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Accelerating Cloud-Connected Epic Workloads

Join the Dell Technologies Healthcare - Epic EHR team for a discussion on Accelerating
Cloud-Connected Workloads for Epic. We'll explore how cloud adjacent hosting can provide the best of both worlds, by blending the power of the cloud with on-premises infrastructures. Learn how Dell Technologies' utilizes a unique approach to support any sized organization in their pursuit to bring Epic database workloads to the cloud.

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Recorded Mar 18 2021 16 mins
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Presented by
Dell Technologies Healthcare - Epic Team
Presentation preview: Accelerating Cloud-Connected Epic Workloads

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  • Compliance: The Convergence of Cybersecurity and Operational Maturity Apr 13 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Phil Sweeney (Dell Technologies), Thomas Finn (Medigate) and Carter Groome (First Health Advisory)
    The HIPAA Safe Harbor Bill (HR 7898) requires HHS to recognize whether cybersecurity best practices have been adopted by health systems when determining financial penalties following security breaches. Essentially, the law aims to reduce potential sanctions, penalties, and the length of audits when recognized cybersecurity best practices are followed. Not surprisingly, it defines ’Recognized Security Practices” in accordance with the NIST framework. This webinar will discuss the new law and will detail an innovative assessment opportunity that delivers a practical, benchmarked road map to both business value and compliance.

    Phil Sweeney, Business Development Manager, Edge & IoT, Healthcare - Life Sciences at Dell Technologies
    Thomas Finn, Director, Business Development at Medigate
    Carter Groome, CEO at First Health Advisory
  • Accelerating Cloud-Connected Epic Workloads Recorded: Mar 18 2021 16 mins
    Dell Technologies Healthcare - Epic Team
    Join the Dell Technologies Healthcare - Epic EHR team for a discussion on Accelerating
    Cloud-Connected Workloads for Epic. We'll explore how cloud adjacent hosting can provide the best of both worlds, by blending the power of the cloud with on-premises infrastructures. Learn how Dell Technologies' utilizes a unique approach to support any sized organization in their pursuit to bring Epic database workloads to the cloud.

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  • Audio and Video Analytics: What is deployable today for desired outcomes? Recorded: Feb 16 2021 46 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Join Vince Ricco, Dell Technologies Unstructured Data Solutions Business Development Manager for Safety & Security and David Grey, Genetec Commercial lead, Streamvault as they explore the current analytic use cases for life safety, loss prevention and operational efficiencies.
    •Learn Best Practices for deploying Video and Audio Analytics today
    •Discuss integration of diverse systems such as Video Management and Access Control
    •Discuss the importance of Infrastructure planning to facilitate expanding use cases for data insights.
  • Capture new opportunities with Computer Vision and Video Analytics Recorded: Feb 9 2021 58 mins
    James Meakin, Graham Porter, Nigel Steyn, Charbel Aoun
    The use of computer vision technologies is growing exponentially. The opportunity is huge and integrators and security consultants are perfectly positioned to take full advantage of these new data-driven workloads. Join industry leaders Dell Technologies and Nvidia to understand how you can embrace video analytics and gain new and incremental revenue streams that will ultimately allow your customers to stay ahead of the game.

    What you will learn:
    •How to position your business as a Computer Vision leader.
    •How to eliminate risk by working with our ecosystem of Computer vision lab validated partners.
    •How to win business and deliver an end to end solution to your customers.
  • Preparing for a destructive cyber attack Recorded: Jan 28 2021 60 mins
    Pete Renneker (Deloitte), Russel Boyer (Dell Technologies), Jim Shook (Dell Technologies)
    Ransomware and destructive cyberattacks threaten organizations across the globe. Different threat actors have varying goals, ranging from simple ransomware to extort funds to advanced threat actors who employ sophisticated techniques to encrypt important data and destroy backups and replicated data to ensure a payday.

    Utilities are targeted along with every other organization, but these companies also have unique concerns and a wide range of targets. Bad actors might threaten SCADA systems to shut down production or automated meter reading systems to block new revenue. Or they target systems important and common to every organization such as financials or human resources and payroll systems.

    Dell Technologies has developed and defined capabilities to protect critical applications and data in a logically air-gapped, data vault environment – safe from these attacks.
  • Developing a Secure Care Strategy Recorded: Jan 25 2021 56 mins
    Mitch Parker, IU Health
    The last year in healthcare cybersecurity has seen an influx in the number of targeted attacks, coupled with the rapid expansion of the healthcare infrastructure to meet the response to the national crisis. Providers are also facing a greater number of vulnerabilities and must ensure their care strategy can meet those needs.

    This webcast will detail the needed steps for developing an overall enterprise security strategy, including ensuring data is secure in transit and in storage. Key elements to be addressed include:
    - An overview of leading risks and threats healthcare providers must address
    - Developing policies and procedures for best practice cybersecurity measures across the enterprise
    - Recommended tools for finding vulnerabilities and keeping data secure
  • Smart Infrastructure Delivers Safety and Security Today and into the Future Recorded: Nov 17 2020 30 mins
    Wayne Arvidson, Willie Reed and Randy Lack
    Welcome back to the Dell Technologies Innovation Webinar Series. As your organization continues on the journey to incorporate smart infrastructure into your safety and security strategies, Willie Reed, General Manager, Safety and Security / Computer Vision and Randy Lack, Manager, Americas, Safety and Security / Computer Vision, Dell Technologies will share current perspectives on the deployment of modernized technology to build out your Safety and Security framework across multiple use cases. They will explore next-generation solutions that leverage the power of edge computing and connected analytics to transform the value safety and security to all stake holders across the business. Welcome to the world of computer vision, structured modern IT solutions, “smart spaces,” and more. Join the conversation, register today.

    What’s In It for You
    • See how the deployment of a modern AI and computer vision-based infrastructure can enhance your safety and security framework today and tomorrow
    • Learn how you can quantify your safety and security investments and move them from a cost center into a revenue stream for your organization
    • Discover how Dell Technologies safety and security solutions are already delivering value to organizations such as yours
    • Explore how computer vision is providing additional actionable insights and faster ROI - evolving via edge computing and connected analytics
  • Benefits of Virtualizing Utility Protection & Control Systems at Salt River Proj Recorded: Oct 30 2020 62 mins
    Prithpal Khajuria (Intel), Anthony Sivesind (Salt River Project) and Russell Boyer (Dell Technologies)
    Utilities seeking Grid Modernization require new innovative approaches to the standard challenge of protection and control. There has been an evolution from electromechanical relays to Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), e.g. protection relays, to new virtualized Software Defined Systems – improving reliability, availability and manageability without compromising security. The many virtues in migrating to a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) significantly outweigh the limitations of deploying more dedicated hardware platforms throughout the data center.

    Salt River Project (SRP), as part of their Grid Innovation initiative, is exploring IED consolidation leading up to the virtualization of all traditional substation components – including Virtual Protective Relaying (VPR). The present state of protection, control, and communications device maintenance and upgrade metrics, as well as the changing grid topology, are driving the imperative for virtualization.

    Dell Technologies, teaming with VMware and Intel, have partnered with industry-leading Utilities like SRP to define the scope of these new platforms and develop an enterprise-grade edge SDDC from the data center to the substations. The vision of Intel’s Energy IoT team is to help Utilities modernize, and partners develop, solutions for utilities that manage traditional and next generation infrastructure in a seamless and secure way, ready to deal with all kinds of cyber and physical threats.
  • Connected Retail Solutions Recorded: Oct 14 2020 57 mins
    Siobhán Lynch and Claire O’Keeffe
    Welcome to Dell Technologies Retail Webinar. In this conversation we will focus on the “Dell Technologies Connected Retail Solutions”. Together with our partner ecosystem, we have developed solutions to help retailers deliver a more personalized experience to their customers and scale with innovative solutions that will help improve your operation.

    Join Siobhán Lynch, Retail Lead, Global Industries and Claire O’Keeffe, Solutions Architect, Customer Solution Center, Limerick to learn about retail industry trends and Dell Technologies offerings through an Innovation Lab 360 Degree Virtual Experience.

    What’s In It for You
    • See how Dell Technologies Innovation Lab Virtual Experience can enable your retail transformation.
    • Gain insights into the power of the possible and how to extend your transformation journey into areas you might have not considered before.
    • Learn how Dell Technologies engineers solutions with retail needs in mind.
  • Technical Review of a Utility Architecture Design for Grid Modernization Recorded: Sep 29 2020 60 mins
    Carl Olafson (VMware), Thomas Ledoux (Dell Technologies), Phil Carey (Carey Consulting)
    Transforming and modernizing the energy industry is at the forefront of utility operational objectives. Traditional architectures in electric utilities are costly to maintain and inflexible. Utilities seeking to modernize the Grid require a new approach, one that leverages a common, virtual architecture providing more agility and higher levels of inter-operability, security and reliability.

    A Utility Grid Modernization Program requires a common architecture design that can be utilized across the Utility eco-system. The common architecture should be a robust Enterprise Grade Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) that can run at the edge, while utilizing the same tools and retaining the same capabilities as the data center. In addition, the common architecture must be capable of supporting Cloud Native and Legacy (Window/Linux) x86 applications on a single platform while providing intrinsic security, compliance and lifecycle management.

    The benefits of a SDDC virtual architecture for grid modernization includes reduced overall cost, increased safety, increased reliability, redundancy, self-diagnostics, and an improved level of security through zero-trust architectures. Together, Dell Technologies, Intel and VMware are delivering successful Utility Grid Modernization projects with enterprise grade, standard virtual architectures enabling Utilities to streamline operations while delivering next-generation utility tools to manage and ensure overall grid reliability.
  • Planning for the Road Ahead Through Virtual Care Transformation Recorded: Sep 16 2020 58 mins
    Matthew Douglas, Chief Enterprise Architect at Sentara Healthcare
    A webinar on the best practices that Sentara Healthcare deployed for their digital transformation that enabled them to quickly transition to a virtual workforce when the need arose. Through strategic investments in essential infrastructure solutions, powered by Dell Technologies, Sentara was able to advance secure clinical mobility to serve their patients without disruption under challenging circumstances. Featuring Matthew Douglas, Chief Enterprise Architect at Sentara Healthcare, and David Dimond, Healthcare Chief Innovation Officer at Dell Technologies.
  • Dell Technologies and VMware Webinar: Succeeding in the New Era of Virtual Care Recorded: Aug 10 2020 60 mins
    David DeAngelis, Suja Chandrasekaran, Scott C. Rissmiller, M.D., Michael Robinson, James Roxburgh
    This webinar, originally hosted by U.S. News and World Report on Thursday, July 30, 2020 features an introduction by David DeAngelis, Dell Technologies Global Healthcare General Manager and discussion with the following:
    * Suja Chandrasekaran - Sr. Executive VP, Chief Information and Digital Officer, CommonSpirit Health
    * Scott C. Rissmiller, M.D. - Executive VP and Chief Physician Executive, Atrium Health
    * Michael D. Robinson - Vice President, North America Healthcare, VMware
    * James Roxburgh - Chief Executive Officer, Telehealth, Banner Health
  • Best Practices on Implementing Thermal Vision Solutions Recorded: Aug 6 2020 30 mins
    Wayne Arvidson, Director, Dell Technologies and Ken Mills, CEO, Intellisite Corporation
    Welcome back to Dell Technologies Innovation Webinar Series. In this conversation we will have Wayne Arvidson interviewing Ken Mills CEO of Intellisite as he shares some best practices around implementing thermal vision solutions. The next generation of safety and security solutions such as thermal imaging and computer vision are being used in different ways in today’s world, and we believe this is only the beginning.
  • Developing a Virtual Health Strategy Recorded: Jul 30 2020 63 mins
    David Houghton, MD, MPH and Dr. Natalie Pageler
    Leading health systems are finding that virtual care has become a necessity rather than a luxury, with new tools and platforms at their disposal, the payer market expanding its coverage guidelines, and the nation moving toward a “new normal.” Providers are developing virtual health strategies that incorporate telehealth and remote patient monitoring to advance value-based care, boost clinical outcomes, and improve provider workflows.

    In this on demand webcast, David Houghton, MD, MPH and Dr. Natalie Pageler discuss the development of enterprise-wide virtual care strategies and the evolution of virtual platforms. Additionally, the speakers delve into the connected health climate before COVID-19, the pandemic's impact on virtual services, and their response to new consumer demands and market forces.
  • Delivery of an ADMS Strategy to Streamline Operations and Enhance Reliability Recorded: Jul 21 2020 49 mins
    Phil Carey (Carey Consulting), Carl Olafson (VMware), Russell Boyer (Dell Technologies)
    The utility grid has been undergoing a fundamental change from a rigid Operations Technology (OT) centric one-way energy flow model, to a more dynamic data-driven model supporting intermittent renewable resources and flexible customer loads. This has resulted in Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) grid technologies providing next-generation control capabilities such as management of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and battery storage, and tighter integration with utility tools to manage overall grid reliability. This global ADMS market is being driven by several key factors such as the increase in demand for energy, rapid grid development pushing towards 100% renewables, the need for improved customer service and better Grid efficiencies. In addition, net-zero carbon footprint strategies and consumer cost savings are also pushing global ADMS markets forward.

    Utilities can streamline operations and reduce expenses while enhancing reliability by virtualizing their ADMS. The virtualization of these utility systems enables the decoupling of application and hardware refresh cycles, delivering non-disruptive updates and reduced operational expense (OpEx). The adoption of virtualized Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) models removes the dependencies on Storage Area Network (SAN) and Fiber Channel components. Utilities can now eliminate associated SAN/FC capital expense and OpEx spending, and redirect resources to more value-add activities. Dell VxRail HCI solutions will automate and eliminate many manual hardware and maintenance activities for drastically improved lifecycle management, that lowers total cost of ownership while enhancing data security, compliance, protection and recovery.
  • Unlocking Healthcare's “Digital Front Door” with Integrated Virtual Care Recorded: Jul 16 2020 48 mins
    Moderator: John Lynn, Founder and Chief Editor at Healthcare IT Today
    A conversation with these panelists about how an organization knows which patients should be engaged in virtual care, the best ways to engage the patients in virtual care, and then how you measure whether the virtual care provided was successful or not:
    - Steven Lazer, Global Healthcare CTO at Dell Technologies
    - Pete Stevenson, President and COO/CSO at eCare21
    - Gail Zahtz, Vice President Continuum of Care at Centers Health Care
    - Jamey Edwards, CEO and Co-Founder at Cloudbreak Health
    - John Lynn, Founder and Chief Editor at Healthcare IT Today (moderator)
  • Hypertrust Patient Data Care X-Chain for Personalized Medicine Recorded: Jul 15 2020 52 mins
    Dr. Marten Neubauer, Healthcare Field Director, Dell Technologies ; Andreas Goebel, Managing Director, Hypertrust
    The future of healthcare is digital, driven by emerging technologies and digitization and big data. Better patient outcomes and experiences will be driven by data and advanced connectivity.
    Dell Technologies offers your healthcare organisation the most comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions for your healthcare digital transformation, allowing you to deliver innovative, secure and sustainable solutions in pharmaceuticals, diagnostic imaging, AI, , medical image storage, digital pathology and telemedicine. Together with our healthcare technology partners, we can deliver true digital solutions for your healthcare business.
    In this webinar, we will get an insight into Hypertrust Patient Data Care’s solution “X-Chain for Personalized Medicine”. This supply chain optimization for personalized treatments, like e.g. cell & gene cancer treatments, can be operated fully decentralized on top of a blockchain network. Based on the just released reference implementation paper, it will be discussed which benefits blockchain based solutions can bring to the field of personalized healthcare - specifically to achieve a holistic chain of identity and custody and frictionless cross company process integrations. Seamless integrations will be demonstrated based on SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Services and a variety of Dell Solutions.
  • Using PowerStore to Architect Your Epic Deployment for the Future Recorded: Jul 1 2020 28 mins
    Dell Technologies Healthcare - Epic Team
    Join the Dell Technologies Healthcare - Epic EHR team for a discussion on running Dell EMC PowerStore for Epic. We'll explore how PowerStore's flexible architecture and modular design provides for consistent services across platforms and enables future deployment models. Learn how this data-centric design optimizes system performance, scalability, and storage efficiency to support any workload without compromise.

    Please note:
    To register, you'll need to establish a BrightTalk account if you haven't already.
    If you already have an account, you will need to login to register.
  • How to Deliver a USC Framework as part of an Overall Grid Modernization Strategy Recorded: Jun 25 2020 62 mins
    Steve Orrin (Intel), Carl Olafson (VMware) and Russell Boyer (Dell Technologies)
    In this webinar on delivering a Utility Security and Compliance (USC) framework, you will learn that transforming and modernizing the energy industry is at the forefront of utility operational objectives. Utilities seeking to modernize the Grid require a new approach, one that leverages newer technologies and standards while providing more agility and the highest levels of security and reliability. A cyber security domain within an overall grid modernization strategy is critical for success, and virtualization is the foundation for digitizing the grid. This foundation must also address bidirectional power flow, sustainability goals and optimized grid operations. Dell Technologies and VMware have partnered with industry leaders in providing a strong, modern ecosystem of solutions for utility companies. The benefits of virtualization and grid modernization include reduced overall cost, increased safety, increased reliability, reduced wiring/electrical hazards, redundancy, self-diagnostics, and an improved level of security through zero-trust architectures.
  • Digital Integration for the Data-Driven, Platformed Utility Recorded: Jun 25 2020 59 mins
    Kathryn Vince-Odozi, Keith Armstrong, Global Energy Industry - Dell Technologies and Thorsten Heller, CEO - Greenbird
    Welcome to this Dell Technologies Webinar. During this conversation we will explore “Digital Integration for the Data-Driven, Platformed Utility”. Dell Technologies and Greenbird will discuss how Electric Utility Companies can achieve Enterprise Integration with a Digital Integration Hub, enabling use cases that include: smart grids, predictive maintenance and intelligent grid operations for the Energy Transition.
Dell Technologies Global Industries
Dell Technologies Global Industries focused on Healthcare & Life Sciences, Safety & Security, Retail, Utilities, and Oil & Gas.

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