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Event Driven Architecture

Michael Ducy, Cloud Native Transformation Lead, Red Hat @MFDii
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  • DevSecOps in Government Dec 15 2020 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Aqeel Butt, Optimoz and Peter Anih, Dynanet
    Aqeel Butt, Director, Engineering, Optimoz @Optimoz1
    Peter Anih, Chief Technology Officer, Dynanet
    Adam Clater, Chief Architect, Red Hat @AClater
  • Event Driven Architecture Dec 1 2020 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Michael Ducy, Cloud Native Transformation Lead, Red Hat @MFDii
  • Observability: The Power of Distributed System Data in a Cloud-Native Model Nov 17 2020 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Austin Parker, Principal Developer Advocate, LightStep
    Join Austin and Dave as they dive into all things cloud-native application development and how observability plays a major role when shifting to a more distributed model. They will also share insights and anecdotes into the early days of the Kubernetes wave based on their prior roles working together in the start-up world.

    Austin Parker, Principal Developer Advocate, LightStep @austinlparker
    David Cohn, Developer Advocacy Lead and Strategist, Red Hat @davidevops
  • A Guide to Implementing Service Level Objectives Nov 10 2020 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Alex Hidalgo, Site Reliability Engineer and Author
    Measuring the health and reliability of our services is key to effectively following DevOps and SRE practices. Calculating the reliability of your services from your users’ point of view can be difficult, but you can get the help you need by using service level objectives (SLOs). Nothing can ever be perfectly reliable, but with the right system you can learn exactly how reliable you actually need to be.

    In this episode of DNF Deconstructed, Alex Hidalgo (author of Implementing Service Level Objectives: A Practical Guide to SLIs, SLOs, and Error Budgets) will dig into some common misconceptions about SLOs, as well as ways to make them more effective, and share some great practices for success with Service Level Objectives.

    This episode will provide practical examples that you can immediately put into practice in your organization to better understand your services and help inform and influence your decisions and actions to provide even more value to the consumers and users of your services.

    Alex's book: https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/implementing-service-level/9781492076803/

    Alex Hidalgo, Site Reliability Engineer and Author @AHidalgoSRE
    Matt Stratton, Transformation Sales Specialist, Red Hat @MattStratton
  • How to Scale and Modernize your Data Systems Oct 27 2020 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Badri Sriraman, VP, Karsun and Gbenga Taylor, App Dev Solutions Architect, Red Hat
    Data, accountability and transparency are key drivers of reform include in the President's Management Agenda, in an effort to modernize public sector technologies and bring the workforce to the 21st century. Data prioritization continues to trickle into various government agencies, state offices, and localities, but how do you manage the surplus of information?

    This panel is for software engineers, software architects, and technical managers who want to understand how to make data aspects of their systems scalable and modern. We will cover topics in the areas of modernizing legacy data, microservices data, event-driven integration, enterprise process, and data security.

    There are different technologies, architectures, and strategies that play into the most successful solutions. We will discuss the subtopics generally as well as attempt to distill some of the important concepts into actionable tips during our open panel.

    Badri Sriraman, Vice President, Karsun @BadriSriraman
    Gbenga Taylor, App Dev Solutions Architect, Emerging Technology, Red Hat @taylor_gbenga
    Jason Dudash, Principal Solutions Architect, Emerging Technology, Red Hat @dudashtweets
  • Serverless Mindset: Empowering Teams and Innovation Recorded: Oct 20 2020 59 mins
    Red Hat
    Serverless is a lot more than Lambda or Knative. Serverless is a mindset and increasingly, an approach to strategic innovation for enterprises. The technical aspects of serverless are important but above all, this sector of technology is a paradigm shift in engineering.

    In this talk, Farrah Campbell, Ecosystem Director at Stackery and AWS Serverless Hero, will share how adopting a "Serverless Mindset" empowers teams and people to overcome existing technical challenges to super power innovation. She’ll share real-world serverless stories like migrating to cloud-native with serverless, and how she open-sourced her first serverless project to serve the serverless community itself.

    Attendees will be encouraged to get out of the negative and limiting outlook that a particular technology is “hard” or “complex” and instead focus on the values and end goals with serverless as a case study in developer happiness. Furthermore, the audience will walk away feeling galvanized to try something new.

    In this session, you’ll discover that serverless is at its core, a vision for how developers can build services without their focus being dominated by decoding hosting technology or patching legacy systems. Join her to kick off a new chapter of focusing on what really matters in tech, serverless or otherwise: scaling fascinating challenges and having a supportive group to help you along the way.

    Farrah Campbell, Director, Ecosystems, Stackery @FarrahC32
    Chuck Svoboda, Lead Transformation Sales Specialist, Red Hat @Chuckernetes
  • Cloud Native First Application Development Recorded: Oct 13 2020 51 mins
    Attain and LightBend
    Cloud Native platforms such as Kubernetes and Openshift require development and operations teams to rethink not only how they run applications, but also how they develop in a Cloud Native first way. In this episode of DNF Deconstructed, we will talk about how development changes when building Cloud Native applications, what areas of development get easier or harder, and what Cloud Native Application frameworks help make the process of Cloud Native Development easier.

    James Bench, Senior Principal, Attain
    Hugh McKee, Solutions Architect and Developer Advocate, LightBend @MckeeH3
    Michael Ducy, Cloud Native Transformation Lead, Red Hat @MFDii
  • Kubernetes and OpenShift...and COBOL too? Recorded: Sep 22 2020 51 mins
    This past spring, COBOL hit the tech news in a big way as states explored their tech stacks in light of new demands on their unemployment systems. This got us thinking, can you run COBOL in Kubernetes? And does this even make sense? Join JJ Asghar and Elizabeth K. Joseph from IBM as they show off an experiment with Kubernetes and GnuCOBOL, then get into how enterprises use Kubernetes, and how COBOL is used on the modern mainframe.

    Michael Ducy, Cloud Native Transformation Lead, Red Hat @MFDii
    Matt Stratton, Transformation Sales Specialist, Red Hat @MattStratton
    JJ Asghar, Developer Advocate, IBM @JJAsghar
    Lyz Joseph, Developer Advocate, IBM @pleia2
  • How Oak Ridge National Laboratory leverages Kubernetes/OpenShift Recorded: Sep 15 2020 57 mins
    Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL) has a long and storied history - formed in the crucible of the Second World War as part of the Manhattan Project, ORNL is the largest science and energy national lab in the Department of Energy system. Located in Oak Ridge, TN - their scientific pursuits continue to solve challenges in energy, advanced materials and physics. They are currently host to Summit, one of the world's fastest supercomputers.

    We’ll sit down with Jason Kincl and hear how OpenShift, RHEL and a variety of other open source tools are helping scientists take advantage of all the resources at Oak Ridges disposal, and shorten the gap from theoretical to hard science. We’ll also share the power of leveraging Kubernetes/OpenShift and the importance of keeping it secure as well as compliant.

    Ali Golshan, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, StackRox @a_golshan
    Jason Kincl, HPC Systems Engineer, National Center for Computational Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory @JasonKincl
    Adam Clater, Chief Architect, Red Hat @aclater
  • How Secure are your Containers? Recorded: Sep 1 2020 51 mins
    Michelle Davis, Manager and App Dev Specialist, Red Hat
    Do you think your kubernetes apps are secure? Hot off the press. Liz Rice shares her security checklist, from her new book, covering items you should consider in order to secure your applications running in containers. In this session, we’ll discuss highlights from that list, and consider strategies to avoid weaknesses that arise through the misuse and misconfiguration of containers. The takeaway challenge: do your own deployments comply with these recommendations?

    Liz's book: https://kubernetes-security.info/

    Liz Rice, Vice President, Open Source Engineering, Aqua Security @LizRice
    Michelle Davis, Manager, App Dev Specialist, Red Hat @meskridge_davis
  • Data Science at the Edge Recorded: Aug 18 2020 54 mins
    Dr. May Casterline @ Nvidia, Jeff Winterich @ HPE, Chris Sexsmith @ Red Hat
    Artificial intelligence and machine learning applied at the edge are driving a new generation of intelligent applications. Data generated from billions of IoT devices and sensors must be processed very quickly at the edge to drive real-time insights. This can help to achieve key mission goals from saving lives and providing tactical advantage to saving costs and improving security.

    In this session you will learn:
    - How to operationalize innovative technologies.
    - How to optimize the capabilities of these technologies.

    Join experts from Nvidia, HPE and Red Hat as we dive into AI/ML and data science at the edge. Powering innovation at the edge.

    Dr. May Casterline, Senior Data Scientist, Nvidia
    Jeff Winterich, DoD Account Chief Technologist, HPE
    Chris Sexsmith, Solutions Sales Specialist, Emerging Technology, Red Hat
  • Cloud Native and Geospatial Information Recorded: Aug 4 2020 61 mins
    Crunchy Data
    Are you trying to build a new application that needs to incorporate location services? You are not alone. With the rise of COVID and other critical topics, there is an increasing need for applications using location and geospatial data.

    How do developers serve up geospatial data in a cloud native way? Come to this session to find out how. The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) members and the international community are creating Open APIs for cloud native geospatial information access and processing (https://ogcapi.ogc.org/).

    Learn from Crunchy Data how Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes, Crunchy Spatial and Openshift can deliver a scalable, cloud native GIS platform that can also house your non-spatial business/mission data. Open Standards delivered with trusted Open Source are powering the geospatial revolution. (Demo included)

    - George Percivall - Chief Technology Officer and Chief Engineer, Open Geospatial Consortium @Percivall
    - Adam Timm - Senior Database Engineering Consultant, Crunchy Data
    - Michelle Davis - Manager, App Dev Specialist, Red Hat @meskridge_davis
  • DevOps: Culture, Culture, Culture Recorded: Jul 21 2020 44 mins
    Red Hat
    In almost any conversation about DevOps (or DevSecOps), the topic of culture will come up. Why is culture so important when it comes to technological paradigms like DevOps, Cloud Native, SRE, etc.? In this edition of DNF: Deconstructed, we talk with Nathen Harvery of Google to better understand the role of culture in adopting a technology shift.

    Nathen Harvey, Developer Advocate, Google @NathenHarvey
    Michael Ducy, Cloud Native Transformation Lead, Red Hat @MFDii
  • DevSecOps: What to focus on first? Harnessing Best Practices & Avoiding Pitfalls Recorded: Jul 7 2020 59 mins
    Presented with Sysdig
    The evolution of technology presents innovation and challenges, in both public and private sectors. Legacy systems, workforce transformation, technical debt, security updates, infrastructure demands have all become common vernacular. Deciding what to prioritize and how to manage the changes can define the success of technology transformation and set the stage for future improvements. This webinar, featuring Emily Fox, NSA; Loris Degioanni, Sysdig; and Michael Ducy, Red Hat, seeks to identify technology best practices and DevSecOps collaboration. Join us July 7!

    Emily Fox, DevOps Security Lead, National Security Agency @TheMoxieFox
    Loris Degioanni, Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Sysdig @LorisDegio
    Michael Ducy, Cloud Native Transformation Lead, Red Hat @MFDii
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The DevNation Federal: Deconstructed web series, kicking off July 7, is an hour-long, biweekly live podcasts - informal, conversational sessions with government and industry developer leaders. Conversation topics include DevSecOps, data, security, cloud and more. Join us to listen in and ask questions - every other Tuesday at 4 PM EST.

DevNation Federal, created for developers by developers, brings the most respected industry experts, government officials, academic leaders and key maintainers of popular open source projects together to collaborate, innovate and educate.

Learn more. Code more. Share more. Join the nation.

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