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Fundamentals of DDI - DHCP Demystified

An abstract of the "DHCP Demystified" training available in EfficentIP's introduction courses on DDI, this video explains the role of DHCP, the principles of the DHCP protocol and the message flows between a client and a server.
Recorded Oct 8 2020 20 mins
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Presented by
Suzanne Barnett, Senior Technical Trainer
Presentation preview: Fundamentals of DDI - DHCP Demystified

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  • How Smart DDI Enables Gartner’s 3 Network Automation Recommendations Recorded: Dec 10 2020 28 mins
    Kieran Wood + Nick Fennell - EfficientIP UK
    According to Gartner, only 26% of networking leaders maintain accurate network data, which hinders network automation progress. Factoring this with non-aligned operational team processes and a lack of defined network management tool strategy, results in strategic IT initiatives being stalled, or becoming less effective.

    So how can you make the most of automation for your processes and workflows?

    Join EfficientIP for a webinar on how Smart DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) enables the implementation of Gartner’s 3 recommendation for improving network automation by:
    - Offering a single source of truth for IP data
    - Providing repeatable configuration kits for standardization
    - Connecting network management silos
  • How Smart DDI Enables Gartner’s 3 Network Automation Recommendations Recorded: Nov 24 2020 28 mins
    Kieran Wood + Nick Fennell
    Taking cues from the Gartner document "3 Ways to Improve Network Automation" (Ted Corbett, Jonathan Forest, Josh Chessman; ID G00382803), this webinar video reviews how smart DDI enables the implementation of Gartner’s 3 recommendation for improving network automation.
  • Fundamentals of DDI - DHCP Demystified Recorded: Oct 8 2020 20 mins
    Suzanne Barnett, Senior Technical Trainer
    An abstract of the "DHCP Demystified" training available in EfficentIP's introduction courses on DDI, this video explains the role of DHCP, the principles of the DHCP protocol and the message flows between a client and a server.
  • Accelerate Cloud Services Deployment with DDI Automation Recorded: Sep 17 2020 35 mins
    Kieran Wood, Sales Director + Nick Fennell, Lead Pre-Sales Engineer
    Companies are moving to the cloud, with the expectation that it will bring them enhanced agility for service rollout, time and cost savings. The majority focus is on compute and storage, but IP resource provisioning and deprovisioning is often left as an afterthought. Generally, IP addresses are needed for all service components to communicate, not only with each other, but also with their environment.

    Fast, efficient service rollout needs to rely on automated orchestrator-agnostic DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM). DDI is a foundation for cloud infrastructures, offering network managers greater control and deployment velocity.

    Join the EfficientIP team for a webinar on how you can improve management of your cloud service deployments with DDI automation, thanks to:
    - Increased visibility from a single viewpoint across your environment, including AWS and Azure
    - Central repository offering a single source of truth
    - Automation of processes to accelerate deployment
  • Migration from Infoblox DDI Made Simple Recorded: Jun 25 2020 51 mins
    Bob Smiley, Senior Systems Engineer, EfficientIP + Justin Michell, Network Engineer, Manchester Metropolitan University
    As an Infoblox customer, are you dealing with inflexible IPAM, too many function-specific appliances, escalating licensing costs, and forced hardware refreshes? Looking for an alternative? EfficientIP has the expertise, the experience, and the technology to help businesses transition smoothly from Infoblox DNS-DHCP-IPAM.

    Join the webinar hosted by EfficientIP’s Mike Williams (former Infoblox sales) and Bob Smiley (former Infoblox SE), alongside Justin Michell from current customer Manchester Metropolitan University, to learn more about the ease of transition from Infoblox to the SOLIDserver™ DDI platform. The session will cover:

    -- Comparisons of the two platforms (business and technical)
    -- Case study presented by Manchester Metropolitan University: their Infoblox challenges, migration experience, and network architecture before and after
    -- Highlights of SOLIDserver GUI, integrations, customization, and reporting
  • Data Exfiltration via DNS and How to Combat It Recorded: May 21 2020 44 mins
    Kirk Appelman, VP & GM North America + Bob Smiley, Senior Systems Engineer
    Support and management of the Domain Name System (DNS) is absolutely critical for keeping IT services running, but the protocol itself has become a prime target for cybercriminals. Organizations in all verticals have been widely impacted by DNS-based attacks, and are realizing conventional security systems alone (such as next-gen firewalls, intrusion prevention systems or data loss prevention) are not adequate to protect data confidentiality and ensure service continuity.

    Join EfficientIP for a webinar on how to better secure your DNS and combat data exfiltration. During the session you will:

    ---Discover techniques hackers use to perform DNS attacks
    ---See a demo on data exfiltration & how to mitigate it
    ---Learn how actionable data from DNS analytics strengthens the network security ecosystem
  • Sécurité DNS, comment protéger de l'exfiltration de données ? Recorded: Apr 23 2020 54 mins
    Régis Penin, Account Manager + Jeremy Samson, Ingénieur
    Le Support et le management du Domain Name System (DNS) sont absolument critiques afin d’assurer la continuité des services IT, mais ce protocole en lui-même est devenu une cible privilégiée de cyber attaques. 82% des organisations mondiales ont subi une attaque DNS et réalisent que les solutions de sécurité traditionnelles seules (next-gen Firewall, système de prévention des intrusions ou de protection contre la perte de données) ne sont pas adéquats afin de protéger la confidentialité des données et d’assurer la continuité des services.

    Le dernier rapport d’IDC sur les menaces DNS a montré qu’au cours des 12 derniers mois, le coût moyen par attaque a augmenté de 50%, atteignant près de 1 070 000 $ avec une moyenne de 9,5 attaques par entreprise.

    Rejoignez les membres de l'équipe France et Jeremy Samson Ingénieur avant-vente pour un webinaire présentant comment sécuriser le service DNS et vous protéger de l'exfiltration de données.

    ---Découvrez les techniques utilisées par les pirates pour effectuer des attaques DNS
    ---Visionnez une démo sur l'exfiltration de données et comment s’en protéger
    ---Apprenez comment l’intégration des défenses DNS renforce votre écosystème de sécurité du réseau
  • Schützen Sie sich vor „Daten Exfiltration“ über das DNS Service Protokoll Recorded: Apr 17 2020 34 mins
    Ralf Geisler, Regional Manager DACH + Bernd Wilhelm, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer
    Die Verfügbarkeit und Performance des Domain Name System (DNS) Service Protokoll ist für die moderne IT Kommunikation von entscheidender Bedeutung. Das DNS Service Protokoll ist zugleich zu einem Hauptangriffsziel für Cyberkriminelle geworden. 82% der Unternehmen in den letzten 12 Monaten sind Opfer von DNS-Angriffen geworden und realisieren, dass herkömmliche Sicherheitssysteme wie Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention-Systeme oder Data Loss Prevention nicht ausreichen um unternehmenskritische Daten zu schützen und das Tagesgeschäft eines Unternehmens abzusichern.

    Der jüngste IDC Global DNS Threat Report ergab, dass 82% der Unternehmen in den letzten 12 Monaten Opfer von DNS-Angriffen waren. Die durchschnittlichen Kosten pro Angriff stiegen um 50% auf fast 1.070.000 USD.

    Nehmen Sie an einem EfficientIP Webinar mit Ralf Geisler, Regional Manager DACH & Osteuropa sowie Bernd Wilhelm, Senior Pre-Sales-Ingenieure, teil um besser zu verstehen wie Sie Ihr DNS Service Protokoll besser schützen und Datenmissbrauch vorbeugen.

    ---Wir zeigen Ihnen Techniken, mit denen Hacker DNS-Angriffe ausführen
    ---Sehen Sie eine Demo über „Datenklau und Datenmissbrauch“ und erfahren Sie, wie Sie dies vermeiden können
    ---Erfahren Sie, welche wichtigen Daten aus den EfficientIP-DNS-Analysetools, für die Einhaltung Ihrer Netzwerksicherheit benötigt und genutzt werden
  • Exfiltración de datos a través de DNS y cómo combatirlo Recorded: Apr 17 2020 28 mins
    Diego Solis, Regional de España y LATAM + Yannick Bodin, Ingeniero Senior
    El soporte y la administración del sistema de nombres de dominio (DNS) es absolutamente crítico para mantener los servicios de TI en funcionamiento, pero el protocolo en sí se ha convertido en un objetivo principal para los ciberdelincuentes. El 82% de las organizaciones en todas las verticales se han visto ampliamente afectadas por ataques basados ​​en DNS, y se están dando cuenta de que los sistemas de seguridad convencionales por sí solos (como firewalls de próxima generación, sistemas de prevención de intrusiones o prevención de pérdida de datos) no son adecuados para proteger la confidencialidad de los datos y garantizar la continuidad del servicio.

    El Informe de Amenazas de DNS Global de IDC más reciente mostró que el coste medio por ataque en los últimos doce meses aumentó en un 50%, alcanzando un millón de Euros con un promedio de 9,5 ataques por compañía.

    Únete a Diego Solís, Regional de España y LATAM y Yannick Bodin, Ingeniero Senior de Preventa para un seminario web sobre cómo proteger mejor su DNS y combatir la exfiltración de datos.

    ---Descubre las técnicas que usan los hackers para realizar ataques DNS
    ---Vea una demostración sobre la filtración de datos y cómo mitigarla
    ---Aprenda cómo los datos procesables de análisis de DNS fortalecen el ecosistema de seguridad de la red
  • 4 Minute Use Cases: ServiceNow Activity Pack with EfficientIP SOLIDserver Recorded: Apr 4 2019 5 mins
    Ed Daniel, Principal Solution Architect
    The EfficientIP DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) solution SOLIDserver has powerful APIs, which can be leveraged by any orchestration tool. That said, an alliance with ServiceNow was a no-brainer. Learn about the plugin “Activity Pack” to simplify everything from IP address requests to digital transformation projects.
  • Evolve Your Network: Migration From VitalQIP Made Simple Recorded: Oct 24 2018 56 mins
    Jim Offutt, Senior Solutions Architect, EfficientIP + Rafael Figueiredo, Network Analyst, University of Alberta
    If you’re a VitalQIP customer, you’ve probably noticed that your solution set has evolved very little during the past few years, meaning your current DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) solution is likely very outdated in terms of capability, performance and security. With today's complex networks, it's imperative to have integrated DDI that is simple to configure, upgrade and maintain, while supporting future growth.

    Join Jim Offutt, Senior Solutions Architect (and former VitalQIP R&D Director) for an on-demand migration webinar featuring current customer the University of Alberta. You'll learn about:

    >The concept of Smart DDI and importance of additional DNS security
    >Case study from the University of Alberta: VitalQIP challenges, migration experience, and benefits of moving to the EfficientIP solution
    >Live demo of migration to EfficientIP's SOLIDserver
  • Return On Investment in a Real-World Network: Understanding Operational & ROI Be Recorded: Mar 21 2017 45 mins
    Kevin Tolly, Founder, Tolly Group + Nick Fennell, Senior Solutions Architect, EfficientIP
    Measuring return on investment is key to implementing the right infrastructure technology in order to scale and grow. Using data from 3 customers, this on-demand webinar explores the state of their networks before and after the implementation of the EfficientIP automated DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) solution, and how it affected their bottom line.

    Join Kevin Tolly, founder of The Tolly Group (a leading provider of third-party validation services in the IT industry for more than 26 years), as he provides his insights on the ROI of the EfficientIP Smart DDI product, to show how customers benefitted from:

    >Migration from “home-grown” solutions and manual management
    >Automation of IPAM with DNS-DHCP for limited risk of error
    >Outage avoidance and rapid recovery
Simplify & Secure Your Network
EfficientIP is a network automation and security company, specializing in DNS-DHCP-IPAM solutions (DDI), with the goal of helping organizations worldwide drive business efficiency through agile, secure and reliable infrastructure foundations. Integrated solutions enable IP communication and simplify network management with end-to-end visibility and smart automation, while patented technology secures DNS services to safeguard data and ensure application access. Companies in all sectors rely on EfficientIP offerings to face the challenges of key IT initiatives such as cloud applications and mobility. For more details, visit https://www.efficientip.com

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  • Title: Fundamentals of DDI - DHCP Demystified
  • Live at: Oct 8 2020 5:55 pm
  • Presented by: Suzanne Barnett, Senior Technical Trainer
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