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RF Back to Basics Session 5: RF Simulation

This webinar introduces Keysight’s Advanced Design System (ADS) and covers linear design techniques including S-parameter simulation, impedance matching, tuning, and optimization. It also touches on non-linear frequency- and time-domain simulation, EM Simulation, and passive and active RF device models.
Recorded May 27 2020 46 mins
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Presented by
Pegah Alavi - Sr. Application Engineer
Presentation preview: RF Back to Basics Session 5: RF Simulation

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  • Networks Exposed: Build smart networks for optimum digital transformation Aug 13 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kristi Thiele, Director of Solution Engineering at Keysight
    Are you dealing with alert fatigue, a staff shortage, and a growing rate of attacks? You are not alone and not all is lost! The new business environment demands IT support for a wider range of monitoring, security and compliance requirements. This creates significant burdens on network performance and security tools as the data volumes increase and the boundaries are not easily defined.

    Visibility into your network data is essential when looking to build a smart network in today’s age of digital transformation. Join this session with Kristi Thiele, Director of Solution Engineering at Keysight as we discuss:

    · The fundamentals of achieving network visibility into every part of your network
    · The importance of optimized tool performance with reliable packet delivery
    · Common use cases for network visibility, including improved network security, cost reduction, and optimized network performance
  • Viavi + Keysight: Stack Cybersecurity Odds in your Favor with more & Better Data Recorded: Jul 30 2020 35 mins
    Matt Allen, Senior Solutions Engineer, VIAVI Solutions and Phil Trainor, Director, Security Solutions- Engineering, Keysight
    According to Cybersecurity Ventures, global spending on cybersecurity products and services will exceed $1 trillion from 2017 to 2021 – yet breaches still make headlines. Join VIAVI Solutions and Keysight to stack the odds in your favor by mounting a faster response using better data from your network and clouds.

    Learn to collect and use enhanced data flows, logs and packets in tandem – quickly and efficiently – to spot threats, block attacks, and bridge the gap between network and security operations (NetOps and SecOps).

    Register for this webinar to learn:
    •Best practices to speed incident response
    •How to collect and streamline packet, log, and flow data to improve security
    •How to share and optimize data across NetOps and SecOps

    If you cannot attend the live broadcast, please register and we will send you a link to the recording when it is available.
  • Best Practices to Optimize and Secure Your Trading Infrastructure Recorded: Jul 23 2020 54 mins
    Daniel Edmunds, Fixnetix and Areg Alimian, Keysight Technologies
    Reliable gap detection, high-resolution microburst detection, and real-time latency measurements throughout your global trading infrastructure are all integral to accelerating problem remediation — but increasing network complexity coupled with higher data volumes is making it exceedingly difficult. And, while performance is an very important dimension, having an in-depth view of your infrastructure security and indicators of compromise are just as important. Do you have the insights into the effectiveness of your current security posture and actionable intelligence to improve it?

    In this webinar with Fixnetix and Keysight, experts share best practices and recommendations on implementing trading infrastructure monitoring fabric for both performance and network security.

    Join us and learn how to:
    •Understand the unique challenges that have arisen from present day market volatility
    •Improve trading profitability while reducing the strain on trading infrastructure and service disruptions
    •Necessitate rapid issue identification, isolation, and problem resolution
    •Proactively assess your network security by simulating the latest attacks, identifying misconfigurations, and fixing vulnerabilities

    If you cannot attend the live event please register and we will email you thee on-demand link when it is available.
  • Find it Before They Do with Threat Simulator Recorded: Jul 21 2020 32 mins
    Andrew Young, Security Solutions Architect, Keysight
    You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Now, for the first time, effectively measure your security posture and drive continuous improvement. Keysight's Threat Simulator gives you dynamic network intelligence by constantly probing your network for weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Its patented recommendation engine provides easy to follow, step by step instructions for remediation.

    Join this session and learn more about how Threat Simulator can help you better fortify your network.
  • From Edge to Core, Stay Protected with Keysight Recorded: Jul 21 2020 18 mins
    Scott Stevens, Vice President, Keysight
    Change is constant and just like everything else organizations' networks are ever evolving. As you add more devices, increase the number of work from home employees, and new cyber threats emerge, how do you ensure you are not only securing your network, but maintain performance and user experience.

    During this session we will review how Keysight can help your organization to achieve:

    * Access to network data from remote sites for real-time visibility operations  

    * Automate network performance checks and improve the application delivery experience for remote workers  

    * Validate the security posture of your networks with real applications and complete range of threat vectors 

  • Keep Your Defenses Strong with Failsafe and Continuous Security Monitoring Recorded: Jul 21 2020 22 mins
    Kim Schultz, Solutions Engineer, Keysight
    You cannot protect your organization from the constant threat of cyberattacks with best-effort security monitoring. You need 100% data access and visibility as well as the intelligence to evaluate vast volumes of traffic, without slowing or disrupting your network. Embracing a security architecture for continuous visibility means validating security before deployment and protecting production networks with comprehensive data inspection.

    Join this session and learn how Keysight's inline security solutions can ensure constant monitoring and the fastest possible recovery with a high availability configuration.
  • Performance Matters - Optimize Your Network with the Right Packet Broker Recorded: Jul 21 2020 15 mins
    Kim Schultz, Solutions Engineer, Keysight
    Performance Matters when choosing the right network and security solutions. NetOps and SecOps teams are asked to do more with their existing network monitoring and security tool investments. That’s not easy when traffic volumes and patterns are constantly growing and shifting. Join this session to learn how Keysight can help you achieve peak network performance with an easy to use solution and zero packet loss.
  • Avoiding the perils of SPAN Recorded: Jul 21 2020 19 mins
    Hans Hohenner, Solutions Engineer, Keysight
    Don’t let the details prevent you from seeing the big picture. But what if the details ARE the big picture?SPAN ports can leave your organization blind to network data. For quick and dirty stuff or if you are just playing in a sandbox, SPAN may be OK. But, if you are looking to support a production network, particularly if that network is core to your business or if you are doing something intended to be in place for a long time, you need to build the foundation of your security or visibility layer.

    Join this session to learn how Keysight's Taps can help!
  • Keysight and Dynamic Network Intelligence Recorded: Jul 21 2020 22 mins
    Kristi Theile, Solutions Engineering Director, US, Keysight
    With 20 years of experience as the source of truth for the biggest network operators and the biggest network equipment makers in the world, Keysight supplies leading organizations with tools to give them dynamic network intelligence, keeping their networks and applications running better. The right approach starts with a network tap, which provides robust, reliable data – better and more accurate than SPAN port. It also starts a data collection architecture built using lossless packet brokers, using hardware acceleration and FPGAs to ensure no dropped packets even with features and filters turned on. External bypass switches help enhance overall system resiliency and reliability.
  • What is Ransomware and how do you stop it? Recorded: Jul 6 2020 2 mins
    Mike Hodge, Product Marketing, Keysight
    Ransomware is bad news. But, provided you have the right architecture and deploy the right cybersecurity tools, you can keep your data safe.
  • What is active monitoring? Recorded: Jul 6 2020 4 mins
    Mike Hodge, Product Marketing, Keysight
    When it comes to network performance monitoring, passive data only gets you so far. Discover how active monitoring helps you get ahead of problems and minimize downtime.
  • What is a Bypass Switch? Recorded: Jul 6 2020 3 mins
    Mike Hodge, Product Marketing, Keysight
    With great power comes great responsibility. Discover how bypass switches ensure your cybersecurity tools don't inadvertently do your network more harm than good.
  • What is Inline Security? Recorded: Jul 6 2020 4 mins
    Mike Hodge, Product Marketing, Keysight
    Looking to install an intrusion prevention system (IPS), next-generation firewall (NGFW), or perform SSL/TLS decryption? This crash course in inline security is a good place to start.
  • How do you access network data? Recorded: Jul 6 2020 3 mins
    Mike Hodge, Product Marketing, Keysight
    Your network monitoring tools are critical. But they data they rely on is even more important. So how do you capture it? The answer is a tap — and no, it doesn't involve beer.
  • What is a Network Packet Broker? Recorded: Jul 6 2020 4 mins
    Mike Hodge, Product Marketing, Keysight
    What is a network packet broker (NPB)? It might be the most important tool in your data center! Discover what a network packet broker is, what it does, and why it's so valuable.
  • How to Maximize Breach and Attack Simulation Activities Recorded: Jun 25 2020 58 mins
    Scott Register, VP, Product Management and Kyle Flaherty, Security Strategy and Growth at Keysight Technologies
    This webinar will enable you to discover the benefits of pre-production and live network testing. Learn how breach and attack simulation functionality can be leveraged to optimize the security and robustness of government networks.

    Join us to:

    -Understand what breach and attack simulation means
    -Learn the benefits of breach and attack simulation
    -Discover how to deploy the right type of testing scenarios for pre-production and live environments and how they are different
  • Is Your Network Ready for the Work from Home Surge? Recorded: Jun 19 2020 53 mins
    Brian McKellar, Edge Computing Expert, Keysight Technologies
    Are your collaboration, voice, and video applications struggling to keep up with an influx of remote connections? It’s hard to perform at your best if your network isn’t performing at its best. You need to focus on business — not whether the next conference call is going to work. 

    Join this webinar and discover how active network monitoring can help you minimize service disruptions and get back on track. You will learn how to:

    -verify network readiness for unexpected events, like a significant increase in teleworking users and VPN load
    -validate quality of experience, troubleshoot bottlenecks, and pinpoint where to increase bandwidth or adjust network quality of service
    -troubleshoot faster by identifying whether performance issues stem from your network, your carrier, your applications, or your users’ connection
  • Finding Evil Wherever It Lurks - Detect and Investigate Threats with FireEye Recorded: Jun 18 2020 30 mins
    Allison Wong, Principal Cloud, Solution Architect FireEye
    New cyberattacks appear every day and defenders need to stay a step ahead. If protecting your network, hybrid clouds, and business operations feels like a race against time, attend this timely session to learn new strategies used by the world’s leading security experts.

    Experts from FireEye and Ixia will explore the power of advanced network visibility in detecting threats in real time to optimize investigations and forensics. Join this webinar to see what visibility means to a typical day in the life of security operations including:

    • Detecting threats and acting faster
    • Gaining complete visibility across your network, hybrid clouds, and business operations
    • Providing forensics teams with better data

    As network perimeters vanish, visibility proves vital to monitoring and securing performance, meeting compliance mandates, and side-stepping data breaches.

    Attend this session for a real-world take on creating the visibility and peace of mind you deserve.
  • Nozomi + Keysight: Securing ICS – Can industrial devices take your network down? Recorded: Jun 16 2020 37 mins
    Phil Page, Technical Manager, Nozomi Networks. Dennis Carpio, Sr. Director, Bus Dev. Keysight.
    With the Internet of Things (IoT) bringing industrial devices online, cyber defenses must extend to new locations and technologies for the first time. Join Nozomi and Ixia to learn whether the industrial Internet of Things – or IIoT—is placing your operational technology (OT), company data, or brand at risk.

    Experts will show you how to gain real-time visibility across Industrial Control System (ICS) environments to detect complex threats that appear suddenly or develop over time. Learn to quickly improve security at power substations, oil and gas facilities, discrete manufacturing sites and other remote locations.

    Register for this webinar to learn how to:

    -gain visibility of industrial devices for the first time
    -accelerate response time across ICS environments
    -improve operational technology (OT) uptime and efficiency
  • Take Control of the Last-Mile: Optimizing Your Service Level Management Recorded: Jun 15 2020 41 mins
    Craig Reynolds, Director of Edge Network Strategy, Ixia, a Keysight busines
    Service providers often rely on vendors for final-mile connectivity. But as enterprises demand higher speeds and reliability, managing and fulfilling service level agreements (SLAs) can prove exceedingly difficult. In this webinar, you’ll discover how IxProbe helps service providers and enterprises alike hasten troubleshooting, monitor performance, and ensure quality-of-service across all branch locations — regardless of who is fulfilling the final mile.

    Discover how you can hasten troubleshooting, monitor performance, and ensure service level agreements (SLAs) across all branch locations — regardless of who is supplying last mile connectivity.

    In this webinar you will learn how to:

    -Ensure your branch locations are always meeting their SLAs
    -Fix problems quickly to save money when branch networks experience downtime
    -Prevent performance problems before they cause major outages across your network
Accelerating Innovation to Connect and Secure the World
Let us help you simulate your designs, validate your prototypes, manufacture with the highest quality, and test and monitor your network strength within your data center and into the cloud.

Enterprises, governments and service providers use Keysight solutions to improve network and security operations (NetOps and SecOps) and IT management through an end-to-end visibility infrastructure that includes physical and virtual networks, applications, and security. View our content and learn how Keysight can strengthen your security posture through rigorous testing and improve network performance with dynamic network intelligence.

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  • Title: RF Back to Basics Session 5: RF Simulation
  • Live at: May 27 2020 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Pegah Alavi - Sr. Application Engineer
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