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The Changing Landscape of Ocean Technology due to Covid19

Industry expert and Chief Executive of the Society for Underwater Technology, Stephen Hall discusses topics around the ocean technology industry’s changing landscape and how it is responding to the global crisis brought about by the Covid19 pandemic, its ongoing impact on oil prices and emerging subsea technologies today.

Steve Hall CMarSci FIMarEST
Chief Executive
Society for Underwater Technology

Society for Underwater Technology - https://bit.ly/2H7Xg3q
Recorded May 12 2020 50 mins
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Presented by
Oceanology International Middle East
Presentation preview: The Changing Landscape of Ocean Technology due to Covid19

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  • Preparing your Ground Support Equipment for Post COVID Operation Recorded: Oct 13 2020 70 mins
    Airport Show
    The Ground Handling webinar focused on providing insights that will allow you to prepare your Ground Support equipment for post COVID operations and will feature industry leading experts from TrackIT, Air Business Consultants, ITW GSE and JBT AeroTech.

    •How often is it necessary for Ground Support Equipment to be cleaned or sanitized once operations resume?
    •How does the process change for cleaning of Ground Support Equipment post COVID?
    •How should handling of catering equipment differ from other GSE equipment?
    •How can you maintain parked GSE for a long time during COVID to prevent problems and down-stream costs when needed again?
    •What new safety mechanisms must be put in place for ground support staff (PPE, rotation scheduling, sanitisation)?

    •Hervé Gueusquin, Owner and Founder, Air Business Consultant
    •Benjamin Violet, Area Sales Manager, Middle East & Africa, ITW GSE
    •Lamis Al Kaati, Area Sales Manager – GSE Middle East, B.Eng, JBT AeroTech
    •Vijai Nair, Senior Manager - Digital Solutions, TrackIT

    •Daniyal Qureshi, Group Exhibition Director, Reed Exhibitions Middle East

    •ITW GSE Presentation: https://bit.ly/3iXxCvB
    •JBT Presentation: https://bit.ly/3hZkmp4
    •Air Business Consultants Presentation: https://bit.ly/3coSNEH
    •TrackIT Presentation: https://bit.ly/33WhofY
  • USV: Industry Insights and Benefits to Improve Operational Efficiency Recorded: Sep 23 2020 79 mins
    Oceanology International Middle East
    Webinar Title: USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle): Industry Insights and Benefits to Improve Operational Efficiency

    In our next webinar, we are joined by various industry experts to discuss insights and their outlook for the Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) market along with their benefits to improve operational efficiency. USVs combine the advantages of small survey vessels with those of unmanned survey platforms, delivering the performance you need while reducing risk to human life and cutting your operating costs. Advances in USV technology enables them to be used across a range of applications varying from maritime security, protection of shallow waters and ports and ocean mapping.

    Moderated by Nick Lambert, Director, NLA International

    - Trevor Hughes: Commercial Manager - Autonomous Division, Unique Group
    - David Rennie: Technical Manager- Autonomous Division, Unique Group
    - Guillaume Eudeline, Global Business Development - Ships & Dronesi, iXblue
    - Peter Collinson, Senior Technology Strategist- Unmanned Maritime Robotics, BP
  • How are Europe’s Leading Airport Suppliers Supporting Global Aviation Recovery? Recorded: Sep 22 2020 82 mins
    Airport Show

    As aviation capacity rebuilds post COVID-19, it is imperative that the aviation industry puts in new health and safety measures to protect passengers, staff and stakeholders. New technologies are being developed globally to support airports to restart business and quickly ramp up operations. In our 5th webinar from Airport Show Insights, we will be speaking to leaders from Europe’s top airport supplier associations from Germany, UK, the Netherlands and Italy to get an insight on what the new ‘normal’ will look like for air transport and some of the innovations we can expect to see at airports in the future.

    Key questions our expert speakers will be answering include:

    • What changes will airports need to adopt to operate in the new normal?
    • Why is global harmonisation of airport guidelines and technologies critical?
    • How can the industry and government collaborate to speed up confidence in air travel?
    • How is Europe driving innovation in the aviation industry?
    • How can the world’s leading airport supplier associations support you during this period?

    Moderated by Daniyal Qureshi, Group Exhibition Director, Reed Exhibitions

    - Jens Reinhard, Managing Director, German Airport Technology & Equipment
    - Mike Forster, Chairman, British Aviation Group
    - Alper Soeken, Board Member, Swiss Airport Supplier Group
    - Roberto Weger, Board Member, Air Tech Italy
  • The Untold and Unfolding Stories of eCommerce in the Middle East Part 2 Recorded: Sep 16 2020 60 mins
    SiTL Middle East
    We continue our conversations on the unprecedented growth of E-Commerce globally and its impact in the region. Join experts from Euromonitor International, RSA Global and Swisslog to understand the fastest emerging opportunities in this sector and how big data and consumer buying behaviour can be simply adapted into your current business strategy.

    Key learnings include:
    • How to prepare your business for the region’s E-Commerce boom
    • How to effectively use price tracking, stock shortages and product featured data to build your brand loyalty
    • How to ensure your logistics capabilities do not let you down
    • How to optimise your distribution systems and expand your sales market

    Our presenters will highlight successful case studies and be available for live Q&A and follow up meetings to support your business maximise its E-Commerce potential during these challenging times.

    Moderated by Daniyal Qureshi, Group Exhibitions Director, Reed Exhibitions Middle East

    • Amal Alameh, Head of Consulting - MEA and India, Euromonitor International
    • Abishek Shah, Co-Founder and Group CEO, RSA
    • Alain Kaddoum, General Manager, Swisslog Middle East

    • Euromonitor International Presentation: https://bit.ly/301se3s
    • RSA Global Presentation: https://bit.ly/3kGJpPE
    • Swisslog Presentation: https://bit.ly/3kGlEab
  • Ensuring Passenger Safety and Satisfaction in a New Airport Environment Recorded: Sep 1 2020 77 mins
    Airport Show
    As airports gradually increase capacity globally, hear from our expert panel on how to revive passenger confidence in air travel and the latest solutions enhancing passenger health and safety.

    Learn about:
    • Changing passenger habits to adapt to new health and safety guidelines with minimal inconvenience and disruption
    • Ensuring passenger health and safety without compromising the airport experience and customer satisfaction
    • Adopting new standards of sanitisation, testing and touch-free passenger processing to current airport operations
    • Managing passengers from highly affected areas – new immigration, customs and passenger handling guidelines

    • Uta Kohse, Managing Partner, Airport Research Center GmbH
    • Julia Babushkina , International Sales & Marketing Director, PERCo
    • Amar Bedi, Partner & Business Development Manager-International Business, Interflex Datensysteme GmbH
    • Athar Tarek Gebara, Business Development & Marketing Department, GHL Ground Handling

    • Ground Handling Logistics Presentation: https://bit.ly/3mMZEMX
    • Interflex Datensysteme GmbH Presentation: https://bit.ly/3kMin9D
    • Airport Research Center GmbH Presentation: https://bit.ly/2G2QkmW
    • PERCo Presentation: https://bit.ly/3kHH9HS
  • The Role of Remote Towers in Future Air Traffic Management Recorded: Aug 11 2020 72 mins
    Airport Show
    Would you like to find out how remote Air Traffic Management may be coming to an airspace near you soon? Another informative webinar to understand the latest developments in aviation and the tools you need to prepare yourselves.

    • The evolution and deployment of Remote Towers over the last two decades
    • New ATC training solutions to ensure your staff is ready ANYWHERE, ANY TIME
    • The vital role of Remote Tower Control Centers during the COVID crisis
    • Exclusive: View a live broadcast from a Remote Tower in Europe

    • David Shomar, Vice President, SAAB
    • Niclas Gustavsson, Vice President - Business Development & Governmental Affairs, SAAB Digital Air Traffic Solutions AB
    • Erik Backman, Chief of Operations, SAAB Digital Air Traffic Solutions AB
    • Greg Pile, Managing Director, Micro Nav

    • Conor Mullan, Managing Director, Think Research

    • SAAB Presentation: https://bit.ly/2FSamRA
    • MICRONAV Presentation: https://bit.ly/367bU4G
    • Think Research Presentation: https://bit.ly/3hTrpj5
  • Remote Working: Shaping the Future of Air Traffic Control Recorded: Jul 28 2020 76 mins
    Airport Show
    The leading international Air Traffic Control experts discussed the role of ATC in ensuring the rapid recovery of global aviation and the future of Remote Working in Air Traffic Management.

    • Ensuring staff availability, safety and well-being in the post COVID-19 environment
    • Regional ATM modernisation programmes – new challenges and opportunities
    • Drones, AI and Remote Towers – planning for some of the most critical future ATC innovations
    • Remote Training a Remote Workforce – establishing clear policies to support you in times of crises

    • Talal Al Hammadi, VP Air Traffic Development, dans
    • Neil Bowles, Vice President of Business Development, Searidge Technologies
    • Jaroslaw Niewinski, Head of Innovations, Polish Air Navigation Services Agengy (PANSA)

    • Khurram Qureshi,CNS/ATM Project Manager, dans

    • dans Presentation: https://bit.ly/300Niqq
    • dans Presentation: https://bit.ly/363XOkH
    • Searidge Technologies Presentation: https://bit.ly/35Yh2In
    • Polish Air Navigation Services Agency Presentation: https://bit.ly/303DWud
  • The Untold and Unfolding Stories of E-Commerce Opportunities in the Middle East Recorded: Jul 14 2020 96 mins
    SiTL Middle East
    The rise of e-commerce in Middle East is bringing significant opportunity for consumers, businesses, investors and ecosystem players. The MENA consumers tend to purchase more frequently online than in store, they spend as much per purchase as shoppers in the US, and China. Hence, this provides equal opportunities to our e-commerce business owners to top up their games when it comes to the business approach. There is also the unprecedented changing landscape due to COVID19 pandemic and our speakers will tackle how can you make the most of the opportunity.

    • An overview of the changing e-commerce landscape in the GCC.
    • Government incentives and support for businesses that are expanding in the UAE.
    • Why is customer experience so important to improve the life time value of your customer?
    • Understanding how you can take your e-commerce store global.
    • How to transition your business into a complete e-commerce start – end solution.
    • Understanding how you can improve, optimize and change for the better with regards to your existing e-commerce store.
    • Knowing the benefit of having an e-commerce store in the Middle East.

    • Mohsen Ahmad Alawadhi, CEO, Logistics District, Dubai South
    • Ben Mclean, Head of eCommerce, DHL Express, UAE
    • Julia Jackle, Co-Founder & CEO, Creative 971
    • Atif Rafiq, CEO & Founder, Qafila

    •Amal Alameh, Head of Consulting MEA and India, Euromonitor International

    • Creative 971 Presentation: https://bit.ly/2Ephkg4
    • Dubai South Presentation: https://bit.ly/2ZZfNVA
    • Qafila Presentation: https://bit.ly/33PSbDX
    • DHL Express Presentation: https://bit.ly/3coP7CE
  • Disruptions and Changing Industry Landscape in Supply Chain and Logistics amidst Recorded: Jun 30 2020 76 mins
    SiTL Middle East
    Industry experts Gopal R from Frost & Sullivan, Rami Ghandour from SPAN Group and Adli Dehelia from Roambee shared some insights on Covid-19's implications on supply chain and logistics, what forces are shaping the industry's ecosystem, and how they are dealing with business disruptions during these trying times.

    • What disrupted your businesses during the pandemic?
    • How related factors changed your processes?
    • What aspects of your businesses are likely to remain changed in future?

    • Adli Dehelia, Vice President and Managing Director - Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Roambee
    • Rami Ghandour, Executive Director, Span Group

    • Gopal R., Global VP – Transport and Logistics, Frost & Sullivan

    • Span Group Presentation: https://bit.ly/3027Xuj
    • Frost & Sullivan Presentation: https://bit.ly/347q8Aj
  • Digital Technology & Automation - Mitigation Strategy for Covid-19 Recorded: Jun 30 2020 87 mins
    SiTL Middle East
    The third session of SITL Middle East Insights offers trends in forecasting, analysing data and more importantly developing relationships with clients. The panelists are leading players in the industry who will tell you how to adopt or create trends in digital technology and automation that are affecting supply chain management in the region.

    • Increased productivity and client satisfaction (pre, during and post Covid19)
    • Improved management accuracy and lowered turnover times
    • Drastically lowered risks of workspace injuries
    • Ability to market your high-performing business to larger clients
    • Decreased environmental footprint and eco compliance

    • Jacques Adem, Executive Director , Logsquare
    • Hatem Tantawy, Business Development Manager, Middle East & Turkey, Honeywell
    • Matthias Krause, General Manager, DGWorld
    • Ahmed Akhtar, Founder & CEO, iWire Group

    • Abhay Bhargava, Senior Director, Industrial Practice, Middle East & South Asia, Frost & Sullivan

    • DG World Presentation: https://bit.ly/3kHJCSE
    • Frost and Sullivan Presentation: https://bit.ly/33PfD4p
    • Honeywell Presentation: https://bit.ly/3kKV6ot
    • LogSquare Presentation: https://bit.ly/2S4aTm5
  • The Transport and Logistics Industry in the Middle East amid Covid19 Pandemic Recorded: May 19 2020 80 mins
    SiTL Middle East
    Gain insights from two of the region's most influential experts as they provided their views and opinions on recent developments and how the transport and logistics industry strives during the Covid19 pandemic and forecasts on future trends and dynamics.

    • Mohsen Ahmad Alawadhi, CEO, Logistics District, Dubai South
    • Nadia Abdul Aziz, President, National Association of Freight and Logistics

    • Elesar Ibrahim Al Zayed, Managing Director, AFCO

    • National Association of Freight and Logistics Presentation: https://bit.ly/3kDkhZW
  • The Changing Landscape of Ocean Technology due to Covid19 Recorded: May 12 2020 50 mins
    Oceanology International Middle East
    Industry expert and Chief Executive of the Society for Underwater Technology, Stephen Hall discusses topics around the ocean technology industry’s changing landscape and how it is responding to the global crisis brought about by the Covid19 pandemic, its ongoing impact on oil prices and emerging subsea technologies today.

    Steve Hall CMarSci FIMarEST
    Chief Executive
    Society for Underwater Technology

    Society for Underwater Technology - https://bit.ly/2H7Xg3q
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