud everyday Myth
    1 - The Cloud is deeply insecure
    Myth 2 - The Cloud offers amazing security (yes, we hear both of these)
    Myth 3 - The Cloud makes it easier for users to steal sensitive data (email, file shares) as they can access it from anywhere
    Myth 4 - Public Cloud is like the wild-west where developers play and leave their expensive toys behind The reality is that today's advanced technologies allow us to rewrite the above statements to ensure that any cloud journey, whether it’s an organisation migrating to Office 365, One-drive and or adopting the likes of AWS cloud infrastructure to optimise their expenditure on servers and database infrastructure.

    All of these journeys can be safe and secure.

    Join Amar Singh, Global CISO, Stuart Green and Richard Walters as they redefine the myths and share some real live examples of the art of the possible.
Bringing you the best in security and compliance
At Core to Cloud we pride ourselves on being a different type of solutions provider. We have in-depth industry experience, with a strong focus on security, compliance and the cloud. This channel is for anyone who is passionate about Cyber Security and how we can better equip ourselves.

Whether you’re looking at ways intruders can get into your network, the security of your devices, the safety of your data or offering training to make your team a stronger line of defence – we’ve trialled the best technologies on the market in a variety of environments.

Our channel will include educational panel debates, industry expert speakers, our customer reviews, technology demos and much more. We hope you enjoy our channel - a place for us all to learn from each other.

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