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HOT TOPIC Bonds - inflation vs deflation - what is the biggest threat?

It’s the big macro topic of today which has huge implications for investment markets, especially fixed income. So, is all the additional stimulus brought on by the Covid pandemic likely to lead to greater inflationary pressures, or are economic hardships, demographics, and technological progress going to be deflationary forces? However you invest, the inflationary picture is something you must consider, so make sure you join our expert panel as we analyse the key arguments on both sides that will shape markets going forward. Our expert panel this week comprises of Ryan Hughes, Head of Active Portfolios, AJ Bell, Harry Richards, Fund Manager, Jupiter Asset Management, Ian Williams, CEO, Charteris and Adrian Hull, Head of UK Fixed Income, Aegon Asset Management.

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Recorded May 13 2021 61 mins
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Presented by
Ryan Hughes (AJ Bell), Harry Richards (Jupiter), Adrian Hull (Aegon), Ian Williams (Charteris)
Presentation preview: HOT TOPIC Bonds - inflation vs deflation - what is the biggest threat?

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  • HOT TOPIC Thematic – A fresh look at post-pandemic investing Jul 1 2021 12:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Andy Merricks (8AM), Samit Patel (Lyxor), Hector McNeil (HANETF)
    Thematic – A fresh look at post-pandemic investing

    What are the key themes that investors must beware of when building portfolios, and how can you profit from these long-term changes? Do some of the more established macro themes need revising in the present day environment, and what are new opportunities brought about by the recover?

    Join our expert panel as we explore fresh ideas.
  • HOT TOPIC: Emerging Markets the next frontier for ESG Jun 25 2021 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Elena Tedesco, Mithran Sudhir, Paris Jordan, Nicholas Sauer, Dhiren Shah
    Join our experts discussing Emerging Markets and questioning whether this is the next frontier for ESG. Paris Jordan, founder of Virtuvest is asking the questions of Elena Tedesco, CFA, Director Sustainability & Co-portfolio manager Emerging Market ESG Strategies at Federated Hermes, Mithran Sudhir, Portfolio Manager, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Nicholas Sauer, Portfolio Manager, Emerging Market Debt, Candriam Investment Management, Dhiren Shah, Portfolio Manager, Ashmore

    Debating how ESG analysis differs for emerging markets compared to developed market equities? How companies in emerging markets are improving their transparency and investor engagement? How they measure performance of ESG in emerging markets, i.e. what are the benchmarks? Answering the question how can state-owned businesses engage with ESG? and so much more.

    Have your say, ask your questions and join the debate
  • HOT TOPIC Income: A global approach to sustainable growth Jun 18 2021 9:00 am UTC 64 mins
    Ryan Hughes, Jon Bell, Ian Mortimer, Harry Richards
    Ryan Hughes, Head of Active Portfolios at AJ Bell will be discussing Income and casting the net wider with a global approach to sustainable growth. He will be joined by Jon Bell, Portfolio Manager at BNY Mellon, Dr Ian Mortimer, Portfolio Manager at Guinness Asset Management and Harry Richards, Fund Manager at Jupiter Asset Management.

    The discussion will travel the globe and answer questions including:
    Outside of the UK, which stockmarkets have a tradition of rewarding shareholders with attractive dividends?

    In tough market conditions, where can investors find sustainable and growing income?

    What’s the current outlook for income and growth in emerging markets?

    How can post-Brexit Europe contribute to an income portfolio?

    Some of the biggest dividend payers globally are in relatively unloved sectors, such as financials, energy and healthcare. How is disappointing growth impacting pay-outs?
  • HOT TOPIC UK equities – Stick or twist? Jun 17 2021 12:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Octo Members
    The FTSE has recovered strong from its lockdown lows, so are UK equities now looking fairly valued? Is the ‘tired old economy’ tag a fair reflection on UK markets, or could lagging sectors now be about to prove doubters wrong? Join our panel of experts for a deep dive into the domestic markets as we look for the real gems.
  • Investment companies – how alternatives are opening up new sources of income Recorded: Jun 11 2021 62 mins
    Tim Cockerill, Jason Baggaley, David Conlon, Carl Harald Janson, Thomas McMahon
    This Octo HOT TOPIC explores alternatives for investors who are worried about the impact that last year’s economic devastation had on traditional UK equity income stocks. In a world where dividends are under unprecedented pressure, our income focused debate should provide serious food for thought. Joining Tim Cockerill, Investment Director of Rowan Dartington to answer your questions will be Jason Baggaley, Fund Manager, Standard Life Investments Property Income Trust Limited, David Conlon, Director of Gravis and the lead fund manager for GCP Asset Backed, Carl Harald Janson, Lead Investment Manager, International Biotechnology Trust and Thomas McMahon, senior analyst at Kepler Partners.
  • HOT TOPIC Asset allocation in the ‘new normal’ Recorded: Jun 10 2021 66 mins
    Michael Walsh, T.Rowe Price, Paris Jordan, Waverton IM, Stuart Clark, Quilter Investors, Gary Shepherd, Octo
    How have traditional ideas around Modern Portfolio Theory been challenged by the lockdown, and where should investors be allocating for recovery? Are risk assets still the place to be, and where will the growth come from in fixed income? Join your host Gary Shepherd and professional investors Paris Jordan, CFA, Multi-Asset Analyst, Waverton IM, Michael Walsh, Solutions Strategist, T.Rowe Price and Stuart Clark, Portfolio Manager, Quilter Investors as they dissect markets and tell us where they are putting their money.

    Join the debate and have your questions answered
  • TUNE UP: Myth busting - 10 Tax myths busted Recorded: Jun 8 2021 68 mins
    Les Cameron, Head of Technical, Prudential and Colin Simmons, Business Development Manager, Prudential
    Les Cameron, Head of Technical and Colin Simmons, Business Development Manager both from Prudential are myth busting again. Join them as they discuss the top 10 common tax myths in their usual engaging and memorable way. As they dive into each myth they look at the tax and planning implications for client scenarios and provide key takeaways and tools to support adviser client conversations.

    Myth to be busted or fact?
    - Higher rate tax payers get 40% tax relief
    - Investment bond tax is 20%
    - Minimising LTA charges is a good thing
    - Discounted gift trusts save IHT immediately
    - Offshore bonds are only for high net worth individuals
    - Pension tax relief is capped at the annual allowance
    - Junior ISAs are the best option for saving for children
    - ISAs are tax free
    - You get £12,500 personal allowance tax free
    - Taking dividends is the most effective way to extract company profits

    Join the discussion
  • Octo HOT TOPIC Multi-asset funds – diversification in times of market stress Recorded: Jun 4 2021 61 mins
    Mark Preskett, John Roe, Dr Niall O'Connor, Yoram Lustig
    This session explores multi-asset funds. Answering those questions that Octo members have been asking. Our Investment experts will be discussing and debating what makes a good multi-asset fund, asset allocation, portfolio construction, cost and so much more. Mark Preskett of Morningstar will be putting your questions to John Roe, Head of Multi-Asset Funds, LGIM, Dr Niall O'Connor, Brooks Macdonald and Yoram Lustig, CFA Head of Multi-Asset solutions EMEA, T Rowe Price.
  • TUNE UP: Crypto Currencies - The evolution of Money Recorded: Jun 1 2021 30 mins
    Peter Hensman, The Procademy, Robert Simpson, G+E Wealth Management
    An Octo Tune Up for UK Financial Advisers on the world of Crypto Currencies. Peter Hensman, founder of The Procademy is joined by Robert Simpson, MD of G+E Wealth Management.

    In this tune up they discuss:
    The background and evolution of crypto currencies.
    The tax implications for clients who have invested.
    The terminology explained
    The technology behind it and the environmental impact of the production processes for different coins.
    An overview of the different coins
    Valuations and volatility

    The aim of this episode is to help advisers understand more about this volatile and evolving space.
  • HOT TOPIC ESG: Impact investing Recorded: May 27 2021 60 mins
    Scott Spencer, BMO Asset Management, Dirk Hoozemans, Triodos Investment Management, Clive Emery, Invesco
    The experts discuss and debate Impact Investing and answer the questions that have been asked on Octo Members including:

    It’s become a huge talking point in today’s responsible investing discussions, but what is actually meant by ‘impact’ and how do you measure it within stocks and funds?

    Where is positive social and environmental change happening, and how can retail investors be involved in change?

    Join us as host Scott Spencer, Investment Manager at BMO Asset Management discusses potential opportunities and pitfalls with Dirk Hoozemans, Fund Manager, Triodos and Clive Emery, Fund Manager, Invesco.

    How do you define impact investing and how does it differ from other responsible investment themes?
    What is your universe, and how do you identify the best opportunities?
    How do you measure the ongoing impact of a company or sector?
    What role does governmental/policy initiatives have on the available opportunities?
    How do you assess value, and do you have a specific sell discipline?

    Join the debate and have your say.
  • HOT TOPIC Global Investing - the real new normal? Recorded: May 20 2021 63 mins
    Mark Preskett, Morningstar, David Dudding, Columbia Threadneedle, Stephen Yiu, Blue Whale Capital
    While it was once country and region-specific ideas that held sway as the first consideration for professional investors, today it is just as likely they will use one-stop shop global equity funds for major market exposure. But with such a wide variety of ways of running money and selecting from a vast equity universe, what questions do you need to ask when selecting a global fund?
    Should thematic investing play a part, and how does a fund manager prioritise between growth and value plays? With so much to consider, make sure you join our expert panel as we run through the options for your equity allocation.

    Is regional or country specific asset allocation a thing of the past?
    How do you define your investment universe, and how do you keep on top of it?
    Where are the natural biases for global fund managers, and how can you differentiate yourself?
    Is global investing solely about large-cap or mega-cap stocks?
    How many stocks do you hold, and what is the optimum number for outperformance?

    Join the debate and have your say
  • HOT TOPIC Bonds - inflation vs deflation - what is the biggest threat? Recorded: May 13 2021 61 mins
    Ryan Hughes (AJ Bell), Harry Richards (Jupiter), Adrian Hull (Aegon), Ian Williams (Charteris)
    It’s the big macro topic of today which has huge implications for investment markets, especially fixed income. So, is all the additional stimulus brought on by the Covid pandemic likely to lead to greater inflationary pressures, or are economic hardships, demographics, and technological progress going to be deflationary forces? However you invest, the inflationary picture is something you must consider, so make sure you join our expert panel as we analyse the key arguments on both sides that will shape markets going forward. Our expert panel this week comprises of Ryan Hughes, Head of Active Portfolios, AJ Bell, Harry Richards, Fund Manager, Jupiter Asset Management, Ian Williams, CEO, Charteris and Adrian Hull, Head of UK Fixed Income, Aegon Asset Management.

    Join the debate and have your say
  • HOT TOPIC Investing for a cleaner planet Recorded: May 6 2021 64 mins
    Rob Morgan (Charles Stanley Direct), Abbie Llewellyn-Waters (Jupiter), Amanda O’Toole (AXA IM), Randeep Somel (M&G)
    Join host Rob Morgan, Spokesperson & Chief Analyst at Charles Stanley Direct as he debates with our expert panelists including Abbie Llewellyn-Waters, Head of Sustainable Investing, Jupiter, Randeep Somel, Fund Manager, M&G and Amanda O’Toole, Portfolio Manager, AXA IM on investing for a cleaner planet:

    How can investors have a meaningful impact on tackling climate change?
    What are the big investment opportunites in energy transistion?
    Which kinds of companies are leading the charge for environmental change?
    Where is the value in ESG-related businesses?
    What impact will governmental and policy changes have on the investment case?

    Join the debate and have your say.
  • HOT TOPIC US Election - 6 months on Recorded: Apr 29 2021 63 mins
    Simon James (Gore Browne), Felix Wintle (Tyndall), Julian Cook (T Rowe Price), John C Bailer (Mellon)
    The experts take a look at the US 6 months on from the election. Simon James CIO of Gore Browne IM will lead the debate and is joined by Julian Cook, Vice President, T.Rowe Price International, John C Bailer, Senior Portfolio Manager, Mellon and Felix Wintle, Fund Manager, Tyndall. Questions will be answered including:

    How do we assess US market performance so far in 2021?
    Will the giant tech stocks continue to lead the market for the foreseeable future or are more value-oriented stocks back in favour?
    Is it really worthwhile using active managers in the US, or is it best to access the market via passive options?
    Which areas of reform is the Biden administration backing, and how will this impact markets?
    Is the Biden administration good for responsible investing?

    Have your say and join the debate.
  • HOT TOPIC Emerging markets - three ways to invest (EMD, Next Gen, GEM) Recorded: Apr 22 2021 64 mins
    Gary Shepherd (Octo), James Johnstone (RWC Partners), Darren Goldman (Barings), Tim Love (GAM)
    Gary Shepherd leads this Emerging Markets debate and looks at three ways to invest, covering EMD, Next Gen. and GEM. During the debate the experts including Darren Goldman, Managing Director, Emerging Market Debt, Barings, Tim Love, Investment Director, Emerging Markets Equity strategies, GAM and James Johnstone, Portfolio Manager, NGEN Markets Strategy, RWC Partners will answer Octo Members burning questions including:

    Will issuance of more dollar-denominated debt be a boon to EMD funds?
    What's the current definition of frontier markets? When do they become classed as 'emerging'?
    Are GEM funds still the best way to approach emerging markets, or should you be looking at regional or thematic options?
    How have emerging economies been impacted by Covid? Has this blunted the investment opportunity?
    Are investors able to get good, transparent access to companies, and are shareholders treated fairly?

    Have your question answered and join the debate
  • HOT TOPIC The great value debate - Europe vs UK vs Asia Recorded: Apr 15 2021 71 mins
    Ben Conway (Hawksmoor), Robert Burnett (Lightman), Vipul Mehta (Nomura), Richard Buxton (Jupiter)
    Equities have had a strong run over the past 12 months, but if you still want to put money to work in shares then which markets are the most attractive? In this virtual debate, we bring together experts from three key regions, all of which have been labelled as undervalued compared to their peers. But which currently offers the best upside potential?

    Ben Conway, Head of Fund Management at Hawksmoor will lead the debate and will be joined by Richard Buxton, Head of Strategy, UK Alpha, Jupiter, Vipul Mehta, Head of Investment Asia Pacific ex Japan, Nomura and Lightman's Fund Manager, Rob Burnett. They will answering the questions asked by Octo Members including:

    Which really is the most undervalued market, and why?
    Isn’t the UK just ‘old economy’ stocks? Where’s the innovation?
    What are the unique characteristics that Europe offers that separates it from other major markets/regions?
    How have Asian markets matured in recent years? Where are the pockets of value?
    How is the value vs growth argument playing out in these regions?

    The panel will also be answering your questions live throughout the debate so don’t miss out!
  • ESG: How do you guard against accusations of ‘greenwashing’? Recorded: Apr 9 2021 60 mins
    Paris Jordan, Rob Gleeson, David Czupryna, Ben Constable-Maxwell
    While investment houses are queuing up to promote their responsible credentials, how can we really assess their credentials? And how do we guard against accusations of the dreaded ‘greenwashing’? Join us for a frank and open discussion around how groups are changing perceptions around responsible investing, and what it means for them, the companies they are investing in, and most importantly their clients and society at large. Our experts will be talking about their own history in the space, their present regulatory and investment concerns, and how the whole landscape for ESG will look in the years to come.

    Paris Jordan leads the debate and our panel Rob Gleeson, Ben Constable-Maxwell & David Czupryna answer the questions including:

    What are groups doing to educate investors about responsible investing?
    What are their credentials in this space? How long have they been investing responsibly?
    How do they benchmark success in ESG investing, and how can this be improved?
    Is there a bubble in certain ESG stocks and how do they guard against this risk?
    What will the responsible investing landscape look like in 10 years’ time? Will all funds have an ESG element?
  • Octo Hot Topic - Communications: What good looks like Recorded: Apr 8 2021 74 mins
    Jon Pittham, Tim Thompson-Rye, Faith Liversedge, Mitchell Fraser-Jones
    Covid has changed the landscape for communications across financial services. Communications to the Intermediary and to the client. Octo members have been asking for a deeper debate on what good client and industry communications will look like. Here Jon Pittham will be asking Tim Thompson-Rye, Faith Liversedge and Mitchell Fraser-Jones member questions on the positive changes seen, the innovation, the role of technology and data, the cost of good communication and how organisations can communicate effectively in challenging times. With lots of actionable insight for professionals across the Financial Services industry.

    All attendees to the event will also be able to ask questions of the panel during the live debate so don’t miss this chance to join the debate.

    REGISTER now and join the debate. This debate will be available on demand if you have previously registered.
  • HOT TOPIC Asset allocation: Today's big decisions Recorded: Apr 7 2021 67 mins
    Gary Shepherd, Michael Walsh, Craig Mackenzie, James Sullivan
    Portfolio construction in 2021 may well prove more difficult than ever before. Do you stick with risk assets, or are we due another sharp correction? Growth or value? Safe haven or value trap? What’s the appeal of fixed income today? Can alternatives really deliver genuine diversification? Join Gary Shepherd, Octo's Head of Investment Content, Craig Mackenzie, Head of Strategic Asset Allocation at Aberdeen Standard Investments and Michael Walsh, Multi-Asset Solutions Strategist at T. Rowe Price and James Sullivan, Head of Partnerships at Tyndall Investment Management as they answer your questions about todays big decisions including:

    - What are the options available today for investors wanting to outsource investment decisions?
    - What are the options for those investors worried about capital preservation?
    - What is the outlook for risk assets?
    - Can equities continue to thrive?
    - How can investors navigate a tougher environment for fixed income?
    - What are the options today for investors in drawdown?
    - Is inflation or deflation the biggest threat in the medium term?
  • TUNE UP: How Books Build Brands with Trust and Transparency Recorded: Apr 6 2021 71 mins
    Lee Robertson, CEO, Octo Members; Steven Sonsino, Fellow, London Business School and Co-founder the Authors Channel
    How writing a book connects with clients and conveys your credentials as a thought leader and trusted adviser.

    With building trust and transparency high on the agenda for all professional service firms – from finance to law and tech, among others – executives, entrepreneurs and experts need to craft convincing ways to establish their credentials and connect with clients.

    Bestselling author and business school professor Steven Sonsino, a Fellow in the Centre for Management Development at London Business School, will share three high-speed, high-impact strategies for writing and publishing your book. Because books build brands and will win you the visibility and status you deserve as a thought leader and trusted adviser.

    About the speaker
    Steven Sonsino is a Fellow in the Centre for Management Development at London Business School and a visiting professor at four other business schools, including the Indian School of Business. He’s the bestselling author of The Seven Failings of Really Useless Leaders, The CEO’s Journey and You Should Write a Book, as well as a dozen other titles. He’s an international leadership speaker, working with global clients including Microsoft, HSBC, Emirates and the Society for Human Resource Managers. And he’s co-founder of the Authors Channel podcast, featuring interviews with global thought leader Professor Lynda Gratton, the former Dean of IMD Professor Peter Lorange and the US coach Marshall Goldsmith among many others. He is twice winner of a National Training Award from the British Government ‘for excellence in training’.

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Octo Members Group - Channel

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  • Title: HOT TOPIC Bonds - inflation vs deflation - what is the biggest threat?
  • Live at: May 13 2021 12:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ryan Hughes (AJ Bell), Harry Richards (Jupiter), Adrian Hull (Aegon), Ian Williams (Charteris)
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