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Video: Silverfort & Yubikey

Extending Yubikey Secure Authentication To Shared Folders
Recorded Jul 2 2020 0 mins
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  • Four Simple Steps to Secure Your Service Accounts [30 minutes] Recorded: Oct 27 2020 38 mins
    Hed Kovetz, CEO and Co-Founder, Silverfort and Revital Aronis, Product Manager, Silverfort
    With hundreds or even thousands of unsupervised, highly-privileged service accounts running in modern organizations, they can become high-risk assets. Join us for a discussion about four simple steps you can take to secure these accounts and reduce the risk of a cyber attack.
  • Extending YubiKey FIDO2 Hardware Token to Systems and Interfaces with Silverfort Recorded: Sep 22 2020 40 mins
    Jonathan Nativ, Silverfort, and David Treece, Yubico
    Now more than ever, organizations need a holistic authentication solution to maximize security without disrupting productivity. An efficient way to do so is to strengthen weak static username/password credentials with strong FIDO2 hardware-backed public/private-key credentials.

    In this session with Silverfort and Yubico experts, we’ll review the integrated solutions, discuss key customer use cases and explain how you can now:
    o Extend FIDO2 hardware-backed Multi-Factor Authentication to any system or interface
    o Enforce strong authentication without implementing software agents, changing application code, or using proxies
    o Take advantage of the integrated solutions to address various use cases
  • Silverfort 101: Introduction to Silverfort's Agentless Authentication Platform Recorded: Aug 25 2020 37 mins
    Hed Kovetz, CEO and Co-Founder, Silverfort
    Have questions about Silverfort’s agentless architecture? Want to know how it’s AI-Driven risk engine works? Wondering about the different use cases? - This webinar is for you!
    Join us for an overview of Silverfort’s Agentless Authentication Platform.
    In this session, Hed Kovetz, Silverfort’s CEO and Co-Founder reviews:
    • Silverfort’s innovative and non-intrusive architecture
    • Silverfort’s AI-Driven risk engine and adaptive policies
    • Key customer use cases
    *********** The session includes a live demo **********************
  • Blocking Identity-Based Threats with Silverfort +Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Recorded: Jul 23 2020 47 mins
    Hed Kovetz, Ron Rasin and Pramukh Arkalgud Ganeshamurthy
    Automate your security operations and response to identity-based threats and behavior anomalies with Silverfort playbooks.

    Learn how to:
    • Automate threat enrichment with Silverfort’s continuous AI-driven risk data
    • Automate step-up authentication with agentless multi-factor authentication
    • Automate response to malicious user activities
    • Automate service account security
    • Automate the enforcement of dynamic zero-trust policies
  • Video: Silverfort & Yubikey Recorded: Jul 2 2020
    Extending Yubikey Secure Authentication To Shared Folders
  • Can You Detect and Block the Evasive Threat of Lateral Movement? Recorded: Jun 16 2020 66 mins
    Rich Peckham, Sr. Solution Architect, Silverfort, and Mike Carroll, Sr. Sales Engineer, Silverfort
    After the initial breach, hackers need to progressively move through a network, in their search for target data and assets. Lateral movement is a term that refers to techniques they use.
    Join us for a talk about the use of lateral movement techniques in various attacks. Rich and Mike will explain what lateral movement is, and show some attack demos. We will discuss the importance of detecting and blocking these attacks early on and demonstrate how it can be done.
  • Cybersecurity & Employee Productivity Can the Two ever Meet? Recorded: Jun 16 2020 50 mins
    Amar Singh, Ron Rasin & Jonathan Hope
    You have to fill in this 5-page form if you want to install this app" said the cybersecurity officer. Sound familiar?

    Cybersecurity is seen as a blocker by the average business user. Whether it's the annoying message about not being allowed to surf a perfectly legitimate website or the essay you have to write to justify your business-critical.

    This is NOT to say that Cybersecurity is in the wrong here.

    Join Ron Rasin, Jonathan Hope and Amar Singh, Global CISO as they discuss how you can maintain the balance between happy business users (not a common term, that) and joyful cybersecurity teams (yes, it is possible to make security people happy).

    Some points of discussion:
    – Technology and configurations to ensure maximum and transparent security
    - Monitoring controls and tactical actions to silently uplift the security posture and more
  • Is Remote Access Putting Your Organization at Risk? Recorded: May 19 2020 61 mins
    Hed Kovetz, CEO and Co-Founder, Silverfort and Gil Kirkpatrick, Chief Architect, Semperis
    Recent events forced us to change the way we work and today most employees are working remotely. While enabling remote access is critical these days, it’s also exposing us to more risk: when hundreds of users are inside the network – who is monitoring and validating that access to our most sensitive assets is legitimate and secure?

    In this webinar, we will discuss why remote access is putting organizations at risk. We will review examples of relevant attacks that target our most critical assets, like Active Directory. Finally, we’ll discuss what should be done to mitigate the threat and protect sensitive assets from breach and compromise.
  • Video: Introduction to Silverfort Recorded: May 11 2020 2 mins
    A short video introducing Silverfort's Authentication Platform
  • Silverfort platform Integration with Azure Active Directory Recorded: May 11 2020 2 mins
    Hed Kovetz, CEO and Co-Founder, Silverfort
    Silverfort integrates with Azure Active directly to influence conditional access policies in Azure AD in real-time and to deliver unified authentication policies.
    Silverfort also integrates with the Microsoft Security Graph API to share the Silverfort’s continuous AI-driven risk assessment with Microsoft and to can get risk indicators from Microsoft to apply intelligent security policies across the board.
  • Protecting the Unprotectable with Next-Generation Authentication Recorded: May 10 2020 58 mins
    Dries Robberechts
    Silverfort's Authentication Platform can enforce secure authentication for any user on any system, including systems that were considered “Unprotectable” until today, without any modifications to endpoints and servers. This includes homegrown systems, IT infrastructure, IoT devices, dynamic IaaS environments and more. Silverfort enables organizations to address a wide variety of Zero Trust use cases and compliance needs, including secure migration of sensitive applications to the Cloud.

    Watch this recorded webinar to learn:

    * Why passwords are no longer a reliable factor of authentication.
    * Why so many sensitive enterprise systems still aren’t protected by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
    * Why traditional MFA won’t cope with Zero Trust requirements.
    How Silverfort’s technology allows full agent-less Adaptive Risk Based Authentication.
  • Rethinking MFA Recorded: Nov 6 2018 43 mins
    Hed Kovetz | CEO at Silverfort
    Multi-Factor Authentication has been around for decades, but still, 81% of data breaches involve the use of compromised passwords. We will examine how major changes in the technology landscape are challenging the effectiveness of current MFA solutions, and what can be done to secure corporate identities in this new reality.

    About the speaker:

    Head Kovetz is the CEO and co-founder of Silverfort, the provider of next-generation multi-factor authentication solutions. Prior to founding Silverfort, Hed served in product leadership positions at Verint, where he previously served as a group leader at the 8200 elite cyber unit of the Israel Defense Forces, where he received the unit’s excellence award and the Chief of Intelligence Corps Award for Innovation.
Authentication Evolved: Agentless. Proxyless. Limitless.
Silverfort extends secure authentication and Zero Trust policies across all sensitive assets, on-premises or in the cloud, without agents or proxies. This includes systems and interfaces that couldn't be protected until today like IT infrastructure, homegrown and legacy applications, file shares, databases, IoT devices and more.
In addition, Silverfort extends protection to interfaces and access tools that currently allow attackers to bypass all other MFA solutions (Remote PowerShell, PsExec, etc.)

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