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9 Tips for Application Security in the Microservice Era

In this short session we will review security challenges coming with the move to microservices, different approaches and solutions, and 9 tips for complete protection.
Recorded Mar 17 2021 14 mins
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Presented by
Ben Zilberman, Director, Security Product Marketing
Presentation preview: 9 Tips for Application Security in the Microservice Era

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  • Cisco & Radware – Wie Cisco Secure ADC Ihre Geschäftskontinuität schützt Nov 23 2021 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Christian Schulmeister, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco & Markus Link, Systems Engineer, DACH
    Die Datenverschlüsselung ist eine wichtige Technologie, um die Privatsphäre zu gewährleisten und vertrauliche Informationen zu schützen. Gleichzeitig erhöhen sich dadurch die Sicherheitsrisiken, da Unternehmen die „Visibility“ über den Netzwerkverkehr verlieren und Angreifer verschlüsselten Datenverkehr verwenden, um Cyberangriffe zu starten.

    Nehmen Sie an diesem 45-minütigen Webinar mit Experten von Cisco und Radware teil, um zu erfahren, wie Cisco Secure ADC diese Herausforderung angeht.

    Das sind unsere Themen:

    • Die Herausforderungen von SSL/TLS in Bezug auf IT-Security
    • Wie Cisco Secure ADC „Visibility“ in den verschlüsselten Datenverkehr bietet und Security Blind Spots verhindert.
    • Wie Cisco SSLi Bundles Radware Alteon SSL-Beschleunigung mit Cisco Secure Firewall und/oder Web Security Appliance (WSA) kombinieren
  • How CISOs are Transitioning with Cloud Nov 9 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dan Lohrmann, Security Mentor | Earl Duby, Lear Corporation | Chris Hill, Barracuda | Daniel Cohen, Radware
    Although cloud has become a foundation for many organisations, some still struggle to optimise their cloud security. Gartner predicts that through 2020, 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer's fault. In 2020, companies struggled to accommodate the shift to remote work with fast-tracked digital transformation initiatives, leaving themselves vulnerable to cyber attacks. How can today’s CISO mend the gaps and create a foolproof cloud security strategy?

    Today’s CISO needs to adapt to the growth of cloud users, manage cloud access and identity while continuing to monitor for threats, and more. Join this webinar to learn about key cloud security considerations CISOs should keep in mind as they secure their organisation’s transition to the cloud.

    Tune in to learn more about:

    -Top security strategies and solutions to consider
    -Biggest cloud security challenges of 2021 and beyond
    -Adopting a risk management framework
    -Challenges in managing cloud access and identities
    -Regulatory considerations and cloud privacy

    - Dan Lohrmann, CSO at Security Mentor
    - Earl Duby, CISO at Lear Corporation
    - Chris Hill, RVP Public Cloud & Alliances at Barracuda
    - Daniel Cohen Vice President Cloud Services at Radware
  • [Replay] Radware Threat Researchers Live, Ep.14: Return of REvil, RDoS, Meris Oct 26 2021 3:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    Pascal Geenens & Daniel Smith, Radware
    In this episode:

    - The Return of REvil
    - Ransom Denial-of-Service Campaigns
    - Mēris Botnet
    - LockBit reaching for Mēris
    - DownThem & Ampnode operators sentencing
    - Dark.IoT Updates
    - OMIGOD! Vulnerabilities & Exploits
    - UDP Technology Vulnerabilities & Exploits
    - Dark.IoT Exploits
    - Vulnerabilities & Exploits on the Horizon
  • Wie erstelle ich einen Reaktionsplan gegen DDoS-Angriffe? Recorded: Oct 21 2021 44 mins
    Markus Link, Systems Engineer, DACH
    DDoS-Angriffe erleben ein Comeback und Sie müssen vorbereitet sein. Die meisten Unternehmen haben jedoch immer noch keinen vorbereiteten Reaktionsplan gegen einen laufenden DDoS-Angriff.
    In diesem speziellen 45-minütigen Webinar von Radware-Experten erfahren Sie, wie Sie einen DDoS-Reaktionsplan erstellen und was vor, während und nach einem DDoS-Angriff zu tun ist.

    Das sind unsere Themen:
    • 5 Schritte, die Sie unternehmen müssen, um auf einen DDoS-Angriff vorbereitet zu sein, bevor er auftritt.
    • Wichtige Schritte, die Sie sofort ausführen sollten, sobald ein Angriff beginnt.
    • Welche Analysen sollten Sie nach einem Angriff durchführen, um beim nächsten Mal noch besser vorbereitet zu sein?
  • API: la nueva puerta de los hackers Recorded: Oct 20 2021 55 mins
    Oscar Sierra, Technical Leader, Latin America | Fabio Bicudo, System Engineer | Edward Ramirez System Engineer
    Las APIs se están convirtiendo rápidamente en el principal riesgo de seguridad de las aplicaciones en muchas organizaciones.

    La nube, la necesidad de APIs y la pérdida creciente de la visibilidad de la seguridad han hecho a las aplicaciones cada vez más vulnerables.

    ¿Qué puede hacer contra esto?

    En este webcast nuestros ingenieros expondrán los retos y la importancia de asegurar nuestras API a través de demostraciones de ataques, recomendaciones y técnicas de defensa para tener un ambiente de API seguro.
  • How to Protect from SSL Attacks Without Compromising Your Business Recorded: Oct 19 2021 26 mins
    Eva Abergel | Sharon Shitrit
    Today, most of the internet traffic is encrypted. Fraud, hacking activities and a long list of privacy regulations have caused organizations to use HTTPS and encrypted communication as a default communication method. The good news is that data is safer when encrypted. The bad news is that attacks are easily camouflaged when encrypted.

    Join Radware for this special 30-minute webinar to learn:

    The sophistication behind SSL DDoS attacks
    Considerations for selecting an SSL protection solution
    Strategies to protect your business in a way that atttends to your specific needs
  • [Replay] Radware Threat Researchers Live, Ep.13: Mozi weaponized, Hotcobalt Recorded: Oct 13 2021 90 mins
    Pascal Geenens & Daniel Smith, Radware
    What to expect in this Radware Threat Researchers Live:
    . Mozi weaponized to spy
    . Another World record DDoS attack
    . Internet middleboxes and censorship devices potential to break all existing DDoS world records (Weaponizing Middleboxes for TCP Reflected Amplification)
    . Hotcobalt, DoS'ing attackers' beacons
    . DDoS-for-Hire on the wire
    . Dark.IoT botnet preparing to leverage Realtek SDK vulnerabilities
    . Azure PowerApp data leak, shared responsibility in the cloud
  • [Replay] Radware Threat Researchers Live, Ep.12: Ransom DoS, DarkSide, X-DDoS Recorded: Oct 6 2021 81 mins
    Pascal Geenens & Daniel Smith, Radware
    What to expect in tomorrow's Radware Threat Researchers Live:
    . Ransom DoS: the hunt for unprotected assets
    . Ransomware
    . Fake DarkSide Campaign
    . VPN Attacks up 2000% in Q1
    . How fast password leaks are tested by malicious actors
    . How attackers used slack cookies bought for 10$ to break into EA Games
    . 55-year-old Latvian Woman arrested - coder for Trickbot
    . CL0P Affiliates Raided
    . X-DDoS Claims for unpaid work
    . Weaponized exploits and mass scanning for vCenter vulnerabilities
    . Cryptojacking through typosquating packages in PyPI
  • Protecting Your Public Cloud Against Data Breaches Recorded: Sep 30 2021 49 mins
    Eyal Arazi, Senior Product Marketing Manager
    While data breaches can hit you anywhere, breaches of public cloud environments are particularly damaging. According to a study by IBM, data breaches at environments with a high degree of cloud migration are 50% more expensive than those with a low level of cloud migration.

    As a result, protecting against breaches takes a particular importance in public cloud environments becuase of the special characteristics of the public cloud and the immense damages that can be incurred if you get public cloud security wrong.

    In this webinar, learn:

    What makes public cloud environments particularly susceptible to breaches
    Why data breaches in the cloud are more expensive and take longer to detect and mitigate
    What the key vulnerabilities are to protect against in the cloud
    How to lock down your public cloud and quickly detect malicious activity
  • [Replay] Threat Researchers Live, Ep.11: Dark Web special with Cybersixgill Recorded: Sep 29 2021 99 mins
    Pascal Geenens & Daniel Smith, Radware
    Radware Threat Researchers Live. Episode 11 will be a Dark Web special with a special guest that is an expert on the subject.

    It is an honor and pleasure for Daniel and myself to welcome Dov Lerner, Security Research Lead at Cybersixgill, on our show. Dov, who spends more time on the dark web than we do on the internet, will give an exclusive look into his research on underground forum membership activity. Did the lockdown impact memberships and activity in underground forums? Of course we will start from the basics, introduce the dark web, give our insights and personal experiences, and the best ways to access the dark web as well as what to avoid on the dark web.
  • Secure Your Transition to the Cloud Without Losing Business Recorded: Sep 28 2021 51 mins
    Ben Field, Eyal Arazi, Sarbjeet Johal, Steven Puddephatt
    Only 27% of organizations migrating to the cloud “completely trust” the security offered by their cloud providers, according to The State of Web Application and API Protection 2020 by Radware. Of those who’ve migrated to public cloud, 47% are using more than one infrastructure provider for hosting their production apps.

    Moving to the cloud is all about agility and speed, but this agility and flexibility
    frequently come at the expense of security, leaving organizations, customers, and their
    data at risk. The worldwide public cloud services market grew from $242.7 billion in 2019 to $257.5 billion in 2020. In November 2020, Gartner predicted that it would increase another 18.4% in 2021 to $304.9 billion. As more and more organizations adopt multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies, there’s additional challenges and threat vectors to an
    increasingly complex environment. The key to staying secure is to deploy automated defenses which can close-off vulnerabilities without slowing down the business.

    Join us for Episode 2 of Securing Your Digital Transformation Journey, as Radware
    and guest experts discuss essential insights into the security challenges of moving to
    the cloud, and how to address them.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    - How organizations are leveraging public cloud environments to accelerate their business transformation
    - Why public cloud security is different than legacy IT security, and how the shared Responsibility Model impacts security
    - What are common threats and vulnerabilities to applications and data hosted on public cloud environments
    - What are the tools and procedures organizations should adopt to reduce their vulnerability to data breaches
    - And more!

    -Ben Field, Regional Director at Radware
    -Eyal Arazi, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Radware
    -Sarbjeet Johal, Cloud Consultant
    -Steven Puddephatt, Technical Sales Architect at GlobalDots
  • Comment créer un plan de réponse DDoS Recorded: Sep 23 2021 44 mins
    Juan Plans, Systems Engineer, France • Technical Support
    Les attaques DDoS sont de retour et vous devez être préparé. Cependant, la plupart des sociétés n'ont toujours pas de plan de réponse préparé à l'avance contre ces attaques.
    Rejoignez les experts Radware pour ce webinaire spécial de 45 minutes pour apprendre comment mettre en place un plan de réponse DDoS et quoi faire avant, pendant et après une attaque DDoS.

    Pendant ce webinaire, vous découvrirez :
    • 5 étapes à suivre pour être prêt pour une attaque DDoS avant qu'elle ne se produise
    • Étapes clés que vous devez effectuer immédiatement lorsqu’une attaque commence
    • Quelle analyse post-attaque devriez-vous faire pour être mieux préparé la prochaine fois
  • Finsec: Cybersecurity in Finance Recorded: Sep 15 2021 64 mins
    Elena Kozhemyakina, Fintech4Funds | Prakash Sinha, Radware | Yuri Livshitz, Planview | Ian Mitchell, The Knoble
    Covid-19 triggered a drastic acceleration in the digital transformation of businesses across industries. As companies sought to enable remote working, they quickly adopted new digital infrastructures that would allow employees to work safely from home. For cybercriminals, it was a huge opportunity - and financial institutions were the perfect target.

    As financial services shift further into the digital sphere, and as investors increase their use of cashless payment and other digital financing systems, security teams in banks are under increasing pressure to develop hacker-proof security systems.
    Join this session of Driving Fintech Forward, to explore the future of cybersecurity in banking and finance, and discover how the latest technologies can help you guarantee digital security for your investors.

    Topics for discussion include:
    - The business case for cybersecurity: why financial institutions need to pay more attention to security strategy
    - Develop a one-stop-shop for security that covers threats, event monitoring and automation across all consumer touch-points
    - Create a culture of data security consciousness within your team to avoid work-from-home data leaks
    - Educating about cyber threats: how to integrate your investors into your cybersecurity strategy

    Confirmed speakers:
    - Prakash Sinha, Senior Director - ADC, Radware
    - Yuri Livshitz, Principal Security Architect, Planview
    - Ian Mitchell, Founder, The Knoble
  • Protecting Your Public Cloud Against Data Breaches Recorded: Sep 7 2021 54 mins
    Tim Nielsen, Sales Manager, North America – Public Cloud & Desmond Tan, Director, ASEAN Cloud Business
    As more organizations adopt multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies, this adds more challenges and threat vectors to an increasingly complex environment. The key to staying secure is to deploy automated defences that can close off vulnerabilities without slowing down the business.

    Hear from Radware experts Tim Nielsen and Desmond Tan
    • How organizations are leveraging public cloud environments to accelerate their business transformation
    • Why public cloud security is different than legacy IT security, and how the Shared Responsibility Model impacts security
    • What are common threats and vulnerabilities to applications and data hosted on public cloud environments
    • What are the tools and procedures organizations should adopt to reduce their vulnerability to data breaches?

    Presenter: Tim Nielsen, Sales Manager, North America – Public Cloud
    Tim leads the North American Public Cloud security practice for Radware, managing strategic alliances with vendors like AWS, and working with channel partners and customers to secure and protect multi-cloud, public cloud, and DevOps application infrastructure. Tim has over 20 years in the application hosting, data center, IP network, and public cloud business, having concentrated on financial services, born-in-the-cloud eCommerce, and managed service providers. Having led engineering, customer support, and sales organizations gives Tim a unique 360-degree perspective on the cybersecurity challenges facing the organizations of today.

    Host: Desmond Tan, Director, Cloud Business
    Desmond is a cybersecurity and networking executive with over 20 years of experience working in sales and managerial roles in cybersecurity and networking.
  • Secure Your Business from Escalating DDoS Ransomware and Extortion Attacks Recorded: Aug 17 2021 31 mins
    Joey Muniz, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco | Mike Geller, Distinguished Cyber Security Architect, Radware
    In this session we will discuss the recent wave of DDoS Ransomware attacks that are exposing companies to costly ransom extortion. This session will explore the groups behind these attacks, how the attacks are deployed, how the attacks are impacting clients, and what is needed to protect against these Bad Actors and their attacks.

    In today’s digital economy, business depends on networks and applications being available 24x7. But increasing sophisticated distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) ransom attacks continue to undermine the digital experience and expose organizations to costly extortion.

    Cisco Secure DDoS Protection solutions defend organizations against today’s most sophisticated DDoS attacks, using advanced behavioral-based and machine-learning algorithms to rapidly detect and mitigate both network-layer (L3/4) and application-layer (L7) attacks. Cisco Secure DDoS solutions protect against SSL-based DDoS attacks without adding latency and use automatic, adaptive real-time protection to defend against zero-day attacks.
  • Protecting Online CX in the Financial Sector: Stay Ahead of the Current Threats Recorded: Aug 10 2021 46 mins
    Anna Convery-Pelletier, Radware | Monika Liikamaa, Enfuce | Ange Johnson De Wet, Lloyds Banking Group| Yoav Gazelle, Radware
    Securing Your Digital Transformation Journey: Episode 3

    The Financial Service Industry (FSI) has long been lagging in Digital Transformation efforts, but as the events of 2020 forced the industry to go truly digital, it’s proving essential that to stay ahead, the FS industry must establish themselves as star players in the digital era. Investors will judge investment management firms based on their customer interactions, predicts Deloitte in its 2021 investment management report, and today, that means its digital interactions.

    The risks of not doing so are too great - loss of trust, concerns around cyber security and unintuitive CX and lack of an ‘always-on’, personalized service leading to customer churn among them. Despite these risks, it’s not too late for Financial Services organizations to rapidly evolve their processes, operations and customer experiences.

    Join us in this 3rd and final episode of 'Securing Your Digital Transformation Journey', where Radware and guests will be discussing:

    - Why it’s essential FSI organizations develop and offer their customers a service-oriented, available omnichannel experience
    - The need for FSI to offer millennials and Gen-Z the service they want - such as encrypted emails instead of mail, personalization and instant customer service
    - The new cyber threat landscape putting FSI at risk of customer churn
    - How to balance the need for cybersecurity with smooth, intuitive customer experience
    - Best practices for fulfilling SLAs while managing against attacks
    - And more

    - Anna Convery-Pelletier, Chief Marketing Officer at Radware
    - Monika Liikamaa CEO & Co-Founder at Enfuce
    - Ange Johnson De Wet, Head of Cloud and Technology Change Risk at Lloyds Banking Group
    - Yoav Gazelle, VP International Sales, Radware
  • Resolviendo el Enigma: Protección de aplicativos en ambientes híbridos. Recorded: Aug 4 2021 67 mins
    Ricardo Medina, Sales Engineer, Technical Architect, Mexico | Oscar Sierra, Sales Engineer, Technical Leader, Latin America
    Acompáñenos en esta nueva edición de nuestros webinars en español.

    En esta oportunidad explicaremos a través de una demostración práctica como el balanceador de carga de Radware, Alteon, además de proveer las funcionalidades de balanceo de clase mundial que lo caracterizan, protege sus aplicaciones sin importar si estas se encuentran desplegadas en la nube pública o en un centro de datos propio.

    Les mostraremos de forma práctica y didáctica, todas las funcionalidades de seguridad que ayudan a proteger sus aplicaciones, APIs y aplicaciones móviles. Además, durante la demostración, haremos uso de las herramientas de visibilidad centralizadas, que permiten monitorear de forma detallada la seguridad y el tráfico, sin importar donde se encuentren las aplicaciones.
  • Multi-Cloud for Resilient Organizations: Strategies for Success Recorded: Jul 27 2021 58 mins
    Alex Hilton, Cloud Industry Forum | Jeremy Snyder, Rapid7 | Eyal Arazi, Radware | Pierre-Francois Guglielmi, Rubrik
    The modern business demands a modern approach to IT infrastructure, and in 2021 that’s increasingly meaning multi-cloud. Veering away from vendor lock-in, and driven by the spirit of collaboration, multi-cloud is being heralded as the approach future-proof, resilient businesses need to take.

    In this episode of Digital Transformation in Action, we’re asking why that is. We’ll be looking closely at how multi-cloud can enable businesses to not only unlock their future potential, but drive innovation and superior customer experience.

    Join host Alex Hilton and guests as they discuss:
    - Key reasons why a multi-cloud architecture can help future proof your business
    - How multi-cloud advances Digital Transformation strategies
    - How businesses can overcome common multi-cloud adoption challenges
    - What multi-cloud ‘done right’ looks like
    - And more

    Eyal Arazi - Product Marketing Manager, Radware
    Jeremy Snyder - Senior Director of Corporate Development, Rapid7
    Pierre-Francois (PF) Guglielmi - Field CTO, Alliances, Rubrik
  • Encrypted Data Inspection and Mitigation at Scale: Cisco SSLi Recorded: Jul 8 2021 60 mins
    Gary Halleen (Radware) & Jatin Sachdeva (Cisco)
    Over 90% of the traffic on the internet today is encrypted. While encryption is great for data privacy and confidentiality, it creates a massive security blind spot for IT.

    In this webinar, Cisco explains the challenges that encryption is creating for organizations today and presents the Cisco SSLi offer, a scalable, cost-effective solution for high volume management of encrypted traffic. Not only does the SSLi solution reduce security risks by providing visibility into encrypted traffic, it also improves the overall performance of your network by offloading encryption, decryption, and traffic management functions to Cisco Secure ADC, a purpose-build SSL inspection solution and application delivery controller.
  • 20th Episode Special: Celebrating the Power of Digital Transformation Recorded: Jun 22 2021 61 mins
    Alex Hilton, Cloud Industry Forum | Mike Kiersey - Dell Boomi | Rich Froble - Data Intensity | Daniel Cohen - Radware
    It’s hard to believe where the time has gone but Digital Transformation in Action is celebrating its 20th episode! The first episode aired on 9th October 2019, and it would be fair to say a lot’s changed since then.

    We’re using this special episode to celebrate how Digital Transformation has helped businesses survive the pandemic and aided essential services and first responders in supporting communities around the globe during the crisis. We’ll also be taking the time to ask what’s changed in the Digital Transformation landscape since October 2019 and discussing predictions for the next 18 months.

    Join us live to take part, celebrate the power of technology and discuss:

    - How trends around Digital Transformation have changed in the last 18 months
    - What technologies and businesses helped communities overcome the damage of the pandemic
    - What DX roadmaps looked like then and now
    - And more

    - Mike Kiersey - CTO, Dell Boomi EMEA
    - Rich Froble - VP of Product Management at Data Intensity
    - Daniel Cohen - VP, Cloud Services at Radware
The Path to Complete Protection In A Constantly Evolving World
Radware is a global leader of cyber security and application delivery solutions for physical, cloud, and software defined data centers. Its award-winning solutions portfolio secures the digital experience by providing infrastructure, application, and corporate IT protection and availability services to enterprises globally. Radware’s solutions empower enterprise and carrier customers worldwide to adapt to market challenges quickly, maintain business continuity and achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs down. For more information, please visit www.radware.com.

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  • Live at: Mar 17 2021 11:00 am
  • Presented by: Ben Zilberman, Director, Security Product Marketing
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