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The New Hubs of Asian Connectivity

Asian connectivity has traditionally focused on the hubs of Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan but now is increasingly moving to Taiwan, the Philippines, Korea and Australia.
Recorded Jun 21 2021 2 mins
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Presented by
Paul Abfalter, Head of North Asia and Global Wholesale at Telstra
Presentation preview: The New Hubs of Asian Connectivity
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  • Executing an Interconnected Cloud Strategy Recorded: Sep 30 2021 62 mins
    Patrick Q, Microsoft Azure Infra; Geri K, MD, SA Telstra; Simon L, Telstra Purple & Mac L, Strategic Alliances, Equinix
    With challenges persisting in the short term, all organizations will struggle with application modernization and data integration through cloud silos through 2022*.
    To improve enterprise resiliency, businesses need to ensure secured and direct connectivity to their distributed cloud-centric digital infrastructure, cloud providers, and data sources across the industry ecosystem. It is also critical to have an IT environment that can help minimize system integration risks across different cloud types and support applications.

    Hear from experts - Telstra, Microsoft and Equinix share and discuss why having a future-ready cloud architecture is at the core of building long-term enterprise resilience to support interconnectivity, interoperability, and integration.

    *IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2021 Predictions — Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Implications
  • Discussion on recent development of Satellite connectivity Recorded: Aug 6 2021 6 mins
    CRN Australia & Sandeep Kumar, Telstra Head of Satellite Sales
    We're proud to sponsor an August edition of the CRN Podcast launched recently. In this first session, CRN speaks to Sandeep Kumar, Head of Satellite Sales, to find out more about the recent development in Satellite connectivity.
  • How nbn™ Satellite services is viable in your business Recorded: Aug 3 2021 8 mins
    Commsday & Ashley Grove, Telstra Senior Solution Specialist
    CommsDay's Grahame Lynch talks with Ashley Grove, Telstra Senior Solution Specialist on real-life examples of how Australian businesses are using nbn satellite services.
  • 3 Tips to Optimise and Rightsize Your Multi-Cloud Recorded: Jul 19 2021 45 mins
    Truman Crotty Technical Lead for Cloud and Data Center, Telstra and Peter Boyd Channel Sales Manager, CloudHealth by VMware
    No doubt that cloud plays an important role transforming business around the world but are you maximising the most out of your current multi-cloud environment? Do you know you can have an end-to-end visibility of your cloud spend and usage across different cloud platforms to ensure cost efficiency?

    Find out more on the best practices and top tips like common challenges of multi-cloud, understanding your cloud cost, managing cloud securely, rightsizing cloud workloads and customer case study.
  • The New Hubs of Asian Connectivity - South Korea Recorded: Jul 12 2021 3 mins
    Sang Kuk Cho, Country Managing Director, South Korea
    Telstra has continued to expand its business in South Korea and is now the country’s largest foreign telecommunications provider. Telstra Korea partners with both enterprises and domestic carriers to offer a range of international network products and services tailored to our customer’s requirements. Telstra Korea offers end-to-end connectivity solutions from major data centres based in South Korea to a variety of international locations whilst using our wholly owned subsea cable systems.
  • Power your remote network coverage with high speed Telstra nbn Satellite Service Recorded: Jun 30 2021 10 mins
    Commsday & Sandeep Kumar, Telstra Head of Satellite Sales
    Commsday's Grahame Lynch in conversation with Sandeep Kumar, Telstra, Head of Satellite Sales on common misconceptions on satellite solutions.
  • The New Hubs of Asian Connectivity - Taiwan Recorded: Jun 25 2021 3 mins
    Joanne Wang, Account Director; Lillian Shen, Customer Service Manager; Peter Huang, Director of Taiwan Wholesale
    Taiwan is emerging as a new Asian hub of connectivity. Telstra as the only foreign telecommunications provider in Taiwan offers a full suite of solutions cater to the enterprise, wholesale, tech and cloud segments. Through our combined offering of terrestrial and subsea connectivity, we try to ensure maximum services uptime against potential outages caused by earthquakes.
  • The New Hubs of Asian Connectivity Recorded: Jun 21 2021 2 mins
    Paul Abfalter, Head of North Asia and Global Wholesale at Telstra
    Asian connectivity has traditionally focused on the hubs of Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan but now is increasingly moving to Taiwan, the Philippines, Korea and Australia.
  • What is driving next generation mining in Africa? Recorded: Jun 3 2021 63 mins
    Nick Roullier, VP Global Telcos SES
    The African mining industry is changing and continually embracing innovation. Digitisation creates an enormous opportunity for miners to drive new revenue streams, access new markets, and make day to-day operations safer. COVID-19 has only accelerated transformation as mining companies increasingly implement IoT solutions for productivity gains, big data and AI solutions that will improve decision-making and on-site automation and boost remote operational efficiencies.

    Telstra, in collaboration with Austrade, invites you to learn more about the digital future of mining and how to make the most of the mining transformation in Africa
  • Cloud Computing: What's Next? Recorded: May 20 2021 38 mins
    Ian Sheen-Telstra Purple, John O’Donovan- Allen & Overy, Nick Giannakakis-Motor Oil, Mudassar Ulhaq-Waverton Investment
    How are you reinventing your business in the cloud—are you seeking automation, further migration, more data analytics capacity or a combination—and how can you keep that pace up with legacy infrastructure?

    This Hot Topics roundtable brings together industry leaders and CIOS from Allen & Overy, Motor Oil and Waverton Investment Management to discuss and debate this very subject.
  • Modernise your legacy applications, stay agile and scale. Recorded: Mar 26 2021 38 mins
    Daniel Whitmarsh, Telstra Purple; Ashwani Balwani, Microsoft; Keith Chan, Telstra Purple
    Legacy IT systems are a top concern for CIOs planning to embark on their Digital Transformation journey, especially for organisations with a legacy applications stack.

    With Application Modernisation, businesses can redesign and migrate their legacy applications to the latest technology stack by leveraging Azure Services through emerging technologies such as serverless functions, microservices, DevOps, and Cloud containers. This can extend the applications’ lifespan for years to come whilst lowering cost and ongoing maintenance effort, but requires upfront effort and relevant expertise to ensure the applications are cloud native and future-proof.
    By innovating a new application on Microsoft Azure, companies can transform their existing manual processes into cloud-native applications and move away from monolithic legacy systems.
  • Agility in the New Digital Normal: How European Businesses can thrive Recorded: Mar 22 2021 6 mins
    Matt Williams, MD Telstra EMEA
    In this video interview with Business Reporter, Matt Williams, MD Telstra EMEA, discusses the technology trends seen during the COVID-19 pandemic and covers topics such as digital acceleration, agility and cyber security, and tips on how businesses can thrive.
  • The Shift to 'Cloud Only' Recorded: Feb 4 2021 44 mins
    Ian Sheen, Strategy & Transformation Lead, Telstra Purple, Phil Scully, CIO ,Costa & Sarah Greasley, CTO, Direct Line Group
    Volatile market conditions mean IT teams need to execute change at speed. As a result, cloud deployments have accelerated.
    In this webinar, ideal for IT professionals we will explore:
    - How to deal with this new and constant state of transformation
    - Different views on the path to ‘cloud first’ vs. ''cloud only'' and the longer term benefits of these strategies
    - Why do cloud migrations face obstacles and what kind of challenges are these typically?
    - How to balance the need for agility, with increasing technology complexity? And architectural challenges?
  • Empower Your Remote Workforce with Telstra Calling for Microsoft Teams Recorded: Feb 2 2021 61 mins
    Sam Bednall - BD Executive, Telstra Purple. Joanna Lim - Modern Work & Security Business Group Lead, Microsoft
    Telstra Calling for Microsoft Teams is a simple, intuitive, cloud-based calling experience that enables Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) voice calling for Microsoft Teams. Users can easily join online meetings with a single business number, and enjoy a unified collaboration experience from almost anywhere.

    This session would be ideal for IT professionals.

    We invite you to an exclusive live webinar to understand the streamlined collaboration experience made possible by Telstra Calling for Microsoft Teams.
  • How IT professionals in Europe can best capitalize on the opportunity in China? Recorded: Jan 28 2021 59 mins
    Matt Williams, MD Telstra EMEA; CT Yan CEO Telstra PBS; Oliver Jones, CEO Chayora
    China continues to grow in importance as a market for foreign companies, accounting for one-fifth of the world’s consumers, producers, innovators, depositors and data users. Despite the challenges brought by COVID-19, the country’s GDP is expected to grow by 1.5% in 2020, at a time when other major economies are projecting negative growth.

    While the challenges of entering and doing business in China remain significant, it remains an attractive market for its sheer size and growth potential. Over the next year, opportunities may be set to increase depending on China’s unilateral reform plans, and the possibility of the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment negotiations being concluded.

    Join Telstra on this panel hosted by Chayora, where we explore what’s driving China’s economic growth and what to consider when doing business there. This webinar is best suited for IT professionals.
  • Adapting to the Security Impact of COVID-19 Recorded: Jan 28 2021 37 mins
    Michael Kiss, Head of Security South Asia, Telstra. Deepraj Emmanuel, Director, Asia, Information Services Group Inc.
    With COVID-19 drastically impacting the way organisations operate and forcing more employees to work remotely, it is important to reassess your security capabilities to ensure you are not introducing new risks, limiting your ability to function or needlessly investing in technology.

    This session would be well suited to an IT professional.

    Join Telstra and ISG as we explore the real world security impact of COVID-19 on organisations, and discover what can be done to manage the rapid change to the risks we face.
  • Adaptive Innovation, Infrastructure and Growth Recorded: Jan 26 2021 46 mins
    David Williams, Solution Sales Telstra; Jaye Tillson, Head of Architecture TT Electronics & David Mudd from BSI Group
    It’s not a novel insight to note that the pandemic has spurred economy-wide adoption of new technology and innovation.

    In fact, what’s clear is that many of these changes were already planned – and would likely have been rolled out at a more leisurely pace over the coming months and years. Yet, the impact of COVID-19 and the requirement to empower a new-found generation of remote workers and digital customer interactions have rapidly accelerated projects that might otherwise have languished.

    The crisis has seen the pace of delivery, from ideation to deployment, shrink from years to months in many businesses – even those that steeped in tradition and with significant legacy estates.

    In this webinar well suited to IT professionals we will explore:
    - How has the pandemic impacted innovation and collaboration amongst remote workforces?
    - How to address the right balance between regulation, standards and innovation?
    - What are the implications of a more interconnected and distributed digital world?
    - How software-defined networking and its applications can enable businesses to respond to rapid shifts in demand and expand into new markets?
    - How are enterprises adopting an ecosystems approach?
  • Realising the Modern Workplace Recorded: Jan 14 2021 43 mins
    Jon Littlefair, Modern Workplace Consulting Lead, Telstra Purple, Jakob Ejlsted, VP People & Culture, Strategy & Insights, BP
    Working life has fundamentally changed.

    In this session ideally suited for IT professionals, we look at:
    - How to build a flexible, collaborative and secure working environment
    - The strategies to transition to hybrid virtual/physical environments
  • China's Open for Business: How British Businesses can Access & Trade with China Recorded: Jan 12 2021 55 mins
    Matt Williams, MD Telstra EMEA; Oliver Jones, CEO Chayora & Steven Lynch, MD British Chamber of Commerce in China
    As the world’s second-largest economy, China accounts for a fifth of the world’s consumers, producers, innovators and data users. In spite of COVID-19, the country’s GDP is expected to grow by 1.5% in 2020, at a time when other major economies are projecting negative growth. While China remains an attractive market to British companies, the challenges of entering and doing business there remain significant.

    Join Telstra on this panel hosted by Chayora, where we explore:
    •What’s driving China’s economic growth
    •What to consider when doing business in China
    •Implications for trading with China after Brexit

    The British Chamber of Commerce will present:
    •Latest trade figures and outputs from the annual 'sentiment survey'
    •Update on the market, ease of trade and impact/opportunity afforded by 'Brexit'

    Please note: This webinar is best and ideally suited for IT professionals
  • A trading floor experience from every home office Recorded: Jan 7 2021 21 mins
    Sam Bednall, Business Development Manager, Telstra. Sebastian Bird, Customer Technology Expert, Telstra
    By now, you will likely have finished the move to remote work at scale. Today the challenge is to empower your staff by creating a trading floor experience from every employee home. As your business looks to empower staff for the future, compliance and security requirements must be met – and they cannot impact on productivity.

    Find out how you can harness FSIs technology solutions to empower your traders and bankers to work productively from remote locations, while boosting compliance across borders.

    Hear from Telstra's technology experts on the tech that's making a real difference in the way traders work.
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  • Title: The New Hubs of Asian Connectivity
  • Live at: Jun 21 2021 6:36 am
  • Presented by: Paul Abfalter, Head of North Asia and Global Wholesale at Telstra
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