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Climate Risk Management: Investing Toward Net Zero

Watch our video to learn how applying Sustainalytics-driven carbon metrics to Morningstar indexes can facilitate a nuanced approach to portfolio decarbonization, with encouraging investment attributes.

Speakers include:

Emma Gordon, Manager, Product Management, Climate Solutions, Sustainalytics

Alex Osborne-Saponja, Associate Director, Methodology, Climate Solutions, Sustainalytics

Robert Edwards, CFA Senior Investment Product Manager, Morningstar Indexes

Dan Lefkovitz, Strategist, Morningstar Indexes
Recorded Apr 19 2021 38 mins
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Presented by
Emma Gordon, Robert Edwards, Dan Lefkovitz, Alex Osborne-Saponja
Presentation preview: Climate Risk Management: Investing Toward Net Zero
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  • A New Lens for Portfolio Risk Analysis – Morningstar Direct Risk Model Workflows Jun 1 2021 3:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Maria Hamidi, Patrick Caldon, Kristopher Leung
    Join us for a webinar as part of our Risk Model series and more about the Morningstar Global Risk Model, including our newly launched Japan Equity Model.

    In this webinar, we will cover:
    • How to navigate through the risk model in Morningstar Direct
    • Deep dive on how our risk model can help you answer questions such as “Where is my portfolio’s alpha coming from?” and “How does a particular portfolio hold up under stress?”

    The Morningstar Global Equity Risk Model helps you assess the amount of risk in a fund or model portfolio by tracking a stock’s underlying economic exposure to 37 factors, including six unique to Morningstar. This model shows how a variety of market conditions could affect a portfolio. The factor exposures in the model uncover underlying revenue drivers to find a stock’s true sources of returns. Our model uses the exposures to go beyond standard models to project a stock or stock portfolio’s vulnerability to extreme market events.

    Attending this webinar will give you a free trial of advance risk model components of custom scenario’s factor attribution and risk decomposition.
  • Scaling up your practice May 28 2021 10:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Vinod Jain, Jain Privy Client Pvt Ltd.
    A Gold Medallist Chartered Accountant, Vinod Jain stared his mutual fund distribution firm in 2001 after quitting his corporate job. Jain built his practice from scratch. Today, he manages assets worth Rs 1,300 crore in mutual funds.

    Jain has replicated a successful sub-broking model known as broker-dealer agreement (popular in the U.S) in India. Today, his firm Jain Privy Client Pvt Ltd. has more than 50 registered advisers/relationship managers. It manages more than Rs 1,900 crore across assets with live SIPs of 10,000 plus.

    Jain Investment has its own Portfolio Management Services and Alternative Investment Funds registered with SEBI. It has offices in India, Dubai, Canada and Singapore.

    Curious to know how he and his team built an asset base of Rs 1,900 crore across mutual funds, PMS and offshore funds? Join us on May 28, 2021 at 4 PM as Vinod will share his views on how mutual fund distributors can scale up their practice. So do not miss this webinar!
  • SFDR : le connu, l'inconnu et l'incertain May 27 2021 7:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Morningstar & Sustainalytics
    L’échéance du 10 mars 2021 n’était que le premier échelon et sans doute le plus facile parmi les quatre qui nous mèneront à l’étape finale de juin 2023.

    Nous vous invitons à venir écouter notre panel d’experts et de représentants de l’industrie échanger sur les enjeux à venir dans la mise en place de la SFDR.

    Thèmes abordés
    - Quelle interprétation donner à la catégorisation de fonds introduite par SFDR (Art 6,8,9) ?
    - Doit-on s’attendre à une hétérogénéité d’interprétation de la SFDR par les différents régulateurs nationaux ou au contraire un alignement des réglementations locales (ex, doctrine AMF, Art 26, etc.) avec le cadre européen ?
    - Quels impacts attendus sur le marché de l’ISR de la mise en place de la SFDR?
    - Quelle stratégie pour résoudre les enjeux liés à l’accessibilité des données nécessaires au reporting SFDR ?
    - Comment valoriser le cadre SFDR au-delà de la simple conformité réglementaire ?

    Julie Ansidei / AMF / Head of Strategy and Sustainable Finance
    Elodie Laugel / Amundi / Chief Responsible Investment Officer
    Philippe Zaouati / Mirova / CEO
    Hortense Bioy / Morningstar / Director of Sustainability Research
    Eva Heijkants / Sustainalytics / Senior Associate

    Axel Pierron / Sustainalytics / Associate Director
  • Sustainable Investing: The Evolving Landscape & the Path Forward May 26 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jon Hale, Tanya Svidler
    Join us for a Morningstar webinar on sustainable investing – a live one-hour session hosted by Jon Hale, Director of Sustainability Research at Sustainalytics, and Tanya Svidler, Morningstar’s Director of ESG Solutions.

    Our experts will provide insight on the evolution of the sustainable funds U.S. landscape and on the developments in the field that will define a path forward.

    In this session, we will cover:
    - An overview of the sustainable fund universe in the U.S
    - Where there's growth in sustainable funds, flows, and assets
    - Regulation and proxy voting
    - How to communicate on your firm’s ESG story for success
  • Shining a Light on Gender Diversity Policy and Practice May 25 2021 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Amelia Furr, Morningstar & Diana van Maasdijk, Equileap
    Join us on Tuesday 25th May 2021 at 9:00 a.m. CDT / 3:00 p.m. BST / 4:00 p.m. CEST

    Morningstar Indexes', Amelia Furr and Equileap co-founder Diana van Maasdijk will break down ESG investment trends and highlight gender diversity as a key component of socially responsible investing.

    The corporate sector continues to have a critical role to play in advancing the cause for gender equality. Our speakers will discuss global trends in gender diversity policy and practice and the methodology used to create gender diversity indexes, allowing investors the opportunity to have exposure into companies exhibiting strong policies and efforts.
  • A New Lens for Portfolio Risk Analysis – Morningstar Direct Risk Model Overview May 25 2021 3:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Maria Hamidi, Patrick Caldon, Kristopher Leung
    In this webinar, we will give you a glimpse of the Morningstar Global Risk Model, introduce our latest Morningstar Japan Risk model and cover the following:
    • Risk model component overall – how to build a portfolio to meet specific objectives
    • Risk model methodology overview – active risk, macro events and more
    • How to incorporate risk model components in your workflows

    The Morningstar Global Equity Risk Model helps you assess the amount of risk in a fund or model portfolio by tracking a stock’s underlying economic exposure to 37 factors, including six unique to Morningstar. This model shows how a variety of market conditions could affect a portfolio. The factor exposures in the model uncover underlying revenue drivers to find a stock’s true sources of returns. Our model uses the exposures to go beyond standard models to project a stock or stock portfolio’s vulnerability to extreme market events.

    Attending this webinar will give you a free trial of advance risk model components of custom scenario’s factor attribution and risk decomposition.
  • Manage Models with Morningstar® Total Rebalance Expert® Recorded: May 11 2021 26 mins
    Ryan Meredith
    Morningstar® Total Rebalance Expert® enables advisors to globally monitor, manage and rebalance client portfolios with a focus on tax efficiency, resulting in increased tax savings: and added value to the client-advisor relationship. In this webinar, we will discuss how to:

    • Research, create, customize, and personalize recommendations to meet clients goals.
    • Monitor market conditions and identify impact on global and/or client strategies.
    • Automated rebalancing recommendations based on model portfolio drift.
  • Thriving in an era of disruption Recorded: May 7 2021 66 mins
    Suresh Sadagopan, Founder, Ladder7 Financial Advisories
    The mutual fund advisory/distribution space has witnessed a sea change from the era of getting clients cheques/forms to now transacting through a click of a button. The focus has shifted from facilitating transactions to delivering a wow experience to clients.

    Products have been commoditised and investing is getting democratised by the rise of digital channels.

    Thanks to social media, clients today have a lot more information than they had a decade back. In an era where margins are shrinking, competition is heating up, millennials are entering the investing fray, number of affluent families are rising, and passive funds are fast making inroads, how can advisers/mutual fund distributors adapt themselves to stay relevant?

    Suresh Sadagopan founder of Ladder7 Financial Advisories will share how he transitioned from an MFD to RIA, operating a fee-only practice. He will also talk about the key trends that will shape the future of advice and how advisers/MFDs can thrive in this industry. So do not miss this webinar to be held on May 7, 2021 at 4 PM.
  • European Regulatory Reporting Update Recorded: May 6 2021 42 mins
    The European regulatory landscape continues to evolve on many fronts. Each quarter, Morningstar’s International Regulatory Newsletter reports the most recent developments.

    In this Regulatory Reporting webinar, Andy Pettit, Morningstar’s Director of Policy Research will bring the Spring 2021 newsletter to life, providing an overview of the latest developments across ESG, costs and charges and investor communications.

    Samantha Cone, Product Manager Reporting Solutions, will show you practically how regulatory requirements can be implemented in reporting to clients and retail investors.

    In this webinar, you will learn about:
    - Costs, Charges and Product Governance under MiFID II
    - SFDR implementation and EU Taxonomy updates
    - PRIIPs KIDs - will they delay or go ahead with January 2022
  • Submitting Diversity Datasets in IDM Recorded: May 4 2021 30 mins
    Jennifer Lee, Kevin Kim
    The demand for transparency around workforce diversity and other environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are on the rise. Investors see diversity as an opportunity—they see firms with diverse ownership as better long-term investments. By partnering with us, asset managers are investing in an independent voice that can accurately assess investments for investor success.

    Join us on May 4th at 10 am CDT as Morningstar product managers explain how to submit your diversity data to Morningstar’s Institutional Data Manager and how our growing database can help you empower investor success.
  • Power of collaboration Recorded: May 3 2021 81 mins
    Amit Bivalkar and Dhruv Mehta, Sapient Wealth
    With increasing competition and changing client expectations, advisers and mutual fund distributors need to equip themselves with the latest technology, infrastructure and team to remain competitive.

    Unfortunately, most advisers/MFDs in India continue to operate their practices singlehandedly. This puts a roadblock on growth as they have to manage all the tasks themselves. While the mutual fund industry’s asset base is seeing a healthy growth, not all MFDs are able to be participate in this growth. Thus, there is a need for advisers to come together as a single force and grow collectively.

    Two veteran advisers - Amit Bivalkar and Dhruv Mehta will talk about why they decided to merge their practices and what benefits they are reaping from this collaboration. So do not miss this opportunity to interact with the two the leading voices of the industry who will share their secret sauce with you.
  • The Impact of Alternative Funds in Your Portfolios Recorded: Apr 29 2021 31 mins
    Matias Möttölä & Francesco Paganelli - Manager Research Team, Morningstar
    Recent years have been challenging for European liquid alternative funds. Returns have disappointed, and the complexity of these products as well as the continuous line-up churn within the space have added to investors’ headaches. As a result of this confusion, investors have retreated from the sector, causing outflows and fund closures.
    To help investors better grasp how these funds can serve as a part of diversified portfolios, Morningstar is introducing several changes to its alternative categories. In this webinar, we will see what an alternative investment strategy involves and why Morningstar is making the changes to its alternative categories, as well as the impact of these changes.
  • Value Assessments - Best Practice in 2021 Recorded: Apr 27 2021 55 mins
    As we move into the second year of Value reporting, what can we learn from the UK’s first suite of published reports?

    Gavin Corr, Head of Manager Selection & Due Diligence Services at Morningstar, will be joined by:

    - Holly Mackay CEO of Boring Money, a leading voice of the consumer in the investment industry
    - Simon Ellis an experienced iNED
    - Andrew Burton, Professionalism Adviser from CFA UK

    Each will offer a perspective on how they think the process has gone, what the industry can learn and how the industry should adapt from here.

    This webinar has been designed to help product teams, Fund Boards and all those involved in the internal processes and external reporting of the Assessment of Value.
  • Morningstar’s Approach to Gender Lens Indexing & ESG Portfolio Analysis Recorded: Apr 27 2021 58 mins
    Elle Kuhta, Product Manager, Indexes and Robert Edwards, Senior Investment Product Manager
    ESG investing has been going mainstream. Gender diversity is one of the key ESG topics of focus and is an area that has been rapidly growing in popularity with investors. This webinar will first discuss ESG investing trends and the role gender diversity plays. Next we will cover how Morningstar Indexes has collaborated with Equileap, a leading gender equality data and insights provider, to build the new Morningstar Gender Diversity Index Family. You will also learn more about Morningstar’s robust family of ESG Indexes, as well as the data that went into creating them. Finally, you will get insights on the available tools within Morningstar Direct to do in-depth ESG Portfolio analysis.

    In this webinar, we will cover:
    - How to evaluate the ever-growing market of gender lens products
    - Morningstar & Equileap’s differentiated approach to Morningstar Gender Lens Indices
    - Understanding Morningstar and Sustainalytics overall ESG Index capabilities
    - How Morningstar Direct can be utilized to do company and portfolio level ESG research
  • How Firms are Implementing CFR Requirements Recorded: Apr 22 2021 62 mins
    Morningstar Canada
    By the end of this year, advisory firms must comply with the principles-based guidelines around KYC, KYP, and suitability. The deadline to implement these regulator-mandated client focused reforms is fast approaching, and firms must adopt new processes and technologies to ensure adherence. How are they doing it? Join us for the second Morningstar Executive Forum of 2021, as we discuss the challenges and opportunities that firms must navigate.


    Sarah Asals, Compliance Manager, MFDA

    Anthony Giglio, VP, Wealth CFR Transformation, TD Wealth

    John O'Donnell, Compliance Manager, MFDA

    Susan Silma, Head, Risk and Regulatory Practices, Sun Life Financial Investment Services

    Moderator: Ian Tam, Director of Investment Research, Morningstar Canada
  • Investing in Times of Climate Change - A Global View Recorded: Apr 21 2021 43 mins
    Climate change is an already wreaking havoc on Earth's natural systems putting her inhabitants under such extreme stress that we are heading into the 6th mass extinction event. Caused by the swift and devastating loss of biodiversity due to deforestation, urbanisation and farming investors are waking up to this emergency. Globally, regulators are also ratcheting up efforts to combat climate change and the investment indsutry is responding in kind with more disclosure and more ambitious targets.

    In this webinar, we will take a global view assessing climate-aware investment products from EMEA, the United States, Canada and Asia Pacific and learn about the latest trends and insights in order to help climate-aware investors navigate the expanding array of options avaiable to them globally.

    Presented by:
    Elizabeth Stuart, Analyst, Sustainability Research, EMEA
    Masa Krzic, Product Manager, Direct, EMEA
  • Optimize Trading with Morningstar® Total Rebalance Expert® Recorded: Apr 20 2021 28 mins
    Ryan Meredith
    Morningstar® Total Rebalance Expert® enables advisors to globally monitor, manage and rebalance client portfolios with a focus on tax efficiency. In this webinar, we will discuss how to:

    • Monitor and rebalance by identifying clients who are off-target and automate tax-sensitive trades
    • Meet clients’ liquidity needs by managing cash holdings to find opportunities to invest or sell
    • Maximize tax burdens by practicing tax gain or loss harvesting for optimal client performance
  • 過剰な分配金の副作用~ 米国Morningstarの「Income Analysis」データ系列を用いた分析 Recorded: Apr 20 2021 60 mins
    Hiroaki Sato, Associate Director, Manager Research & Koh Tanaka, Customer Success Manager, Direct
    今回のウェビナーでは、ファンドが投資先証券から得られる収益を超える過剰な分配金を払い出すことがもたらすリスクについてご説明いたします。米国Morningstarの「Income Analysis」データ系列を用いて日本籍追加型株式投信を分配頻度別や資産クラス別に分析した結果、毎月分配型ファンドは、元本を取り崩しながら分配金を払い出していること、分配頻度が少ないファンドに比べて分析対象期間において投資成果が相対的に劣後していたこと、分配額が年々低下していたこと、等が判明いたしました。分析結果は高水準の分配の持続可能性について疑問の余地があることを示唆しており、投資家はファンドの分配水準に惑わされることなく、投資目的に照らして冷静にファンドを選定するべきであると考えております。
    また、ウェビナーではMorningstar Directのデモンストレーションにより、「Income Analysis」データ系列もご紹介いたします。 (Directユーザーに限らずどなたでもご参加頂けますので、ご興味がありそうな方には是非お声がけください。)皆様のご参加を心よりお待ちして申し上げております。

    【 ご提供いただく個人情報等の扱いについて 】 本案内に記載のWebinarへのご参加登録をされた場合、ご提供いただいた個人情報は、当社の「個人情報保護方針」に基づき、次の目的のために利用いたします。(1)本件Webinar申込の対応、(2)当社・関連会社・提携会社主催セミナー案内状送付等、(3)当社・関連会社・提携会社の金融商品等の勧誘・販売・サービスの案内や会社の紹介。ご参加登録をされた方は以上の点をご了解いただいたものとみなさせていただきますので、あらかじめご了解のうえ、ご参加のご登録をお願いいたします。



    当資料はイボットソン・アソシエイツ・ジャパン株式会社の著作物です。イボットソン・アソシエイツ・ジャパン株式会社の承諾なしの利用、複製等は損賠賠償、著作権法の罰則の対象となります。Morningstarの商号、ロゴはMorningstar, Inc.の商標登録です。Morningstarから事前の書面による承諾がない限り、当資料の一部あるいは全ての複製ならびに再配布等の使用はできません。
  • Is there a price to be paid for ESG investing? Recorded: Apr 15 2021 92 mins
    Panel led by Hortense Bioy, Director, Sustainability Research, Global Manager Research, Morningstar
    With a growing awareness around sustainability issues and accelerating regulatory developments in Europe, sustainable finance is one of the most significant talking points of our time.

    But what does sustainability investing mean for stakeholders and what are the resulting challenges? What’s more, what kind of impact does this have on a company’s mid to long-term strategy as well as its short-term profitability?

    By bringing together representatives from the regulatory side, the financial industry, the non-financial industry and an independent advisory firm, we aim to take a closer look at the consequences for the corporate world and answer a key question - is there a price to be paid for investing in ESG companies?

    Join six well-known speakers in their live panel discussion about ESG:
    • Franziska Barmettler, Head of Sustainability IKEA, Switzerland
    • Gianluca Cantalupi, Global Head of Reputational, Sustainability and Climate Risk, Credit Suisse
    • Michael Jantzi, Founder of Sustainalytics
    • Martha Oberndorfer, Member of ESMA SMSG
    • Stephan Geiger, Head of Sustainable Finance Ernst & Young, Switzerland
    • John Scott, Head of Sustainability Risk, Zurich Insurance Group

    This event is a joint event organised by Morningstar and Swiss Risk Association. It be hosted by Hortense Bioy, Director, Sustainability Research, Global Manager Research at Morningstar.

    This event is a joint event organized by Morningstar and Swiss Risk Association.
  • Financial Planning: Accurately Measuring Risk Tolerance Recorded: Apr 14 2021 40 mins
    Thomas Aviles
    Morningstar is increasingly investing in financial planning tools to aid in your risk tolerance assessment. In spring 2020, Morningstar announced the acquisition of PlanPlus Global, which included FinaMetrica’s advanced risk profiling system. We are now pleased to announce Morningstar Advisor Workstation will be upgrading to FinaMetrica as the new Morningstar standard risk tolerance questionnaire (RTQ) within the Investment Planning Tool replacing the current RTQ. Join Thomas Aviles, Vice President of Business Development- Financial Planning, for an overview and demonstration of the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire of the enhanced workflow and output.
Morningstar Research & Solutions
Morningstar Research & Solutions

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  • Title: Climate Risk Management: Investing Toward Net Zero
  • Live at: Apr 19 2021 1:05 pm
  • Presented by: Emma Gordon, Robert Edwards, Dan Lefkovitz, Alex Osborne-Saponja
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