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Managing Public Expectation in the Covid Crisis

The Covid-19 crisis has hit the insurance industry hard and many claims in relation to travel and events will already be on their way to being settled. But UK business was led to believe that business interruption (BI) claims would automatically be covered just because the government announced that Covid-19 would become a declarable disease. This has not worked out as well as most policyholders had hoped.

This webinar investigates why Covid-19 and BI has become such a controversial area and considers some ways to tackle the problem.

Areas covered include:

Principles of BI cover
The ABI (Industry) position: What it is and what it implies for practitioners
The FCA – including the “Dear CEO” letter
Press reports
The impact on the public perception and how to deal with it
The technical arguments
Group actions
Pros and Cons of litigation
FOS: Pros and Cons of using it
Flaxmans’ campaign to the industry and government
Recorded Apr 29 2020 40 mins
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Presented by
Roger Flaxman and Michael Wilson, Flaxman Partners
Presentation preview: Managing Public Expectation in the Covid Crisis

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  • Nurturing Knowledge - how innovation skills can de-risk your business Recorded: Dec 15 2020 60 mins
    Ian Simons, Melissa Collett & Toby de Belder
    The CII is partnering with Innovation specialists Fluxx to shine a light on the theory and practical application of Innovation in insurance and personal finance. By attending this webinar you will:

    1. Understand how innovation skills can contribute to competitive advantage and good customer outcomes, how it supports the Chartered ethos and public trust in the profession
    2. Understand where innovation fits into the insurance landscape: which roles, processes, products and services can benefit from a design process
    3. Understand the fundamentals and principles of innovation
    4. Understand how you can use some essential innovation tools and processes in your day-to-day role
    5. Understand how to apply innovation techniques to solve any insurance problem scenario
  • Professional Standards Recorded: Dec 14 2020 60 mins
    Melissa Collett, Professional Standards Director. CII
    The Insurance Institutes of Scotland are happy to announce their next regional webinar which will focus on the topic of ethics.

    Making ethical decisions is even more difficult during times of crisis. Having a strong ethical purpose and culture is vital to rebuilding public trust in a sector that has been impacted by challenging environment.

    This webinar will explain How the CII Code of Ethics can help professionals tackle issues such as:

    Digitalisation of insurance
    Financial inclusion
    Transparency and the expectation gap
    Find solutions to all these issues and more in this webinar delivered by Melissa Collett, CII.

    Melissa Collett is Professional Standards Director at the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), leading its professional standards, ethics and conduct activity as a united profession across insurance and financial planning. She is also responsible for the professional body’s legal affairs, risk management, disciplinary matters and governance. She is keen to raise awareness of best practice and drive ethical behaviour through engagement with the profession and external stakeholders.

    Melissa has an extensive background in consumer and legal issues. She spent over a decade at the Financial Ombudsman Service, was a Director at Fairer Finance and sits as a Tribunal Judge. She is also qualified solicitor, specialising in insurance law at Hogan Lovells. She is a frequent speaker at conference and events, sits on judging panels, and is the author of numerous articles and publications on consumer law subjects.
  • Living with COVID-19: the economic outlook Recorded: Dec 9 2020 69 mins
    Professor Trevor Williams, TWC Consultancy
    This is an economic crisis of a magnitude seen only once in a hundred years or more. Unusually, it was not caused by inflationary bubbles in either the financial sector or in the real economy that were brought to a stop by tighter monetary policy from central banks in the form of higher interest rates.

    Instead, it was precipitated by a health emergency. In this case, a pandemic. It led governments around the world to shut down their economies by diktat to avoid the spread of the disease: COVID-19 a respiratory illness emanating from bats. Over a million people from around the world have already died.

    The shutdown has a severe impact on global growth and on the UK economy. At the time of writing, there is no cure and no vaccine, so periodic shutdowns can occur if cases rise significantly. This is already occurring as winter approaches.

    In this talk, I look at the main economic issues it raises for the UK and global economy and over the next few years and, potentially, further ahead.
  • Equality, D&I - how insurers can improve access to careers and services. Recorded: Nov 23 2020 45 mins
    Shayne Halfpenny-Ray, Policy and Public Affairs Advisor, CII
    This session is led by the CII’s policy & Public Affairs Adviser and Chair, Professionalism Workstream, Access to Insurance Working Group, Shayne Halfpenny-Ray. It explores Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and specifically looks to content that can help support professions in improving access to both services and careers in insurance. Starting with an overview of EDI and important legislation/regulation of relevance, the session looks at how the Equality Act can interact with insurance, the Access to Insurance Working Group and the CII’s role within it, practical steps employers can take to build an inclusive working environment for staff (and reflect this with customers) and a summary of some of the key initiatives and outputs the CII has have been involved in.
    The webinar provides support for anyone with an interest in EDI across the profession, and/or perhaps building their own strategy and/or looking for CII resources to help. With the requirements the CII has announced it has brought in for Chartered Firms, as well as the work it plans to do to emphasises EDI in its code of conduct, members from across insurance (and personal finance) should find this a helpful introduction to the subject matter.
    Contained within the presentation slides is a summary of the CII’s body of work as well a helpful (not exhaustive) list of other sources for information and guidance across EDI. There is also mention of the upcoming National Disability Strategy, expected to launch in 2021, which members should be aware of and hopefully engage with where possible.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Understand what EDI and intersectionality means
    • Identify the various protected characteristics under the Equality Act
    • Understand and explain the role of the Code of Ethics and Corporate Chartered status in supporting EDI
    • Identify CII EDI initiatives and how they can support your own strategies
  • Economic Update Recorded: Nov 19 2020 53 mins
    Iain Duff, Bank of England
    The presentation will provide an overview of the current UK and global economic situation including the Bank of England’s view on output growth, consumer and corporate demand, investment, credit conditions, trade and costs and prices. It will also consider the UK labour market including wage pressures. It will conclude by setting out the Bank’s current forecasts for output and consumer prices.

    Iain joined the Bank of England in 2009 having previously been Chief Economist and Policy Manager at the Scottish Council for Development and Industry. Prior to that Iain was employed as an economic researcher in various universities including St Andrews, Liverpool and Dundee where his main interests were macroeconomics and regional economic development
  • A Continent of Promise - Part 2 - Activities of Institutes & Training Colleges Recorded: Nov 3 2020 59 mins
    Laurence Smith
    A Continent of Promise is a major publication from the CII that showcases and celebrates the incredible work underway throughout Africa, to build a trusted insurance profession.

    This invite only, free of charge webinar is to launch the publication, providing the opportunity to hear from key insurance leaders, understand the latest data about Africa's emerging insurance profession and participate in a Q&A. The speakers for the webinar include;
    - Agnes Macharia, Insurance Institute of Kenya
    - Abimbola Tiamlyu, Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria
    - Saul Sseremba, Insurance Training College, Uganda
    - Thokozile Mahlangu, Insurance Institute of South Africa
    - Dr Adel Mounir, Insurance Institute of Egypt
  • A Continent of Promise - Part 1 - Activities of Insurers and Brokers Recorded: Nov 3 2020 58 mins
    Laurence Smith
    A Continent of Promise is a major publication from the CII that showcases and celebrates the incredible work underway throughout Africa, to build a trusted insurance profession.

    This invite only, free of charge webinar is to launch the publication, providing the opportunity to hear from key insurance leaders, understand the latest data about Africa's emerging insurance profession and participate in a Q&A. The speakers for this webinar include;
    - Alex Shayo, Britam Tanzania
    - Karen Olege, ICEA Lion
    - Donbell Mandala, NICO General Insurance
    - Caroline Mwangi, UAP Old Mutual
    - Willance Mukosha, Minet AON, Zambia

    Part 2:

    After a 15 minute break, Part Two will focus on the activities of institutes and training colleges, and will include remarks from senior representatives from the insurance institutes in Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda. Please follow the below link to reserve your place for Part Two:

  • Code of Ethics: Focus on financially inclusive customer outcomes Recorded: Oct 30 2020 28 mins
    Rebecca Ashton, Professional Standards Manager, CII
    30 minute webinar:
    Following the publication of the CII’s second Code of Ethics Companion Guide, on Financially Inclusive Customer Outcomes, this webinar aims to help members understand and engage with the Companion Guide, and bring the principles of Financially Inclusive Customer Outcomes to life through examples and case studies.

    Learning outcomes:
    Members will understand the CII Code of Ethics Companion Guide on Financially Inclusive Customer Outcomes, and be able to apply the principles to real-life scenarios.
  • Open Finance - A disruptive force for insurance? Recorded: Oct 7 2020 51 mins
    Facilitated by Shan M Millie and presented by Faith Reynolds, Shayne Halfpenny-Ray and Samantha Seaton
    A practical discussion hosted by the CII on the risks, opportunities and potential futures for Insurance. A follow-up to the two educational articles of insight and education on Open Finance.

    *Please note, there are no FCA speakers in this discussion
  • Understanding and mitigating the risks of lead generation Recorded: Oct 6 2020 21 mins
    Alain Desmier, Managing Director, Contact State
    30 minute webinar: The issues, risks and things to consider when buying leads from external lead generations. How can a lead buyer protect themselves?

    Learning Outcomes:
    •Understand the regulation that governs online lead generation
    •Learn to recognise the signs of misleading lead generation
    •Create a lead generation checklist to use before engaging a new lead generator
  • Purpose in times of crisis Recorded: Oct 1 2020 61 mins
    Sian Fisher
    The CII in conjunction with PwC will be hosting a webinar for the general insurance audience on corporate purpose in times of crisis. Hear tangible examples, and hear case studies from two firms.
    • Sian Fisher, CII
    • Brenda Trenowden CBE, PwC and Wallace Rosenberg, PwC
    • Neil Clutterbuck, Allianz
    • David Schofield, Aviva
  • Professional Standards, Ethics and Trust: Part 2 of 2 Recorded: Sep 23 2020 37 mins
    Melissa Collett, Professional Standards Director, CII
    This 30 minute webinar is the second in the series of updates on Professional Standards, Ethics and Trust – following on from Part 1 which was recorded in the Spring. It will give members an update on some of the key issues currently arising within professional standards and ethics, including transparency and ensuring financially inclusive outcomes for customers. Attendees will be given the opportunity to engage with new case studies, and reflect what they would do if faced with an ethical dilemma.

    Learning Objectives
    By the end of the session participants will have gained an understanding of the following learning points:
    - What are the current key issues related to Professional Standards and Ethics?
    - What is the current state of public trust in insurance?
    - How to engage with the CII Code of Ethics, and related Companion Guides?
    - Opportunity to reflect on some ethics case studies.
  • How Fire Risk Data for Insurance Has Become Hot Property Recorded: Sep 7 2020 32 mins
    Jonathan Guard, Director, Commercial Insurance, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, UK and Ireland
    This 30 minute webinar will look closely at how property insurers can calculate the potential losses from the spread of wildfires and building fires using the latest spatial analysis solutions.

    Learning Objectives:

    - Understand the impact of climate change on the market and how fire spreads
    - Learn the importance of harnessing building footprint data to assess fire risk accurately
    - Look at how data and technology play a key role in calculating accumulation risk that more accurately represents the potential spread of a fire.
  • Perfect Storm - seven reasons why there will be a hard market Recorded: Aug 21 2020 55 mins
    Alan Chandler
    Perfect Storm - seven reasons why there will be a hard market
  • Fair, reasonable and informed - Making sound decisions Recorded: Aug 18 2020 47 mins
    Roger Flaxman - Chairman, Flaxmans & Michael Wilson - Senior Consultant Flaxmans
    Insurers’ use of claims info on CUE at the claims stage only, and the unfair treatment of misrepresentation cases where there is no connection with the loss, all remain unresolved. There would be no need for a change in the law if insurers made their own decisions based on sound insurance principles. But, when the decisions are left to the lawyers, the insurance profession is impoverished and inequity is the result. So instead of having a word is my bond approach to reaching fair decisions, we now have no alternative but to press for a change in the law.

    Learning Objectives.
    •The decision-making process within the insurance profession
    •The role and importance of professional qualifications in enabling good insurance decisions to be made
    •The making of sound insurance decisions that can be at odds with a strict, legal interpretation of the law
    •The role of panel solicitors in indemnity decisions
  • Connect: How to make the best use of your mentoring platform Recorded: Aug 12 2020 30 mins
    Chris Murray, PLD Works, & Sabrina Toofany, Chartered Insurance Institute/Personal Finance Society
    A quick guide on how to make the most of Connect, the benefits of mentoring and how existing users have already benefited. We will end with a Q&A session, taking queries directly from you, our members.
  • Breakthrough Habits Recorded: Jul 28 2020 62 mins
    Matt Anderson, Breakthrough Habits group
    Lasting change for good comes from better HABITS, rarely from better goals. It comes from focusing on taking action and shifting key mindsets consistently. Now, more than ever we need better habits to provide us more structure, sanity and control.

    We also need a mindset to steer us in a proactive and empowered direction – as much as is possible – for the sake of ourselves, our business, and our loved ones who need us as role models. We also need to innovate.

    Most people find it VERY hard to sustain new, better habits for more than a few weeks or, very occasionally, a few months. (Think about the failure rate of New Year’s Resolutions). If you want to grow on an ever-better, upward trajectory, virtually the only way to do it is through better habits. The purpose of this session is: To Put You on the Best Possible, Sustainable Trajectory for Consistent Growth in All Areas That Matter to You and BREAKTHROUGHS in Your Business.

    Join us if you want an easy-to-understand process to achieve ever-better results that will lead to breakthroughs

    1. Confidence that you really can achieve what you want by creating a game plan of achievable winning habits
    2. Belief that you really can achieve what you want by deciding who you need to be in order to reach your most important goals
    3. An immediate improvement in quality of life and self-respect that only gets better
    4. Implement a simple one-page tool/self-created success recipe that will help you bounce back from life events that throw you off course and will absolutely change your life if you use it consistently

    Matt Anderson from Breakthrough Habits group has been a repeat speaker: at Million Dollar Round and other UK and international financial planning conferences.
  • How can hostage negotiation skills build better client relationships Recorded: Jul 15 2020 40 mins
    Richard Mullender
    Advising clients remotely may call upon different skills and ways of working.

    These times are testing for us all, but we can help ourselves by sharpening our existing skills - especially our listening.

    In this compelling talk Richard will help you discover:

    • What makes each of your clients tick
    • What their individual motivators are
    • How to position a course of action so that it appeals to them (not the same as appealing to you).

    Learning Objectives:

    1. How to listen at an elite level. Not active but actual listening
    2. How to be trusted and liked
    3. How to gather intelligence without asking questions so they tell all you need to know.
  • Making telematics more customer friendly Recorded: Jun 30 2020 41 mins
    Mike Brockman, CEO, ThingCo
    30 minute webinar:

    Telematics has seen a bit of a plateau over the last few years, but Mike Brockman thinks we are about to embrace a resurgence.
    Clearly Covid-19 has made consumers think more deeply about their mobility needs and whether they are getting good value from Insurance. Next Generation Telematics implemented in the right way offers both the Insurer and their customers the perfect way forward.

    Learning Objectives:
    1. What is next generation telematics
    2. Using Telematics as an effective underwriting and claims management tool
    3. How to create engagement with customers to improve customer satisfaction
    4. Addressing distribution challenges with Telematics
The professional body for the global insurance profession
We are a professional body dedicated to building public trust in the insurance and financial planning profession. Our strapline Standards. Professionalism. Trust. embodies our commitment to driving confidence in the power of professional standards: competence, integrity and care for the customer.

We deliver that commitment through relevant learning, insightful leadership and an engaged membership. Our 125,000 members commit to high professional standards by maintaining continuing professional development and adhering to a published ethical code.

Our Royal Charter requires us to secure and justify the confidence of the public.

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  • Live at: Apr 29 2020 10:00 am
  • Presented by: Roger Flaxman and Michael Wilson, Flaxman Partners
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