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How Prepared Are You For The Current Threat Landscape?

Data analysis from Europe published by Cynet, reveals that this wide quarantine creates unique cyber risks that attackers forcefully seize to launch attacks on multiple organizations, especially targeting employees working from home.

Join Anthony Roberts, Security Engineer at Cynet, as he shares:

The cyber risks that mass working from home entails.

Live threat data, showing spike in specific attack vectors.

Best practices on how to be best prepared and maintain your organisation secure.
Recorded May 26 2020 36 mins
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Presented by
Richard Vines and Anthony Roberts
Presentation preview: How Prepared Are You For The Current Threat Landscape?

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  • Mobile Endpoint Security - Understand mobile risk and how to protect cloud data May 29 2020 11:00 am UTC 29 mins
    Marius Rohart
    Join Core to Cloud and Lookout for this 30-minute webinar where we will cover:

    - The mobile threat landscape
    - How to protect cloud data from phishing and social engineering attacks
    - How Lookout provides visibility into mobile threats
  • Can we manage mental well being in the digital workspace? May 29 2020 9:00 am UTC 63 mins
    Neil Shah
    In this Excelling Under Pressure workshop, you will learn what stress is, how it affects your daily life, when it is beneficial and when it is harmful. We will also explore some of the flawed strategies that people commonly use to deal with stress and provide some resources designed to help you de-stress.
  • Business Continuity in the face of crisis May 28 2020 3:00 pm UTC 6 mins
    Pascal Geenens
    How do you ensure business continuity and close all the security gaps in your multi-cloud architecture and critical applications during times of crisis?
  • Rethinking Infosec May 28 2020 2:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    Greg van der Gaast
    Thoughts on why today’s Information Security doesn't work and how we can do better.

    Greg will be covering:
    Shifting from reactive to proactive.
    Debunking the skills gap.
    Stopping breaches, wasteful spending, and frustration.
    Creating value.
  • The Buyer's guide for DDos Protection Recorded: May 28 2020 58 mins
    Eyal Arzai
    Signing-up for a DDoS protection service is more than just paying for technology. To be effective, a service must bundle innovative technology with a robust cloud network and expert service with the staff, skill, and know-how of how to protect against today’s largest and most sophisticated DDoS attacks. Making an informed decision is crucial to making sure you are fully protected.

    Join us for a webinar on the criteria for evaluating and choosing a DDoS vendor.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    What are the 3 elements to consider when evaluating a DDoS protection service
    What KPIs you should use to measure your DDoS protection vendor
    What are the key trends in the DDoS threat landscape, and what you should protect against?
  • Learn how to enhance visibility and early detection by operationalising the SOC Recorded: May 27 2020 63 mins
    Henrik Davidson, Sam Curry, Angelo Brancato,
    By tying together EDR, NDR and SIEM tools into a well-integrated whole, SOCs can detect advanced threats that masquerade as benign processes on endpoints, communicating via encrypted network tunnels. Having immediate visibility into the entirety of the attack, SOC teams gain confidence and respond more quickly and decisively.

    Join Cybereason, Splunk, and Vectra at this webinar to understand more about how you can benefit by applying the SOC Visibility Triad model. 

    Learn how to enhance visibility and early detection, prioritize alerts and make the SOC more effective and efficient, ultimately increasing your cybersecurity posture and reducing your overall SOC budget with leveraging EDR, NDR, SIEM, and SOAR
    Attackers often leverage network weaknesses to traverse from target to target, leaving traces and patterns that only sophisticated network detection and response tools can detect.

    An effective NDR product is absolutely key to detecting the network-based propagation of stealthy attacks. Provide full network visibility across on-prem, cloud and SaaS and leverage attacker behaviour models to detect known & unknown threats.
  • Active Directory Management Recorded: May 27 2020 55 mins
    Damien Tippee & Rob Simmons
    Active Directory (AD) is leveraged by over 90% of enterprises worldwide as the authentication and authorization hub of their IT infrastructure. AD contains the most critical credentials, which is why attackers have developed sophisticated attack tactics, techniques, and procedures that work with remarkable success. Active Directory’s inherent complexity leaves it prone to misconfiguration, exposing it to security risk that most organizations can’t handle due to the lack of resources necessary to monitor AD properly and protect it.

    Stealthbits believes AD is secure and efficient when it's clean, understood, configured properly, monitored closely, and controlled tightly. Our industry-leading suite of AD solutions enable organisations to effectively manage and secure AD at the levels required to mitigate the risks of advanced attacks, compliance failure, and operational outage.
  • Finding Clarity in the Coud Recorded: May 27 2020 49 mins
    Rich Beckett
    Cloud security is simpler than you think. A recent winner of CRN’s Coolest Cloud Companies for 2020, Sophos has what it takes to keep you secure. With Sophos Central, organizations can secure their office, data center, and cloud all from one place.

    Move to the cloud with confidence while increasing the efficiency of your security management, compliance, and governance. Listen in to learn how you can:

    Secure once and run everywhere: manage a multi-layered security strategy across your data center and cloud from a single console.
    Secure every cloud and every resource: protect your AWS, Azure, GCP, and infrastructure as code environments from the latest malware, ransomware, and vulnerabilities.
  • The Age of Autonomous Breach Protection Recorded: May 27 2020 60 mins
    Dave Shackleford, SANS & Yiftach Keshet
    Confront and Respond to Cyberthreats Across the Environment.

    In this webinar, Dave Shackleford, SANS Analyst and CEO of Voodoo Security, discusses the state of modern-day threats and how organizations should respond.

    More advanced than ever, today's threats are increasingly under the radar, requiring a new approach on the part of security practitioners. Cynet's Autonomous Breach Protection platform helps monitor and control, prevent and detect, and orchestrate response.
  • Protecting the Unprotectable Recorded: May 26 2020 57 mins
    Dries Robberechts
    Current IT revolutions such as Cloud, IoT and BYOD force dramatic changes upon corporate networks. With countless devices and services getting connected and no clear network boundaries, Identity has to be the new perimeter. Not trusting anyone by default, even those already inside the network perimeter has to be the new reality. The security model of Zero Trust.

    Silverfort’s Next-Generation Authentication Platform can enforce secure authentication for any user on any system, including systems that were considered “Unprotectable” until today, without any modifications to endpoints and servers. This includes homegrown systems, IT infrastructure, IoT devices, dynamic IaaS environments and more.

    Silverfort enables organizations to address a wide variety of Zero Trust use cases and compliance needs, including secure migration of sensitive applications to the Cloud.

    Watch this webinar to learn:

    Why passwords are no longer a reliable factor of authentication.
    Why so many sensitive enterprise systems still aren’t protected by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
    Why traditional MFA won’t cope with Zero Trust requirements.
    How Silverfort’s technology allows full agent-less Adaptive Risk Based Authentication.
  • Ready to take back control of office 365? Recorded: May 26 2020 26 mins
    Matt Walmsley
    With the widespread adoption of Office 365 and an increasingly mobile workforce, cloud security has become top of mind for most organisations. Traditional security solutions, like enabling MFA, are focused point-in-time assessments and offer limited efficacy since attackers can still hijack authenticated sessions to gain access. It’s time fora more modern approach to cloud security.

    This webcast we will discuss:

    The latest trends in cloud threats
    Why preventative solutions aren’t sufficient to stop attacks
    Why the severity of an attack in the cloud surpasses an on-prem attack
    How Vectra Cognito for Office 365 can help stop attacks before they become breaches
  • Keep Hidden Threats from invading your network Recorded: May 26 2020 45 mins
    Chris McCormack
    Network firewalls are evolving, and the latest generation
    is very different from its predecessors. We continue to see
    a shift in the threat landscape, and a dramatic rise in the
    number and complexity of security systems that protect
    against cyberattacks.

    These changes, combined with the
    overwhelming amount of data produced, have created a
    dangerous situation that requires a much different approach
    to network security, one that makes it essential security
    systems work together, simplify and streamline workflows,
    and parse through enormous volumes of data to focus
    attention on exactly what’s important without negatively
    impacting performance. It also requires new approaches to
    security integration, new management systems, and new
    ways of identifying and responding to risks and threats.
  • How Prepared Are You For The Current Threat Landscape? Recorded: May 26 2020 36 mins
    Richard Vines and Anthony Roberts
    Data analysis from Europe published by Cynet, reveals that this wide quarantine creates unique cyber risks that attackers forcefully seize to launch attacks on multiple organizations, especially targeting employees working from home.

    Join Anthony Roberts, Security Engineer at Cynet, as he shares:

    The cyber risks that mass working from home entails.

    Live threat data, showing spike in specific attack vectors.

    Best practices on how to be best prepared and maintain your organisation secure.
  • Is your team safely working at home? Recorded: May 21 2020 22 mins
    Alexis Salour, Neil Nicholson, Jonathan Mcguigan, Gethin Jones
    In this webinar, we will go through the best practices an organisation can take to enable their employees to work safely from home during the outbreak without impacting the organisation’s security and productivity.

    • What are the potential risk that organisations are exposing to
    • How to review and enhance security policy around remote access to corporate data, at both ends of the connection
  • Taking Breach Protection Beyond the Endpoint Recorded: May 21 2020 45 mins
    Zeus Kerravala,& Yiftach Keshet,
    Advanced threats are on the rise. What’s the best way to know whether there’s an attacker in your network? Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platforms are a leading technology to achieve this task. However, organizations are now realizing that their actual attack surface is significantly wider than just the endpoints.

    Join Zeus Kerravala, founder and Principal Analyst with ZK Research, and Yiftach Keshet, Director of Product Management at Cynet, in this Webinar, as they uncover the limitation in the endpoint-only security mindset. Zeus will share his vision on XDR: a new type of platform that expands beyond the endpoint to the next age of threat detection:

    Expanding the horizon beyond the endpoint
    Critical activity data that can boost threat detection capabilities
    A new perspective on organizations’ attack surface
    Multi-stage attacks and threat vectors analysis
  • 7 Uncomfortable truths of endpoint security Recorded: May 21 2020 32 mins
    Sally Adam
    Join this webinar to discover what 3,100 IT managers had to say when it comes to endpoint security.

    We’ll share the challenges they face, what keeps them up at night, and their experiences with endpoint detection and response (EDR) technologies.

    Highlights include:

    Where most cyberattacks are discovered
    Why IT teams struggle to plug their security gaps
    How much time is lost each month investigating non-issues

    The Seven Uncomfortable Truths of Endpoint Security reveals deep insights into today’s cybersecurity challenges. Register to attend and see how your organisation stacks up.
  • Mobile Phishing - The Myths & The Facts Recorded: May 21 2020 38 mins
    Marielle Hagabald
    Mobile phishing incidents occur twice as frequently as physically lost/stolen device incidents according to data provided by IDC.1 This is because phishing is both different and more problematic on the mobile device, especially in a post-perimeter world.

    When you add mobile into the equation, phishing extends beyond corporate email into SMS and MMS; messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger; and personal email.
  • Incident Response Recorded: May 20 2020 38 mins
    Jon Niccolls
    At any moment, day or night, your organisation can be victimized by devastating cybercrime. You can’t predict when cyberattacks will happen, but you can use proactive incident response to quickly mitigate its effects or prevent them altogether.
  • Continuous Security Validation: 10 Cases in 30 Minutes Recorded: May 20 2020 53 mins
    Aviv Cohen & Josh Hill
    The increase in remote workforce is extending the corporate “edge” to include the homes of employees, adding personal devices and networks to an already complex environment.

    In this webinar, you'll hear how enterprise security executives globally leverage the platform to:
    Secure their remote extended networks
    Continuously validate their cyber defences with zero on-site access
    Focus remediation only on breachable vulnerabilities
    Regularly challenge their network against the MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • The 5 Reasons Why Remote Support and Access Management are Critical Recorded: May 20 2020 56 mins
    Josh Streets & Bryan Hood
    Endpoint security controls are an integral layer is required for effective protection against malware and other sophisticated cyberattacks. Although the cyberthreat landscape and hackers’ tactics are constantly evolving, basic IT security principles remain largely unchanged– the focus remains on prevention and protection.

    When implemented correctly, endpoint privilege management can dramatically reduce your organisation’s attack surface, while helping to enhance the prevention, protection, and detection capabilities of your existing endpoint security solutions.
Bringing you the best in security and compliance
At Core to Cloud we pride ourselves on being a different type of solutions provider. We have in-depth industry experience, with a strong focus on security, compliance and the cloud. This channel is for anyone who is passionate about Cyber Security and how we can better equip ourselves.

Whether you’re looking at ways intruders can get into your network, the security of your devices, the safety of your data or offering training to make your team a stronger line of defence – we’ve trialled the best technologies on the market in a variety of environments.

Our channel will include educational panel debates, industry expert speakers, our customer reviews, technology demos and much more. We hope you enjoy our channel - a place for us all to learn from each other.

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