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HOT TOPIC Greenwashing – what to ask and what to avoid in ESG

Our panel of experts will be revisiting Greenwashing and looking at what to ask and what to avoid when discussing ESG. Host Georgina Mitchell MCSI, together with our panelists Ben Constable-Maxwell, Head of Sustainable & Impact Investing, M&G Investments and  Mikkel Bates, Regulatory Manager, FE fundinfo and Paris Jordan, founder of Virtuvest will be discussing:

What markers are most important when assessing the responsible investment credentials of an asset manager?

What questions should fund pickers be asking when choosing between different ESG funds?

What standards are investors benchmarking companies against? And how must these standards improve?

How can you ensure individual client preferences around responsible investing are reflected in their investments?

What must wealth managers and advisers do themselves to improve their own responsible investment credentials? all this and more as well as answering your questions.
Recorded Oct 30 2020 61 mins
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Presented by
Georgina Mitchell, Mikkel Bates, Ben Constable-Maxwell, Paris Jordan
Presentation preview: HOT TOPIC Greenwashing – what to ask and what to avoid in ESG

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  • HOT TOPIC Economy, markets and advice - a review and look forward Dec 9 2021 1:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Octo members
    We have brought together a group of investment professionals and advisers to discuss the year past and what lies in store for 2022 for this end of year informal discussion.

    A broad range of questions have already been submitted by Octo Members and Host John Lappin will be putting those questions as well as yours to the panel.
    Join the debate and have your say on:

    Markets and economies – the difficult exit from the pandemic

    Inflation and client and investor worries

    The government’s strategy on tax and spending and regulation.

    Where is the regulator headed and where do we want it to head?

    Have advisers and asset managers become more efficient and better
    attuned in a hybrid world?

    Where are clients and investors – financially and emotionally?

    Big fears and big hopes for 2021?

    We look forward to seeing you there.
  • ESG - Climate change and decarbonisation of portfolios Recorded: Dec 2 2021 59 mins
    John Lappin (Octo), Graham Brady (Downing), David Osfield (EdenTree) , Cornelia Furse & Velislava Dimitrova (Fidelity)
    Join Octo host John Lappin Octo contributor and guests including Graham Brady, Head of Sustainabilty at Downing LLP, Cornelia Furse, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity International, Velislava Dimitrova, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity International and David Osfield, Global Fund Manager at EdenTree as they discuss climate change and decarbonisation of portfolios. 

    Join the experts as they debate the questions being asked by the industry including:    

    Some firms make bold claims about reducing their carbon footprint (Net-zero by 2050), so find out how are fund managers decarbonising their portfolios?  
    Did COP26 deliver on its promise of building back better?  
    How will the fund industry respond to the challenge to reallocate capital? 
    What does a "just transition to a low carbon economy" mean for you? 

    Climate change is now consecrated as one of the main drivers of macroeconomic and geopolitics for the 21 st century, what does that mean for you and your clients? 
    Join the experts as they debate climate change and decarbonisation of portfolios.
  • HOT TOPIC Investing for climate change - responsible investing as the new normal Recorded: Nov 25 2021 67 mins
    Octo members
    Join John Lappin Octo contributor as host who will be joined by guests including Gabriela Herculano, CEO, iClima Earth and Caroline Shaw, Portfolio Manager, Fidelity International. As they discuss now that responsible investing is at the forefront of investors’ minds and tackling climate change is both the right thing to do and big business. From emissions pledges to renewables, most listed firms have engaged. But how can investors identify those making real change versus the empty sloganeering? How can clients’ individual needs be catered for?

    How are fund groups integrating responsible investment considerations into their everyday processes?
    What are today’s key themes around climate change?
    How can we guard against greenwashing?
    How do stockpickers carry out due diligence on the firms they invest in?
    Where is the innovation in climate solutions?
    How can asset managers themselves be part of the solution and how do they deal with cynics?
    Can responsible investing through funds ever be made bespoke for individual clients’ needs?
    How will responsible investing evolve in the years to come?
    Join the experts as they debate responsible investing and especially investing for Climate Change as the new normal.
  • HOT TOPIC Opportunities ahead for asset management Recorded: Oct 21 2021 59 mins
    John Lappin, Hamish Purdey (FE fundinfo), Andrew Formica (Jupiter Asset Management), Campbell Fleming (AssetCo)
    A chance for those in control at fund houses to discuss the opportunities they see ahead and the challenges they face today. Where do they see growth coming from in the years ahead? Join host John Lappin as he is joined by CEO's Hamish Purdey of FE fundinfo, Andrew Formica of Jupiter Asset Management and Campbell Fleming of AssetCO.

    Hear their views on:
    What shape asset management is in coming out of the crisis.
    What is shifting in terms of investing and indeed investor expectations.
    How worried we should be about inflation.
    Where in their view is the next wave of innovation in asset management coming from.
    The trends for distribution going forward. What role will platforms play?
    How they are tackling the need for greater diversity within their businesses.
    How they are dealing with the regulatory environment and what is keeping them busy today.
    Is it important for all asset managers to embrace responsible investing?

    Join to hear this and more.
  • HOT TOPIC - LONDON - Casting the net wider for income (physical lunch) Recorded: Oct 12 2021 69 mins
    Octo Members
    Host Andy Merricks, Jupiter Asset Management's Jason Pidcock and Dan Carter, Gresham House's public equity MD Ken Wotton, and John Bell equity income portfolio manager at BNY Mellon Investment Management, will take your questions and discuss the different opportunities for income-seekers today.
  • HOT TOPIC Asia back in the spotlight Recorded: Sep 23 2021 66 mins
    Gary Shepherd (Octo Members), Stephen Jen (Eurizon Slj Capital), Jason Pidcock (Jupiter AM), Edmund Harriss (Guinness AM)
    Is Asia still the real engine of growth for the global economy, or has the pandemic altered its prospects? Can China, for example, compete with the US and its tech giants, and will India fulfil its potential. Join the experts debating theses questions and more.
  • HOT TOPIC New frontiers in responsible investing Recorded: Sep 9 2021 63 mins
    Nimisha Sodha (FE Investments), Ben Constable-Maxwell (M&G), Antonio Celeste (Lyxor), Ian Burger (BNY Mellon IM)
    It’s the trend that has dominated retail investment in recent years, but has the pandemic really changed the way we invest, what terminology should we be using, and is greenwashing still a problem? Join our panel of experts as they debate this dominant topic.

    - How have asset managers changed the way they approach and define responsible investing?
    - How can groups cater for different clients with different preferences?
    - How can we identify and avoid greenwashing from fund houses?
    - Is there a bubble in certain responsible investment areas?
    - What will the responsible investment landscape look like in 10 years time?
  • HOT TOPIC Asset allocation in the ‘new normal’ Recorded: Aug 26 2021 66 mins
    Michael Walsh, T.Rowe Price, Paris Jordan, Waverton IM, Stuart Clark, Quilter Investors, Gary Shepherd, Octo
    How have traditional ideas around Modern Portfolio Theory been challenged by the lockdown, and where should investors be allocating for recovery? Are risk assets still the place to be, and where will the growth come from in fixed income? Join your host Gary Shepherd and professional investors Paris Jordan, CFA, Multi-Asset Analyst, Waverton IM, Michael Walsh, Solutions Strategist, T.Rowe Price and Stuart Clark, Portfolio Manager, Quilter Investors as they dissect markets and tell us where they are putting their money.

    Join the debate and have your questions answered
  • HOT TOPIC Global Investing - the real new normal? Recorded: Aug 19 2021 63 mins
    Mark Preskett, Morningstar, David Dudding, Columbia Threadneedle, Stephen Yiu, Blue Whale Capital
    While it was once country and region-specific ideas that held sway as the first consideration for professional investors, today it is just as likely they will use one-stop shop global equity funds for major market exposure. But with such a wide variety of ways of running money and selecting from a vast equity universe, what questions do you need to ask when selecting a global fund?
    Should thematic investing play a part, and how does a fund manager prioritise between growth and value plays? With so much to consider, make sure you join host Mark Preskett CFA, Portfolio Manager, Morningstar as he debates the options for Equity Allocation with David Dudding, Senior Portfolio Manager, Columbia Threadneedle and Stephen Yiu CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Lead Fund Manager, Blue Whale Capital.

    Is regional or country specific asset allocation a thing of the past?
    How do you define your investment universe, and how do you keep on top of it?
    Where are the natural biases for global fund managers, and how can you differentiate yourself?
    Is global investing solely about large-cap or mega-cap stocks?
    How many stocks do you hold, and what is the optimum number for outperformance?

    Join the debate and have your say
  • HOT TOPIC Investing for a cleaner planet Recorded: Aug 12 2021 64 mins
    Rob Morgan (Charles Stanley Direct), Abbie Llewellyn-Waters (Jupiter), Amanda O’Toole (AXA IM), Randeep Somel (M&G)
    Join host Rob Morgan, Spokesperson & Chief Analyst at Charles Stanley Direct as he debates with our expert panelists including Abbie Llewellyn-Waters, Head of Sustainable Investing, Jupiter, Randeep Somel, Fund Manager, M&G and Amanda O’Toole, Portfolio Manager, AXA IM on investing for a cleaner planet:

    How can investors have a meaningful impact on tackling climate change?
    What are the big investment opportunites in energy transistion?
    Which kinds of companies are leading the charge for environmental change?
    Where is the value in ESG-related businesses?
    What impact will governmental and policy changes have on the investment case?

    Join the debate and have your say.
  • HOT TOPIC UK equities – Stick or twist? Recorded: Aug 5 2021 59 mins
    Thomas Becket (Psigma IM), Chris Field (Majedie AM), Adrian Gosden (GAM), Dan Hanbury (River & Mercantile)
    The FTSE has recovered strong from its lockdown lows, so are UK equities now looking fairly valued? Is the ‘tired old economy’ tag a fair reflection on UK markets, or could lagging sectors now be about to prove doubters wrong?

    Join the panel: Thomas Becket, Chief Investment Officer, Psigma Investment Management, Chris Field, Executive Director, Majedie Asset Management, Adrian Gosden, Investment Director, GAM and Dan Hanbury, Head of Income & Smaller Companies Strategies, River & Mercantile for a deep dive into the domestic markets as we look for the real gems.

    Join the debate and have your questions answered
  • HOT TOPIC Investing in Innovation - Global Growth in 2021 and beyond Recorded: Jul 29 2021 65 mins
    Lee Robertson, Octo,Neil Goddin, Artemis, Benjamin Guest, Gresham House, Ian Mortimer, Guinness, David Docherty, Schroders)
    Investing in Innovation - Global Growth in 2021 and beyond

    Join Lee Robertson and guests to dig into some of the key themes and specific opportunities the experts are seeing, looking at where and how they are investing in innovation.

    Guests today are: Neil Goddin, Fund Manager, Artemis, Benjamin Guest, Managing Director, Gresham House New Energy, Ian Mortimer, Portfolio Manager, Guinness Asset Management and David Docherty, Investment Director, Thematics, Schroders

    Where can innovation be found? What are the themes and trends? What is driving that innovation?
    Where are the opportunities?
    How are the experts navigating current market environments?
    What are the risks and what does it take to manage that?

    All this and more will be answered, see you there!
  • HOT TOPIC Innovating asset management fees: A debate with leading selectors Recorded: Jul 22 2021 62 mins
    Lee Robertson, Mark Dampier, Richard Philbin, JB Beckett
    The cost of active funds continues to be a contentious area, but while increased competition – particularly from passives – and the FCA’s Assessment of Value have all made a difference, pricing disruption is still welcomed.
    So, what needs to change, and who’s bringing fresh ideas to the table?

    - When looking at OCF / TER, why is there not a uniform way to price / show fees to clients?
    - Are performance fees really such a bad idea?
    - What difference has the FCA’s Assessment of Value made?
    - Are contingent fees suitable for retail investments? For example, fulcrums and symmetrical charges.
    - Why has the funds industry done such a bad job at conveying and communicating costs and value?

    Hear from our expert selectors as they answer all this and your questions live throughout.
  • Tune Up: Innovation in an increasingly digital world Recorded: Jul 21 2021 61 mins
    Tessa Lee, moneyinfo and Lee Robertson, Octo Members
    Hybrid advice isn’t a difficult concept for a traditional advice business to adopt. If the value of advice is in the relationship, then the front office is the new battleground and should be at the front of any modern advice service in an increasingly digital world.

    Tessa and Lee will identify the key areas of the advice process that you can digitise (without staff disruption or pushback from clients).

    Whilst answering where can hybrid advice add the most value to an advice business? And what are the benefits of hybrid advice? The experts will also be taking your questions live throughout the session so don't miss out!
  • TUNE UP: Loan Trusts & Trust Registration Recorded: Jul 20 2021 39 mins
    Lee Robertson (Octo), Mark Lambert (HSBC) and Mark Green (HSBC)
    What are the benefits of a loan trust? When do trusts have to be registered under the Trust Registration Service? Lee Robertson is joined by HSBC's Tax and Trust specialist Mark Green and HSBC Life's Head of Onshore Bond Distribution Mark Lambert to take a deep dive into loan trusts and tax planning answering over 20 important questions, giving top tips, looking at the HMRC perspective and discussing the Trust Registration Service .
    In addition Mark Lambert covers the beauty of investment bonds and their resurgence in recent years as income and tax efficient investment solutions.
  • HOT TOPIC At all costs - pricing active management in a low fee world Recorded: Jul 15 2021 57 mins
    Lee Robertson (Octo), Alex Funk (Schroders), Dan Brocklebank (Orbis)
    At all costs - pricing active management in a low fee world
  • HOT TOPIC Thematic – A fresh look at post-pandemic investing Recorded: Jul 8 2021 61 mins
    Andy Merricks (8AM), Gaspard Verduron (Lyxor), Hector McNeil (HANETF)
    Thematic – A fresh look at post-pandemic investing

    What are the key themes that investors must beware of when building portfolios, and how can you profit from these long-term changes? Do some of the more established macro themes need revising in the present day environment, and what are new opportunities brought about by the recover?

    Join Gaspard Verduron, Head of Equity Development, Lyxor and Hector McNeil, Co Founder, HANetf with Andy Merricks, Fund Manager 8AM Global asking your questions.
    Join our expert panel as we explore fresh ideas.
  • HOT TOPIC Thematic – A fresh look at post-pandemic investing Recorded: Jul 1 2021 61 mins
    Andy Merricks (8AM), Gaspard Verduron (Lyxor), Hector McNeil (HANETF)
    Thematic – A fresh look at post-pandemic investing

    What are the key themes that investors must beware of when building portfolios, and how can you profit from these long-term changes? Do some of the more established macro themes need revising in the present day environment, and what are new opportunities brought about by the recover?

    Join Gaspard Verduron, Head of Equity Development, Lyxor and Hector McNeil, Co Founder, HANetf with Andy Merricks, Fund Manager 8AM Global asking your questions.
    Join our expert panel as we explore fresh ideas.
  • HOT TOPIC: Emerging Markets the next frontier for ESG Recorded: Jun 25 2021 60 mins
    Elena Tedesco, Mithran Sudhir, Paris Jordan, Nicholas Sauer, Dhiren Shah
    Join our experts discussing Emerging Markets and questioning whether this is the next frontier for ESG. Paris Jordan, founder of Virtuvest is asking the questions of Elena Tedesco, CFA, Director Sustainability & Co-portfolio manager Emerging Market ESG Strategies at Federated Hermes, Mithran Sudhir, Portfolio Manager, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Nicholas Sauer, Portfolio Manager, Emerging Market Debt, Candriam Investment Management, Dhiren Shah, Portfolio Manager, Ashmore

    Debating how ESG analysis differs for emerging markets compared to developed market equities? How companies in emerging markets are improving their transparency and investor engagement? How they measure performance of ESG in emerging markets, i.e. what are the benchmarks? Answering the question how can state-owned businesses engage with ESG? and so much more.

    Have your say, ask your questions and join the debate
  • HOT TOPIC Income: A global approach to sustainable growth Recorded: Jun 18 2021 64 mins
    Ryan Hughes, Jon Bell, Ian Mortimer, Harry Richards
    Ryan Hughes, Head of Active Portfolios at AJ Bell will be discussing Income and casting the net wider with a global approach to sustainable growth. He will be joined by Jon Bell, Portfolio Manager at BNY Mellon, Dr Ian Mortimer, Portfolio Manager at Guinness Asset Management and Harry Richards, Fund Manager at Jupiter Asset Management.

    The discussion will travel the globe and answer questions including:
    Outside of the UK, which stockmarkets have a tradition of rewarding shareholders with attractive dividends?

    In tough market conditions, where can investors find sustainable and growing income?

    What’s the current outlook for income and growth in emerging markets?

    How can post-Brexit Europe contribute to an income portfolio?

    Some of the biggest dividend payers globally are in relatively unloved sectors, such as financials, energy and healthcare. How is disappointing growth impacting pay-outs?
Octo Members Group - Channel
Octo Members Group - Channel

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  • Title: HOT TOPIC Greenwashing – what to ask and what to avoid in ESG
  • Live at: Oct 30 2020 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Georgina Mitchell, Mikkel Bates, Ben Constable-Maxwell, Paris Jordan
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