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Speed and Scale

To deliver net zero by 2050, with expected growth, we must completely replace the world’s energy system of today with something twice the size and greenhouse gas-free during the next 30 years. Energy numbers are big. Mega and Giga will not be enough. We must get to Tera and fast, we have less than 1 billion seconds to do it.
Our panel members are each grappling with how to deliver clean energy on that scale in power, heat, transport, or all three.

Chair: Matthew Knight, Head of Business Development, Gas and Power, Siemens Energy (who will also talk about Power and about hydrogen as a clean alternative to fossil fuels)

● Charlotte Owen, Policy Manager, The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) and a member of District Heating Divas
● Graeme Cooper, Project Director, Transport Decarbonisation, National Grid
● Dame Julia King, The Baroness Brown of Cambridge, DBE FREng FRS

Panel discussion and audience Q&A
Recorded Jun 18 2020 89 mins
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Presented by
Matthew Knight, Charlotte Owen, Graeme Cooper, Dame Julia King
Presentation preview: Speed and Scale

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  • Finance & Funding: Once in a lifetime challenges Aug 20 2020 1:00 pm UTC 105 mins
    Andrew Smith, Andrew Smith, David Richardson, Monika Paplaczyk, Veronica Noone, Louise Wilson and Fraser Pritchard
    •Sustainable investment for a carbon neutral future: Once in a lifetime challenges – the ingredients for a perfect sauce for funding?
    •Updates from major sources of finance and identification of commerciality failures and practical suggestions on avoiding them

    What has the impact of the pandemic been on angel & VC funding? How are corporate venture arms viewing the current economic climate and their own strategic budgets? Many businesses are making strong statements about their businesses being carbon neutral by 2040, 2039 even 2030 and the days of the internal combustion engine in trucks and cars are clearly numbered.

    As COP26 heads to Scotland in 2021, hear from a panel reflecting views on how this soup of extraordinary ingredients can be used to create the perfect sauce for funding your business. There will be panellists from private and public sector funding sources encompassing crowd funding, debt and equity along with practical dos and don’ts based on hard won experience in getting challenging projects and innovative businesses funded. There will be ample opportunity to raise those all-important queries.
  • A future generation mix dominated by renewables: How will we get there? Aug 20 2020 9:00 am UTC 105 mins
    Angus Widdowson, George Baxter, Penelope Carruthers, Robert Hokin, Stuart Lunn
    SPONSORED BY SmartestEnergy

    Over the last eight years, the UK's energy mix has changed drastically. SmartestEnergy's 2019 Energy Entrepreneurs Report revealed the capacity of independent renewable projects had increased by nearly 200% since 2012. Earlier this year we saw a record run of 67 days without coal, demonstrating just how much the UK energy system has transformed.

    Renewables are playing an ever more important role as we strive to meet net-zero targets by 2050. But how do we get to a future generation mix dominated by renewables?

    In this session, our speakers will explore and debate the commercial challenges for the independent generation sector. We'll also look at the political and regulatory landscape and discuss whether the sector is getting the support it needs to accelerate the deployment of renewable projects.

    Chair and speaker: Angus Widdowson, Head of Smart Generation Sales, SmartestEnergy

    ● George Baxter, Director of Development, GreenPower
    ● Penelope Carruthers, CEO & Founder, Carruthers Renewables
    ● Robert Hokin, Managing Partner, Greenbackers Investment Capital
    ● Stuart Lunn, Commercial Director, RES

    Panel discussion and audience Q&A
  • 40GW solar deployment by 2030 Recorded: Jul 16 2020 93 mins
    Chris Hewett, Chris Clark, Christelle Barnes, Michael Moore, Michele Tagliapietra, and Hannah Staab
    Sponsored by Natural Power

    Solar is a powerful job creator and an inherently rapid technology to deploy, as well as one of the cheapest forms of power generation today. With the right policies, the solar industry can support the UK recovery by creating thousands of skilled jobs, adding billions in value, and delivering on Britain’s climate change ambitions. Join our panelists to find out how we can unleash the power of solar, including floating solar and virtual power plants (VPPs), as part of a green recovery.

    Any green stimulus package must unlock solar's recovery potential and support our industry's efforts to decarbonise and tackle climate change. The Solar Trade Association is calling on the government to commit to a target of 40GW solar deployment by 2030 and to work with industry to deliver this target by enacting the policies outlined in their Priorities for a Renewable Recovery Package.

    Chair: Chris Hewett, Chief Executive, Solar Trade Association

    ● Chris Clark, Director Emtec Group and Chair STA (Scotland) (speaking on rooftop solar and STA Scotland)
    ● Christelle Barnes, Country Manager – UK, SolarEdge (speaking on VPPs - virtual power plants)
    ● Michael Moore, Development Manager UK & Ireland, Elgin Energy (speaking on large scale developments in UK and Ireland + pipeline)
    ● Michele Tagliapietra, Energy Storage & Solar Energy Consultant at DNV GL (speaking on floating solar)
    ● Hannah Staab who leads Natural Power’s European Advisory team

    Panel discussion and audience Q&A
  • Keeping it real: An inclusive transition to net zero Recorded: Jul 16 2020 92 mins
    Guy Jefferson, Jamie Macleod, Mark Hull, Zarina Ahmad, Peter Dennis, Matthew Lipson
    Sponsored by The Scottish Government and SP Energy Networks

    Engineering solutions such as renewable energy technologies, battery solutions and digitisation often take centre stage in discussions around ‘how we tackle climate change’ or ensure a green recovery from COVID-19 as STEM, more so than STEAM (A: arts and creative talents) subjects, have been pushed to the fore as a means of preparing the future workforce for what’s required.

    But what will all of this mean for consumers and their communities, particularly those described as living in vulnerable circumstances, as we plan our road to recovery from the impacts of a global pandemic and look toward a net-zero future? What softer-skills, local advice and knowledge, and large-scale engagement are required to ensure that, genuinely, no one will be left behind and that individuals and their communities – who often hold the local answers to local problems - can play an active role in tackling climate change whilst maximising benefits and cost-efficiencies from SMART innovation in an informed and locally sensitive way.

    Chair: Guy Jefferson, Customer Service Director, SP Energy Networks

    ● Jamie Macleod, Team Leader, Consumer Policy and Interventions Team, The Scottish Government - The Scottish Government perspective
    ● Guy Jefferson, Customer Service Director, SPEN - SPEN’s strategic approach to consumer and community engagement - for a just transition
    ● Mark Hull, Head of Innovation, Community Energy Scotland - Practically preparing for community energy futures
    ● Zarina Ahmad, Climate Change & Environmentalist, CEMVO Scotland - Inclusive approaches bringing voices of vulnerable and marginalised communities to the forefront
    ● Peter Dennis, Renewable Energy Specialist, Ecotricity - Domestic DSR: The opportunities and pitfalls
    ● Matthew Lipson, Business Leader Consumer Insight Services, Energy Systems Catapult - Smart and local energy systems: Putting consumers at the heart of future system designs
  • Floating Offshore Wind: Breaking out into deeper waters and new territories Recorded: Jul 15 2020 92 mins
    Maf Smith, Allan MacAskill, Rhodri James, Una Brosnan, Ralph Torr
    Success in fixed offshore wind shows what our industry is capable of. As we accelerate global efforts to decarbonise our power system, more and more countries are looking to their marine resource as a power source. In leading markets like the UK and the rest of Europe, floating offshore wind offers the chance to scale up our ambition and bring in new sites for development, and in newer markets around the globe development in shallow waters is not possible meaning floating offshore wind needs to be ready to move as these markets open up.

    This all points to the rapid acceleration of our floating offshore wind sector. In this session, our industry experts will give an update on floating offshore wind both here and around the globe, showcasing efforts to bring down the cost, standardise our delivery model, and grow out stable markets that support these longer-term ambitions to go deeper.

    Chair: Maf Smith, Director, Lumen Energy & Environment

    ● Allan MacAskill, Kincardine Offshore Windfarm
    ● Rhodri James, Equinor
    ● Una Brosnan, Atkins and Friends of Floating Wind
    ● Ralph Torr, ORE Catapult’s Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence (FOW CoE)

    Panel discussion and audience Q&A
  • Community and Local Energy: A beacon for 2030 Recorded: Jun 18 2020 93 mins
    Jeremy Sainsbury OBE FRICS, Jodie Giles, Dr Afsheen Rashid MBE, Scott Mathieson, Andy Yuill, Laura Campbell
    Sponsored by Natural Power

    Community and local energy will have an increasingly important role to play in our future decarbonised world. We already have the tools and technologies at our fingertips to build a greener future – communities, local authorities, housing associations, and small businesses are already harnessing these to great effect. Listen to our panel explain what’s already being done and how, together, we can design a local energy future.

    Chair: Jeremy Sainsbury OBE FRICS, Director, Natural Power

    ● Laura Campbell – Partnership Manager, Local Energy Scotland - Insights from Scotland
    ● Jodie Giles, Project Manager, Regen – Community and local energy what next?
    ● Dr Afsheen Rashid MBE, Founding Director, Chief Executive Officer, Repowering London – Community energy in cities
    ● Scott Mathieson, Network Planning and Regulation Director, SP Energy Networks – Facilitating Zero Carbon Communities
    ● Andy Yuill, Senior Renewable Heat Engineer, Natural Power - New markets for community and local energy

    Panel discussion and audience Q&A
  • Speed and Scale Recorded: Jun 18 2020 89 mins
    Matthew Knight, Charlotte Owen, Graeme Cooper, Dame Julia King
    To deliver net zero by 2050, with expected growth, we must completely replace the world’s energy system of today with something twice the size and greenhouse gas-free during the next 30 years. Energy numbers are big. Mega and Giga will not be enough. We must get to Tera and fast, we have less than 1 billion seconds to do it.
    Our panel members are each grappling with how to deliver clean energy on that scale in power, heat, transport, or all three.

    Chair: Matthew Knight, Head of Business Development, Gas and Power, Siemens Energy (who will also talk about Power and about hydrogen as a clean alternative to fossil fuels)

    ● Charlotte Owen, Policy Manager, The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) and a member of District Heating Divas
    ● Graeme Cooper, Project Director, Transport Decarbonisation, National Grid
    ● Dame Julia King, The Baroness Brown of Cambridge, DBE FREng FRS

    Panel discussion and audience Q&A
  • The resurgence of onshore wind Recorded: Jun 17 2020 93 mins
    Lesley McNeil, Lindsay McQuade, Rachel Anderson, Clare Foster, Laura Fleming
    Onshore wind is the lowest cost route to decarbonising our electricity system, and today UK onshore wind companies are confident and planning for future growth. The industry is scaling up to deliver new merchant based projects, while an expected 2021 Contract for Difference (CfD) auction will give utilities and financiers the confidence they need to invest in new onshore wind. After five years in the doldrums, onshore wind is back with fresh momentum and drive.

    Across the globe, onshore wind is seeing rapid growth with modern, larger, lower-cost turbines now the preferred route to deliver new projects. Can this model work in the UK or are there unrealistic requirements from government and planning authorities about the scale and community benefit that will scupper industry plans?

    As a nation, we’re looking for projects that can deliver jobs now and contribute to a green recovery. Onshore wind is well placed to build projects quickly that deliver local jobs across the country. But will lukewarm government support stop our country from grabbing this golden opportunity?

    Our panel will explore the reasons behind onshore wind’s resurgence; look at how different players are funding new projects, what effect the CfD auction will have, and what role onshore wind can play in our green economic recovery.

    Chair: Lesley McNeil, Head of Wind Energy Policy and Development, Energy Industries Division, Directorate for Energy and Climate Change, The Scottish Government

    ● Lindsay McQuade, Chief Executive, ScottishPower Renewables
    ● Rachel Anderson, Head of External Affairs, RES
    ●Clare Foster, Head of Clean Energy, Partner, Banking and Finance, Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP
    ● Laura Fleming, Head of Wind Farm Solutions North Europe and the Middle East, Siemens Gamesa

    Panel discussion and audience Q&A
  • Meet the Minister Recorded: Jun 17 2020 84 mins
    Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Jim Smith, Claire Mack, Judith Patten MBE
    Sponsored by The Scottish Government

    In this session, Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Scottish Government Minister for Energy, Connectivity & the Islands, will discuss the importance of a green recovery and our continued transition to a net-zero economy, including the need to accelerate action to reduce emissions from heating our homes and buildings.

    The Minister will also be available for questions from the audience. Jim Smith, Managing Director of SSE Renewables and Claire Mack, CEO of Scottish Renewables will then reflect on what the Minister has talked about and what it means to them and their respective organisations and both will also be available for questions.

    ● Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Energy, Connectivity and The Islands, The Scottish Government
    ● Introduction: Judith Patten MBE, Project Director of All-Energy/Dcarbonise and co-creator of All-Energy
    ● Chair: Jim Smith, Managing Director, SSE Renewables
    ● Claire Mack, CEO of Scottish Renewables

    Panel discussion and audience Q&A
  • Hydrogen: Scaling Up Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Recorded: May 14 2020 104 mins
    Nigel Holmes, Mirela Atanasiu, Nicolas Pocard, Dr Kerry-Ann Adamson, Mark Crowther
    Scotland has set a target for Net Zero by 2045, with hydrogen featuring in plans for rapid decarbonisation of heat, industry, and heavy duty transport. We will hear about progress with transport fuel cell applications from Nicolas Pocard, and with hydrogen for heat from Mark Crowther. This will be complemented by insights from Mirela Atanasiu and Dr Kerry-Ann Adamson on the priorities for post-COVID economic recovery, and the opportunity to pivot towards sustainable energy and transport solutions not just in Scotland but also UK and Europe.

    Chair: Nigel Holmes, CEO, Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA)

    ● Economic recovery with Clean Hydrogen & Fuel Cells - Mirela Atanasiu, Head of Unit at Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU), European Commission
    ● Fuel cell bus & truck powertrain trends - Nicolas Pocard, Director Marketing, Ballard Power Systems
    ● COVID-19 impacts and opportunities - Dr Kerry-Ann Adamson, Principal Consultant, Advisian
    ● Building the UK’s first 100% hydrogen network with H100 – Mark Crowther, Technical Director, Kiwa

    Panel Q&A
  • Low carbon heat: Are heat networks the answer? Recorded: May 14 2020 95 mins
    Dr Keith MacLean OBE, Gareth Fenney, Nick Gosling, Dave Pearson, Morten Jordt Duedahl
    Sponsored by The Scottish Government

    Decarbonising heat - meaning reducing and eliminating the greenhouse gases emitted during its generation and use - is essential to tackling climate change. Our panel of experts will be looking at policy; low carbon heat in general and heat networks/district heating at home (UK-wide and Glasgow’s Queens Quay Project in particular) and abroad.

    Topics that may come under the spotlight include:
    ● Low emission towns and cities: What’s needed to deliver cleaner air and economic growth?
    ● Stimulating a sustainable recovery post COVID-19 is great, but what’s needed now to make it happen?

    Chair: Dr Keith MacLean OBE, Managing Director, Providence Policy

    ● Gareth Fenney, Head of Heat Strategy Unit, The Scottish Government
    ● Nick Gosling - Group Sales and Strategy Director, Vital Energi
    ● Dave Pearson, Director, Star Renewable Energy
    ● Morten Jordt Duedahl, Business Development Manager, Danish Board of District Heating (DBDH)

    Panel Q&A
  • Offshore wind – Keeping our eye on the long-term prize Recorded: May 13 2020 91 mins
    Maf Smith, Jonathan Cole, Mary Thorogood, Benj Sykes, Christina Horspool, Morris Bray
    Our industry is a critical part of our UK and global response to climate change. The UK is a world leader in offshore wind, and we are seeing rapid expansion across the globe. But in the midst of a global pandemic, how does our industry prioritise and stay on the path to low carbon growth. We bring together leading figures from across our industry to talk about the continued opportunity for offshore wind and reflect on what our changed environment means for our businesses.

    Chair: Maf Smith, Director, Lumen Energy & Environment

    ● Jonathan Cole, Managing Director, Iberdrola Global Offshore Wind Business
    ● Mary Thorogood, Senior Specialist, Strategy, Business Development and Government Relations, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
    ● Benj Sykes, Vice President, UK Offshore. Head of UK Market Development, Consenting & External Affairs, Ørsted and Industry Chair, OWIC
    ● Christina Horspool, Environment Division Manager, Xodus Group
    ● Morris Bray, Senior Business Development Manager, National Grid Ventures.

    Panel Q&A
  • The Path to Net Zero Recorded: May 13 2020 91 mins
    Chris Stark, Keith Anderson, Prof. Karen Turner, Prof. Rebecca Willis
    How do we reach net zero? Industry luminaries will provide their far-ranging views on this all-important topic. They will undoubtedly touch on the effect of COVID-19 on immediate plans, COP 26 aims and steps to be taken that show real progress before the summit is held; recommendations to governments; economic impact; and the view of citizens of the UK including those of young people

    Introduced by Judith Patten MBE, Project Director, All-Energy and Dcarbonise, and co-creator of All-Energy.

    ● Chris Stark, CEO, Committee on Climate Change
    ● Keith Anderson, CEO, ScottishPower
    ● Professor Karen Turner, Director, Centre for Energy Policy, University of Strathclyde and a Just Transition Commissioner with a presentation – ‘Ensuring prosperity in the race to Net Zero: the challenge of balancing industrial decarbonisation and the ‘Just Transition’’
    ● Rebecca Willis, Professor in Practice, Lancaster Environment Centre; Expert Lead for Climate Assembly UK, the national citizens’ assembly on climate change

    Panel Q&A
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  • Title: Speed and Scale
  • Live at: Jun 18 2020 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Matthew Knight, Charlotte Owen, Graeme Cooper, Dame Julia King
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